Love Island fans are 'finding out' the real reason Tasha cried after the relink

Love Island fans say they've found out why Tasha really cried after Friday's reunion - and it doesn't sound good for Andrew. (Author: Gardener)

Love IslandLove Island fans have taken to social media to reveal their theories as to why Tasha broke down in tears following Friday night's dramatic reconnection. The dancer ended up rejoining Andrew Le Page, who she has worked with since the show began, despite recently stating her interest in new bombshell Charlie Radnedge. Admitting she wanted to "meet" the newcomer, Andrew was disappointed, but after Charlie chose actress Ekin-su instead, the 26-year-old once again chose his longtime partner. However, pals Dami, 26, and Luca, 23, clearly disagreed with the decision, with the camera clearly showing their disdain, leading to Tasha confronting her later in the show - and bursting into tears at the end. However, fans seem to think there was an entirely different reason she was crying and took to Twitter to speculate. "I really think Tasha is crying because Charlie didn't pick her and now she's related to Andrew," wrote one viewer. While another added, "Tasha isn't crying because the boys shook their heads, she's crying because Charlie didn't pick her." A third agreed, "Tasha didn't try because she was upset, she definitely has cried the relink because Charlie didn't pick her!" Fans also called out Dami and Luca for their reaction, accusing them of "double standards". An angry viewer asked: "Why when Jay says to Ekin that he would go with her if she left and then says he wants to meet Paige (who was there all along) the boys support him but when tasha does it (to a guy who wasn't there at the time) they all come because of her?? Another agreed, writing: "So at the mansion it's ok for the men to meet people but not the women?! That with double standards. Neither boy had a problem with Jay doing it with Paige but no, I don't want Tasha to meet anyone." A third wrote, "The men on this damn island have created such a freaking toxic misogynistic environment where the girls can't even look at another guy without them shaming and bullying them." We saw it with Ekin-Su and now we're watching it with Tasha." Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2.


Love Island's Tasha breaks down when she confronts boys over her recoupling behavior

Love Island contestant Tasha Ghouri broke down in tears as she confronted Dami Hope and Luca Bish for shaking their heads during the relinking ceremony (Author: Gardener)

Love Island'sTasha Ghouri broke down in tears on Sunday night June 26 episode of Love Island when she confronted Dami Hope and Luca Bish about their behavior during the reunion ceremony. The boys had doubted she was serious about her relationship with Andrew Le Page, who she has worked with since the beginning, as she said she was open to meeting Charlie Radnedge when he entered the villa. When Andrew decided to stay with Tasha, Luca and Dami were visibly upset with the decision and could be seen shaking their heads as Tasha and Andrew sat down. After taking some time to think about what happened, she pulled the boys aside to have a chat. Tasha began by saying, "After yesterday I think I was just a little bit speechless talking to you two. I'm close to you two in that villa on a personal level, and I was just surprised and quite hurt by that "I was up there and you both shook your head." Luca admitted he was the one who shook his head when he said, "It was me and I apologize for that." Tasha said, "I was just upset about it all, and I really like the guy. I really like Andrew, can you sit here and say I don't like him?" Dami replied: "We think you like him, we do. It just happens sometimes when we hear or see things... "You can like someone, but not as much as you thought." But as the conversation progressed, Tasha became more and more emotional, saying that the people at the mansion "don't stand behind her". Tasha continued, "People just think I don't care about Andrew, I just feel like people here don't have my back, like I have feelings too." Dami replied, "We know, we know, and I'm telling you, if the situation were different, we would be behind you too. "Andrew, Andrew, Andrew" - but also me? As Tasha started to get visibly upset, Dami decided to apologize by saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, don't be sad," before giving her a tight hug. Shortly after, Tasha had a conversation that severely drained their relationship — when she admitted she "didn't really know" where this had left them as a couple.


Love Island fans claim Luca doesn't care about Tasha

The 23-year-old fishmonger looked away while Dami Hope, 26, comforted the dancer and model, also 23, as she lashed out over a recent reunion controversy. (Author: Gardener)

Love IslandLove Island fans have speculated that Luca Bish doesn't care about Tasha Ghouri after he initially failed to comfort her as she broke down crying on Sunday's episode. The 23-year-old fishmonger looked away while Dami Hope, 26, comforted the dancer and model, also 23, as she lashed out over a recent reunion controversy. She claimed to have seen her fellow islanders shake their heads after Andrew Le Page decided to work with her - although she said she was "open to meeting newcomer Charlie Radnedge after their date". During the day, Tasha roared around the fire pit, saying: "People just think I don't care about Andrew, but I do. I feel like the people here just don't have my back. I was sad all night and everyone was like, "Andrew, Andrew." Like, what about me? But while Dami quickly leaned in for a warm hug and told her "not to be sad", Luca just offered an arm for a quick hug before telling her to "go and talk to Andrew". Fans flooded Twitter with their thoughts, writing, "Luca's reaction to Tasha crying," along with a meme of someone saying, "I don't give a f***k." Others added, "lmao luca gives tasha the most awkward hug... #LoveIsland" as well as: "Luca looks away. "The way Dami hugged Tasha and Luca just sat there. Elsewhere in the episode, Indiyah insisted she had "tunnel vision" and wouldn't turn her head after telling Dami on the couple's first date Sunday night that she saw marriage in her future. The pair sat down for a romantic meal on the latest episode of the ITV2 show, with Indiyah noting: "I feel like we've had a crazy journey, but I feel like it's meant to happen." Indiyah added: "People have come and gone at the villa but we've both been here the whole time so at times it's like it's right in front of you." To know where Indiyah stands, Dami asked: "Where's your head, do you feel like it could be turned slightly?" Indiyah replied: "You know what, I'll be honest - at this moment no. Obviously it's early days, but I'm not even concentrating on that right now. Me and you are both here, I'm getting to know you and I'm really happy. Indiyah smiled, "Do you think it all comes together perfectly?" Dami agreed, "Yeah, but too perfect to be honest, it just feels too perfect." Then Indiyah popped the question, "Too good to be true, hey?" Ekin-Su waited for the couple to get back from their date and said, "I think Indiyah will come back with a ring on her finger. First marriage on the island, I think." Indiyah told her fellow islanders at the villa, "I won't lie, I think that was the best date I've ever had in my life... I don't think I'm turning my back will. Later at the beach hut, Dami said: "She expressed that she likes me, she actually sees something with me. I feel like I'm out of breath man with excitement. At the beginning of the episode, the girls were seen grouped on the beds in the mansion as they discussed their first night alongside their new partner after reconnecting earlier this week. Sharing a bed with Indiyda, Dami said: "My first night with Indiya was good. Ekin-Su sounded less than impressed with her first night with Charlie, saying sarcastically to the other girls, "Mine was very interesting. Speaking about the reunion on Friday, Tasha, when Tasha's fellow islanders looked shocked when Andrew picked her up to re-mate with her instead of being with Bombshell Charlie, Tasha said, "When Andrew gave his speech, the other boys shook upside down and were a bit negative. I've had good dates.' Ekin-Su said to her, 'You don't have to prove anything to anyone in here.' Tasha has previously slammed the boy's "rude" reaction after being singled out by Andrew in dramatic scenes that saw her burst into tears. The boys had expressed doubts about her romance with Andrew, noting that every new man who had entered the mansion had turned her head after she confessed she was open to meeting Charlie. Speaking up for herself on Sunday, she said: "I really like the guy, I really like Andrew. She added: "I think he might be more secretive than I thought, but he didn't tell me that." Breaking down in tears, she continued, "I think people just think I don't care about Andrew... I feel like everyone just thought of Andrew. Tasha drew Andrew in for a chat and told him, "I have a feeling that maybe we're not on the same page. From what I've been told, I have the feeling that you are not being open with me.' Andrew replied, "If you want to meet other people, then meet other people. No one really came in for me now that I wanted to meet.' "I get what it looks like, but it doesn't get in the way of my head spinning at every boy that comes in. It's just a conversation, a conversation with him," Tasha told him, Andrew asked her, "Where's that at? Me and you?", to which she said, "Right now, I just don't know." Tasha was later seen chatting with Bomber Charlie, with the new islander telling her about his current partner, "I'm taking it slow with Ekin. Tasha, who dated Charlie earlier this week, told him: "My head's a little bit messed up ... Obviously me and Andrew have something really good, but I'm in the position now where I'm not doing anything or I'm f**ing on are you okay?' "If you're on a date with someone and it's good, it's definitely not worth completely shutting down," he replied. At the beach hut, Tasha said: "It's nice to have this conversation with Charlie and keep it between the two of us because obviously things can get twisted. "Obviously I like Andrew, but I need to think a bit." Meanwhile, Jay was seen sitting down to chat with Paige, and Jay asked her, "How are you feeling after the first night of sleeping without Jacques?" Paige said, "Ah no, it was all good , I enjoyed our pillow talks, it was nice to meet you know what I mean? Jay said to her, "You know I like you. Out of personal respect, I don't want to feel like I'm knocking on a door that won't open.' Paige teased him, saying, "I'm not with Jaques, so that doesn't mean the door is closed." Later at the beach shack, Paige revealed, "It's an awkward thing because the guys — Jay and Jacques, you really couldn't get more opposite guys around here." Speaking to Indiyah later, Paige reflected on how good she was to Jacques fit, and discussed building a stronger relationship with Jay. She said to Indiyah, "Which connection is stronger? I've told Jay I'm still open to talking to him, but at the same time I don't want to let this drag on too long. Meanwhile, Ekin-Su and Davide were spotted snuggling up for a chat about their friendship during Sunday's episode of Love Island. The Turkish actress, 28, revealed her true feelings for Italian hunk, 27, in upcoming scenes after hooking up with newcomer Charlie. The couple couldn't stop smiling as they started joking around, before Ekin-Su told ITV2 viewers she has something "special" with him at the beach hut - although the couple bitterly split after kissing Jay. Davide said, "Sometimes I laugh with you, I like to take your breath out," making them both giggle. Ekin-Su then told Davide, "Yeah, I don't come to you to... Later in the beach hut, Ekin-Su revealed, "We talk as friends, but there's something, I don't know what it is, there's always something very special with Davide that I can't have in here with anyone else.' Charlie had previously chatted with Ekin-Su about their date, and she later admitted that she's "excited to see how much time goes by," adding that she's "open" to seeing what happens with the new bomb could happen. Meanwhile, Davide has hooked up with new girl Antigoni after sharing a private hickey with Danica the night before. Danica seemed disappointed with Friday night's dramatic reconnection as she was the last girl to stand. After a heated argument between Davide and Ekin-Su, the couple called it quits when he confessed to "being afraid of being hurt by a woman like you". Davide tricked Ekin-Su into admitting her secret date with Jay, 28, sending fans into hysterics as they crawled through the mansion for the secret meeting. Then he came to Ekin-Su and said: "You weren't on the terrace, were you? He continued: "That's why I haven't opened up because I'm afraid of being hurt by a woman like you. Davide claimed that Ekin-Su would get "an Oscar" for her performance and briefly told Jay "good luck bro". But then Ekin-Su was seen telling Paige and Gemma, "Jay walks in here and I felt great, I'm leaving with my feelings, end of ... yeah, I kissed him [Jay], so what? He hasn't told [Davide] that I'm his girlfriend, technically it's not cheating. She adds: "He's acting like he cares now. Ekin-Su continues her defense, adding, "Did I hurt your ego? I'm telling you that you're a liar... You don't care about me.' He concludes by claiming that he no longer cares about Ekin-Su because he came to the mansion to find something "real". Following an explosive end to her brief flirtation with Davide, fiery fan favorite Jay joined them. A lovesick Ekin-Su was then seen confessing everything in the beach shack as she admitted: "I've caught feelings I'm screwed help." But investment analyst Jay recently revealed he wants to meet Paige, which infuriated Ekin-Su and ended their short-lived romance. In a heated conversation, she said, "It just occurred to me what you've done, you're telling me now that you want to meet Paige when she's in a secure relationship. Do you know how muggy that makes you look? “Apparently I was a gamer in here, but the biggest gamer in here is you. You deserve an Oscar for that, the biggest Oscar. So you should just walk away from Jay!'


Love Island viewers feel sorry for Andrew after Tasha gave him the cold shoulder

Though they were coupled from the start, friction between the two has grown, with many fans left unhappy with Tasha's actions (Author: Gardener)

Love IslandFor much of Love Island's current season, Andrew and Tasha have been one of the more solid couples at the villa. However, the recent introduction of new boy Charlie threw their first real challenge their way and the duo look will drift apart as a result. However, the new boy actually chose Ekin-su in the last reunion, but that hasn't stopped Tasha from seeming distant with her current partner. The 23-year-old, who was visibly disappointed at not being picked by Charlie, showed little sign of wanting to pursue what she had with Andrew. In the last few episodes, Tasha has burst into tears over the whole situation, but it's Andrew that viewers have more sympathy for. READ ALSO: Love Island star Jacques O'Neill's mother makes concerned statement after son was branded a 'bully' @Loveislandk said: "Andrew deserved way better!! @MforMeya declared: "Andrew move man she don't judge you #LoveIsland" and @goatemojix said: "Andrew deserves the world. And that's not Tasha #LoveIsland." @Louisecarrollxx also commented, "We need a new girl whose perfect for Andrew Tasha will soon realize she screwed up then #LoveIsland." On tonight's episode, Andrew spoke during Scenes filmed this morning, with the boys about his situation with Tasha, saying, "I'm going to give her space today and just try to enjoy my time." Dami offered some advice afterwards, telling him, "I'd like to move on , when someone else comes in and all that, you should have an open mind and give it a chance because I feel like you're a bit closed off most of the time because you know how much you really, really like Tasha. "But I just want to give it a chance and see what else could possibly be there." Love Island airs every night at 9pm on ITV2 and the ITV Hub. Don't miss the latest news from across Scotland and beyond - Sign up for our daily newsletter here.


Love Island fans are realizing Lucas 'real feelings' towards Tasha after reconnecting drama

LOVE Island fans are convinced they've discovered Luca Bish's true feelings towards Tasha Ghouri following the reunion drama. Viewers think the fish seller 'hates' the confession... (Author: Gardener)

Love IslandLOVE Island fans are convinced they've discovered Luca Bish's true feelings towards Tasha Ghouri following the reunion drama. Viewers believe the fish seller "hates" the professional dancer after she was spotted bursting into tears in front of him. Tasha, 23, broke down in tears over her relationship drama with Andrew Le Page on Sunday night's episode of Love Island. The dancer spoke openly about her feelings after bombshell Charlie Radnedge picked Ekin-Su Culculoglu at Friday's brutal reunion. Tasha ruffled feathers with partner Andrew while dating Charlie, 28, and admitted she was "open to getting to know him". She plopped around the firepit to co-stars Dami Hope and Luca, 23, as she opened up about starting a fight with Andrew, 27. "People just think I don't care about Andrew, but I do," Tascha said. “I feel like people here just don't have my back. I was sad all night and everyone's like 'Andrew, Andrew'. Dami, 26, stepped in to offer Tasha a hug as she cried and apologized for how she was feeling by telling her "not to be sad". But Luca sat back, looking the other way and hugged her with one arm as he told her to "go and talk to Andrew." Fans couldn't One can only speculate that Luca's reaction revealed how he REALLY felt for Tasha when they took to Twitter with their opinions. "Luca absolutely doesn't give a shit that Tasha is upset," said a third, while a fourth wrote: "Luca looking away. “The way Dami hugged Tasha and Luca just sat there. He HATES that girl lmao,” a fifth viewer concluded. It comes after Andrew vowed to give Tasha "space" after her dramatic about-face over new male bombshell Charlie. Tasha broke down in tears at Friday's reunion - after newcomer Charlie Radnedge had raised her doubts. On Friday's episode of "Love Island," Andrew slammed Tasha, saying, "In a minute Tasha wanted to go with me and now she wants to meet him. However, those back home were quick to shout hypocrisy after the boys shadowed Tasha for wanting to meet Charlie — even though they do the exact same things themselves. Another wrote: "The men on this damn island have created such a b***hy, toxic, misogynist environment that the girls can't even look at another guy without embarrassing and bullying them.


Love Island viewers were divided as Dami apologized for falling out with Tasha

VIRGIN Media viewers were divided tonight as Dami Hope apologized to Tasha. After Friday night's reunion, Luca and Dami weren't happy about Andrew's decision to be with Tas... (Author: Gardener)

DamiVIRGIN Media viewers were divided tonight as Dami Hope apologized to Tasha. After Friday night's reunion, Luca and Dami weren't happy about Andrew's decision to be with Tasha after he was left hurt when she expressed interest in Charlie. Tasha branded them "rude" for their unhappy behavior during Andrew's speech. The group had a heated conversation when Dami asked how "real" Tasha was at the mansion. The Irish islander told Tasha: "You have to be consistent. It sometimes doesn't feel like you're real.” Tonight, Tasha pulled Dami and Luca out for a chat and said she was “speechless, hurt and surprised” by her conversation with them on Friday night. Dami said: "We think [you like Andrew] it just happens sometimes when we see things or hear things..." If the situation were different we would have your back, it's just that he came to us sad. Tasha burst into tears and Dami apologized. The Irish candidate hugged Tasha and comforted her while Luca said nothing. Love Isand fans were divided as some praised Dami for his apology and others felt he didn't need to apologize. One fan wrote: "Why did Dami have to apologize? .. Lesley said: "Dami needs to stop being so judgmental - he literally ran after Indiyah as Amber left, the sun had barely set when he moved." One person tweeted: "That was the one time when I thought Dami wasn't so nice! Another said, "Dami shouldn't have apologized to Tasha." Winona tweeted, "Dami is actually just the best person." Phoebe said, "Dami is the cutest." Someone else added, "Dami shouldn't be acting like that Raise Tasha. Tonight, Dami and Indiyah Polack left the villa on a romantic date. Dami, 26, and Indiyah, 22, hooked up earlier this week after sharing a torrid kiss just HOURS after their partners were brutally dumped. Indiyah had been dating Ikenna Ekwonna while Dami was paired with Amber Beckford - but both were soon booted out. Dami and Indiyah had kissed in a match but after their respective partners left, they shared another cheeky kiss. Dami and Indiyah talked about having children in the future and traveling the world. Telling Indiyah what he is looking for in a partner, Dami said, "I want someone who is honest, kind, fun, and always chooses me." All roads lead to Indiyah. Back at the villa, Dami added: "It was a really, really good date. Probably the best date I've ever had. I came back a different man." It comes after viewers were worried about Dami after spotting his "disgusting" habit in the series' Unseen Bits. But after last night's Unseen Bits, some viewers couldn't help but complain about Dami's hygiene. Just like many Love Island viewers, Dami's co-stars seemed stunned by his hideous windbreak. However, Dami replied: "No, it was just a fart man." The moment didn't go unnoticed by viewers at home, as they rushed to social media to share their thoughts. Taking to Twitter, one said: "Dami is gross man...that fart wasn't normal." Another added: "Seriously Dami!


Tasha Ghouri's loving father jumps to her defense after she shed tears

Tasha Ghouri's beloved father jumped to her defense after the Love Island star shed tears after a rough few days at the villa. (Author: Gardener)

Tasha Ghouri'sTasha Ghouri's beloved father jumped to her defense after the Love Island star shed tears after a rough few days at the villa. The recent reunion proved to be the most dramatic yet, as an irate Tasha confronted the boys about the "rude" reaction after being voted out of Bombshell Charlie by Andrew again. Company boss Tarek, 56, has gushed about his daughter, 23, revealing she had been just herself on the ITV2 dating show. He told The Mirror: "Tasha is a very genuine, natural, compassionate person and I've seen many examples of her being there to support other candidates. In general it's great to see her enjoying the villa and making new friends – it makes me smile.” Tasha, dancer and model, was diagnosed deaf at birth and has a cochlear implant. Tarek opened up about the moment his family found out she was deaf: "It was a difficult time and something we had to come to terms with. Tasha grew up in Thirsk, North Yorkshire and Tarek revealed she had a great support network growing up. "I'm different and I have a hearing problem and I have this thing on my ear." Guys are starting to cum and maybe she was doubting if she was attractive enough. On Friday's episode, Tasha broke down in tears in dramatic scenes after learning the boys had expressed doubts about her romance with Andrew, noting that she turned her head at every new man who walked into the mansion after admitting she was open to meeting Charlie. Despite this, Charlie decided to develop another connection with Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, leaving the rest of the islanders stunned, while Jay Younger made a bold move and stole Paige Thorne from Jacques. Andrew was keen to know how Tasha's date with Charlie went, and she explained, "I went in with a completely open mind to see what happened. It was a good date. He's a good-looking guy," before admitting she felt like she'd "lost herself" since first entering the mansion almost three weeks ago. You are a very good looking girl. But after Tasha admitted to enjoying the date with the new bombshell, Andrew was disheartened ahead of the reunion, and the boys were quick to realize he realized how much he liked Tasha. A frustrated Andrew said: "One minute she's saying she'd go with me if I got voted out and the next she's saying she wants to meet him! "I know what's happening tonight," the real estate agent told friends Antigoni Buxton and Jay Younger - and suggested Charlie would pick Tasha to pair up with him again. Love Island continues on Sunday at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub. All episodes are available on Britbox the next morning.


Liam Gallagher's favorite Oasis songs

Liam Gallagher has found a perfect mix of new solo material and classic Oasis songs to please his adoring fans in sold-out arenas. (Author: Gardener)

Liam Gallagher'sLiam Gallagher is enjoying a renaissance in his career and has found a perfect mix of new solo material and classic Oasis songs to please his adoring fanbase after years struggling to find a footing following the split from Manchester's favorite sons. The renewed vigor in his work has seen Liam break out of the shadow of his older brother Noel and assert himself as an artist in his own right, whilst also maintaining a loyal following that has remained loyal to him for over 25 years. Why not, Liam has still publicly feuded with his estranged brother Noel, often teasing the idea of ​​reuniting the Mancunian legends for a mega-money deal. So far, Noel has been unmoved, only fidgeting to unleash a tirade at his younger sibling. It was a tête-à-tête that has been going on for years and will likely continue for years to come. Undoubtedly one of the most outspoken singers of the day, Liam was never shy about throwing equal barbs at Noel and praising the band he shared with him. The band, led by the feuding brothers, did a very special thing that very few groups really do, and they transformed British pop culture in the blink of an eye, for better or for worse. Despite their historical roots in rock 'n' roll (they were avid fans of 1960s pop groups), Oasis never followed a trend - they set it. This has resulted in the group remaining a fan favorite and a guaranteed conversation starter among music fans who keep one foot alternative and the other mainstream. While the band will continue to divide fans, there's one question that everyone has answered in their own time: What are your favorite Oasis songs? A while back, as part of their 73-question feature, Vogue took Liam Gallagher on a leisurely stroll around Hampstead Heath and amidst the barrage of questions, posed this classic conversation-starter: What's your favorite Oasis song? Unable to pick just one, Gallagher's list includes a few notable inclusions and a fair bit of his tongue-in-cheek humour. When asked about his favorite lyrics of all time, he replied, "I have to be myself, I can't be anyone else, I feel supersonic, Give me gin and tonic," in a not-so-subtle tone referring to the song. So it's no wonder that "Supersonic" is one of his favourites. Referring to "Supersonic," Gallagher said in a previous interview with Absolute Radio, "I like the words, I like the guitars in it, and I still find it an odd melody." song, and it's still fun to sing," he added. Next on the list - and perhaps to prove there's still some love between him and his brother - Liam then chooses one of his favorites, the Noel-penned anthem 'Live Forever'. The song, written before older brother Noel joined Oasis, is one of their best tracks and was once described by Alan McGee as "probably the greatest moment I've ever had with them". He secured them the deal with Creation Records. Elsewhere, Liam also chooses the relatively unknown "Cast No Shadow," which sits at number eight on the tracklist and appears sandwiched between "Some Might Say" and "She's Electric," the song acting as a glue between hits and being the last finished song on Morning Glory. Under pressure from the inappropriately cheerful interviewer, Gallagher begins to struggle to come up with a fourth song as his favorite (despite being asked for five). Watch the full 73 questions Liam Gallagher answers for Vogue below.


1909 Typist turned playwright Elizabeth Baker writes about Chasing Your Dreams in Chains

The Mint brings back another forgotten Elizabeth Baker gem and Martha Clarke explores the biblical playboy who threw it all away. (Author: Gardener)

Elizabeth BakerThere are adult, legally eligible voters who were not alive when I wrote my first article for BroadwayWorld in October 2003, and in the nearly two full decades since then I have always been immensely proud to contribute to a media venture that is transforming the live theater scene covers so thoroughly; not just in New York, but worldwide. But I've never been more proud to be a part of BroadwayWorld than this past Thursday morning, when, very shortly after the news broke that the Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to abortion and delegated that decision to each individual state, the website published a prominent article advising readers on ways to challenge that decision, which included the following paragraph: BroadwayWorld unequivocally supports and condemns a pregnant person's right to choice and access to medical care, including abortion today's Supreme Court decision. BroadwayWorld is a theater site that does not expect its readers to provide editorial content on non-theater topics, so yes, it made me particularly proud to see that the decision was made to go beyond our usual jurisdiction and take a stand on this vital issue. I greatly admire their efforts, but I believe my niche is amplifying the voices of playwrights making important points about today's political and social issues. In my 40+ years as a theater-goer, I've generally found that the bolder the theater is to voicing bold opinions, the more likely the staging is. In recent weeks I've written about plays like Madhuri Shekar's Queen, which explores the sometimes difficult partnership of activism and statistics, Gab Reisman's Spindle Shuttle Needle, which explores the vulnerability of civilian women in war zones, Mara Vélez Meléndez' Notes on Killing Seven Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Board Members, on the US government's handling of Puerto Rico during its economic crisis; and Stephen Kaliski's The Refugees, on the moral obligations nations can have when people in need push their limits turn around. In troubling times like these, it is traditionally artists who champion the causes of oppression. With this weekly column, I seek to advocate for the less publicized, substandard productions far from the illuminating spotlight of Broadway, where brave, committed voices fighting injustice cry out to be heard. What puzzled me a little on the hiatus from Elizabeth Baker's Chains, the Mint Theater Company's great production, was why, in 1909, a playwright wrote a story about two men willing to throw away the security of their paying jobs and take a chance to find something more satisfying. My guest, who had previously read a little about the playwright, pointed out that this was Baker's first play and that she had been working as a clerk in London for $5.00 a week. We suspected that perhaps the men she worked for did not pay much attention to her as a woman, and perhaps the play was prompted by confessions of her dissatisfaction overheard. Up to this point, the play has mostly been about how a young office worker named Freddie (the politely charming Peterson Townsend), who is renting a room in a London suburb from his colleague Charley and his wife Lily, suddenly announces that he is in three days will be traveling to Australia, although he has no immediate prospects because he feels he wants more out of life than a modest steady income and three weeks holiday a year. His announcement intrigues Charley, who married young and is fulfilling his expected duties to thankless executives, and ignites a hidden desire to do the same. It's only in Act Two that we discover that Lily's shopgirl sister, Maggie (the spirited Olivia Gilliatt), who has previously expressed admiration for Freddie's decision, is considering breaking up with her nice but boring finances - which she only agreed to has to get married to escape the drudgery of her job - and sets out to find her own adventure. As always with Mint productions, director Jenn Thompson's heartbreaking montage presents an old play devoid of any contemporary commentary or interpretation. The focus is on the excellent work of Jeremy Beck, whose Charley shows signs of struggling with his desire for more, and Laakan McHardy, whose kindly, reserved exterior as Lily in a scene where Charley tries to explain is shaken. He doesn't want to end their marriage, but he still longs for a new life. I won't reveal what happens next, but there was much lively discussion after the show about what really happened at the end of the play and what messages the playwright was trying to convey about men, women, safety and opportunity. ...would be once a year if newspapers and websites featured photos of pigs, camels and puppies climbing the steps of St John The Devine Cathedral for the annual St Francis Day blessing of the animals. So it would probably have been a good idea for me to do some research on the lad before watching Martha Clarke's latest dance/play God's Fool at La MaMa (tickets $30 in advance; $35 day of show; students /Seniors: $25 advance; $30 day of show). Not that I didn't enjoy the 75-minute impressionist play, but poet Fanny Howe's sparse narration presents more of a riff on the lives of the privilege-born saint, who rejects the good life, preferring to mingle with the poor and disenfranchised a full narrative. What struck me, however, was how the company of eight (including Patrick Andrews as Francis, ballet star George de la Peña as his father, and John Kelly as the devil) did a great job singing the Arthur Solari a cappella score that spans the piece , with music off


Sunday sets come from Elbow, Pet Shop Boys, McFly and Kendrick Lamar

Diana Ross enters the Legends slot on the Pyramid Stage on the final day of Glastonbury Festival 2022 ahead of Kendrick Lamar's expected headline (Author: Gardener)

SundayThe last day in Glastonbury brings beautiful weather and fantastic live music. Although Paul McCartney fans will likely still be reeling from his stunning headline set on Saturday night, there was plenty for fans to catch up on today (Sunday 26th June). George Ezra appeared on the John Peel stage in what may be the worst-kept secret set in Glastonbury history, while jazz fusion legend Herbie Hencock wowed the crowd with a virtuosic performance, who relaxed on the Pyramid stage. At 4pm it was time for Diana Ross on the Legends slot, which attracted one of the largest audiences the teatime show has ever seen. The Supremes icon has pulled off all the showstoppers, from "I'm Coming Out" to "You Can't Love Hebrew," "Chain Reaction," and "Upside Down." Unfortunately, some people couldn't help but rant (seriously) about her singing, prompting many to speak out in her defense. We still have sets from Elbow, McFly, US artist Lorde, the Pet Shop Boys and Kendrick Lamar. * Paul McCartney – the best thing Glastonbury has ever seen? * Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen say 'F*** You' to the Supreme Court in their superb Other Stage performance. Can we tell them sometime?'” George Ezra tells a crowd stretching several football pitches in front of the John Peel tent. Until the Avalon stage makes a big deal out of booking The Joshua Trees, there can't be a more obvious secret set than Gold Rush Kid on the John Peel Stage. His official announcement a few hours ago was a bit like a government press release declaring Brexit rubbish - Ezra supporters have camped out all morning for a series of sun-kissed Sunday vibes about as relaxed considering the crowds as the only sunny lockdown bank holiday on Bournemouth beach. Ezra - an unpretentious and genuinely endearing purveyor of Radio 2's vaguely soulful and tropical grace - still makes the entire field, inside and out, feel like part of his beach barbecue song. The shimmer of 'Barcelona' sounds like Hertford beef gently sizzling in the Catalan sun, while 'Green Green Grass' even includes a story about a funeral service in St. Lucia, Ezra is so close to it that to become gentle pop Judith Chalmers. With "Paradise" the much-anticipated party really gets going and the audience grooves gently through the final third, enjoying the steel drum carnival that erupts on "Blame it on Me" - otherwise a less cheesy Mumford & Sons - probably breaking records for it Mass yodeling on "Budapest". Dedicated to the people under the rocks on Mars who "didn't get the memo" about Ezra's appearance, "Shotgun" cheerfully sends us toward Diana Ross, feeling, a little smugly, like someone else. Ukrainian band DakhaBrakha began as a theatrical project rooted in an avant-garde scene that was thriving in Kyiv until Putin's war put them on indefinite hiatus. For years, the band has served as a representative of their country's music and culture, typically ending shows chanting, "Stop Putin! Stop Putin!" No war!" Today they took their anti-war message in triumphant and defiant form to the world's largest festival. Visually striking, they take to the pyramid stage resplendent in towering black lambswool hats, crimson beads and other jewelry. The crowd -- themselves adorned with yellow and blue make-up, flowered hats and Ukrainian flags — cheers them on. The band never loses sight of their political message, and throughout the performance they show footage of the destruction that Russia's war has wreaked on their homeland. Like Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his pre-recorded message, broadcast on the Other Stage on Friday morning, said: "Glastonbury is the greatest concentration of liberty today and I ask that you share that sentiment with all those whose liberty is under attack." Today, on the Pyramid Stage, DhakaBrakha did just that Diana Ross and her wonderful Cho r and her backing band are doing it right now on the Pyramid Stage, with Ross in one of the best outfits Glastonbury has ever seen. Proof that not all over-80s in Glastonbury have to look like they're going to die in the rain, jazz fusion legend Herbie Hancock takes to the stage on Sunday afternoon with a performance so upbeat and effortless it's so welcome is like a ray of sunshine. The mostly reclined crowd on the pyramid stage, fanned by a cool breeze, stretches to the tent line for the veteran virtuoso. Today, Hancock and his band steer clear of his electronic-tinged '80s material, leaning instead toward jazz-funk numbers like Actual Proof from 1974's Thrust. A quick glimpse of 'Chameleon' from the classic 'Headhunters' album fades in early, the characteristically pounding bass collapsing into a series of extended solos. "Footprints" is dedicated to Hancock's friend, 88-year-old saxophonist Wayne Shorter, who also co-founded the '70s jazz fusion band Weather Report. "Cantaloupe Island" with its rolling piano chords and scintillating trumpet line comes next, before the closing "Chameleon" - the whole track this time - for which Hancock takes on a dazzling keytar solo that ripples across the field. It's going to be a great Sunday. There's been a lot of talk about the sets of Eilish and McCartney — a talented young artist about to begin her career and the veteran of veterans four times her age — but the stage seems set for K-dot to make this a great one. He is one of the world's leading musical artists at the peak of his powers. While the majority seemed stunned by Paul McCartney's headlining performance on the Pyramid Stage last night, there was some criticism aimed at him releasing the video for 'My Valentine' starring Hollywood star Johnny Depp. McCartney had included the video on his pre-Glastonbury US tour, but many on social media have expressed their unease at seeing Depp on a giant screen at Worthy Farm. "McCartney's use of the Depp video can only be interpreted as a public statement of support. Looking pretty gorgeous at Worthy Farm... Yes, I'm back for the final day, Day 5 of the Glastonbury Festival, bringing you some more hilarious comments and reactions to what's going on at Worthy Farm. Right now, that means being green with envy at the thousands of people who are boogieing with Herbie Hancock on the Pyramid Stage right now. What a perfect set for such a glorious summer's day! Ahead of the festival, The Independent ranked the best Glastonbury performances in history. For those of you who're still tuned in, here's a little recap of what happened at the festival yesterday. It was a special day for festival-goers, crowned by a truly special performance by Paul McCartney. Our critic Mark Beaumont managed to get within earshot of the rammed John Peel tent for George Ezra's not-so-surprising set. It was uncertain if Gold Rush Kid would make it as he was ill with laryngitis earlier this week, but apparently he recovered in time for a visit to Worthy Farm. Pretty stunning setting by Ukrainian folk band Dakhabrakha, don't you think? They recently performed on the Pyramid Stage. Sports Team, playing the John Peel Stage at 12:15, draws a huge crowd, their post-punk giving CPR to those (including the band) who were down at Block9 and Shangri-la until the wee hours . It's an energetic set, as is typical, with frontman Alex Rice having a bullet of charisma. Jack White has been confirmed for a secret set tonight - and George Ezra is launching a surprise set of his own in about half an hour. Read more about the secret sets here... Glastonbury Secret Sets 2022: rumors and how to find out who will be playing Statement by a BBC spokesman on: the edited iPlayer version of Olivia Rodrigo's yesterday's set: "The decision to keep this section of the Editing of the performance was done solely because of the strong language used throughout. I don't really think Paul McCartney was responsible for anything after last night. Patrick Smith, culture editor of The Independent, says he was able to see Jessie Buckley "throwing shapes" at the backstage bar in the park last night and saw the Haim sisters dance softly with Alexa Chung. In the Rabbit Hole, people apparently "congregated" around Noel Gallagher, while Sienna Miller chatted in hospitality behind the Pyramid Stage. Charming little anecdote from Ben Bryant, who's on site at Worthy Farm: However, if you'd like to know more about stage times, you can check out our article below. an overview of the stage times for the pyramid today... I can't do that for every stage I'm afraid - there are too damn many! Another nice little picture from Worthy Farm this morning. Seems like thousands of people left McCartney's set last night and called it the best performance they've ever seen. More on the confusion surrounding yesterday's broadcast of Olivia Rodrigo's set on BBC iPlayer. Viewers were left confused after iPlayer removed a protest song by Rodrigo and Lily Allen from its highlights coverage. Here's our take on the weather in Worthy Farm today. Social media is absolutely full of praise for last night's McCartney set. At 80, the man still knows how to deliver. The Beatles albums in order of greatness: The Beatles albums in order of greatness Paul McCartney held up a Ukrainian flag as he took the stage for an encore at his 2022 Glastonbury headlining set. While McCartney held the Ukrainian flag, he was also flanked by bandmates holding the Union Flag and an LGBT+ Pride Flag. Paul McCartney waves Ukrainian flag as he comes out for Glastonbury encore Looking a lot emptier than last night... Paul McCartney staged a 'duet' with John Lennon's voice during his Glastonbury headlining set. Towards the end of his marathon concert on the Pyramid Stage, the former Beatle performed "I've Got a Feeling", with additional vocals from his late bandmate. "I know it's virtual," he told the crowd, "but there I am singing with John again, we're back together." Paul McCartney 'duets' with John Lennon at 'I've Got a Feeling' in Glastonbury Glastonbury -Fans have criticized the BBC for skipping a protest song by Olivia Rodrigo and Lily Allen about the Roe v Wade coup in the US, highlights the cover. Through her appearance on the Other Stage, the "Driver's License" singer brought in special guest Allen for a rendition of his 2009 hit "F*** You." Twitter users flagged the BBC's (which will broadcast the festival live) decision not to include the song in its highlights coverage early Sunday morning (June 26) - with some expressing their newfound respect for Rodrigo and Allen, while others questioned the BBC's decision to edit the "epoch-defining" moment out. Below are the highlights from day four at Glastonbury - including Sir Paul McCartney's superstar set (with special appearances from Dave Grohl and Bruce Springsteen), the Queen's double and Olivia Rodrigo singing 'F*** You' with Lily before the US Supreme Court Sings Allen: Kendrick Lamar's work has always been introspective, but Mr Morale and the Big Steppers -- featuring guest appearances from the likes of Florence Welch, Beth Gibbons, Summer Walker and Sampha -- has a delicacy and tenderness unparalleled for the father-of-two from Compton, California. Read The Independent's five-star review of Kendrick Lamar's latest studio album - and his first in five years - ahead of it making headlines at Glastonbury tonight. Kendrick Lamar's "Mr Morale and the Big Steppers" is a delicate, delicate opus - in retrospect Sir Paul McCartney's available canon is to such an extent the greatest of music that every few hours that happen to be drawn from it the best performance of any particular one year would be . Read The Independent's five-star review of Macca's day four Glastonbury 2022 headline: Kendrick Lamar ready to make his Glastonbury Festival debut this Sunday. The Pulitzer Prize-winning rapper is among the headlines of the year, including Glastonbury's recent solo headliner Billie Eilish and former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney. For how to catch Lamar live at Worthy Farm for the first time, here's what day and time will Kendrick Lamar be performing at Glastonbury? What day and time will Kendrick Lamar perform at Glastonbury? Take a look at some defining images of Glastonbury over the years: Glastonbury Festival through the years - in pictures Several stars including Tilda Swinton and Paul Mescal have been spotted at Worthy Farm since the festival kicked off on Thursday. However, one person in particular has caused a stir among viewers at home after BBC footage showed a woman in the crowd who looked strikingly like the Queen. During Friday night's (June 24) coverage of the Robert Plant and Alison Krauss show, the camera panned to people in the audience - including the woman in a blue raincoat and sunglasses resembling the Queen. Sharing a snap of the moment on Twitter, one viewer wrote: "Lovely to see the Queen enjoying a bit of Robert Plant at Glastonbury." Day four of Glastonbury featured some of the best sets of the festival's 50th anniversary edition - including an epic headline by Sir Paul McCartney (with surprise appearances from Dave Grohl. The FOMO for Glastonbury fans who didn't make it to Worthy Farm that year was very, very real, they lamented on Twitter. Viewers in the UK can't see the festival however, watch the live stream on the BBC for free, with coverage on BBC One, Two, Three, Four, BBC Radio, the BBC Sounds App , and BBC Radio In addition to the hundreds of artists announced, this weekend at Worthy Farm also has a host of surprises in store - from secret sets (find out more here) and a special appearance by fellow celebrity climate activist Greta Thunberg en were spotted around the festival site, many of whom attended the festival as fans.Which celebrities were spotted at Glastonbury?Before Kendrick Lamar - the 'Oracle of Hip-Hop' who takes to the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury tonight, ranks Kevin E.G. Perry rapper's albums by size. Read how the artist's four studio albums, prior to his latest Mr Morale & the Big Steppers, have shaped Lamar's stunning artistic legacy: Weather experts provide regular updates on the current forecast for Worthy Farm (or, more specifically, the nearest village of Pilton). ) during the five day Glastonbury Festival. With Glastonbury tickets being notoriously difficult to come by - resale tickets sold out in just over 20 minutes in March and many hopefuls couldn't make it to the website at all - people are already asking what the ticketing situation will be for next year's festival. Find out everything you need to know to get tickets to Glastonbury 2023 here: Haim proves that all good things come in threes, Glass Animals' Dave Bayley proves a tireless frontman, while Celeste calms any Friday hangover. Here's a roundup of fan reactions to former Beatles and all-time legend Sir Paul McCartney's epic headline on Saturday, complete with incredible surprise performances from Dave Grohl and Bruce Springsteen: On Friday (June 24), the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Mississippi law , which bans abortion at 15 weeks gestation while overturning important precedents set by the 1973 Roe v Wade decision. During her performance at Glastonbury on Saturday night (June 25), Rodrigo joined the likes of Phoebe Bridgers and Billie Eilish to speak out against the verdict. During her performance on the Other Stage, the "Driver's License" singer brought out special guest Lily Allen for a performance of Allen's 2009 hit "F*** You." A number of artists performing in Glastonbury in 2022 have condemned the US Supreme Court ruling on Friday (June 24) overturning Roe v Wade. The Republican-controlled Supreme Court yesterday ruled in favor of a Mississippi law banning abortions at 15 weeks of pregnancy while overturning important precedents set by the 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade and an affirmative decision in Planned Parenthood v. Casey were created from 1992. During her landmark headline at Glastonbury Festival on Friday (June 24), Billie Eilish addressed the decision, saying it's a "really dark day for women in America." "I'm only going to say this because I can't bear to think about it any longer right now," she told the crowd on the festival's main pyramid stage. Glastonbury artists grappled in Roe vs Wade overturned by the High Court Glastonbury's fourth day came to an eventful conclusion on Saturday (25 June) at Worthy Farm. Day four of Glastonbury came to an eventful end on Saturday (25 June) at Worthy Farm. Ahead of Paul McCartney's headline set, Gen-Z star Olivia Rodrigo invited surprise guest Lily Allen onstage for a rousing rendition of Allen's 2009 hit "F*** You," which is aimed at Supreme Court justices over the recent Roe v Wade judgment. Elsewhere, viewers at home were delighted to spot a raincoat-clad woman who bore a striking resemblance to the Queen in BBC Festival coverage. While the king was absent, a long list of celebrities were spotted at the festival site, including Paul Mescal and Tilda Swinton. Below are the highlights from Day 4 at Glastonbury: Saturday's Biggest Highlights at Glastonbury 2022 Saturday's Biggest Highlights at Glastonbury 2022 Saturday's Biggest Highlights at Glastonbury 2022 During Friday night's (24 June) coverage of the Robert Plant show and Alison Krauss, the camera panned to people in the audience including a woman in a blue raincoat and sunglasses... It didn't take long for viewers at home to comment on the festival goer's looks and realize that she looks like the Queen ! Glastonbury viewers joke about seeing the Queen 'dressed up' at the festival Glastonbury viewers joke about seeing the Queen 'dressed up' at the festival By the looks of it, everyone at Paul McCartney's headlining performance is - but it there will be some people who will at least try to split their time between the Beatles legend and Mitski, whose performance (from 9.15pm to 10.15pm) makes it pretty much impossible to catch both. 7 Most Violent Clashes On The Set Of Glastonbury 2022 (And Possible Workarounds) Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Are What Later Era Oasis Could Have Been - Throwback Paul McCartney brought in Dave Grohl and Bruce Springsteen as surprise guests during his headlining set at Glastonbury With. The Beatles legend took to the Pyramid Stage at 9:30pm for his two-hour performance, during which he brought both Foo Fighters frontman and Springsteen onto the stage. Right, that's it for tonight - my dear colleague Maanya will be back with you in a few hours, then Louis Chilton, then me again on the fifth and final day of the Glastonbury Festival! Olivia Rodrigo's performance on the Other Stage was one of the best today - and not just because she brought Lily Allen to the Supreme Court justices over the recent Roe v Wade for a surprise duet of Allen's 2009 hit "F*** You." Verdict. Check out our five-star review of the Gen Z pop icon below. Here is Paul McCartney's review by our very emotional obsessive critic Mark Beaumont took to the Pyramid Stage at 9.30pm on Saturday (25th June) where he played a video of Depp on the jumbo screen. Glastonbury offers a wealth of experiences that go beyond music. With a final day for festival-goers to check them out, here are our 18 highlights to have on your radar, including Cineramaddon and Healing Fields. From Herbie Hancock to the Healing Fields - 18 highlights for Glastonbury 2022 With day four dusted and dusted, we look ahead to what the revelers can expect tomorrow. Kendrick Lamar is the third and final headliner of the event, joining Lorde, Herbie Hancock and Diana Ross in Sunday's reckoning. Greta Thunberg used her surprise appearance at Glastonbury to denounce "lying" political leaders. The Swedish environmental activist appeared on the big pyramid stage to give a short speech about the climate crisis. She told revelers at the festival that if they were to avoid a "total natural disaster" from climate change, they would have to face a battle against "the forces of greed." Greta Thunberg calls out 'lying' political leaders on stage at Glastonbury Yep, that's Mr Foo Fighters himself, Dave Grohl coming out to join Macca for the bang on I Saw Her Standing There! Mitski delivers some of the slickest, most enigmatic pop ever - throwback OK, so the BBC live stream has begun, showing what they witnessed at Worthy Farm an hour ago. That has got to be record breaking in terms of crowds on the Pyramid Stage - and boy does Macca and his band sound great! We've got brass, grinding guitars and McCartney at his best - although he looks a little amused when the audience starts singing "Happy Birthday" to him (he turned 80 last week). Paul McCartney has shared a clip of Johnny Depp during his headlining set at Glastonbury. The Beatles took to the Pyramid Stage at 9:30pm on Saturday (June 25) where he played a video of Depp on the jumbo screen. McCartney and Depp are reportedly close friends and longtime collaborators. McCartney and Depp are reportedly close friends and longtime collaborators. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor starred in several of McCartney's music videos. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor starred in several of McCartney's music videos. During McCartney's performance of his 2012 track "My Valentine," he played excerpts from the song's original music video, which also stars Natalie Portman. During McCartney's performance of his 2012 track "My Valentine," he played excerpts from the song's original music video, which also stars Natalie Portman. In the black-and-white clip, Depp plays the guitar and recites the lyrics in sign language. In the black-and-white clip, Depp plays the guitar and recites the lyrics in sign language. How to register for Glastonbury 2023 tickets Glastonbury 2023 registration, tickets and everything you need to know Glastonbury 2023 registration, tickets and everything you need to know Viewers at home were confused as to why Paul McCartney's set was not shown at Glastonbury on BBC in real time. The Beatles legend has already taken the stage for his headlining performance, which was due to start at 9:30pm. BBC is currently still broadcasting Noel Gallagher's set. You can read The Independent's four-star review of the Oasis star's performance here. McCartney will be broadcast on BBC One's Glastonbury channels and BBC iPlayer at 10.30pm, an hour later than he took the stage. "I'm totally confused as to how you can watch Paul McCartney 9:30 and I can't see anything but fucking Liam Gallagher on the Glastonbury channel on iPlayer," one person wrote on Twitter. Another added: "No why isn't Paul McCartney's Glasto set being shown live when everyone else is doing it." "Why do we have to wait an hour to see Paul McCartney? Every single other performance was live on iplayer [...] but you delayed that by an hour as far as I can tell. Click on the pyramid stage live stream and it says [it] starts in an hour. A fourth person wrote: "I hope there's a really good reason why we can't see Paul McCartney live as it happens." The Independent has contacted a BBC representative for comment on the delay in coverage specifically for McCartney's set to obtain. BBC viewers confused as to why Paul McCartney's set isn't being broadcast in real time A live stream, ideally starting at the same time as Macca's set. Olivia Rodrigo Delivers One of Glastonbury Weekend's Most Dazzling Sets - Review Olivia Rodrigo Delivers One of Glastonbury Weekend's Most Dazzling Sets - Review Olivia Rodrigo Delivers One of Glastonbury Weekend's Most Dazzling Sets - Review We're a little perplexed here at home because it This is what Paul McCartney's BBC program does not start until an hour after he took to the Pyramid Stage for his Saturday headlines slot! "What's going to happen here now," says Noel Gallagher, half-way through his set perfunctory stepping to the mic and radiating the energy of Mike Lynch, "is I'll play you some tunes that you don't care about, they're for." me. But if you stay after that, woo, there's going to be a lot of very happy people with bucket hats..." Cocky young fighter Liam became the pair's surprise stadium success by playing a fairly old Major on Oasis Hits in his solo sets (who knew ?). Elder brother – and one-time protector of Glastonbury from the scourge of hip-hop – Noel, meanwhile, continues his creative renaissance with the High Flying Birds, who are saved from a Knebworth of their own only by fair play. His outbursts of Oasis tunes were mostly songs he sang on record that packed sets with mid-paced, acoustic-led singalongs but lacked the punch of a "supersonic" or "rock 'n' roll star." The High Flying Birds are (partridge not coincidentally) the band that could have been the Oasis of the last era. Eventually, Oasis' demise in the '00s was largely due to Noel giving away album track filler slots to his bandmates. Now back at the helm of songwriting, and with an inquiring psych rock mentality, he's produced three increasingly impressive and imaginative albums over a twelve year period of galactic glam, motoric rock and some of the most phenomenal scissoring you've seen on an international Stage. No mere gimmicks, but curiosities that indicate Gallagher's willingness to follow his friend and mentor Paul Weller into more exploratory sonic territory. "Fort Knox" is a hypnotic dance-rock firestorm, "Black Star Dancing" is a psychedelic groove worthy of jungle. The first half of the set, even if it's just for Noel, is easily the most exciting. "You did it," says Noel as he launches into "Little By Little" and the field erupts. "Let the dogging begin," he quips before "Don't Look Back in Anger," a crowd favorite to worry "Hey Jude." It's a smart, forgiving move; The best soap operas need a clash of characters. Anyone telling you that this year's Glastonbury is caught in the 1970s clearly wasn't on Olivia Rodrigo's show, which has the highest concentration of screaming teenage girls outside of TikTok. Warm afternoon sunlight, shining off their knee-high DMs, mirror mosaic piano and purple electro-acoustic guitar, is one of Saturday's most dazzling -- and cutest -- shows at Worthy Farm. Though she's best known for her sleazy hit "Good 4 U," Rodrigo has a back catalog of ballads about heartbreak. Today, her performance includes "happier," "hope ur ok," and a song she says stems from her childhood acting career, which she introduces as "Iowa." She breaks out her breakthrough, "Driver's License," early. Next is a surprise cover of Avril Lavigne's 2003 grunge hit "Complicated," which features Rodrigo kicking up his heels on the piano. But then Rodrigo announces that she will be bringing out a special guest. At first, it sounds like the words "Billie Eilish" left her lips. And it would make sense – the Pyramid Stage headliner played the night before. But it turns out it's just her accent - because it's Lily Allen who takes the stage and sets the stage for a big festival moment. "Yesterday the Supreme Court decided to overturn the Safe Abortion Act," says Rodrigo. “I will dedicate this song to the Supreme Court Justices. And with that, Allen, Rodrigo and seemingly all of Glastonbury sing Lily Allen's 2009 hit "F*** You" from her second album It's Not Me, It's You. Allen, dressed in black with a Chanel hair clip, looks a little shy, a little insanely happy as she duets with an exuberant Rodrigo. A "deja vu" ensues and for a moment it feels like Rodrigo isn't delivering their biggest hit. But she belts out "good 4 u" into her purple mic, with much support from a crowd that sounds louder than ever. Yes, it may be true that Paul McCartney plays later - but now the Zoomers are taking the helm. Drüben auf John Peel nähert sich mein Lieblings-Ghetts dem Ende eines phänomenalen, energiegeladenen Sets. Ich bin ehrlich gesagt immer noch ein wenig enttäuscht, dass er letztes Jahr den Mercury Prize nicht für seinen erstaunlichen, karrierebesten Interessenkonflikt gewonnen hat. Und es ist erfreulich zu sehen, wie weit ihn das gebracht hat, bei so einem großartigen Publikum in Glastonbury heute. Olivia Rodrigo bringt Lily Allen wegen „F*** You“ wegen Roe vs Wade vor den Obersten Gerichtshof Olivia Rodrigo bringt Lily Allen wegen „F*** You“ wegen Roe vs Wade vor den Obersten Gerichtshof In einem phänomenalen Moment in Glastonbury, eins Für die Geschichtsbücher hat Olivia Rodrigo THE Lily Allen herausgebracht (die den Fans einen Streich spielte, dass es Billie Eilish war), um Allens Hit „F*** You“ als Antwort auf den Umsturz von Roe vs Wade zu singen, und es geht EIN STURM nieder. Ich sehe viele Leute, die auf dieses brillante Interview mit Haim von unserer (leider) ehemaligen stellvertretenden Kunstredakteurin Alexandra Pollard, jetzt stellvertretende Kunstredakteurin bei i Paper, zurückkommen. Haim-Interview: „Männer sagten: ‚Holt sie von der Bühne, warum schneidet sie diese Grimassen?'“ Erstens bin ich mir nicht sicher, wann wir das letzte Mal so eine riesige Menschenmenge auf der Other Stage gesehen haben … Zweitens , was für ein Satz?!! Ich werde nicht so tun, als hätte ich keine Zweifel an Rodrigos Live-Show gehabt. Schmettern, wie es niemanden etwas angeht, einschließlich einer rüpelhaften Coverversion von Avril Lavignes Klassiker „Complicated“ aus den Nullerjahren. „Wir werden dir nur ein paar Lieder vorspielen, ist das in Ordnung?“ fragt Alana Haim das Publikum der Pyramid Stage. Offenbar sind aller guten drei: Haim haben schon dreimal Glasto gemacht – sie kennen den Deal – und jetzt stehen sie mit drei Briten, drei Grammys und drei Alben auf der Pyramid Stage. Die kalifornischen Schwestern, die für sonnendurchflutete Singles wie das letztjährige „Summer Girl“ mit seinem knusprigen Saxophon und das Booty-Call-Thema „3am“ bekannt sind, haben einen schrittweisen Aufstieg erlebt, der in ihrem Karrierebesten 2021, Women in Music, gipfelte Teil III. Ein Großteil der Anziehungskraft dieses Sets am frühen Abend kommt von ihrem Selbstvertrauen und ihrer Chemie auf der Bühne. Este erinnert sich daran, wie sie einmal mitten im Glastonbury-Set ohnmächtig wurde, und wird von einem Telefonanruf unterbrochen, der auf ein „Soll ich ihn zurückrufen?“ hinweist. Sketch zwischen der Band und ihrem Publikum. Sie fühlen sich im Herzen der Worthy Farm wie zu Hause und sind auch herzlich willkommen. Nach einer anstrengenden Nacht, in der Sie den Sonnenaufgang in Block9 beobachtet haben, fühlt sich das Hören von Celestes seidigen Tönen an einem Samstagnachmittag wie das ultimative Heilmittel gegen Kater an. Wenn die 28-Jährige auf der West Holts-Bühne ankommt, ihr Haar zu scharfen Spitzen gespitzt wie ein hochmodischer Dennis the Menace, strahlt sie eine Wärme aus, die die ganze Menge ausstrahlt. Den Auftakt macht sie mit „Ideal Woman“, dem Opener ihres für den Mercury Prize nominierten Albums „Not Your Muse“. Mit nur einem Cello in Begleitung ist es ein verhaltener Start ins Set, aber sie zeigt schnell den wahren Star der Show: ihre Stimme. Jeder Song trägt die Präzision einer Albumaufnahme, aber die Live-Band verleiht Tracks wie ihrem Drum-and-Bass-inspirierten Hit „Stop This Flame“ neue Tiefe. Es gibt nur minimale Interaktion mit dem Publikum (was an Nerven liegen könnte) und manchmal fühlt sich das Set ein wenig ruhig an. Trotzdem ist es ein Stärkungsmittel, das die Menge in sich aufnimmt, und „Strange“ ist ein passend gefühlvoller Abschluss. „Es tut mir so leid, Leute“, sagt Dave Bayley, Frontmann von Glass Animals. “So anticlimactic.” The Oxford four-piece have just bounded onto the stage, only for technical issues to stop them bursting into the heady “Life Itself”. They leave the stage. It’s a blistering start. Mixing buttery R’n’B grooves with indie pop, the band has always been a hugely confident live act. But this year they have even more reason to be full of swagger, having conquered the US with their 1.7-billion streamed song “Heat Waves”. Before they drop that, though, we get Bayley standing on the barrier, delivering an especially louche rendition of 2014’s woozy hit “Gooey”. As “Heat Waves” finishes the set, sparking a mass singalong, the sun comes out. are Haim hinting at a secret set? I was never the biggest Haim fan and struggled to see what the fuss was about, then had a complete turnaround when they released third album Women in Music Pt III. Delayed by 13 minutes, here’s Haim on the Pyramid set, I’m expecting EXCELLENT things. the longer we pretend that this is not the case, the longer we pretend that we can solve this catastrophe within a global societal structure that has no laws or restrictions whatsoever protecting us longterm from the ongoing self-destructive greed that has brought us to the very edge of this precipice, the more time we will waste.” We should be fighting for people and for nature, but instead we are fighting against those who are set on destroying it. Today our political leaders are allowed to say one thing then do the exact opposite.” "Anyone like rock 'n' roll songs about ice cream?" asks Metronomy's Joseph Mount. Dressed in a wealth of color today, the Devon band now have seven albums to their name, including 2012's magnificent English Riviera. But as the bubblegum sound of 2019's track "Salted Caramel Ice Cream" by the stage roars, audience bodies wriggle and wave, and it's clear the band still hits the sweet spot. Hit after hit slices through the warm Wothy Farm air like a Prince classic, and thousands of hands clap back. I admire Greta Thunberg for a lot of things, but possibly most of all for the fact that she has the courage to stand on that stage in front of thousands of people and speak without crumbling into a little ball. Self Esteem and Idles have paid tribute to music hero Big Jeff Johns during their respective Glastonbury sets. Self Esteem and Idles have paid tribute to music hero Big Jeff Johns during their respective Glastonbury sets. The Bristol band performed at Worthy Farm on Friday night (24 June) while Self Esteem – real name Rebecca Lucy Taylor – took to the stage on Saturday afternoon (25 June). The Bristol band performed at Worthy Farm on Friday night (24 June) while Self Esteem – real name Rebecca Lucy Taylor – took to the stage on Saturday afternoon (25 June). Idles lead singer Joe Talbot dedicated the song “A Hymn” to Big Jeff, who is currently in hospital after suffering severe burns in a home fire. Idles lead singer Joe Talbot dedicated the song “A Hymn” to Big Jeff, who is currently in hospital after suffering severe burns in a home fire. “This next song goes out to our brother and our friend Big Jeff,” said Talbot. “This next song goes out to our brother and our friend Big Jeff,” said Talbot. The special shout outs have left many people curious as to who Big Jeff is. The special shout outs have left many people curious as to who Big Jeff is. Why did Idles and Self Esteem pay tribute to Big Jeff during Glastonbury?