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Cameroon 2-0 Comoros | Vincent Aboubakar 70'20:31 , Matt Verri HE HAS HIS GOAL! And it certainly is. It was so impressive from the Comoros but they can't hold on any longer.

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2022Hosts Cameroon worked hard to reach the quarter-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations in Monday's 2-1 win against 10-men Comoros at the expense of a side that had been struggling in the round of 16. Karl Toko Ekambi and Vincent Aboubakar scored Cameroon's goals as the hosts took a comfortable lead with 20 minutes remaining against Comoros, who were forced to use a left-back in goal due to a Covid outbreak and captain Jimmy Abdou a red within seven minutes card showed. But Comoros put up a brave fight nonetheless, clawing back a goal from Youssouf M'Changama with a stunning free-kick nine minutes from time despite being at a significant disadvantage. Cameroon meet Gambia in the round of 16 on Saturday after beating Guinea 1-0 earlier on the day. Cameroon got a real scare from an incredibly brave performance from Comoros, but the hosts advanced to the quarter-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations with a 2-1 win. With a left-back in goal and Jimmy Abdou subsequently sent off in the opening minutes, Comoros were close from the start and looked set for a crushing defeat. Karl Toko Ekambi and Vincent Aboubakar gave Cameroon a 2-0 lead with his sixth of the tournament, but the tournament debutants didn't go away and Youssouf M'Changama equalized with a brilliant long-range free-kick. That gave Comoros a chance to stage a wonderful comeback in the last few minutes, but Cameroon showed professionalism and secured the win. The hosts meet Gambia in the quarterfinals. Read our full match report here. Surely Vincent Aboubakar's golden boot is now as good as sealed. He has six goals under his belt now and has scored in each of Cameroon's games so far. Cameroon have been one of the most impressive teams at the tournament so far and you can see why. When they get into gear and do Aboubakar the service, there's a lot to worry about. But it was easy for them to get complacent when everything was going against Comoros... Cameroon are through with a 2-1 win! But the Comoros were absolutely brilliant, they had everything against them but they went on until the end. Aboubakar is back on the scoresheet for the hosts and meets The Gambia in the quarter-finals. 90+2 minutes: Only three minutes added. Cameroon holds the ball well, it doesn't look like Comoros have anything left. 90 mins: Hongla has an effort on goal, Alhadhur tipps it over the bar. Luckily for Comoro, it was right up his alley. Not confirmed yet, but we've played a minute of it so far! 89 mins: Comoros have barely touched since the goal, Cameroon drew fouls and looked very clever this game in the final minutes. They'll be shocked that this match is still in limbo, but they're doing a good job of dampening the momentum. 87 mins: Mattoir now in the book for a slightly late challenge. The referee then draws a yellow card for each foul. Comoros are throwing in the last few substitutions they need to make. 84 mins: Just over five minutes left plus injury time. What else do the Comoros have in their legs? It's been an incredible effort so far. Cameroon substituted Aboubakar, saving his man for the quarter-finals. COMOROS KILLED! Youssouf M'Changama pulled one back with an amazing free kick from at least 30 yards. The Comoros are inches away from pulling one back. The ball lands on Nabouhane in the penalty area, who absolutely hammers it on goal, but Onana is within reach and saves it. A little further into the corner and the keeper couldn't get close. 77 mins: Cameroon continue to herald their changes with their place in the last eight all but confirmed. It was a perfect night for the hosts, even if they were very lucky with Comoros' bad luck. 73 minutes: They're still coming forward! Nabouhane runs at a ball and shoots from a tight angle... Onana down to turn it for a corner. HE HAS HIS GOAL! It was so impressive from the Comoros but they can't hold on any longer. Nice ball passed to Aboubakar, turns well... Alhadhur is stepped over and the striker deflects it at the near post. 69 mins: Good from the Comoros, played wide and into the box... Nabouhane gets a hit with the outside of his foot but not enough contact. 67 mins: Njie and Bassogog combine well before the latter's shot from inside the box ricochets off the outside of the post. Alhadhur didn't move, didn't move. 65 minutes: Aboubakar thinks he's got his goal but the offside flag is up! He then rolled it over the box where Aboubakar hit it off the pole from a few yards away. 64 mins: Clinton Njie replaces Choupo-Moting for the final 25 minutes. They should inject some energy into the team, especially against a tiring Comoros defence. 62 mins: Spread wide to Tolo but Youssouf slides in to prevent the Cameroonian full-back from getting past him. The hosts maintain possession in defense and midfield, but not much else. After all, he played long into the penalty area and Zahary is looking for a goal kick. 59 mins: Comoros push all the way up, forcing Cameroon back to Onana. Half an hour left in this game and although it's still only 1-0, they're in it. 56 mins: Comoros break, they still try to offer a threat. Youssouf is almost in goal, but Onana storms out and gets the ball just in first. Aboubakar cleanly shoots through, rolls it into the far corner, but the keeper comes down to save it. Straight to Ngamaleu... and Alhadhur somehow saves again! 52 minutes: SHOULD BE TWO! Aboubakar is clipped into the box by Fai and jumps, but it's just behind him. This distracts Zahary, who then takes aim, which in turn deters Ekambi and he misses the goal from a few yards. 50 mins: Switch to Choupo-Moting, defender slips and he's gone on target. Comoros already look very stretched. Alhadhur makes his first save as a goalkeeper. Nice ball from Fai, Abdullah releases Aboubakar and the forward heads it pretty straight to Alhadhur. Comoros then give it away again, and this time Aboubakar heads a cross over the bar. 47 mins: Ngamaleu comes in from behind and tries to play it over the goal for Aboubakar. Edited by Zahary who has already given a brilliant performance. Keep it up right after the break, Cameroon pushes the Comoros back as expected. Cameroon starts the second half! You will be looking for an increase in performance. It looks like Cameroon will come through easily enough to take on Gambia in the quarterfinals. Cameroon had 59% possession as they dominated the ball but only had one of their seven shots on target. Comoros, meanwhile, had three shots on target and Onana had to make a quick double save to prevent his side from giving up the lead. Certainly a reason for optimism for the Comoros. And it's half-time, Ekambi's goal putting the hosts ahead. The Comoros had Abdou sent off after just seven minutes to follow their 12 positive Covid cases which has resulted in them having a left-back in goal. Cameroon showed real quality at half-time and are more than good enough to get away after the break. 45+3 mins: Cameroon's short corner... and then they take it straight out of the game. They're in the lead and absolutely comfortable in the game, but Cameroon are far from their best. 45+1 min: Four minutes at the end of the half. Ngamaleu almost misses the goal but the pass is way too hard. Comoros just happily knock the ball around the back. They'll be happy if they're down 1-0 at half-time. 44 mins: Long ball from Comoros over the top, Fai and Mogni fight for it in a straight sprint... Mogni is penalized for dragging the Cameroonian right-back. He's not too impressed with the decision, and neither is Fai, who wants a yellow card. 41st min: Abdullah gives it away right in front of his own box, that can't be. Fai's turn is lightning fast, leaping into the box and whipping a low cross into...corner Cameroon. It goes away again. Comoros did a really good job protecting Alhadhur from set pieces. 39 min: Hongla too strong in midfield, puts Cameroon ahead. Free kick for Comoros. 37 mins: Fai with a nice ball in the box, Abdullah does a good job cutting it out before he can reach Aboubakar. Whipped towards the near post, Zahary heads him away. Cameroon looks dangerous on the wings when they go far. 35 min: Nabouhane free-kick – deflected, slows him down. This is such an impressive response to Comoros going behind. Mogni catches a long-range punch so sweetly, but Onana is in a good mood to smash it away. Anguissa now in the book because she caught Youssouf late. 32 mins: Can't blame him of course but Alhadhur never looked like he could save that as he made a scruffy dive. That should encourage Cameroon. Ball lifted over the top, Ekambi almost back in, but just too much on the pass. First shot on goal, first goal. Comoros lose in midfield and Cameroon is away. Aboubakar slides it in to Ekambi, who fits it in the corner and Alhadhur can't get close. 27 mins: Ball shot into Aboubakar, he holds it up and tries to spin past Abdullah. Zahary comes across well and takes it back for Comoros, who are very brave on the ball given the situation. 24 mins: Choupo-Moting finds space 20 yards away, quickly going on target. But deflected and that takes the whole pace of the shot - the goalkeeper stops him for a corner. Cameroon have yet to carve out a really clear chance. 22 mins: Alhadhur joins the build-up for Comoros. Ngamaleu drifts past a few defenders but the whistle is called. Offside flag against Cameroon. 20 mins: Abdullah shoots it long over the top towards Nabouhane but he won't get away from it in the end. Comoros have done well so far in keeping Cameroon out but the hosts need to start testing the keeper. 18 min: Comoros with their first break. Youssouf decides not to go down when fouled and loses it. Cameroon then has room to run in and Ekambi is completely free. Cuts into the penalty area but misses. Once again, Alhadhur didn't move a muscle. 15 mins: Choupo-Moting charges past Bachirou but the Comoros midfielder brings him down. free kick. free kick. Of course it's about who's in goal. Must test Alhadhur who has not yet been called into action. 13 mins: First corner of the evening for Cameroon. One could imagine this being placed directly on Alhadhur. No, too much on the ball and it's over and running out of play. Alhadhur a very relieved man! 11 minutes: 4-4-1 formation for Comoros now, and Cameroon will have all the ball. Ngamaleu decides not to reveal it to Fai and takes it up himself. Cameroon quickly gets back on the field, Aboubakar shoots on target from 20 meters after a Choupo-Moting charge. 9 mins: Comoros are understandably furious about this. It looks bad in slow motion with Abdou backing up and standing on his ankle. The Comoros are now in for a seriously long night. 7 mins: Abdou catches Ngamaleu right in the ankle with a nasty challenge. Jimmy Abdou gets sent off! It was difficult for Comoros before... 5 mins: Ngamaleu is in a bit of pain, he's getting his ankle turned off and it's bound to hurt. The referee jogs off the pitch and doesn't know what's going on here. A VAR check for a red card maybe? 3 min: 35 yards from goal... Youssouf has an effort on goal! Right on Onana but he makes a complete mess of it and it almost falls on a Comoros shirt. Nabouhane hits it back in the penalty area, Cameroon can clear. 2 mins: Sounds like a great atmosphere at the stadium, home fans have flocked. Nabouhane wins a free-kick for Comoros when the ball is passed long to him, good early chance for them to put a ball inside the box. Comoros made it through to the knockout stages brilliantly... now they face 12 positive Covid cases, injuries and a left-back in goal. Aboubakar is once again the big threat for Cameroon after a stellar tournament so far. Players out on the field, not long now before we get started. Alhadhur has the gloves and laughs with Onana on the way out. What a big night lies ahead for the Comoros 'goalkeeper'. Just under 15 minutes until kick-off! Cameroon are clear favorites but many top-flight teams have already been eliminated from this tournament. The hosts will not want to join this list. Tunisia beat Nigeria yesterday with a surprising result, while Burkina Faso defeated Gabon on penalties to reach the quarter-finals. Tonight's game winner meets Gambia in the last eight. You can see the full schedule of the last 16 here. Chaker Alhadhur, normally a left-back playing for French club Ajaccio, will don the gloves and step in for Comoros tonight without goalkeeping qualification. Comoros goalkeeper Ali Ahamada reportedly tested negative this morning, allowing him to play. AFCON debutants Gambia advance to the next round after beating Guinea 1-0. Musa Barrow scored the only goal of a lively game in Bafoussam that saw players on both sides sent off. It's just too difficult to look past Cameroon given the goalscoring form they are in. And with an outfield player set to be in goal for Comoros, the Minnows could be at the end of a real hammer. An already difficult task for the Comoros was made even more difficult before the game when regular Salim Ben Boina picked up an injury. Comoros assistant coach Daniel Padovanni said: “We have already selected an outfield player who will start as a goalkeeper. This is a player who has shown in training that he can play as a goalkeeper.” No major changes are expected from Cameroon tonight, with Vincent Aboubakar the man to watch for having scored five goals to to help the hosts reach the knockout stages. TV Channels: In the UK, tonight's game will be broadcast live on Sky Sports Premier League and the BBC (Red Button Service). Hello and welcome to Standard Sport's live blog for this Africa Cup of Nations round of 16 tie between Cameroon and Comoros.

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