Bills in the Rangers' wrongful indictment hit nearly £ 40 million

The Scottish Government accounts showed the legal costs reached £ 39.9 million.

GB About: Rangers Publish: 12/19/2021 Edit: 12/19/2021 Author: Gardener

RangersThe cost of litigation related to the rangers' wrongful indictment scandal has run to nearly £ 40million, according to Scottish government accounts. After several people who were involved in the management and acquisition of the football club were wrongly prosecuted, millions in damages were paid. Administrators David Whitehouse and Paul Clark were arrested in 2014, although the Crown Office later dropped the charges and admitted that their charges were "malicious". The Lord Advocate also admitted that Charles Green and Imran Ahmad should never have been prosecuted, with Mr Green receiving more than £ 6 million in damages plus legal fees. The Scottish Government's consolidated financial statements, released earlier this week, put the total cost of £ 39.9 million. The cost item is described as “involvement in civil litigation against the Lord Advocate by individuals prosecuted in connection with the acquisition and administration of Rangers Football Club”. The Scottish Government has promised to investigate the wrongdoing once the pending legal proceedings are closed. The Daily Record reported the latest cost on Saturday, saying previous estimates were £ 35 million. “The SNP government must be open and honest about how many millions of pounds have been lost from public funds. "Although ministers have agreed to our calls for a public inquiry, they cannot use this as an excuse to keep people in the dark in the meantime while the legal spiral continues." Jane Barlow / PA) (PA Archives) A ​​Crown Office spokesman said, "The former Lord Advocate has committed the Crown to support a judge-led investigation once all the litigation is closed and apologized for the public expense. A Scottish Government spokesman said: “The entry in the Scottish Government accounts reflects the total costs incurred in connection with the civil litigation relating to certain individuals related to Rangers FC. “The costs incurred in these cases were not covered by the COPFS (Crown Office) resource allocation. "The general budget is administered by the Scottish Government and, as every year, any total changes in funding required to support the expenditure will be confirmed through budgetary revisions and shown in the Scottish Government accounts in due course."

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