Bruno Lage shows Chelsea boss Tuchel what real leadership looks like

Teams were not told to keep playing until Christmas and were mischievously reminded of the presence of U21 players in their ranks, which some clubs seem to be stocking just to keep them away from their rivals.

GB About: Chelsea Publish: 12/21/2021 Edit: 12/21/2021 Author: Gardener

Bruno LageIt hasn't been the best days for these Premier League managers who have spent the last week insisting that their Covid-depleted squads shouldn't go through football games. Not only were they told to keep playing until Christmas, but they were reminded of the presence in their ranks of those U21 players who some clubs seem to be stocking up just to keep them out of the hands of rivals. "If they're in your books and have first-team experience, use them instead." That was the message that came from the league's emergency club meeting. Not the best result for Thomas Tuchel in a Covid-hit Chelsea, who complained long and violently on Sunday that he was forced to pitch an unfit N’Golo Kante and not fill his bench at Wolves. But before the German pleads for more compassion for the fact that unprepared players like Kante are exposed to “great risk”, it should be remembered that not all medical matters seem to be equally demanding. When Kante went down with Covid for the first time last month, putting him out of the game and thus unprepared for Molineux, Tuchel didn't even dare to claim that he would recommend a vaccination to his players. "It would be easy to say 'yes' now and get applause from a lot of people," he said. I am vaccinated. Tuchel once said that he did not know what proportion of his players had been stabbed. Even last Thursday when Omicron sped across the country threatening to overwhelm our hospitals, he wouldn't add to a conversation about Covid draining the troops. "I don't want to get involved in this political stuff," he said. “If we have to play with our cases, we'll play and do our best.” His highly selective intervention feels like self-interest talk. It is kind of out of fashion to even suggest that players should be vaccinated. The counter-argument to the individual's right to vote comes back quickly. As if society did not transcend the individual in times like these. As if a stricken NHS worker desperately waiting for the vaccination message to hit home doesn't matter anymore. But the observations of the Portuguese coach of the Wolves, Bruno Lage, after the 0-0 draw against Chelsea on Sunday showed what open, uncomplicated leadership looks like in a time of national crisis. Lage confirmed that his entire squad would receive covid booster jabs after the game. We say, “If it's free, we'll take it,” so they stand in line to take their third, "Lage said. It doesn't necessarily follow that well-vaccinated clubs avoid Omicron, as Brentford only shows. But they do Managers who don't see the moral need to use their public status to get an important public health message across are now facing a professional one. If you don't handle this, then you have to put the kids up. It's not Topic that executives alone have to shoulder. Where are the senior locker room players? Danny Murphy feels that such leadership is lacking or, in many cases, has crept in. You are wondering if they are putting themselves at risk of an unvaccinated player their books. Day by night, managers are under pressure from their board members to put aside fears of offending tender souls, get this problem under control and actually discuss vaccinations with the players.

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