Clayton Echard reveals 'I never thought this would happen' in response to shocking finale

'The Bachelor' Clayton Echard has some thoughts on what is happening in his season's shocking finale in regards to his time with the final three women.

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Clayton EchardThis season of The Bachelor, starring Clayton Echard, is coming to a close, and as it hits the home stretch with the remaining three women, it doesn't look like the dramatic moments are slowing down anytime soon. Clayton has handled all the backlash after the Women Tell All episode as well as could be expected, but even he's expecting more from fans in the coming weeks. In recently revealed spoilers from Reality Steve, the blogger hints that Clayton seems shaken by the end of the season. [Warning: This article contains spoilers from Clayton Echard's season of The Bachelor.] Spoilers related to this season of The Bachelor starring Clayton Echard were few and far between. Normally, Reality Steve knows who received the last rose before the season started, but not this time. The reality blogger previously revealed that while he had his own ideas about how Clayton Echard's The Bachelor would play out, he couldn't confirm anything with certainty. After "Women Tell All," however, he felt more confident about sharing his knowledge. Ultra-reliable Instagram accounts that have never spoiled anything in their life officially reported that Clayton was dating Rachel. I have no idea why they reported this, I have no idea where that Rachel ending came from, and I was never told throughout the season that Rachel had anything to do with the ending (except for the first month or so, when I heard everyone's name without proof), so yeah, it's kinda funny to laugh about. Sorry," Reality Steve wrote. The blogger continued, "Not only did Susie not eliminate herself from the final 3, but she's doing something we've never seen in the show's 45 previous seasons: rejecting the lead man's proposal. So yes I would say the narrative will change this season now as this will be the new big talking point that everyone will be discussing," Reality Steve wrote. Fans of "The Bachelor" watched clips teasing the moment Clayton confesses to being intimate with two of the last three women. However, fans did not know the identity of the two women until recently. Regardless, it looks like Clayton's decision cost him his wife-to-be because Susie turned down his proposal. After confessing his feelings, Susie explained that there are some things she just can't compromise on. One was whether Clayton had slept with any of the other women during her time on The Bachelor. Ultimately, when Clayton proposed, Susie said no. Clayton evaded his disappointment during "The Bachelor" "Women Tell All." Host Jesse Palmer asked Clayton whether or not he was happy with his current situation. Thanks to a special two-night event, the Bachelor episode focusing on the Fantasy Suites will air tonight, March 8, 2022. With Women Tell All airing on the usual Monday night, fans Clayton, Susie, Gabby Windey, and Rachel Recchia can travel to Iceland to spend more time together ahead of the season's final rose ceremony. RELATED: 3 women from Clayton Echard's season of 'The Bachelor' who would be perfect for 'The Bachelorette.'

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