Countdown's Rachel Riley WINS £ 10,000 after defamation battle with Corbyn's ex-advisor

RACHEL Riley won her high court libel match with Jeremy Corbyn's ex-advisor over a "harmful" tweet. The 35-year-old countdown host has awarded £ 10,000 by a high court judge ...

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10,000RACHEL Riley won her High Court libel suit against Jeremy Corbyn's ex-advisor over a "harmful" tweet. The 35-year-old countdown host was awarded £ 10,000 by a high court judge after suing Laura Murray over the tweet published more than two years ago. Mr Justice Nicklin said Rachel was "entitled" to "justification" - but said that the tweet she posted contained "a clear element of provocation". Rachel said she was happy with the verdict. "I am delighted to have won my defamation trial against Laura Murray, former Labor Party complainant," she said on Twitter. The court heard both women tweeted after Corbyn, the Labor leader at the time, was hit by an egg while visiting a mosque in March 2019, the party's complainant before he went to apprenticeship. Rachel had posted a screenshot of a January 2019 tweet by Guardian columnist Owen Jones about an attack on former British National Party leader Nick Griffin that said, "I think sensible life advice is if you don't want to that eggs are thrown at you, pretend it's not a Nazi. "She added," Good advice, "with emojis of a red rose and an egg. Laura later tweeted," Today Jeremy Corbyn went to his local mosque to check out My Mosque Day and was attacked by a Brexiteer. "Rachel Riley tweeted that Corbyn deserves a violent assault for being a Nazi. Rachel, who studied mathematics at Oxford University, said she was in her tweet sarcastic, didn't call Corbyn a Nazi and told the judge that Laura's tweet had seriously damaged her reputation. At an earlier hearing, Justice Nicklin ruled Laura's tweet was defamatory and concluded that the Tweet meant Rachel "publicly stated" that Corbyn was attacked while visiting a mosque and that he "deserved to be violently attacked." He said the tweet also means people shouldn't get into her. Justice Nicklin was asked to check whether Rachel's reputation had been seriously damaged and whether Laura was defending the truth, honest opinion, or the public interest. The judge concluded that Rachel had proven that Laura's tweet had seriously damaged her reputation. In a written judgment today, the judge said: “This case is unusual. It mainly revolves around two tweets: the good advice tweet and the defendant's reputation tweet, and I have dismissed the defendant's defense. ”He added,“ The plaintiff is therefore entitled to compensation, ”Mr Justice Nicklin said Laura's tweet "essentially" misrepresents what Rachel said in the "good advice tweet" "She made a mistake in the defendant's tweet by not including the good advice tweet." Nicklin said the publication of Rachel's “good advice tweet” could not be described as “bad behavior.” The judge said, “The good advice tweet contains a clear element of provocation in the sense that the plaintiff would readily recognize must have that the meaning of the tweet with good advice was ambiguous and could at least be read in such a way that Jeremy Corbyn deserved to cheer on who because of his political views. "Plaintiff can hardly be surprised - and she can hardly complain - that the good advice tweet generated the response, including the defendant's tweet." Mr Justice Nicklin ended his verdict by saying, "This is not a case where the compensation claim plays an important role in confirming the plaintiff's reputation." The good advice tweet was ambiguous. "This verdict and reporting on it will make clear the justification to which the plaintiff is entitled, rather than just reporting a mere amount of compensation." With these factors in mind, along with the gravity of the allegation and the scope of its disclosure, I am the one Believes that the appropriate compensation is £ 10,000. "He said it would be on 10 am spoke out against anti-Semitism and thought that the Corbyn-led Labor Party" promotes anti-Semitism. "Laura told the judge that her work was with the Jewish community was linked to "trying to find solutions to the problem of anti-Semitism, which became evident in parts of the Labor Party membership".

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