Debuting at Question Time, Vettel proved critics wrong on all fronts

The German made himself and Formula 1 proud...

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Question TimeMany raised eyebrows or rolled their eyes when Sebastian Vettel's Question Time appearance was announced - it proved them all wrong. In recent years, the German has been much more vocal on non-racing issues close to his heart, like protecting LQBTQ rights and tackling the climate crisis. However, others, both inside and outside the Formula 1 world, have criticized the Aston Martin man for his ever-growing activism and were therefore not too pleased when it was revealed that he was on Question Time, a British political show in the panel of panelists will answer questions posed by a live audience. However, not only did he survive and debunk claims that he was way over his head, he thrived on his debut. Fiona Bruce - "I want to tell you where we're going to be next week. We will be in Hackney, London, where we will be joined by Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel. Vettel's invitation to the show would have confused at best and angered at worst than his profession most of those who don't follow Formula 1 and therefore know little about him. After all, he's a wealthy German superstar who travels the world driving fast cars to make a living. What is his place in a show like this? He was eloquent and engaging throughout the show, being extremely knowledgeable on most subjects presented to him and fully acknowledging when he wasn't, being careful not to express opinions on things about which he didn't know much. Such knowledge was evident when the climate was discussed; Instead of making vague comments about how the world needs to tackle global warming, he was clear and detailed about what he felt needed to be done in the future and offered concrete solutions. "We have to stop being dependent [on fossil fuels] and we can because there are solutions," he said. In recent years, some have urged him to stay in Formula 1 because that seems to be the only thing he might know about as an F1 driver. It was never a particularly strong argument in the first place, but he's really debunked it now. Far fairer criticism thrown at him than lack of knowledge is hypocrisy, and he did not duck such accusations when confronted with them on Thursday night. I'm in a good mood, but not at all surprised. When presenter Fiona Bruce asked him if his job made him a hypocrite, rather than beating around the question or denying the allegation, he gave a refreshingly honest and direct response. "You're right when you laugh because there are questions I ask myself every day. I am not a saint. I wonder that.” “Yes,” he added, when asked if he was referring to being an F1 driver, “and traveling the world.” “I mean, it's my passion to drive a car. I love it and every time I get in the car. “Of course when I get out of the car I also think, should we do that, travel the world, waste resources.” Many will say that if they don't like the fact that the sport is damaging to the environment, then they should just do it and end his riding days sooner rather than later. However, as evidenced by his passionate defense immediately following the above comments outlining his importance in society, he clearly cares too much about Formula 1 to turn his back on it. After all, although he is a driver, he is also a fan; It's his job, but it's also his hobby. This is a man who could name the title winner of every single season - nobody loves it more than him. That love and his desire to tackle the climate crisis has caught him between a rock and a hard place where he's being criticized from both sides. The quick and obvious solution to this dilemma would be to walk away from Formula 1, but it's clear he'd rather stay in such a difficult position and try to help the sport become greener than take the easy way out Select . It will undoubtedly need to do so in the future, and in Vettel, with his knowledge and passion, he could not ask for a better helping hand and ambassador.

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