Here's how to play the Celtics heat matchup on Wednesday night

NBA betting: How to play Wednesday night's Celtics heat matchup

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CelticsBest bets went down 2-0 last night as the Detroit Pistons continued to play the underdog role perfectly, extending their current run to 16-1 ATS. The Wizards and Bulls' attacks, as expected, struggled and barely broke the 200-point mark, giving us an easy win in the Under. Crucial conference matchups affecting the playoffs are on the 11-game schedule Wednesday night. Phoenix host the spiraling Warriors as the Heat look to finally resolve a Celtics defense that has given them seizures all season. They're starting to feel that playoff vibe now that regular season time is up. Milwaukee edged Philadelphia 118-116 in a game decided by MVP candidate Giannis Antetokounmpo against fellow MVP Joel Embiid at the last second. After pounding countless hours on handicap rest days over the past few months, bettors are beginning to have the consistency we've craved all season. I've circled a street favorite who has a motivational edge with a total discrediting one of the hottest offenses in the NBA. Here's the breakdown of my top two bets for Wednesday night. Celtics forward Jayson Tatum is playing as well as anyone in the NBA. Indiana has lost its last four games to teams with winning records by the following margins: 9, 40, 30 and 33. As the Pacers polish their golf clubs and praise resorts, the Denver Nuggets fight for their lives in the playoffs. With Minnesota just two games away from pushing Denver into the play-in tournament, the Nuggets can't afford to show mercy in this matchup. You score better when you cover a big number as a street favorite, and I'm confident the Denver offense will perform big. Indiana has conceded more than 130 points in five of its last seven games, with the humble Blazers and Rockets being the two teams that haven't fully gone off and been able to score at will. The Nuggets are starting this game hot with the fourth best offensive rating in five games and averaging 120.5 points per 100 possessions. Nikola Jokic smells blood in the water of the MVP race after Embiid's big-game loss on Tuesday night. Jokic will take the opportunity to throw a big night to create more separation in the eyes of voters. Place the big number with the nuggets. The motivation is there as neither team wants to take second place and potentially draw the Brooklyn Nets as first-round opponents. That only gets you so far as Miami's injuries throughout the season gradually show up on defense as the team struggles to get on the same page. I can see the wounds being ripped open by the NBA's hottest team, causing the clipboards to fly again on the Miami bench. Recently the Celtics finished 6-0 and should have a rested Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown back in action. Tatum has exploded recently, averaging 33.4 points in his last 10 games while leading Boston's offense to the NBA's highest rating for the month of March. The last time these two teams played in late January, they combined for 214 points as the Celtics drove to a 30-point win. I don't think there is an adjustment large enough to reflect the recent success of Boston's offense. I'm playing this game to beat the total with the expectation that Boston will take on the heavyweights while Miami stays competitive.

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