Is Cassi's morning routine effective on "Euphoria"? Skin care experts step in

The character's 4am skincare routine involved many facial tools and multiple steps, but is it effective?

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CassiIn the second season of the HBO high school drama series Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney's character Cassie Howard wakes up at 4 a.m. every morning and goes through a grueling, multi-step beauty routine, all in hopes of winning over her best friend's ex-boyfriend. At first glance, the regime seems intense — three types of facial massagers, a futuristic-looking sheet mask, and even trimming her nose hair. However, according to skincare experts, Cassie's beauty regimen would be far more effective if she simply cut it in half. Charlotte Palermino, a licensed esthetician and CEO of skincare brand Dieux, told The Independent that she had a somewhat disturbing inner-body experience when she first saw Cassie's morning ritual. "The energy made me very uncomfortable and why she did the beauty practices, which should stand out," Palermino told us. "When you start doing beauty practices not for yourself but for someone else, it's not fun. Cassie used a wide array of beauty tools and trinkets throughout the multi-step process, including a 3D facial massage roller and a gold sculpting stick. While these tools are useful for reducing lymphatic drainage and aiding in blood flow, like Cassie, you won't get significant results from using them. "If you drink a lot of alcohol, and these teens drink a lot of alcohol, then you may have water retention and fluid buildup on your face," Palermino said. "If that happens, then yes, you're going to want a facial massage like you do every day. Her routine uses Cassie or Sweeney, as the actor revealed she brought the skincare tools from home, specifically the Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar, which costs $195. According to Shannon Marks, a licensed esthetician and owner of Shannon Lee Esthetics in Manhattan, New York, the gold bar's vibrations mimic the effects of a massage and instantly relax facial muscles to release tension. Next in her beauty routine, Cassie uses an ice roller on her face and neck. Ice rolling has become a popular skincare hack lately because the process is simple: just roll the cold ice over your face to reduce inflammation and wake up feeling refreshed. Whether it works, Palermo said: "First and foremost, ice is rolling, it feels good. Will an ice roller knock 20 years out of your face? Jenny Patinkin's reusable sheet mask was about step a million in Cassie's 4 a.m. routine and costs $38. This organic, reusable face mask is an eco-friendly replacement for other disposable sheet masks. "The Jenny Patinkin mask is made from sustainable bamboo and can be reused with your own serums," Marks told us. It also has dual uses, as the sheet mask can be used with warm water to aid in "product absorption and improving skin's moisture retention" or chilled with cold water to "increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and improve skin's ability to retain moisture." Leaving skin looking refreshed.” While reusable sheet masks are very versatile, using them to cool her face to reduce inflammation, Cassie simply repeats the same steps already accomplished with the ice roller. "She duplicates a lot of steps," Palermino said. Each of these products is useful individually to eliminate puffiness, model and make the skin look radiant. But viewers should be warned not to take the advice of Cassie's routine, as she neglects the actual skincare products we know deliver actual anti-aging and pore-tightening results, like sunscreen, retinol, and niacinamide. "I think the products are fine individually," said Palermo. “Are they the most effective products in skin care? No. But is it really fun to use in skincare? Really, there are no rules when it comes to skincare as long as you do what works for you — even if Cassie's routine is a bit sketchy in Euphoria. However, while reflecting on the initially uncomfortable energy Cassie's skincare routine gave her, Palermino said she now prefers to think of the regimen as a coping mechanism more than anything else. "I think that's a more positive way of looking at it, that it was something she could control in a situation that she wasn't in control of, which was Nate's behavior," she said. Because what better way to feel like you have a life together than to stock up on a bunch of expensive face masks and hyaluronic acid serums and follow a multi-step skincare routine, right?

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