James Harden cleared before the Lakers game on Christmas Day; Nets still have 10 players in COVID-19 logs

Steve Nash said Harden, Paul Millsap and Jevon Carter no longer have health and safety protocols, but three others are in

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James HardenJames Harden has released the NBA's COVID-19 health and safety protocols, Brooklyn Nets coach Steve Nash said Thursday. So he can fly with the team to Los Angeles on Friday. However, Brooklyn still has 10 players on their logs ahead of the Christmas game against the Los Angeles Lakers. Rookies Kessler Edwards, David Duke Jr. and Cameron Thomas all put the logs in, Nash said, joining Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Day'Ron Sharpe, LaMarcus Aldridge, DeAndre 'Bembry, Bruce Brown and James Johnson. If an NBA player tests positive for COVID-19, they must isolate themselves until 10 days have passed after the first positive test or symptoms appear, or until two PCR tests tested negative at least 24 hours apart . Before he can return, he must be cleared by a team and league doctor. Harden and Carter introduced protocols on December 14th, the day after Millsap. Based on that schedule, more reinforcements could come - Aldridge, Bembry, Brown and Johnson all entered the logs on Dec. 14 - but, according to Nash, the team expects to be severely understaffed against the Lakers. "We don't expect anyone else to get out of the logs, but it is possible," said Nash. "So you have to do two negative tests 24 hours apart, I think, so I think we can return two negative tests tonight and tomorrow night, but we're not predicting anyone will come out anytime soon." Nash said that in the logs the players were "largely asymptomatic" and that those with symptoms had "very mild". The Nets haven't played basketball since their 100-93 loss to Orlando Magic on Saturday at the Barclays Center. Brooklyn closed its training facility after the initial outbreak, but has since reopened it for healthy players for individual training sessions. "But no group training," said Nash. Nash said the Nets are hoping to have some proper training on Friday, but he's not sure if it is an option or not. Assuming Harden plays in Los Angeles, he could share the floor with four new teammates - last week Brooklyn signed Langston Galloway, Shaquille Harrison, James Ennis III and Wenyen Gabriel on 10-day contracts with hardship exceptions. "Sometimes it can be funky when you go back to the gym after a week or so - and some of our guys stay longer," said Nash. positive energy and at the same time not putting too much pressure on us to play flawlessly out of the goals. "Game, said Nash. Translation: He has to play five on five, which could mean that he has some work with the" stay ready " -Group gets (i.e. other players working back from an absence or from rotation). * Nicolas Claxton, who missed Brooklyn's last game with a wrist injury, could play in Los Angeles but Nash is unsure of himself in a position in which he has a chance to play on this journey. So we'll just see and hopefully he can come back and not miss out on too much of his rhythm, timing and impact. " * Joe Harris is "certainly getting better," said Nash, but he "will not continue playing." This trip is safe and I'm not sure when he would return. "Harris had an operation on his injured ankle on November 29 and his Agent told ESPN that he would be out for 4-6 weeks If there were doubts that the game would take place on Saturday as planned, Nash was final: yes, a version of the Nets will take the place in Los Angeles (the NBA requires every team at least eight available players). "said Nash." I think we signed - what do we have, four G League boys?

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