Katie Price is due to appear in court tomorrow for ANOTHER driving offence

The troubled celebrity, 43, was alleged to have broken the 60mph speed limit in a BMW near her grimy villa in Horsham, West Sussex.

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Katie PriceKatie Price faces another traffic offense charge in court tomorrow after escaping jail in a drink and drug crash. The troubled celebrity, 43, who has been banned from the road six times, was run over the 60mph speed limit in a BMW near her grimy villa in Horsham, West Sussex, police claim. It was only 11 days before she rolled her BMW in the early hours of September 28, which resulted in her being hospitalized. Price received a 16-week suspended sentence but escaped jail by checking in for a £6,800-a-week rehab at the Priory. In October 2019, Price was handed an 18-month driving ban for failing to tell police who was behind the wheel of her pink Range Rover in an accident in Bexley, south-east London. Price was still suspended when she crashed her BMW in September 2021 and would also have been suspended during the alleged speeding violation. Price is due to appear in Crawley Magistrates' Court tomorrow on charges of speeding and failing to provide information to police. It is said that she did not tell the officials who was driving her BMW. After her fall in September, tests showed the TV personality had 66 micrograms of alcohol in 100 milliliters of breath - nearly double the legal limit of 35 micrograms. Sussex Police told MailOnline they wanted to appeal the suspended sentence but found there were no legal grounds to do so. Price has been tried at least 16 times for her driving offenses but has never been jailed. The speeding charge is Price's latest court drama after she was accused of violating a restraining order. Price reportedly texted: "Tell your damn damn girlfriend not to start with me - she has a restraining order so you shouldn't be trying to upset her as she's going against her." Price appeared in Crawley Magistrates' Court on April 27 to plead not guilty to violating the injunction by directly or indirectly contacting Ms. Penticost. Katie Price's long history of traffic offenses which got her off the road six times 2003: Price escaped a speeding violation after police failed to arrest her within 12 weeks after allegedly driving 70mph in her Range Rover in a 40mph zone had driven. 2008: After talking on a cell phone while driving on April 18, Price received three penalty points. 2009: Price failed to provide the driver's identity after her car was allegedly caught in a 30 mph zone and later received four penalty points after being stopped at 150 mph and received four points on her license. 2010: Price was convicted of not properly controlling her horse truck after turning onto a different lane in February and received three points on her license, bringing her total to 10. Then in December she was banned from driving for six months after driving 83mph in a 70mph zone in her home county of West Sussex. 2012: Two years later, Katie was disqualified for 12 months for not responding to two speeding ts September 2018: Price received a six-month ban for speeding in February 2018 after accumulating 12 penalty points for speeding. She was then arrested in October on suspicion of drunk driving and spent 13 hours in custody after crashing into a VW Golf and a hedge in a fenced-off property at 2am. 2019: She received a three-month driving ban in January while she was disqualified this year. And then, in October, Price was banned from driving for a further 18 months for failing to tell police who was behind the wheel of her pink Range Rover in a crash in Bexley, south-east London. 2021: Price crashes her BMW car on a country lane near her home in West Sussex in the early hours of September after drinking and using drugs. She pleaded guilty to driving under the influence, driving with a disqualification and driving without insurance before Crawley Magistrates. 2022: Price faces court again for speeding and failing to provide information to police.

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