Kyrie Irving single-handedly carried the nets, breaking analytics in the process

Not only did Kyrie Irving put on his best game in a controversial 2021-22 season, but the Brooklyn Nets star also set an overwhelming record.

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Kyrie IrvingThe 2021/22 season has not been easy for Kyrie Irving. But the Star Guard is only tasked with fixing the busted Brooklyn Nets half of their games. On Tuesday, Irving reminded the Nets and the rest of the NBA why he's still a star. Due to New York City's vaccination order, Irving is still unable to play for Brooklyn's home games. On Tuesday against the Charlotte Hornets, Irving had a game for the ages. The 6-foot-2 guard scored 50 points in Brooklyn's 132-121 win. He is now one of 22 players in NBA history with five or more 50-point games. The beauty of Irving's performance lay in its efficiency. Kyrie went off the field 15 of 19, good for 78.9%. "That was master class," teammate Kevin Durant, who scored 14 points, told ESPN after the game. "Younger players should watch this game and learn what it takes to score at this level." Irving has only played 17 games since his debut on Jan. 5. But he was a star when he was active, averaging 26.2 points on 47.7% shots from the field and 40.3% from three shots. He also hits 90.8% of his free throw attempts, second only to Stephen Curry among all players with four or more average attempts. As mentioned above, Irving hit 78.9% of his shots from the field. Kyrie wasn't just efficient...perhaps he broke one of the league's commonly used stats with his brilliance alone. True shot percentage is a statistic used in basketball to measure efficiency. Instead of the regular field goal percentage, True Shooting looks at the number of points scored versus the number of possessions they attempted to score. Irving scored 50 points on Tuesday. That number would then be divided by the sum of his 19 attempts and the multiplied result of his 13 free throw attempts and 0.44. Additionally, the entire denominator would be multiplied by two to put the number on a percentage scale. Irving's true shoot percentage would be calculated as follows: This means that Irving's true shoot percentage was 101.1%. Not only is he one of the few players to actually finish above 100.0% in general, but he now holds the NBA record for highest true shot percentage in a 50-point game. Both Fred Van Vleet and Jamal Murray had 50-point games with a true shooting percentage of 100% or better in 2020-21, but both finished under Kyrie. As if that wasn't interesting enough, Irving even knocked himself out of the top 3. The Star Guard lost 54 points with a 98.5% TS% against the Chicago Bulls in 2019-20. Irving's 50 Point Clinic was a masterclass, as Durant described it. And if true discussion of shooting wasn't enough to put his performance into perspective, perhaps this will be the case: Kyrie is now the second guard in NBA history to have multiple 50-point games, scoring 75.0% shot from the field. His airness has 31 games to score 50 or more, although only three had a field goal percentage of 75.0% or more. His first came on April 3, 1988 against the Detroit Pistons when he lost 59 points on a 77.8% shooting. A few months later, on November 16, Jordan scored 52 points at a whopping 82.8% from the floor against the Philadelphia 76ers. Then, on March 7, 1996, MJ scored 53 points on 75.0% shooting against Detroit. While he still has a long way to go to catch Jordan's 31 games at 50 or more, the fact that Irving can say he's the only other guard with multiple 75.0% or better shooting performance is enough. And it's a sign that Kyrie is still one of the most dominant forces in the league, despite the extrajudicial headache that has followed him. RELATED: Kyrie Irving Explained the Difference Between the Boston Celtics and His Brooklyn Nets in 2 Words

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