Labor MP argues why we should worry PM not hiring new ethics adviser

It follows reports Boris Johnson may not replace Lord Geidt following his unexpected resignation this week.

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PMHis resignation letter revealed he believed the Prime Minister had "ridiculed" the Ministerial Code and suggested a "willful" breach of the rules that put Geidt in "an impossible and heinous position". Then a spokesman suggested that the prime minister might not even hire a new ethics chief - a claim that set off alarm bells among his critics. She told Question Time: "Losing an ethics adviser is reckless, but losing two smacks of something far more serious. "It's really problematic when an ethics adviser, who is unequivocally in tune with the tone of his letter to the Prime Minister, has gritted his teeth for the past few months and persevered and is trying to stick with it." Tory MP Matt Vickers then interjected that Geidt "tried to renew his contract" after claims the ethics chief had asked just this week to extend his term by another six months, but Debbonaire ignored him. She suggested the "crickets" Geidt received from the parliamentary committee over the prime minister's potential breach of ministerial code throughout the partygate may have been the last straw. "His principles have led him to believe he has been placed in a hideous and impossible position, he has said so. "I think we have a government that is willing to put their own ethics adviser in such an impossible position, not just once, not twice, but multiple times. "Unfortunately, I have to say that I really don't understand how Boris Johnson is actually going to recruit another ethics adviser." However, she then realized that the Prime Minister would probably not hire a new one instead. "He seems to be redrawing the whole idea of ​​this role, which is quite an extraordinary thing," the Labor Shadow Secretary said. He suggested that the Ministerial Code cover that role, stating: "It [enshrines] the principles that we all stone on, not just as MPs when we first come into the House, but when we take office as ministers." ."

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