Liverpool beat Chelsea on penalties in the FA Cup final - how it happened

Alisson was the hero as Liverpool completed their double by beating Chelsea on penalties after an entertaining 0-0 draw at Wembley

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ChelseaAlisson was the hero as Liverpool completed their double by beating Chelsea on penalties after an entertaining 0-0 draw at Wembley. That's it for our FA Cup Final blog, but you can read David Hytner's match report and discuss the game via the link below. Also Read: Liverpool win FA Cup for eighth time after beating Chelsea on penalties Now Liverpool players are stepping up to collect their medals. They wait patiently and watch the fans below as Jordan Henderson accepts the trophy and happily lifts it to the sky. Liverpool have won the FA Cup for the eighth time! Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp celebrates after his side's penalty shootout victory. The Chelsea players collect their medals. They've lost three straight FA Cup finals, a new and totally unwelcome record. They didn't do much wrong today - they had as many chances as an exceptional Liverpool side and could have won easily. TSIMIKAS COMPLETELY SUCCESSES - AND LIVERPOOL WINS THE FA CUP FOR THE EIGHTH TIME IN THEIR HISTORY! 🏆@LFC | @EmiratesFACup - ITV Football (@itvfootball) May 14, 2022 "It's a trophy that we haven't won as a group - it's been too long in my opinion. [The crowd is so loud we can barely hear him.] We kept the faith after Sadio's punishment; We have the best goalkeeper in the world, so we were confident. I kept playing, but I couldn't risk it in overtime. Hope it goes well.” Tsimikas calmly sent Mendy the wrong way to complete a domestic double – and keep the quadruple alive! It's really cruel for Chelsea who have been level with Liverpool in both cup finals but Liverpool have won the FA Cup for the first time since 2006! Liverpool players celebrate after Liverpool's Kostas Tsimikas scored the winning penalty. Liverpool's Kostas Tsimikas reacts after scoring the winning penalty. The only downside for Liverpool is that Mo Salah, Virgil van Dijk, Luis Diaz and Andy Robertson have all been substituted. Diaz and Robertson looked tired but Salah injured his groin and we have yet to find out what happened to van Dijk. Right now it's all about celebrating the #2 trophy of an amazing season. Chelsea 5-5 Liverpool A poor penalty puts Liverpool on the brink again! Liverpool's keeper Alisson celebrates after saving Mason Mount's seventh penalty from Chelsea. Photo: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images It wasn't a good penalty, especially for such a beautiful technician, but that can happen to anyone in a shootout. Chelsea – Liverpool 4: 4 Sudden death threatens! Mendy saved from his international teammate, diving deep to his left and Tuchel slapping the ground in celebration! Liverpool's Sadio Mane reacts after missing his penalty. Chelsea 5-5 Liverpool Another outstanding penalty. Chelsea 5-4 Liverpool After an appalling delay while a flare is being cleared from the field, Hakim Ziyech steps forward... Alisson went the right way but didn't stand a chance. Chelsea 2-3 Liverpool Mendy got his hands on it and dived to his right but couldn't take it! Liverpool players react after Roberto Firmino scores a penalty kick in the shootout. Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool He scored well but it smacked the outside of the right post. Chelsea's Cesar Azpilicueta hits the post. Chelsea's Cesar Azpilicueta reacts after missing his side's second penalty kick in the shoot-out. Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images Chelsea players react after Cesar Azpilicueta missed a penalty kick in the shootout. Photo: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters Photo: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters Photo: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters Chelsea 4-4 Liverpool No stutter this time - he scores cool but Liverpool are still a shot away. Chelsea 3-4 Liverpool A fine penalty and Liverpool are one save away from winning the FA Cup! Chelsea 3-3 Liverpool A clear penalty that smashes into the net. Chelsea 2-2 Liverpool James gently flips it to the center while Alisson dives to the right. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool An absurdly casual penalty that bounced off the post. Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool A nice penalty. Mendy was going in the right direction, to his left, but it was lifted over him. Extra time was uneventful, both teams were obviously tired, but the first 90 minutes were excellent. Marcos Alonso, Luis Diaz (who was great) and Andy Robertson all hit the woodwork and both teams can reasonably argue that they deserved the win. Chelsea players crouch before the penalty shootout. Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool A good penalty; he sent Alisson in the wrong direction. Penalties are taken in front of Chelsea supporters. And Chelsea will go first, Marcos Alonso to be precise. 48 min: Alonso hits the bar! It was a spectacular start to Chelsea's second half. They won a free kick on the right wing, pretty close to the corner flag and Alonso whipped out a flamboyant curler that hit the bouncing Alisson and hit the bar! A free-kick from Chelsea's Marcos Alonso beats Liverpool keeper Alisson but hits the bar. "I've thought about it," says Nath Jones, "and I don't think I would have had any less of an impact if I had been put in Firmino's place." Henderson once volleyed him spectacularly for lack of movement. For the second time this season a cup final between Chelsea and Liverpool will be decided on penalties. 120 min The last FA Cup final to be played on penalties was in 2006; This is also the last time Liverpool won the competition. 119 min Loftus-Cheek is not happy but seems to understand and accept the decision. 119 min: Chelsea substitute Ruben Loftus-Cheek, who only went into extra time at half-time, is replaced by Ross Barkley. He's not injured as far as I can tell so it must be with penalties in mind. 116 min James is penalized for pinning Tsimikas down Liverpool's left. 114 min Not much happened. I don't think teams deliberately settled for penalties; they're just nuts. 114 min "Now this is like a game of chess played on a really, really big board," sighs Ian Copestake. 113 mins Chelsea have one substitution left if you have money on Kepa. 109 min Chelsea's front three are now Ziyech on the left, Mount on the right and Loftus-Cheek in the centre-forward. 107 min Ziyech appeals for a penalty again, this time after a challenge without the ball from Alexander-Arnold. Alexander-Arnold definitely pulled him back on the arm but it was just outside of range again so it's none of VAR's business. 106 min Liverpool begins the second overtime. Chelsea have made a double substitution, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Cesar Azpilicueta replacing Trevoh Chalobah and Christian Pulisic. 100 min Ziyech's superb inswing cross is carefully cushioned by Alexander-Arnold, a good defender. Mount's Corner is directed away from Milner. Liverpool's Alexander-Arnold slaps Chelsea's Christian Pulisic on the ball, clearing danger Photo: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images Photo: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images Photo: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images This is the penalty shootout. 105 min Milner wins a corner for Liverpool. Alexander-Arnold's swinging corner is smashed away by Mendy with authority and that's it. 103 min Alonso's corner heads Thiago in front of the near post. 102 min Ziyech's free kick is missed by Pulisic and rebounded by Milner (I think) for another corner. 102. Min. Mount is fouled on the left wing by Thiago giving away an unnecessary free kick. 95 min Chelsea unsuccessfully appeal for a penalty when Ziyech crosses after a Konate shoulder attack. Chelsea's Hakim Ziyech hits the deck in the penalty area but gets no dice from the referee. 99 min Firmino has moved forward, Mane moves to the left. At the other end, Mount rolls wide from 20 yards after receiving a deep cross from James. 98 min: Liverpool substitute Roberto Firmino replaces the outstanding Luis Diaz, who gets a meaty hug from Jürgen Klopp. 97 min Mane super slides Thiago down the center line but Rudiger zooms back in to push him off the ball and clear the danger. Chelsea start extra time and Liverpool have replaced Virgil van Dijk with Joel Matip. That's another worry for Liverpool ahead of the Champions League final, let alone the ongoing FA Cup final. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp talks to the players during the break before extra time. 93 mins When it comes to penalties I wonder if Thomas Tuchel Kepa will come on again. 94 min James charges forward and stabs a pass to Pulisic, who goes into the area and is about to line up a shot when Matip comes over for a fine interception. My goodness, that was so close to a winning goal from arguably the best player on the pitch. Diaz picked up a loose ball in the center circle and hammered away in front of last man Thiago Silva. Thiago did well to keep up, so 20 yards from goal Diaz sliced ​​in with his right foot and formed a beautiful curl shot that just missed the far post. I don't think Mendy would have gotten there. Liverpool's Luis Diaz's shot dodges Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy but goes the wrong side of the post. Photo: Tolga Akmen/EPA 83 min: Diaz hits the post! Jota and Mane together find Diaz on the right side of the area. He snatches the ball away from Rudiger with an excellent first touch and hits an instant shot that punches Mendy and hits the outside of the near post. Liverpool's Luis Diaz slams a shot against the post. Photo: Hannah McKay/Reuters Photo: Hannah McKay/Reuters 84 min: Now Robertson hits the post! Diaz drives a crossfield pass to Milner on the right. He takes a touch and curves a nasty, deep cross that's slammed into the post by Robertson! He was only a few yards away but I think the ball hit his shin rather than his boot. Liverpool's Andrew Robertson hits the post. Surprisingly, Chelsea go into overtime against Liverpool. Both teams struck the woodwork in a lively second half, Liverpool twice in a minute, but somehow the scorers remain unmolested. 90+2 min Three minutes of stoppage time. A quick free-kick to Alexander-Arnold, whose deep cross is converted by Diaz over the goal. Mendy blocks that and then dives in front of Konate to grab the loose ball. 89 min Liverpool look like a likely winner in regular time. With one or two exceptions, Chelsea struggled to get out in the last 10-15 minutes. 88 min. Alexander-Arnold's free kick is headed over by the stretching van Dijk. 87 min Chelsea's front three are now Ziyech on the right, Mount on the left and Pulisic in the middle. 80 min Jota appears to have been fouled 20 yards from the Chalobah goal but referee Craig Pawson disagrees. 77 min Liverpool break five to four from a Chelsea corner. Jota's pass to Diaz is cut off by the heroic James, who then takes one for the team by knocking out Thiago. 78 min "Watching Pulisic is a bit frustrating at times," says Shiladitya Pandit. But the shooting shoes are generally absent and even the timing of the final passes is a bit off, like in the first half to Alonso.” I know what you mean. It's stunningly efficient at its best, but more often than not it promises more than it delivers. 76 min Pulisic turns away from Konate in the penalty area and is about to shoot when Alexander-Arnold comes in on the blind side to make a really good tackle. 65 mins A couple of corner kicks in quick succession for Liverpool but nothing comes from either. Chelsea's Thiago Silva (left) jumps for the ball with Liverpool's Luis Diaz (second left), Chelsea's Antonio Rudiger (second right) and Liverpool's Ibrahima Konate. Photo: Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP Photo: Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP 75 min Milner's first notable contribution is flattening Reece James, who beat him to a loose ball in the penalty area. 74 min: Liverpool substitute Naby Keita is replaced in midfield by James Milner. 71 min Chalobah holds his face after a handoff from Mane. 69 min Luis Diaz receives Thiago's pass 20 yards from goal, almost in line with the left edge of the box. He moves onto his right foot, uses Robertson by not using it and cracks a curling shot just over the bar. 68 min Mount's Cross is just behind Lukaku in the middle. James retrieves it and calmly selects Pulisic, whose first shot flashes a few yards from the edge of the box. 67 min Marcos Alonso hits the crossbar at the start of the second half. Don't miss the second half of the @EmiratesFACup final - watch it live here 👇— ITV Football (@itvfootball) May 14th 2022 66 mins: Chelsea substitute N'Golo Kante replaces Mateo Kovacic who put on an admirable performance shift without approaching its conspicuous best. 65 mins Thiago lifts a nice pass to find Keita in the free right channel. He presses it to his chest and rattles a low shot from 18 yards, which is conveniently saved by Mendy as he falls to his right. 52 min: Just far from Diaz! 52 min: Just far from Diaz! He receives a short pass on the edge of the D, gently pivots away from Kovacic and reverses a low drive that goes that far. Liverpool fans react after Luis Diaz's shot goes just wide. 64 min N'Golo Kante is about to come on for Chelsea, presumably for Kovacic. 62 min "Liverpool MUST get the ball to Thiago," says Richard McGahey. "Chelsea are doing a good job of curbing him." 60 min: Chance for Liverpool! Keita has room to turn and plays a good angle pass to Jota on the edge of the area. His first touch is flawless, but on the second he just misses the far post. 57 min. Diaz tries to run away from James and finds it's not quite as easy to do the same with Chalobah. 55 min Vital defends Alexander-Arnold, who stops James' low cross, which Pulisic reaches at the six-yard line. 55 mins As in the Carabao Cup final earlier in the season, this is one of the better 0-0. 51 mins A nasty cross from Alexander-Arnold finds Robertson – who didn't sigh from James who missed a header in front of him – and dribbles wide. Alexander-Arnold was simultaneously one of the best and worst players on the field. His pass was really great, but almost all of Chelsea's chances were on his side. 38 min Pulisic and Mount are looking brighter and brighter, Lukaku less so. Liverpool have treated him pleasantly, almost contemptuously. Liverpool's Virgil van Dijk blocks the run of Chelsea's Christian Pulisic as Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson comes out to capture the ball. Photo: Charlotte Wilson/Offside/Getty Images 46 mins: Just missed by Alonso! Chelsea almost scored after 36 seconds of the second half. Pulisic played a pass to Mount, who thought he was (wrongly) offside and ignored him. This allowed Pulisic to run onto his own pass and cruise deep towards Alonso. He pulled it to his chest, away from Alexander-Arnold, and just missed the far post. 47 min: Good save from Alisson! Alonso plays the ball into Lukaku, who does well to defend against Konate and feed Pulisic. He hits a good shot from about 15 yards which is pushed away by the diving Alisson. 21 min Mendy gets to the edge of his area to head clear a through ball intended for Mane. Things have been a little quieter for Chelsea, although Liverpool are still the more dangerous team. Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy gets the ball first ahead of Liverpool's Sadio Mane (centre) and heads clear while Chelsea's Trevoh Chalobah looks on. 45 min: Chance for Jota! It's more like Liverpool. Robertson curves a superb cross to the near post where Jota escapes from Thiago but volleys over the bar. It wasn't the easiest ball the first time, but it was only six yards away. Liverpool's Diogo Jota reacts after a volley over the bar. Photo: The Guardian No goals at Wembley, despite both teams creating chances in an unrelenting first-half arm wrestle. Edouard Mendy and Alisson made excellent saves against Luis Diaz and Marcos Alonso respectively, while Diogo Jota, Christian Pulisic and Romelu Lukaku all missed good opportunities. Jota comes on for Mo Salah who came off with a groin injury/ 32 mins It's a groin problem and Diogo Jota is preparing to replace him. The Champions League final - against Real Bloody Madrid - is still 14 days away. Liverpool's Mohamed Salah receives treatment before being forced off the pitch with a groin injury. Photo: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian Photo: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian Photo: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian Photo: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian 45+2 min "Chelsea deserve a lot of credit for coming through a terrible season," said Phil Podolsky . “I thought they looked almost unstoppable ahead of the serious injuries to James and Chilwell which messed up their whole setup, certainly with the first two up. As a Barca fan, I'm impressed by clubs whose DNA is 'we'll make the best of the hand we're given' as opposed to 'we can only perform when we're confident that we are by far the best team in the world'.” I have no idea what you mean. 45+1 Min: Chance for Lukaku! Jorginho stunned a nice pass down the inside left channel to find Lukaku, who came half a meter on van Dijk but blew over the bar from 10 meters. 43 min Konate blows wide from 30 yards. From their explosive start, Liverpool didn't look particularly menacing. 41 min Mount plays a promising pass to find Lukaku in the area, but he's immediately surrounded by defenders and the attack wanes. 40 mins Jurgen Klopp groaned the fourth official about something. 39 min "If Liverpool were considered a failure, most clubs' fans would fail every season," says Richard Hirst. "Seeing Fulham at Wembley in 1975 and the Europa League final in Hamburg in 2010 are the highlights of my time as a fan. A bit of vision is required." 36 min It's a more balanced competition now and Thomas Tuchel will be happy about it , how Chelsea have bounced back from such a difficult start. 28 min: Big save from Alisson! This is the best chance so far. Mount leads an excellent pass into Pulisic, who has room to turn and run onto a backwards kicking Liverpool defence. He comes to the edge of the box and plays into Alonso, whose slightly heavy first touch allows Alisson to come out and block the shot. It's a brilliant save but Alisson injured his legs in a collision with Alonso. Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson blocks a shot from Chelsea's Marcos Alonso. Photo: Ian Walton/AP Photo: Ian Walton/AP 34 min Chelsea are beginning to look dangerous at the break. Mount waves an excellent pass to Pulisic, whose cross shot is blocked by Konate. It's not the first time a Chelsea player has run into Alexander-Arnold's box. 33 min: Liverpool substitution Diogo Jota replaces Mo Salah. It's the same shape for now, with Jota on the right and Diaz on the left. “One could argue that even if Liverpool were to finish second in the three remaining competitions, it was still a successful season of playing in every game possible, reaching every final and facing budget giants City leading so narrowly,” he tells Rob Moore. “Reaching all three finals is already a season full of successes. On the other hand, you could argue that losing two finals out of three would be a failure, although I would call it a disappointment.” That's probably the word I would use. Failure doesn't seem like the right description for a team that's provided cheer, fags and booze for everyone. 30 min Alisson is still on treatment but I think he will be fine. 26 min I don't remember Mane dropping as much as he did at the start of the game and that's causing a lot of problems for Chelsea. 23 min: Chance for Chelsea! His crossfield pass sparks Chelsea's best attack yet. Finally, James Mount finds it, whose low cross is screwed just wide of the far post by Pulisic. That was a pretty good chance, although the ball didn't have a lot of pace to work with. 21 min Robertson shoots into James, uses Diaz by not using him and then shoots from 25 yards. 8 min: Good save from Mendy! Alexander-Arnold spins an incredible pass with the outside of his right foot to put Diaz on target. He shoots too close to Mendy, who does a partial block with his feet. The ball dribbles behind him and is booted off the line by Chalobah. Keita picks up the loose ball and rams it wide of the edge of the area. Liverpool's Naby Keita shoots wide while being pressured by Chelsea's Antonio Rudiger. Photo: Eddie Keogh/The FA/Getty Images Photo: Eddie Keogh/The FA/Getty Images That pass from Alexander-Arnold was despicable. 19 min "Hello Rob," says Simon McMahon. Celtic fans protested last season at not having won their tenth straight league title. One of our most memorable seasons of all time was 1986/87 when we finished third in the league and lost both the UEFA and Scottish Cup finals. Photo: Nick Potts/PA 18 min Thiago fouls Kovacic on the right wing just outside the box. 16 min Pulisic shoots just wide, but would not have counted because of a handball from Lukaku in the build-up. "I hesitate to say it out loud, but I was glad the opposition voted for Lukaku," says Ian Copestake. "But have we ever won with Fabinho, not in our team? Get me STATS!” 11 mins A problem for Chelsea with Thiago Silva down and it's not looking good. Chelsea's Thiago Silva reacts after injuring himself in a tackle. Photo: Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images Photo: Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images Photo: Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images 15 min The undeniable state of this passport. The @EmiratesFACup finals are off to a flying start - and you can watch it LIVE 👇— ITV Football (@itvfootball) 14 May 2022 13 min Mane curves an excellent pass around Chalobah to find Diaz. He slices inside and has a shot blocked by Chalobah; then Alexander-Arnold blocked a shot on the other side. Chelsea may have to trade James and Chalobah for a while due to Diaz rampaging. 12 min Thiago wants to continue, but he's limping badly. 10 min "The reason for the yellow jersey is because Chelsea consider it their lucky shirt (for semis or finals)," says Ed Wall. “They've opted for the last few seasons to wear it over the blue jersey whenever possible in a final. 8 min Diaz beats Chalobah again and this time his cutback is right behind Salah. Liverpool started really well, especially Mane and Diaz. 7 min Alexander-Arnold's corner is headed away by Lukaku. 6 min Salah accidentally honks the ball straight into Jorginho's face, deflecting the ball to a corner. 4 min The first dangerous attack comes from Liverpool. Diaz runs Chalobah and crosses right in front of the stretching Thiago, and then Salah wraps a header from Alexander-Arnold's cross over the bar. 2 min Both teams have lined up as expected: 3-4-3 against 4-3-3. "You can talk all you want about the human experience," writes someone who doesn't have a name, "but just winning the League Cup is definitely considered a failure for Liverpool's season given the gigantic hype the media has thrown at them viewed. They're not even the best team in England.' It's a pointless argument because it all depends on how you define 'failure'. Some of my favorite seasons we've been my team have all won crap, but then I'm a Gillingham fan. 1 min beep beep! 1 min beep beep! Chelsea play from right to left. "Absolutely disappointed Havertz isn't playing today," said Gareth Vaughan. "I may be ridiculously overoptimistic, but I have a feeling Lukaku will have an absolute striker today. The front three from Lukaku, Mount and Pulisic remind me of the Belgian front three from Lukaku, Hazard (also once from this municipality) and Mertens. Fingers crossed, I'm right!” Havertz is a big loss. He was so good in the Carabao Cup final that his ghostly movement and resting heart rate led to most of Chelsea's best chances. Lukaku is a nightmare for any defense in the world on a good day. I still think Liverpool would rather play him than Havertz. "How could winning the Carabao Cup with Liverpool's squad not be a failure?" says Sean Orlowicz. Sport is about human experience; it is not an inventory. Klopp sums up the case far better than I ever could. Also read: Jurgen Klopp tells Liverpool 'enjoy the journey' as quadruple hunt continues No Kante is leaving here until we find out who—never mind, "Hi Rob," says Mike MacKenzie. "If you had told me this time last year that N'Golo Kante would only be on the bench if Chelsea reached the FA Cup final, I would have said you were stupid." Maybe he's not quite fit. You're right: this time last year I thought he was on his way to the Ballon d'Or. "I'm all for traditional colors, but I think there should be as much contrast as possible between the two teams," says Matt Burtz. Also, yellow is a great color for a football shirt, so it's always a welcome sight.” And this Chelsea away shirt is very stylish, very Pat Nevin. I'll say... Chelsea score first and Liverpool win 2-1 after extra time. Old traditions meet modern conventions in promising FA Cup final, writes @jonathanliew - Guardian Sport (@guardian_sport ) May 13, 2022 The Liverpool team is as expected. The Chelsea team isn't: Trevor Chalobah was chosen over club captain Cesar Azpilicueta and Romelu Lukaku starts up front. Chelsea's big game specialist Kai Havertz must be injured as he's not even on the bench. Mateo Kovacic is also fit enough to start - well, he starts - and N'Golo Kante is among the substitutes. Liverpool fans greet the team bus on its arrival at Wembley. Photo: Nigel Keene/ProSports/Shutterstock "I see Chelsea will be wearing their yellow away kit today," says David Hancock. I've never understood why a team that doesn't have a color conflict with their opponent ends up wearing their away kit. Photo: Naomi Baker/The FA/Getty Images Photo: Naomi Baker/The FA/Getty Images Related: Chelsea have extra motivation to make this weekend a double FA Cup joy | Karen Carney "I don't want to defend a club's greed, but aren't Chelsea banned from taking money from shirt sales?" says Lloyd Mills. "Is Klopp's season a failure," begins Sean Orlowicz, "when all he ends up with is a League Cup?" "Battle!" is the ominous subject line of Matt Dony's email. That's healthy, isn't it? Related: Chelsea's Christian Pulisic: “I want to be on the pitch. I enjoy this club very much. ' This is the second of three FA Cup finals this week. Chelsea play Manchester City in an equally thrilling women's final tomorrow - read all about it - and Manchester United have already defeated Nottingham Forest in the FA Youth Cup final. It also serves as a reminder of when your team won the FA Cup. A few years ago, when we were all super busy because of Covid, liveblog genius Scott Murray wrote retro MBMs about two famous FA Cup final victories for Chelsea and Liverpool. Related: Jurgen Klopp tells Liverpool 'enjoy the journey' as quadruple hunt continues Thanks for putting a Billie Eilish worm in our ears, Thomas. See also: Thomas Tuchel doesn't mind if Chelsea are 'the bad guys' in the FA Cup final 25 years ago today, Chelsea's trophy cabinet was gathering dust. Then on 17 May 1997 they defeated Middlesbrough in the FA Cup Final, winning their first major honor in 26 years. Die Übernahme von Roman Abramovich im Jahr 2003 brachte den Verein auf eine andere Ebene, aber das Boro-Spiel war die Geburtsstunde von Modern Chelsea. In den letzten 25 Jahren hat Chelsea fünf Meistertitel, zwei Champions Leagues, eine Klub-Weltmeisterschaft, eine Europa League, einen Pokal der Pokalsieger, sieben FA Cups, vier League Cups, zwei Super Cups und drei Community Shields gewonnen. „Es ist keine Show, wenn Tuchel sagt, dass er seinen Job liebt.“ Hallo und willkommen zur Live-Übertragung des FA-Cup-Finales zwischen Chelsea und Liverpool im Wembley-Stadion. Im Großen und Ganzen gibt es zwei Arten von FA Cup-Endspielen: David gegen Goliath oder Goliath gegen Goliath. Dies ist das 150. FA Cup-Finale; an keinem der vorherigen 149 war ein neuer Weltmeister beteiligt, geschweige denn zwei. Obwohl Chelsea amtierender Weltmeister ist, hat Liverpool ein stärkeres Argument dafür, das beste Team der Welt zu sein, und zwar im Sonnensystem. (Diese Partie auf Neptun spielt immer noch die W-M-Formation FFS.) Die jüngste Form beider Vereine macht sie heute zu Favoriten, obwohl Chelsea viel munterer aussah, als sie Leeds in der Woche zerlegten. Alle drei Spiele zwischen Chelsea und Liverpool in dieser Saison waren hart umkämpfte Unentschieden. Das letzte davon, das Carabao-Cup-Finale, endete für Liverpool nach einem endlosen Elfmeterschießen mit einem Ruhm. Chelsea hofft auf ein weniger gefeiertes Triple: Europäischer Superpokal, FIFA Klub-Weltmeisterschaft, englischer FA Cup. Indem sie einen Hattrick vollendeten, würden sie einen anderen vermeiden. Kein Team, nicht einmal Newcastle in den späten 1990er Jahren, hat jemals drei FA-Cup-Endspiele in Folge verloren. Wir werden uns gemütlich auf das Spiel vorbereiten, wobei Mannschaftsnachrichten etwa eine Stunde vor dem Anpfiff um 16:45 Uhr erwartet werden. Tuchel muss sich auch entscheiden, ob er Romelu Lukaku in die Startelf bringt und welche Positionen Reece James und Cesar Azpilicueta einnehmen sollen. Irgendwann heute wird ein Chelsea-Spieler ein Eins-gegen-Eins haben. Ich hoffe, er ist heute Abend mit einer Matratze auf dem Boden zufrieden … “Chelsea hat zusammen mit Arsenal diesen Wettbewerb in der Neuzeit dominiert. Seit Liverpool 2005/06 zuletzt den FA Cup gewonnen hat, hat Chelsea ihn zum fünften Mal gewonnen. Einer davon war ein 2:1-Sieg über Liverpool vor einem Jahrzehnt, als Petr Cech eine der großartigen Paraden im FA Cup-Finale erzielte. 😱 Wie hält @PetrCech das aus?!𝙏𝙃𝙍𝙊𝙒𝘽𝘼𝘾𝙆 zum letzten FA-Cup-Finale zwischen Chelsea und Liverpool im Jahr 2012 🏆— ITV Football (@itvfootball) 11. Mai 2022 Verwandte: Alte Traditionen treffen auf moderne Konventionen im FA Cup-Finale des Versprechens | Jonathan Liew

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