Madonna is the sex symbol we all need — age doesn't have to define you

At 63, the Queen of Pop refuses to take a backseat. Good for you

GB About: Madonna Publish: 05/24/2022 Edit: 05/24/2022 Author: Gardener

MadonnaGrowing up, I remember hearing a phrase quite often and not quite understanding what it meant. "Mutton dressed as a lamb" was the refrain, sometimes shortened to "mutton" - as in, "You think that's a little mutton?" Of course now I realize that's the fear of grown women - and I kept hearing Women worrying - that they are dressing or acting "too young" that does not reflect their actual age. As far as I know, there is no equivalent expression for men. Someone who's come under fire for at least 10 years for being "a bit of a mutton" is Madonna. You know, like a virgin. Best-selling female recording artist, Guinness World Record holder since the 20th century. According to Guinness, the most successful female solo artist of all time. Top-selling artist and solo tourist. queen of pop This Madonna. From her 2015 Grammys and 2016 Met Gala looks where Madonna bared her buttocks in thong underwear; to the many photo shoots posted on Instagram sporting fishnet stockings, corsets, latex and of course her fabulous bum, she has messed up expectations of what a woman in her 50's and 60's should be wearing and showing off to the world. In her latest snaps, Madonna is out with her pals, dressed in a plunging black bustier, lime green shorts and those fabulous fishnet stockings. You can imagine the comments, but here's an example: "Someone close to her needs to tell her what a fool she is making. She's 63 and tries to act like a teenager, a very vulgar one. It's so embarrassing." Not Madonna, who is clearly living her best life. If there's something you enjoy doing — whether it's skateboarding, mountain climbing, getting a tattoo, or performing in a corset and fishnet stockings — you should enjoy it while you do it lest we forget, Madonna has always enjoyed pushing boundaries with fashion — think of her 1980s cross jewelry (worn in front of Flaming Crosses in the Like A Prayer music video, no less) and the Blonde Ambition tour in 1990, on which she debuted the now iconic cone bra, designed by Jean Paul Gaultier For some reason it's considered perfectly fine for young (thin, burly, usually white) women to flaunt their bodies and capitalizing on it — the cast of Love Island, the hordes of ubiquitous Instagram influencers, pop stars and actors in their 20s — but those who fell outside of that ideal gen, are often seen as something unacceptable. The only reason for the backlash she's receiving is her age. In 2005, Madonna released her tenth studio album, Confessions on a Dance Floor. The single "Hung Up" shows her in a dance studio, dressed in a pink leotard and ballet jacket. Even among my acne-dimpled schoolmates at the time, there was a general feeling that she was "old" and shouldn't show as much toned leg. How young we are when we pick up these age-related messages about what women can and can't do. Remember that in 1985 Penthouse and Playboy magazines published nude photos of Madonna - taken posing as an art model in 1978. Some 37 years later, Madonna refuses to feel ashamed. I have to admit that getting older scares me personally - partly because of the inability to take care of myself, brittle bones, the risk of Alzheimer's and the poor social care in this country - but also because once women have passed a certain age, I see that too often they are forgotten, ignored and expected to stand demurely on the sidelines and occasionally offer expertly baked cakes and outings for the grandchildren. These behaviors are expected (and imposed) on women. It is disguised as "aging gracefully". But what it really means is knowing your place — and being calm. Madonna shows these suffocating societal expectations with two fingers. At 63 - with her stellar career and Instagram account followed by 18 million people - she refuses to take a backseat.

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