Madonna spends time with her children Estere and Job

Madonna, 63, showed her gentler side on Instagram Thursday as she shared a relapse clip with their youngest children Ester and Stelle Ciccone, both nine

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MadonnaShe's been sharing racy pictures on her social media lately. But Madonna, 63, showed her softer side on Instagram Thursday when she posted a relapse clip with their youngest children Ester and Stelle Ciccone, both nine. She shared the nostalgic clip for her story and wrote next to it: "Nostalgia, why can't time stand still." In the videos she can be seen running through a garden with Estere and Stelle before she sits with them in a motherly manner. Elsewhere in the video, she was seen in a busty dress that had a thigh-high slit on the side. The Material Girl singer rode in a horse-drawn carriage in one part of the video, while in other segments she put on make-up in a small mirror. She wore various outfits in the video, including a white dress, as she lay on her bed. Madonna also wore a flowing blue dress that had a high neck and a pussy bow. The video was set to music and also the spoken word. After posting the throwback clips, she shared a series of snaps with playwright Erin Wilson. Next to the silly pictures she wrote: “With my two writing muses. And Shakespeare's daughter Erin Cressida Wilson. Madonna also held the sculpture to which she relates. In the snaps she wore light blue denim overalls with tears on the thigh that matched Erin's look. In the quirky snapshots, she looked focused as she posed in one mirror while in others she climbed over Erin. Madonna also tried pouring some tea while sprinkling Erin. The video comes after Madonna felt inspired to clean the cinema floor after watching Paul Thomas Anderson's Licorice Pizza. On Instagram, she revealed to her 17.3 million followers that she was “so inspired” by the film that she felt compelled to “clean the theater”. Like A Virgin hitmaker shared snaps of herself mopping the cinema floor before using the venue as her personal photoshoot set. “I saw the movie Licorice Pizza! I felt so inspired that I had to clean the theater #paulthomasanderson, ”read her official caption. Earlier that day, Madonna was every inch a proud mom when she took to Instagram to share some ornate black and white pictures of her son Rocco in California. Madonna often shared pictures of her family on social media last week and amused fans after cutting herself into one of her daughter's cheeky new snaps. Lourdes Leon had given her ultra-famous mother a run for her money in a sultry cover shoot for the January issue of PAPER magazine, which was captured by photographer Indiana Piorek. In the original picture, Lourdes flashed her cleavage and waist while posing in a spartan setting in front of the shirtless model Zack Necht. Material Girl used a photo of herself that photographer Ricardo Gomes took in London while standing next to a drawing by Tracey Emin. The Lourdes photoshoot takes place just weeks after Madonna went viral for revealing her bare chest on Instagram in a series of explicit bedroom shots that were later removed from the platform for violating community guidelines.

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