Marcus Rashford must face his new challenges at Manchester United

Marcus Rashford has had positive press despite being out of form for a year but Man United fans are seeing through it and a new strategy is needed.

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Marcus RashfordMarcus Rashford faces new challenges at Manchester United Marcus Rashford has had positive press despite being out of shape for a year but Man United fans are seeing through and a new strategy is needed. Rashford has been poor for a yearSign up for our daily newsletter to get the day's biggest stories straight to your inboxSomething went wrong, please try again later. Thank you for signing up. We have more newsletters. Show me Marcus Rashford may have regrets for one of his last actions as a Manchester United player under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's watch. United were 2-0 down at the end of an absurd first half with Mike Phelan closing in on Rashford. Rashford's reaction, simply deviating from his body language, was inherently negative and he was hooked on the break. As defeatist as Rashford looked down the Vicarage Road, he could hardly be blamed for neglecting Phelan. He's an assistant coach who's rarely seen on the Carrington pitch. So how should players respond to his in-game demands as he struggles to gain respect? United managers were previously concerned about Rashford's body language. Storming onto the stage as spectacularly as Rashford, who once dripped in gold like Jill Masterson in Goldfinger, is the golden boy who has been accused by some of having an inflated sense of entitlement. Old-school team-mates noted that Jose Mourinho's tough love rubbed Rashford like sandpaper so Solskjaer, who tended to utter the pal 'Rashy', was seen as the ideal mentor - a former striker known for his polished finish and was hired to "give people smiles back". faces". Solskjaer outplayed Rashford last season and there was disbelief among those close to Rashford at the wear and tear he played with, which Solskjaer knew about. Solskjaer was a poor communicator and his response even hesitated over whether Rashford would have shoulder surgery in July when it was already scheduled. Rashford's social media accounts thanked Solskjaer following his sacking, but there was genuine anger at the former United manager's chunky comment in October that Rashford "maybe should prioritize his football and focus on football". Three days later, Rashford flanked Solskjaer to a press conference which the Norwegian began by addressing the reports quoting him verbatim. Despite the united front, Rashford felt privately let down by Solskjaer and was benched in the manager's most recent win at Tottenham, falling due to the Manchester derby defeat. Ralf Rangnick didn't stimulate Rashford, who was struggling in the 4-2-2-2 formation before his retirement. Some of Rashford's allies dismiss alleged preferential treatment for Jadon Sancho and Mason Greenwood, although that argument has no basis. Sancho was unlucky to have been substituted in Rangnick's first league games in charge against Crystal Palace and Norwich last month before being demoted at Newcastle - Rashford started in three games. Mourinho, Solskjaer and Gareth Southgate all agreed Rashford was most dangerous from the left and it's alarming that his career low point - the Europa League final - came in his favored role. He was back there on Monday night when a sizeable section of the Old Trafford crowd turned. A season ticket holder on the second row at the Stretford End said the atmosphere had been more positive following the move of Rashford and Bruno Fernandes. That was Rashford once; the teenage academy graduate who inspires godliness in uninitiated full-backs. Midtjylland, Arsenal, City, Hull, Leicester, West Ham and Chelsea defenders were left with twisted blood before Rashford turned 20 in 2017. No one can say Rashford has gone down as he has never been that bad. Rashford was so electrifying at this stratospheric start to his professional career and when the ailing Wayne Rooney returned from injury, Louis van Gaal placed him in midfield. Mourinho started Rashford in the Europa League and FA Cup finals, instilling tactical skill, most memorable in the 2-0 win over Chelsea in April 2017 when Rashford and Jesse Lingard formed a flowing front two. Rashford's big-game scalps under Solskjaer stretched beyond those banks with victories at Paris Saint-Germain and a hat-trick against RB Leipzig. Now Rashford is easy to defend. The wide-raider who flushed Trent Alexander-Arnold was pocketed by Tottenham's rejection Juan Foyth in the Europa League final and intimidated by Matthew Targett on Monday. Rashford actually started brilliantly against Villa but then the head-down selfishness and delayed passing returned. Edinson Cavani advised Rashford to refine his shooting after he was nearly decapitated by a cross shot. Rashford almost always inserts the ball into his laces when he has it in his locker to be more measured, as Cavani discovered when converting Rashford's cross into Villa Park last year. Other mistakes are amateurish, like Rashford's offside position when he and Sancho pounded on Edouard Mendy's goal at Chelsea. Rashford had a night to forget in Gdansk Rashford turns 25 this year and the math of mortality needs to be a wake-up call. His career is salvageable but there is a worrying trend of England attackers emerging on the scene and playing at their most exciting as a teenager. Wayne Rooney enjoyed enviable success and a great career in his 20s, but to those at Everton watching him as a teenager he was an unfulfilled talent. Rashford played his most influential football at least in his 20s. The mask slipped when Rashford's brother effectively confirmed he held his account (which was already apparent) in September. The paranoid agenda of "English bias" paved by some fans on Twitter actually has some merit with the largely soft analysis of Rashford's malaise. Anthony Martial has not developed an excuse generator despite missing two months of the 2021 season due to injury. You can see through the crisis management and Rashford's statement two days before the Villa Cup tie for the autumn. There is mitigation for Rashford's year out of shape. He must rise to the challenge of reclaiming his place at club and international level and restoring United to a credible force under the next permanent manager.

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