Mindy's Monday Motivation - Blog Post #34 - You are not alone

The latest news about Miss USA and her leap from the 60-story apartment building has put depression and suicide in the spotlight for the past week. Many of us have known someone who felt so hopeless that there was no turning back.

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MindyThe latest news about Miss USA and her leap from the 60-story apartment building has put depression and suicide in the spotlight for the past week. For those who are suffering, please know that you are not alone. Okay, sorry, the scientist in me can't help but point this out. Truly you are not alone for there is someone who loves you more than you think who will miss you so much when you are gone. There's someone who relies on that simple interaction you've had with them that you don't even notice. Your colleague with whom you talk about work and sometimes other things every week. Your friends with whom you hang out every once in a while or sometimes every day for a whole month. Your cousin who was hoping to end up on your couch. Your neighbor, who is happy about this wave every morning when you get the newspaper from the lawn or go to the mailbox. People for whom your simple presence makes a difference in their lives. It's like the butterfly effect or a wonderful life effect. However, you want to think about it, you are not alone in feeling like you are alone. There are many who feel the same way. If you reach out, you will find a tribe of others who can relate to how you are feeling. Above all, there is always hope. Don't lose hope because time is the best resolver. Sometimes I feel like we're all bipolar when we go from happy moments to sadness. You won't be happy all the time, but then again, you won't be sad all the time either. So don't lose hope. Things will change. everything will be better And if you can't take the pressure, please talk to someone. Social media in recent years has allowed us to connect with friends and family and even make new friends and connections. However, it also caused us to only see the positive highlights in other people's lives and at times to feel less secure and inadequate in our own lives. We see other smiling faces and sometimes feel like we're not doing enough in our own lives. Just know it's not a competition. They just want to share some happiness in their world with you in hopes that it shreds some happiness in yours. The key is to see things positively and not let negativity get you down. There are many different ways of looking at things in this world, but a positive attitude will always lead you to something good. If you see Facebook as a way to connect with friends and family or make new connections, then it can enrich your life. I have to admit that I've walked away from Facebook for a while over the last few years. Too many political debates and different COVID perspectives made it a bit difficult for me to open Facebook. I found a few groups on Facebook. I've also made new hiking friends and enjoy meeting new people who share my interests. Everyone has a story to tell and I can hear it as we hike. These are all positive benefits from my point of view. There are people who have posted about their personal issues, like the death of a loved one or a divorce; few people would read in full. Some might post a supporting note, but that's about it. However, there are things we can do to show that we care about each other from afar, in spirit or in geography. I try to comment or private message those I know who are grieving. A little note goes a long way to comfort the heart. So, even if you don't know someone well, you should take the time to send a message. Sometimes people just want someone to talk to and listen to. Of course, please do not compromise your own mental health for the benefit of others. The key to being able to support others is to be able to take care of yourself first. If something happens to you, who can support you? The first rule of a caregiver is to make sure you take care of yourself. Take care of yourself mentally first. There are many websites that discuss ways to strengthen yourself mentally and emotionally. They gave pretty good advice from my point of view, so check it out if you have a bit of time. Almost every company also has support for you if you need a little more professional help. So don't hesitate to take advantage of these benefits. And when all else fails, go hiking. Okay, this is a shameless plug of mine because I love hiking. Maybe one day I'll tell you my story about what got me into hiking and even Everest Base Camp. Until next week everyone stay strong and reach out to others whether you need someone to talk to or someone needs you.

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