Ministers have to "shape a message" when moving up

Cain: "Is that a slogan without politics?"

GB About: #JohnsonOut Publish: 09/19/2021 Edit: 09/19/2021 Author: Gardener

Former Boris Johnson spin doctor Lee Cain has said the government needs to "shape" its message about leveling. The former Downing Street communications director pointed out that one criticism of the agenda was that it was a "slogan without politics." He made the comments after Prime Minister Michael Gove transferred responsibility for the renamed department charged with implementing the Conservative flagship leveling agenda. The Ministry of Housing, Municipalities and Local Government is officially renamed the Department of Development, Housing and Municipalities. Gove receives a new title as Secretary of State for Leveling Up after Johnson's reshuffle last week. When asked if Johnson gave Gove a poisoned goblet or if the Prime Minister thought he could deliver the agenda, Cain told BBC show Andrew Marr, "I think it is certainly the latter. "The Prime Minister is great at setting that vision, but I think the criticism of upgrading is - is that a slogan with no politics?" When asked if he knew what leveling up was, Cain added, "I think the government certainly needs to do more work to shape this message. “For us, the last election is about speaking to people in communities traditionally left behind in this country and looking for skills, education opportunities and good jobs. "It can't just be about high streets and infrastructure, it has to be a much broader spectrum that includes business and community leaders." Cain quit the nearly £ 150,000-a-year job last year amid a bitter power struggle behind the scenes in 10th place. In a statement, Gove said: “I am thrilled that the Prime Minister has asked me to lead the leveling agenda, the crucial mission of this administration. “With an excellent team of ministers and officials in a new department, our relentless focus will be on helping these overlooked families and undervalued communities across the UK. A new Leveling Up Taskforce will also be created, led by former Chief Economist of the Bank of England Andy Haldane. Labor MP Justin Madders quipped on Twitter: "Now you have named a department after it and can tell us what you think leveling up actually means."

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