More than a ring for Rapp, because love is in the air - the sporty company on Monday


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RappAs a subscriber, you'll see 80% less display advertising while reading our articles. The ads you see are mostly from local businesses promoting local services. These ads allow local businesses to reach their target audience – the local community. It's important that we continue to promote these ads as our local businesses need as much support as possible during these challenging times. More than a ring for Rapp because love is in the air - Sporting entertainment on Monday . Here, the PA news agency looks at some of the best examples from February 14th. Today I celebrate us! Let's keep lifting each other up ❀️ I'm so sorry 😒 but the truth is 😘 it needs to come out every year #HappyValentinesDay everyone πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ₯° The look you give is something special someone on valentines day❀️ @parisfury1 my look at you❀️ roses are redviolets are blue expecting baby number two! Early August ❀️ @sammimarsh1 Happy Valentine's Day everyone but especially my two Valentines! I'm a lucky girl! Thank you for choosing me every day and for always being there for me! I love living life with you! ❀️ #family KP hit the selectors. Feel @Uz_Khawaja clearly hit his back hip. π“žπ“· 𝓣𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓓π“ͺ𝔂 In 2016, @maroitoje made his England debut against Italy in a 40-9 Six Nations win 🌹#EnglandRugbyThrowback After his win, Eduardo Romero was named Tribute died at the age of 67. That really hurts. Eduardo was the nicest man. A great friend who was always a pleasure to be with. He had a big game, but above all an even bigger heart. RIP dear El Gato, a truly great ambassador for Argentina and for our game. πŸ’” /ONiH0DL8Jv What a man! With a good heart! #legend We will all miss "the cat" RIP πŸ˜₯ Such sad news. Eduardo was one of the good guys. My thoughts are with his family. Home for the week with my ❀️😍 #maldives Get involved with the news in your community

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