MUFC is in a good position for the top 4, says Dimitar Berbatov

In an exclusive chat with Khel Now, Dimitar Berbatov shares his favorite moments and his views on Ralf Rangnick.

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Dimitar BerbatovDimitar Berbatov still looks like he could score a goal or two every weekend at Old Trafford. The Bulgarian, who joined Manchester United at the start of the 2008/09 season, was already a recognized finisher. After a successful spell at Bayer Leverkusen, he joined Tottenham Hotspur for €16m, making him the most expensive Bulgarian player of all time. Berbatov has revisited some of those cases from his time at Old Trafford in an exclusive chat with Khel Now. As he recalled the memories of his time that had made him the greatest Bulgarian in all sports, an everlasting smile could be seen on his face. "My personal favorite moment was when I (Cristiano) gave Ronaldo that assist and I invented the 'Berba Spin'," said Dimitar Berbatov, recalling his best moment as a Manchester United player. It is worth noting that a striker of Berbatov's goalscoring abilities chose an assist as his best individual moment on the pitch. Consider the great moments he's produced for the Red Devils - from a hat-trick against Liverpool with an overhead kick to scoring five goals in a single game against Blackburn Rover - and it becomes a choice to think about. "It was fun sometimes to help others," said the Bulgarian. "The moment I turned with the ball, I heard the fans at Old Trafford yell 'Woah!' I knew I was doing something special," he said of his unique choice. However, the 41-year-old has no particular tips. "I'll answer that as a striker," Dimitar Berbatov began talking about his favorite opponent with a rather indelible approach. That's why I love all the goals I've scored.” Of the 216 goals he's scored over the course of his career – 56 of which he scored for Manchester United – he did, however, enjoy scoring some against selected clubs. "If you score and win against Manchester City, Liverpool or Chelsea, it automatically becomes more special. Because you know you've won against a good team," he added. But the former Tottenham Hotspur striker is quick to mention victories against smaller and bolder teams. He's quick to stress the importance of last-minute 'one-to-zero' victories and recognizes teams' commitment on the pitch. Dimitar Berbatov answers the question “favorite colleague” in a similar way. "The first thing I did after a goal was to look for the player who gave me the ball and celebrate with him." The Bulgarian's passion remains the same when speaking about the current state of Manchester United . Based on his experiences from his time at Bayer Leverkusen, Berbatov relies on Ralf Rangnick, but sees this "rebuild" as a long way off. "It's not an easy task to replace someone like Sir Alex Ferguson after 25 years," said Dimitar Berbatov. “I know how they (the Germans) like to approach football. It won't be easy, but with two games in hand, we should think about it.” Dimitar Berbatov joked about instances when he found football “cruel” and mentioned three Champions League final defeats. Two of those came during his years at Manchester United – a club he believes belongs at the top and should be back there soon. "Every single player should believe that they are a leader and that they have to show that on the pitch," Berbatov added of how the Red Devils can get back on top.

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