Player safety is at risk

Chelsea confirm that a request to postpone Sunday's game at Wolves has been denied by Premier League bosses.

USA About: Chelsea Publish: 12/19/2021 Edit: 12/19/2021 Author: Gardener

ChelseaChelsea coach Thomas Tuchel says player safety is at risk after his team had to play their Premier League game against Wolverhampton Wanders on Sunday despite a Covid-19 outbreak. Chelsea only had four outfield players on the bench in the 0-0 win against Wolves. "It's not safe," Tuchel told BBC Sport. He added: "We're talking about player protection and a safe environment but it's not safe. Six of the 10 Premier League weekend games have been postponed because of Covid. Aston Villa's game against Burnley on Saturday was canceled just two and a half hours earlier." the scheduled kick-off at 15:00 GMT. The top 20 clubs will meet on Monday at 1:00 p.m. GMT to discuss the escalating crisis surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Managers and captains will also hold their own meetings after his team's 2-2 draw at Tottenham on Sunday, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp outlined his own frustrations with the current schedule. "We are now playing on Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday," said Klopp. We don't have the players. We might have another [Covid] case or two. "Take away the second semi-final first." -Final of the Carabao Cup. Just play once, wherever you play it, I don't care. December 26th and 28th is really not possible. We'd rather play, but we need some help. "If we stop playing and take a break, I'll be fine. When do you want to play the games? We said before the coronavirus it was a bit busy and now it's giving us a decent blow." Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta said Saturday he wanted everyone "to play by the same rules" when it comes to deciding how things will go on. After the Premier League - and the UK government - emphasized the importance of the league finishing the season, they urged footballers to get vaccinated. Latest figures, released in October, said 68% of England's top tier players received two cans. If there is one lesson to be learned about football during the pandemic, it is that nobody wants to give away anything and everyone is taking care of themselves. The obvious point about the Premier League meeting is that nine games have been postponed in barely a week and all clubs are more or less grappling with the effects of Covid on their squad. Breaking a circuit - or moving fixtures - sounds good in theory. First, where are the substitute games being played? The season must end on May 22nd. Until then there are two free midweek without matches. Second, are the clubs willing to give a discount to any broadcaster that is in discomfort? Rescheduling games from December to later in the season would help clubs that have money to spend in the January transfer window. Clubs that are currently not in top form may also be open to the idea, while clubs in good form may be more interested in continuing to play.

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