Premier League doubles Covid cancellations after rejection of request from Chelsea

An emergency meeting was called on Monday after six Premier League games were postponed over the weekend and coronavirus cases rose across the country

GB About: Chelsea Publish: 12/20/2021 Edit: 12/20/2021 Author: Gardener

CovidAn emergency meeting was convened on Monday after six Premier League games were postponed over the weekend and coronavirus cases emerged across the country. The news was hammered home at a meeting of the top 20 flight teams at which it was decided to resist the calls for a “fire break” and move on over Christmas despite the Covid game chaos. It comes after six of last weekend's Premier League games were postponed due to a huge spike in positive cases across football that also decimated the EFL games. There is growing concern among clubs about the upcoming festive games, which will see most Premier League teams play three times between Boxing Day and January 2, with positive cases in the first-team squad. The Premier League will continue the festive game plan, although Covid cases are on the rise. Manchester United, Brentford and Tottenham are among the clubs to have had significant outbreaks while fans were upset after Burnley's trip to Aston Villa was postponed just over two hours earlier due to Saturday kick-off. This has posed a potential crisis for the Premier League as Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp and Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel both warned of possible effects on the wellbeing of players, suggesting that it could even harm the integrity of the league. Tuchel was upset at the lack of consistency on the covid threshold for a game to be postponed, and the Premier League has now doubled its guidelines on the 14-player rule. They insist that clubs should be able to play if they can field 14 of their 25-man squad and also have an unlimited number of players under 21. It is an existing part of the Premier League rulebook but has been reinforced as they do not want to introduce additional guidance on how many Covid cases are required to be postponed and want to judge each game on its own merits. The clubs have been asked to try to schedule games for U23 so that their youngsters can answer an SOS call to be in the service of the first team. But the Premier League is determined to keep playing and calls for Round 20 - the games played on December 28, 29 and 30 are shown on Amazon - have been turned down despite support from Liverpool and Arsenal. Thomas Tuchel and Chelsea were furious that their request to cancel the game against Wolves was denied the day before a game. They also go public with vaccination numbers that showed 16 percent of Premier League players refused a vaccination, as 77 percent had been double-vaccinated and another 7 percent had at least one vaccination. That's an increase from two months ago when the Premier League said 68 percent had a double vaccination and 81 percent had a vaccination. However, it has been suggested that one of the postponed games was due to the number of players who had to self-isolate because they had not been stung. Is the Premier League right to continue their games over Christmas? One club has campaigned heavily to ensure that players who reject the vaccine should travel separately to see their teammates to make sure they don't spread the infection. “Although a number of clubs have been affected by COVID-19 outbreaks and challenges, it is the league's shared intention to continue the current schedule as much as possible. Players and managers will also be consulted on the latest developments this week as pressure mounts on teams to be stung and bosses' concerns over injury, fitness and safety due to the recent surge in Covid cases.

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