Premier League is considering rules for unvaccinated players amid 90 new Covid cases

Premier League clubs have discussed creating separate rules for players who are yet to be vaccinated amid 90 new Covid cases

USA About: Liverpool Publish: 12/20/2021 Edit: 12/20/2021 Author: Gardener

CovidPremier League clubs have discussed increasing vaccination rates in their squads by establishing separate rules for players who have not yet received a Covid-19 vaccination. On a day that it was found that 16% of top players are unvaccinated, and a record of 90 positive tests from players and staff in the week leading up to last Sunday, a two-tier system was put in place during an emergency meeting. The moves are intended to prevent further games from being canceled as the clubs have decided to continue the season. One complication for the league is that, according to government guidelines, unvaccinated players are required to isolate for 10 days if they are considered close contact with people who test positive, even if they give negative results. On Monday, the league announced that 77% of its players had double vaccinations and that 84% had received one, two or three vaccinations. On Friday, Serie A announced that 98% of their players had received two jabs. The plans being discussed by Premier League clubs are still under review, but some form of differentiation for unvaccinated players is expected to come into effect. The league has announced that it will publish updates on its vaccination numbers every month from the end of January. Ten Premier League games were canceled due to Covid in the seven days in question, on which 12,345 tests were carried out. Players and club staff conduct lateral flow tests daily and PCR tests twice a week. Jurgen Klopp has said Liverpool wouldn't sign a player without a Jabbed and Steven Gerrard and Mikel Arteta have said this is being considered at Aston Villa and Arsenal. Klopp said it would be complicated to create separate areas for vaccinated and unvaccinated cadre members. The top clubs decided to continue the season after discussing three options regarding the calendar: keep playing; postpone one game per club from the three rounds scheduled from December 26 to January 3; and stop playing altogether while the outbreak took hold. A handful of clubs favored option two, one of which was Liverpool, who took over from Klopp. He considers it irresponsible to let the players play twice from boxing to December 30th in the current climate, when the squad is stretched due to Covid problems. Liverpool have isolated four players for testing positive. The vast majority of clubs, conscious - mostly - of the potential for a terrible accumulation of games that could ruin the season, signaled their willingness to keep playing. No club wanted to take a break from the season. "It is the joint intention of the league to continue the current schedule as much as possible," announced the Premier League. In order to reduce or eliminate the number of last minute postponements, clubs have been asked to inform the league on a daily basis about the availability of their players. It is understood that the league is paying for more PCR labs to speed up daily testing. The EFL has announced that it will continue its league and Carabao Cup games.

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