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todayThe game that Chelsea didn't want ended with an outcome they didn't like. They created too few opportunities to miss many. The Wolves had only lost 1-0 to Liverpool and Manchester City. Follow the reactions to Wolves v Chelsea and Tottenham v Liverpool action below: Hoever and Marcal stand up for Wolves; Chelsea only names four outfield players 18:47, Michael Jones One of those games that were bursting at the seams, but where everyone felt they could have got a little more. There are now three points between Liverpool and Manchester City, although the decisions that dictated that pulsating 2-2 draw between Jürgen Klopp's team and Tottenham Hotspur were very unclear. That will lead to further discussion about who? what exactly benefits from, although this no longer only applies to arguments about automatic circuit breakers or Covid compulsory magic without games. Tottenham and Liverpool share the points after contender for the game of the season 18:44, Michael Jones Harry Kane gave his post-game reaction to Sky Sports claiming that his yellow card for a tackle against Andy Robertson was definitely not an offense with the red card was. Sonny [Son Heung-min] tried the goalkeeper and he shot a great save in front of Dele [Alli]. If we get both points, the game is clear. You play against a top team and you have to take your chances and we had more than enough to win the game. Overall, I thought it was a great achievement. "It was nice to score, it's been a few games since I've scored, especially here at home in the Premier League, but I could have used a few more another day." [About his tackle on Robertson's a red card] No. Definitely not. When you're playing against top teams and fighting for points, there are sometimes tough tackles. That's what VAR is for. ”6:41 pm, Michael Jones Liverpool's Diogo Jota spoke to Sky Sports after the game, who said a point from the game is an" okay "result for Liverpool. He said: You haven't had a game in two weeks and we're playing. Given the amount of chances both teams had, one point is okay. ”18:38, Michael Jones A brilliant hat-trick from Andy Robertson, the first player to score in a Premier League game since Aleksandar Mitrovic in May 2016 , Templates are prepared and taken from the field. 6:32 p.m., Michael Jones The story of the second half. 6:30 p.m., Michael Jones Just one point for Liverpool from the trip to London means Manchester City will lead the standings by three points over the Reds at Christmas time. Tottenham remain seventh but have games against those above them in the table. 18:27, Michael Jones 90 + 6 min .: What a game! Both teams gave it their all and the game had everything but a goal from Mo Salah. The goalkeepers were fantastic, Tottenham were lightning fast on the counterattack and Liverpool were aggressive on the ball. Andy Robertson's red card undermined their attacking strength but they held out and scored a point. 18:22, Michael Jones 90 + 3 min .: Joe Gomez replaces Diogo Jota. Jürgen Klopp might think that one point is good enough now, but Liverpool have switched to a back three. Tsimikas swings a cross into the box, but Spurs make it clear. They fly up the field and Royal chips the ball over the Liverpool backline in play in Harry Kane. He tosses it in the box and pulls a pass back to Son. Son turns the ball towards the goal, but Alisson keeps it out and the offside flag goes high! 18:19, Michael Jones 90 min .: Six minutes of stoppage time! 18:19, Michael Jones 89 min: Liverpool sweeps down the left wing before throwing the ball back to Milner. He sinks the ball into the box and almost finds Jota, but the pass goes just over his head and Lloris grabs it. 18:15, Michael Jones 86 min .: Keita and Konate were both booked. That's seven yellow cards and one red that have been shown in this game so far. Davies makes an overlapping run as the ball is passed in from Sessegnon's left. Son threads it into Davies, who fires a shot across the goal just for Konate to get there and hit the ball over the bar! 18:13, Michael Jones 83 min .: Lucas Moura leads the ball to Harry Kane, who brings it into the penalty area. Liverpool throw the men back to defend and Kane flicks the ball to Royal on the right. He whips a cross into the penalty area, but can not make a teammate and Keita makes it clear. 18:10, Michael Jones 80 min .: In which direction is this game going now ?! Robertson's tackle intent earned him the red card. Dele Alli is deposed by Antonio Conte and Lucas Moura is added. The Tottenham boss believes the game is at hand. 18:07, Michael Jones 77 mins: This game had it all, including a red card! He watches the reruns and changes his decision to a red card! 18:03, Michael Jones 74 min .: Alisson's mistake, a goal for Son! Harry Winks sends a pass behind Joel Matip while Son runs into the box. Alisson comes off his line, but the ball goes through his legs. 18:03, Michael Jones 72 min .: There was a long VAR check to see if Robertson's goal should be. In construction, the ball hit Mo Salah's arm as he went to the head, and the debate was whether that was intentional. 18:01, Michael Jones 69 min .: And Liverpool continue to score! From the penalty scream, Liverpool flies up the field and works the ball down on the left. Jota whips a flank against the far post, where Salah tries to head home. He knocks it over and Lloris knocks the ball away. It comes to Alexander-Arnold, who throws the ball to the opposite side of the box, where Robertson shows up and heads it home! 17:58, Michael Jones 68 min .: penalty scream! Dele Alli does a run-in-back when the ball is chipped over the top. He puts it in the box and gets a touch from Alexander-Arnold in the back. 17:57, Michael Jones 66 mins: The pace of the game has slowed down a bit as both groups of players are starting to feel the effects of the first half. Alexander-Arnold loses possession high up and the Spurs fly through Sessegnon on the left. Kane is sent towards the byline and pulls the ball back into the center of the box, but Konate comes over to boot clear. 17:53, Michael Jones 63 min .: Oliver Skipp comes for Spurs. He replaces Tanguy Ndombele, who has a pretty decent game, and prepares Harry Kane to kick off with a great through ball. Liverpool win a throw-in on the left wing and push it back at Alisson to build an attack from behind. 17:49, Michael Jones 60 min .: Morton hits the ball to Jota, who threads a pass to Salah on the front edge of the box. He manages to shift the ball onto his left foot, but his shot is lowered. Tyler Morton is replaced by Roberto Firmino for Liverpool, who now plays with a front four. 17:46, Michael Jones 57 min .: Oh Harry Kane! Tottenham wins a corner that is swung into the center of the box. The ball hits the back post, but Kane wins the header and sends it over the bar! Eric Dier throws the ball over the top and takes Dele Alli out in the penalty area. He controls the ball and places it with Kane. 17:42, Michael Jones 51 min .: Harry Kane blocked a shot from the area before a cross from Emerson Royal was deflected by Andy Robertson. Son swipes the resulting corner and Ndombele passes into the box for Winks. He is bundled by Matip from the ball and goes down, but the referee lets play continue. 17:38, Michael Jones 48 min .: The game seems to have picked up where the first half left off. Both groups of players fly in challenges, doing everything they can to win the ball back and fly forward. Liverpool win a throw-in deep into half of the Spurs and Robertson swings a cross in from the right but fails to find Salah at the far post. 17:35, Michael Jones kick-off: Liverpool get the game going again. The ball comes to Mane on the left. He leans into Royal and turns away from Tottenham right-back, who goes down on his face and receives a free kick. 17:33, Michael Jones Since 2017-18, when Andy Robertson moved to Trent Alexander-Arnold in Liverpool, both full-backs have each made 40 assists in the Premier League, a record that only Mohamed Salah (42) and Kevin de. Bruyne (50) was exceeded. Another master class from Bernardo Silva helps Man City win Newcastle 17:30, Michael Jones This morning Bernardo Silva hosted a master class in midfield when Premier League leaders Manchester City fought Newcastle 4-0 and a record 34 win in the year 2021 lead, aided and aided by Rodri and Kevin De Bruyne, led City to a commanding victory at St. James' Park to eclipse Liverpool's mark of 33 top division wins in a 1982 calendar year. Another Silva master class helps Man City win in Newcastle at 17:27, Michael Jones Harry Kane scored his first home goal in the Premier League in 788 minutes, ending a series of eight league games at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium without a goal. 5:23 p.m., Michael Jones Diogo Jota has scored 10 goals in a Premier League season for the first time in his career, while only Dominic Calvert-Lewin (8) and Christian Benteke (7) have more header goals than their six since 2020 have -21. 17:19, Michael Jones 45 + 3 min .: A brilliant, breathless first half of football comes to an end with the teams on par. 17:17, Michael Jones 45 mins: Three minutes of stoppage time to end this electrifying first half at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. How it's only 1-1 is crazy, both teams created great chances but Hugo Lloris and Alisson Becker made some brilliant final saves. 17:13, Michael Jones 43 min .: Liverpool increase the pressure on Tottenham's defense! First, Jota sends a cross to Alexander-Arnold, who whips him back into the six-yard box just so Lloris can knock the ball away. Mane collects the loose ball and crosses it back into the right side of the penalty area. Alexander-Arnold hits it with the volley and smokes it in the goal, but is blocked by Lloris at the near post! 17:11, Michael Jones 40 min .: Royal fouls another Liverpool player right in front of the dugouts and Klopp goes monkey. So much so that the referee comes by and shows the Liverpool boss the yellow card. Salah makes a typical inward run and shifts the ball to his left foot. He shoots, but is blocked in the center of the box. 17:09, Michael Jones 38 min .: Emerson Royal brings Jota into the Tottenham box and he wants a penalty but doesn't get one. 17:05, Michael Jones 35 min .: All levels! Robertson sinks the ball down the left wing and plays Mane into the penalty area. His contact with the ball is difficult and Robertson takes the ball from him before carrying it to the byline. He hits the ball across the goal and Diogo Jota wins the header and leads it past Hugo Lloris to equalize. 17:05, Michael Jones 34 min .: Spurs look very dangerous on the counterattack, Joel Matip and Ibrahima Konate have no answer to the speed and skills of Kane and Son. Whenever Liverpool see the ball in the middle of the field Tottenham look like they're going to score. Kane carries the ball towards Konate as Son flies into the left box. Kane's pass comes over, but Alisson tears it out of the air and suffocates him. Son is played into space by a Tottenham clearance and drives the ball towards the penalty area. Kane runs the Liverpool defenders away into the box and Dele Alli comes in behind him. Son shoves the ball over to Dele, who shoots towards the lower right corner, but Alisson jumps to the left and gets a fingertip to drop the ball, which goes past the post! 16:58, Michael Jones 29 mins: Sadio Mane gets his first real chance to run at Emerson Royal and pulls a foul from the Tottenham right-back. Alexander-Arnold rolls this free kick to Robertson, who swings it into the back post. Mane breaks away from Davies and wins the header, but he shoots his shot past the near post! 16:57, Michael Jones 26 min .: Dele Alli fouls James Milner on the right side in front of his own penalty area. Alexander-Arnold swings the free kick into the penalty area, but Davies beheads. Milner practices a first shot when he hits the loose ball, but Harry Winks comes out and blocks it! 16:54, Michael Jones 23 mins: Mo Salah was kept quiet despite the back and forth of this game. He now gets the ball on the right wing and hits Sessegnon before sending a cross into the box. Liverpool comes back, but this time introduces the ball from the left. Mane switches to his right foot and shoots to save Lloris. 16:51, Michael Jones 20 minutes: Ouch! Harry Kane is shown a yellow card for long tackling Andy Robertson. There is a VAR check for a possible red card against the Tottenham goalscorer, but nothing else comes of it. 16:48, Michael Jones 17 min .: Liverpool reacts almost immediately when Alexander-Arnold floats a cross into the center of the penalty area that Mane simply cannot control. At the other end of the field, tracks break on the counterattack as Kane drives the ball forward. He forwards it to Son, who sends his stake well over the left post! 16:44, Michael Jones 13 min .: This time he hits! Tanguy Ndombele gets the ball in the middle of the field and sees Kane's run into the penalty area. He threads a perfect pass between Robertson and Konate to give Kane a shot on goal. He rolls the effort back over the area, slaps Alisson and sends him off the inside of the long post! A great defense from Liverpool denies Spurs the opening goal. Emerson Royal comes free on the right wing and takes the ball. He hits a low pass in the direction of the near post, where Harry Kane collects the ball. He turns towards the goal and shoots, but out of nowhere Ibrahima Konate slips over and makes the block! 16:41, Michael Jones 9 min .: Nice work by Naby Keita. Spurs go forward and pass the ball to Son Heung-min. He tries to wind his way into the room along the leading edge of the box but is attacked by Keita before he can shoot. Liverpool then come forward and Robertson swings in a cross from the left. It falls on Alexander-Arnold, who turns towards the goal and fires a left-footed shot from a distance, forcing Lloris to make a sharp save on his left! 16:36, Michael Jones 6 minutes: Almost. 16:36, Michael Jones 6 minutes: Almost. Tyler Morton - on his first Premier League start for Liverpool - whips a fine pass to the right where Mo Salah has taken an enema behind Ben Davies. However, Salah cannot bring the ball to the ground and he jumps far past the penalty area. He tries to recapture the ball but Hugo Lloris hits it at him and clears it for Spurs. 16:34, Michael Jones 3 min .: Eric Dier sends a long diagonal ball over the Liverpool defense. Ryan Sessegnon gets in behind Alexander-Arnold and tries to catch Harry Kane in the penalty area. Kane is wide open but the Liverpool right-back comes back in time to block the cross for a Tottenham corner. 16:32, Michael Jones kick-off: Both teams take their knees before Tottenham starts the game. It's the last Premier League game before Christmas, so who will prevail? Liverpool win an early throw-in as Spurs send the ball out of play on their right. Sadio Mane switches play to Trent Alexander-Arnold on the inside right. He throws a pass into the box and finds Andy Robertson, who has a free header but shoots past the goal! Tottenham vs Liverpool: Here come the teams 16:28, Michael Jones James Milner leads Liverpool from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The Reds have to win to get one point behind Manchester City. One win for the Spurs however and they will jump over Manchester United in the table and get one step closer to the top 4. 16:24, Michael Jones Tottenham has won all four home games in all competitions under head coach Antonio Conte. But Conte has won four Premier League games against Liverpool once with two draws and one loss. 4:22 pm, Michael Jones Liverpool have won eight games in a row in all competitions, with an aggregate result of 21-3. They have lost only once in 34 games in all competitions, a 3-2 defeat at West Ham United in November in 26 consecutive away games in all competitions. Liverpool are also unbeaten in the last 34 Premier League games in December - the longest undefeated streak by a team in any given month. Exhausted Chelsea sees Premier League title hope struck by draw with stubborn Wolves 16:20, Michael Jones The game that Chelsea didn't want ended with a result they didn't like. A club that called for a postponement must wish the Premier League didn't prove to be stubborn opponents before the Wolves did. A club that called for a postponement must wish the Premier League didn't prove to be stubborn opponents before the Wolves did. For the fourth time in six league games, Chelsea lost points. For the fourth time in six league games, Chelsea lost points. The exhausted Chelsea sees the title hopes hit by a draw at the stubborn Wolves 16:19, Michael Jones Spurs can win four Premier League games in a row for the first time since November 2020 and for the first time since the last four games of the year four home games in Follow the 2019-20 season. There have been no draws in the last 18 league games at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. 4:15 p.m., Michael Jones Tottenham have lost their last seven games against Liverpool in all competitions, with his only triumph in 19 games at home in 2017. Liverpool are currently in a club record streak of three consecutive league wins at Tottenham. They have scored in each of their last 13 competitive games against Spurs, since the goalless Premier League draw on October 17, 2015 at White Hart Lane in Jürgen Klopp's first game as coach. Tottenham vs Liverpool: No Henderson for Reds 16:11, Michael Jones, Jordan Henderson and Thiago Alcantara were not included in the matchday squad for Liverpool. Thiago is the latest Liverpool player to test positive for coronavirus but Henderson is negative and misses the game due to a cold. Tottenham vs Liverpool: Antonio Conte faces first real test as Tottenham comes out of the cold to receive the hot Liverpool 16:10, Michael Jones It's been a frustrating start to Antonio Conte's tenure as Tottenham Hotspur coach. The Spurs go into today's home game against Liverpool after an unwanted two-week break. Spurs have got 10 out of 12 points since the appointment of the new manager - admittedly against teams in the lower half of the table - and seem more coherent. Antonio Conte faces a first real test when Spurs come out of the cold to receive Liverpool at 4:07 p.m. Michael Jones Tottenham has since the 5th. They have already had to cancel three games but are ready to face Liverpool despite the uncertainty of their situation. We have to slowly get her to her best. “It's good to play today after two weeks, it was very difficult to go to Leicester and come back because the game was postponed. “It's good to play after two weeks, because otherwise you lose the intensity, then on the other hand we have to be safe and that's why the Premier League has to make the best decision to make players and fans safe. Now we have big problems, not just Tottenham, but all clubs in the Premier League. ”4:04 pm, Michael Jones Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp warned that the Covid situation would be almost impossible as more and more players test positive for the virus will. Before kick-off, the German said: It could be the first Premier League start for Tyler Morton, but it won't be the last! . We talk about people and I like to play but we need help. ”16:02, Michael Jones More reactions after Chelsea's goalless draw with Wolves, but the focus shifts to the final Premier League game of the weekend when Tottenham v Liverpool occurs. Here's a reminder of the two lineups: 4:00 PM, Michael Jones What do these 2:00 p.m. kick-off results do to the Premier League table? Manchester City are four points clear of Liverpool, six of Chelsea and remain leaders. Chelsea are six points ahead of fourth-placed Arsenal in third place, while the Wolves rose level on points with Tottenham but remain eighth on the table. Newcastle suffer another heavy loss and remain 19th in the table after playing more games than any of their closest relegation rivals. 15:55, Michael Jones 90 + 3 min .: wolves will be happy about it! You took a point from Chelsea with a very good home performance. Bruno Lage's men were the better team in the first half, but didn't get going in the second. The Blues have lost two more points and are now six points behind leaders Manchester City. 15:51, Michael Jones 90 min .: Mount swings a corner into the penalty area and finds Rüdiger. Francisco Trincao replaces Raul Jimenez for Wolves. There will be three minutes of stoppage time. 15:49, Michael Jones 87 mins: Manchester City have three points against Newcastle and will pull six ahead of Chelsea if the Blues don't find a winner here. It would be a big surprise if this game doesn't end 0-0. 15:47, Michael Jones 84 min .: The wolves' last shot was fired in the 43rd minute. You haven't had one in the second half and are now firmly satisfied with one point. Traore chases a space, but is hit by Rüdiger on the ball. He is looking for a pass from his own last third, but Traore is quickly over him and Rüdiger shoots the ball into the stands for a throw-in by the wolves. 15:44, Michael Jones 81 min: Adama Traore was introduced by Bruno Lage replacing Daniel Podence for the last 10 minutes or so. The hard work was done by Gabriel Jesus, who brought the ball in from the left, moved away from a defender, and set it on a plate for Sterling to tap from the six yard area. 15:41, Michael Jones 79 min .: Save! Christian Pulisic is rejected by Jose Sa Pulisic breaks into the box from the left and is closed by Wolves defenders, but not before he squeezes a right-footed shot towards the far corner. Sa covers the distance and reaches out his left hand to stop the ball and prevent Chelsea from starting! 15:39, Michael Jones 76 min .: N'Golo Kante has pushed his way up since Saul was substituted on and the two players are a good match. Edge slips through the right inner channel into the penalty area and Saul takes him out. Edge goes on goal, but Saiss is back to fend off the shot and keep the danger away! 15:36, Michael Jones 73 min .: Chance! 15:36, Michael Jones 73 min .: Chance! 15:36, Michael Jones 73 min .: Chance! Chelsea wins a free kick over right. It's rolled up in the box and the headroom goes down for Mason Mount. He shoots just outside the box, but Dendoncker comes over and blocks him for a corner. Chelsea are trying to play fast and shorten the corner. The back pass comes back to Mount, who is caught offside. 3:32 PM, Michael Jones So we're lining up for today's meeting with @SpursOfficial! #TOTLIV - Liverpool FC (@LFC) December 19, 2021 3:31 PM, Michael Jones 69 mins: Almost. Raul Jimenez is played in the byline by Hoever but does not have many options in the penalty area. He cuts the ball back in the middle, but Chelsea intercepts and clears the ball. 15:27, Michael Jones 66 min .: Kovacic comes instead of Ziyech. It's Kovacic's 100th appearance in the Premier League and his first in 11 games after being sidelined with a hamstring injury and then coronavirus. Marcal tosses an early ball across the pitch, which Marcal chases down, but Azpilicueta gets there first and shoots the ball away. 15:25, Michael Jones 63 min .: Riyad Mahrez scored for Manchester City against Newcastle. Oleksandr Zinchenko threw in a cross from the left, Mahrez scored with a volley. City now leads the game 3-0. Chelsea seem to have ruined the Wolves' attack dynamics, but they don't create much on their own. Mateo Kovacic gets ready for the blues. 15:22, Michael Jones 60 min .: Edge becomes free on the right side and looks for Mount in the box. Saiss intercepts the pass and it looks like the ball will cut off his arm on the pass. There is a request for a penalty from Chelsea but nothing comes of it. 15:18, Michael Jones 57 min: Chelsea begins to overload the wide areas. On the left, Ziyech, Pulisic and Alonso come together to get the ball up the butt for Pulisic to whip a cross into the six yard area. Mount arrives in the middle but Romain Saiss slips in front of the Chelsea man to clear the danger. 15:16, Michael Jones 54 mins: This is a decent spell for Chelsea. Max Kilman heads a cross from Reece James clear, but they take the ball and attack through Saul and Mount. Mount almost carries the ball into the right side of the box, but Neves clears over. The blues seem to be more consistent this half, they certainly see more of the ball. 15:12, Michael Jones 51 min: Ruben Neves shoots a pass over the top and hits Ki-Jana Hoever almost on the right, but Thiago Silva pinches over, hits him on the loose ball and clears the danger for Chelsea. Joao Moutinho and N’Golo Kante then meet in the middle of the pitch and Kante wins a free kick. 15:09, Michael Jones 48 mins: Chelsea have taken control of the ball to bring James and Mount onto the field on the right wing. A pass into the box for Pulisic is cleared by the home side, who then try to break the left through Marcal. He makes a decent run into the Chelsea half, but in the end the ball is out of play. 3:06 p.m., Michael Jones kick-off: Saul Niguez comes for Chelsea and replaces Trevoh Chalobah at halftime in midfield. Sign up for The Independent's free weekly sports newsletter 3:01 PM, Michael Jones to sign up for our free sports newsletter for regular updates straight to your inbox. News | The Independent | Today's headlines and breaking news | The Independent 14:59, Michael Jones Wolves have only scored four goals in their last six Premier League games (two 1-0 wins, two 1-0 defeats, two 0-0 draws). 14:55, Michael Jones 14:55, Michael Jones 14:51, Michael Jones 45 + 4 min .: It was a very strange first half for Chelsea. The Wolves were the more compact, aggressive and stylistic team in the first 45 minutes, with Chelsea only having two or three decent spells on the ball. The home side was denied a goal and the teams go into the break at eye level. 14:49, Michael Jones 45 + 2 min .: Chelsea increased the pace a little before half-time. Mount wins another corner and fires it towards the rear post. The release of the wolves comes to the edge, which keeps the attack going. 14:47, Michael Jones 45 min .: Mount wins a corner from the right side as four minutes of stoppage time are required to end this half. The corner is whipped into the center of the box, but the wolves handle it well. 14:46, Michael Jones 43 min .: Daniel Podence has a rather optimistic shot just past the center line and Edouard Mendy takes a few steps back to take the ball. 14:42, Michael Jones 40 min .: Marcal runs into the center of the penalty area when Jimenez passes him a pass. He meets Thiago Silva, but the Chelsea defender heads the ball free for the guests. Wolves attack lower left. Podence whips a diagonal ball into the penalty area as Dendoncker runs between Alonso and Rüdiger. He wins the header and fires it to Mendy's left, but the goalkeeper jumps over and suffocates him. 14:38, Michael Jones 37 min .: There is another break in the game when Chalobah is treated for a light hit. Thiago Silva also limps on the pitch, not the best omens for a worn out Chelsea team. 14:37, Michael Jones 35 min .: Antonio Rüdiger joins Chalobah in the book for a high boot on Jimenez. Kante fädelt einen Ball in den Strafraum für Pulisic ein, der vor Jose Sa an den Ball kommt, aber weit ins Aus gedrängt wird. Hilfe bekommt er von Hakim Ziyech, der Pulisic den Ball zurückgibt, nachdem er am Strafraum vorbei driftet. Pulisic looks to cross one into the middle but gets it all wrong and scuffs the ball out of play. 14:33 , Michael Jones 32 mins: Chalobah goes in the book for Chelsea for a lunging tackle on Jimenez in which he leaves a bit too much on the Wolves striker. The home side win a free kick in their own half and Ruben Neves gets the match going again.Chelsea win the ball back easily enough and look to maintain possession against the Wolves press. The visitors are just trying to take control of the game and halt the momentum Wolves have built up. 14:30 , Michael Jones 29 mins: Coady is fine to continue as Hoever chases the ball down the right wing. Alonso attempts to marshall the ball out of play but Hoever keeps it alive and the Chelsea wingback is forced into a sliding tackle to stop the Wolves attack. 14:27 , Michael Jones 26 mins: Wolves captain Conor Coady slides into a tackle to stop Christian Pulisic from running into the box and hurts his ankle in the process. There’s a break in play as the medical team come on to take a look at him. 14:24 , Michael Jones 23 mins: James releases Kante to run the ball in. He passes it into a central area for Pulisic who’s first touch is poor and he loses the ball. Wolves attemtps to play it out from the back but Trevoh Chalobah nicks the ball in the middle of the pitch and draws a foul. Reece James takes the free kick and goes for goal. He’s miles out from goal though and sends his effort straight into the hands of Jose Sa. 14:21 , Michael Jones 20 mins: So Chelsea get a reprieve but Wolves have started the game very well. 14:19 , Michael Jones 17 mins: Nightmare for Wolves! Raul Jimenez was offside as Marcal whips across his pass. Jimenez played for the ball forcing Mendy to dive across to stop his potential shot. 14:16 , Michael Jones 15 mins: Lovely counter-attack! Wolves sweep the ball across the pitch and play Marcal into the left-side of the box as Chelsea are left scrambling to get back into position. Marcal whips a low pass across to Jimenez and he misses the ball with his attempted shot. 14:14 , Michael Jones 12 mins: Over at the St. James’ Park Manchester City have taken the lead against Newcastle. Ruben Dias meeting a cross into the box from Joao Cancelo to head City in front. City lead 1-0.Romain Saiss blocks a cross from Mount and Chelsea win another corner. Mount delivers it into the penalty area but Raul Jimenez wins the header and Wolves clear the second ball. 14:12 , Michael Jones 9 mins: It’s very foggy out there at Molineux as Chelsea work the ball down the right side. Mount is closed down but the ball squeezes out to N’Golo Kante. He attempts to send the ball back over to Reece James but it goes out of play. 14:09 , Michael Jones 6 mins: Wolves win back-to-back corners after Chelsea head the first one out of play. The second corner is knocked short and Ki-Jane Hoever is closed down quickly by Hakim Ziyech. He manages to poke the ball back to Podence who whips a cross deep into the box. Conor Coady arrives at the back post to head it back into the middle of the area but Edouard Mendy comes off his line to claim the ball.

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