Real Madrid are keeping an eye on Florentino Luis

Real Madrid reportedly are following the progress of 22-year-old Portuguese midfielder Florentino Luis, who was loaned to Getafe by Benfica.

GB About: Real Madrid Publish: 01/03/2022 Edit: 01/03/2022 Author: Gardener

Florentino LuisAccording to a report from Spanish outlet Defensa Central, Florentino Luis is the subject of Real Madrid's concern over a possible move in a future transfer window. The 22-year-old Portuguese midfielder is currently on loan from Benfica to La Liga club Getafe. Florentino Luis spent his formative years with three clubs, including Benfica. Florentino spent the 2020/21 season on loan at AS Monaco before moving to Getafe on a temporary basis last summer. All this time, Florentino was closely monitored by Real Madrid. Interestingly, Florentino played for Getafe when Real Madrid suffered a 1-0 loss to the Azulones on Sunday. This is because Casemiro will be 30 years old next year and Real Madrid will have to establish a succession plan for him. The Spanish giants seem to be approaching a crossroads in midfield as Luka Modric is already in the twilight of his glamorous career, while Toni Kroos is approaching the last few years of his playing days. Casemiro is the youngest of Real Madrid's three midfielders. To that end, several midfielders have appeared on the Merengues radar, including Gabriel Menino, with Florentino also being a viable target in theory. Real Madrid might not be able to start the offensive for the 22-year-old Portuguese midfielder as he hasn't shown enough potential at Getafe. While the La Liga heavyweights have been watching his progress closely, Florentino appears destined to return to Benfica at the end of the season. It remains to be seen who will become Real Madrid's main midfield target.

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