Star receives £ 10,000 in damages

TV presenter Rachel Riley, 35, has the right to “justification” based on a tweet posted by Laura Murray, 32, more than two years ago.

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10,000Rachel Riley was awarded £ 10,000 in damages in a High Court libel suit after suing a former Jeremy Corbyn employee for falsely accusing her of calling the former Labor chief a "Nazi". TV presenter Ms. Riley, 35, has the right to “justification” based on a tweet posted by Laura Murray, 32, more than two years ago. The dispute began after a Brexiteer smashed an egg on Mr Corbyn's head during a visit to Finsbury Park Mosque in north London on March 3, 2019. Ms. Riley, a numbers expert for Channel 4 show Countdown, initially posted a screenshot of a January 2019 tweet by Guardian columnist Owen Jones about an attack on former British National Party leader Nick Griffin, which said: "I think a solid life guide is if you don't want eggs thrown at you, don't be a Nazi." She added, "Good advice," with emojis of a red rose and an egg. Ms. Murray later tweeted, “Today Jeremy Corbyn went to his local mosque for Visit My Mosque Day and was attacked by a Brexiteer. Rachel Riley tweeted that Corbyn deserves to be violently assaulted for being a Nazi. Ms. Riley, who had become a vocal critic of Labour's handling of anti-Semitism allegations, said she was sarcastic in her tweet, calling Mr. Corbyn not a Nazi and telling the judge that Ms. Murray's tweet seriously damaged her reputation. Justice Nicklin concluded that Ms. Riley had demonstrated that Ms. Murray's tweet had seriously damaged her reputation. In a tweet, Ms. Riley said: “I am delighted to have won my defamation case against Laura Murray, the former Labor Party complainant. Jan 10, 2019: Former British National Party leader Nick Griffin tweeted that he had re-viewed footage of "100 extreme left thugs attacking a BNP-MEP press conference" in 2009) ". Mr Jones replied, saying, “I think a reasonable life guide is if you don't want eggs pelted at you, don't be a Nazi. Seems fair to me. "March 3rd, an egg is hurled at Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn at Finsbury Park Mosque. Rachel Riley later posts a screenshot of Owen Jones' egg tweet and says it was" good advice, "with a red emoji rose and an egg. On the same day, Laura Murray, a senior employee of the Labor leader at the time, tweeted: "Today Jeremy Corbyn went to Visit My Mosque Day at his local mosque and was attacked by a Brexiteer." Rachel Riley tweeted that Corbyn deserves it, To be assaulted forcibly for being a Nazi. "This woman is as dangerous as she is stupid. Ever." April 24, 2020: Ms. Riley wins first round in her high court defamation lawsuit over the tweet. Justice Nicklin says that an "allegation that a person publicly supported a violent attack on someone is clearly defamatory under common law". the plaintiff or has a tendency to do so ". simple factual statement and would be understood as such. "May 10, 2021: Ms. Riley tells the High Court that she could not sleep and was bombarded with verbal abuse after Jeremy Corbyn's former assistant claimed she said he" deserved it Be assaulted forcibly for “being a Nazi.” Dec. 20, 2021: Rachel Riley awarded £ 10,000 in damages after Mr Justice Nicklin ruled she was “entitled” to “justification.” Ms. Murray was a Stakeholder Manager in Mr Corbyn's office when he was Labor chief and then became the party's complaints officer before apprenticing, arguing that what she tweeted was true and reflected her honest opinions. Mr Justice Nicklin ruled one Earlier hearing that Ms. Murray's tweet was defamatory, which concluded that the tweet meant that Ms. Riley had "publicly stated" that Mr. Corbyn was with Visit to a mosque was attacked; that he deserved to be violently attacked; as a result, she had shown herself to be a "dangerous and stupid person" who had "incited unlawful violence"; and that people shouldn't bother with it. The judge was asked to determine whether Ms. Riley's reputation had been seriously damaged and whether Ms. Murray was defending the truth, honest opinion, or the public interest. Ms. Riley, who studied mathematics at Oxford University and is on Countdown's maternity leave after giving birth in November, told the judge she was Jewish and “hates anti-Semitism”. She said she spoke out against anti-Semitism, thinking that the Corbyn-led Labor Party "promotes anti-Semitism". Ms. Murray told the judge that her job was to work with the Jewish community to "try to find solutions to the problem of anti-Semitism that has become evident in parts of Labor membership." Ms. Riley had previously written in a statement: “I didn't tweet that Jeremy Corbyn deserved to be violently assaulted. “I was really offended that I was called 'dangerous and stupid' and that people were told to 'never' have anything to do with me. "I made a sarcastic, but in my opinion relevant and important, comment on Owen Jones, and a few hours later the defendant posted on Twitter that I was in favor of violence against Jeremy Corbyn because I said in her words that he was deserved it. " be attacked for being a Nazi. ' Ms. Riley claims Ms. Murray “whistled dog” to her compassionate Twitter followers to channel a “pile” of anger and hatred. She previously said in the High Court: "The allegations in the tweet made me vulnerable to physical assault, which is of course very worrying. Even now, the abuse has gone unchecked and my reputation has not been confirmed." Ms. Murray told the court that Ms. Riley was “deliberately provocative” by tweeting “good advice” the day Jeremy Corbyn was incited. She denied defaming Riley, arguing truthfully in her tweet, honest opinion and responsible publication. Ms. Murray told the court that all of the tweets she had seen said, “How can you call Jeremy Corbyn a Nazi?” and none of them say, “This is a comment on hypocrisy, this is a tweet on double standards ". When asked if she could see it was a" pile up, "she said," It seemed to me that it was a deliberate provocation that Jeremy Corbyn was attacked. "The tweet about Nazis under attack, saying 'Good advice', 'If you don't want to be incited, don't be a Nazi'. 'And it got this reaction, a lot of people said,' Jeremy Corbyn is not a Nazi, that's not a fair comparison '. "Given that many, many people are so critical of Rachel Riley, the purpose of my tweet was to advise as many as they would listen, '' Don't get involved '' '' It's a waste of time '' ' 'Nobody benefits from it' '' 'It's a huge waste of emotional resources''.

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