Susie doesn't tell Clayton she loves him in the New Fantasy Suites promo

The Bachelor fantasy suites are finally here for Clayton Echard. And a new promo shows Susie Evans not telling Clayton she loves him.

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ClaytonThe Bachelor Fantasy Suites always serves as a fan-favorite episode — but Clayton Echard's situation looks set to be filled with drama. Since the beginning of the season, the promo has featured Clayton telling his last three wives that he's in love with all of them. He also tells the women that he was "intimate" with two of them. But Susie's new promo may hint at her exit as she doesn't tell him she loves him. [Spoiler alert: The Bachelor spoilers at the end regarding what happens to Clayton's final three wives.] Rachel Recchia, Susie Evans, and Gabby Windey are the three women who go to The Bachelor Fantasy Suites in Clayton Echard's season. Clayton has maintained close, loving relationships with all three women - and it's clear that Rachel, Susie and Gabby are already falling in love. The new promo on The Bachelor Instagram and Twitter shows Clayton standing in front of all three women with just two roses left to give. He tells the women that he is in love with all of them. Another shot shows the women dispersing, crying and seemingly angry after Clayton also said he was "intimate" with two of them. "I just want to make sure once again that at the end of all this, nobody's blind, there's no drama," Clayton tells People. I said, "Please don't let there be any drama." And yes, as people saw in promos and the like, I found a way to get right into all the drama. The new promo, released by Bachelor Productions on March 8, 2022, features footage of Susie's date first, followed by Rachel's date and Gabby's date. Given the other promos released by the Bachelor production, it's likely that Rachel's date will come first and Gabby's date next. This is the key to understanding Susie's Fantasy Suites date promo, which was released much later than Rachel and Gabby's date promo. Another new promo features Susie's solo date. In the promo, Clayton tells Susie he's in love with her - and she seems shocked by his admission. She asks Clayton, "Have you slept with another woman?" This suggests that Gabby and Rachel had their dates ahead of them. She also seems nervous to ask if he's in love with the other two ladies too. Another sign that could point to Susie's departure is her language. When Clayton tells Susie he loves her, this time she doesn't say it back. "Well, I appreciate you," she tells him. Susie's promo from The Bachelor Fantasy Suites shows her telling Clayton that she would have a hard time accepting an engagement if he slept with other women. And promos throughout the season show Clayton saying he's been "intimate" with two women — presumably Gabby and Rachel. Does she win the season or does she retire herself after hearing the news? Reality Steve has new spoilers for The Bachelor. According to the spoiler guru, Clayton gets on one knee for Susie, but Susie refuses the engagement. "Not only has Susie not eliminated herself for the past three seasons, but she's also doing something we've never seen in the show's 45 previous seasons: turning down the lead proposal," wrote Reality Steve. "So yes, I would say the narrative this season will change going forward as that will be the new big talking point that everyone will be discussing." The Bachelor Fantasy Suites airs Tuesday, March 8 at 8 p.m clock aired. EST on ABC.

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