In Tatvan. an athlete factory is founded

Tatvan mayor Mehmet Emin Geylani answered questions from Haber7 correspondent Gamze Türk. Geylani talked about the work in Tatvan and brought the good news from the "Athlete Factory".

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There are many major tourist attractions in Tatvan. One of the main examples of this was your statement that "we will do our best to protect the Nemrut Caldera and its surroundings," some of which are in Tatvan. In this context, I would like to ask what value do you attach to Tatvan in terms of tourism? Tatvan is the center of attraction of the region. It is a center favored by the east and south-east in general, where they want to spend time in the summer. Since there are many similar natural beauties in Turkey, the local of course does not know much. We are a city that has left its mark on the minds of those to come. The tourist potential is very high. We are limited by the shores of Lake Van. Lake Van is the largest lake in Turkey and the largest soda lake in the world. We call it the Sea of ​​Van there. The Nemrut snowdrop is a candidate for UNESCO, which contains the second largest crater lake in the world. There are various uses in Turkey but we may seem at the forefront. Bitlis is actually a very large central area. It's a touristic area that you can spend 3-4 days without getting bored if we take Bitlis as the center, not Tatvan. At the same time, its height is 1650 meters above sea level. Those who are overwhelmed by the heat in summer prefer Tatvan. Tatvan is on an international route. The train that leaves from Haydarpaşa comes to Tatvan. The largest ferries in Turkey operate on Lake Van. Ferries continue from Tatvan to Van, trains to Tehran. We also see news about Lake Van in the press. Microbialites appeared as the lake's water receded. We also saw a news article that said, "Van Lake's water is used against the coronavirus". Microbialites are similar structures to fairy chimneys that have formed in water over thousands of years. As the water receded, the banks began to appear. Of course the better ones are underground. Lake Van is a soda water. There is also a spawning season in April and July. Also worth seeing is the fish swimming backwards to the waterfall in April. We already saw the healing effects of Lake Van. It creates a botox effect. If you step into Lake Van for a couple of days, you will see this shine on your body. Wounds like acne start to heal as soon as you see them. We were also very surprised when we heard the news that it was good for the corona virus. We see that it is a healing water. We know that the infrastructure and superstructure works in different parts of the Tatvan district continue uninterrupted. Our infrastructure works were at 22% when we arrived. The infrastructure works in Tatvan were carried out about 40 years ago. At that time the population of Tatvan was about 8 thousand 9 thousand, but now we have a population of 100,000. We are a city that is constantly receiving and growing immigration. We were faced with a bankrupt infrastructure. The project started but unfortunately no progress could be made. When we arrived we started a fast run. In two and a half years we have reached 90%. Almost all excavation work has been completed. There were sewer, drinking water and rain pipes in the infrastructure. We have drawn a drinking water pipeline of almost 180 km. It was an infrastructure work that was carried out in 15 provinces of Turkey. We changed the veins of the whole city. Changing the infrastructure in an active city proved difficult. We plan to complete it as a center in 1-2 months. In addition to the infrastructure, we also built the superstructure. Since Bitlis is one of the snowiest places, our working season is short. But by June we will have completely finished the work. This infrastructure will function without major problems for the next 50-60 years. We know that the members of the Tatvan Municipality Youth Council are also actively involved. They carried out a joint project with the community and redesigned the library and study room to support disadvantaged children. Are there any new plans and projects for the coming period? Our youth assembly works very well. It was one of the councils we started as a church. You are conducting a study that supports social projects in which young people from all walks of life come together. They renovated the gym, then laid out a botanical garden, and now it's all the schools' turn. Inquiries were received. We're building a library, we're trying to create areas for intelligence games. Our goal is to meet the needs of libraries, reading corners and areas where they can receive robotics lessons equally in all of our schools. However, when there are basketball and playgrounds, we try to touch our schools with a team effort. Our youth center has also created an area for children's parties throughout the summer. Tatvan's average age is 23 years. The potential is good too. As a municipality of Tatvan, we have founded a sports club. We have nearly six hundred licensed athletes. We gave 11 of our athletes to the national team. Three of our wrestlers were recently taken to the Olympic Center. From here I would like to thank our Minister for Youth and Sport, Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu. He brought an athlete factory to Tatvan. It will be an athlete's factory in which seven branches can play sports at the same time. There will be an indoor pool, indoor tennis courts, and indoor basketball courts. At the same time we are building a culture and sports center for women and children. Housewives complete vocational training. As our city became an intense draw, it began to receive immigration. We have prepared a project for our center. We had a traffic problem in the square as we were on an international route. In Tatvan you can experience the same traffic as in Istanbul. I mean, don't ask how the traffic is in Tatvan. We are creating a town square with two floors of covered parking below, a shopping mall, a gym above and the Millet Kıraathanesi above. We plan to complete our project and get it up and running as soon as possible.

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