The biggest controversies between Alec and Hilaria after the couple was stopped by the police

HILARIA Baldwin beat up trolls last week who she accused of "creating drama" for her troubled movie star husband Alec. But the couple made a lot of drama for themselves and were ...

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Alec and HilariaHILARIA Baldwin beat up trolls last week who she accused of "creating drama" for her troubled movie star husband Alec. Over the weekend, The Sun shared how Alec and Hilaria were stopped by police officers in the Hamptons. Alec, 63, sat in his Range Rover while yoga instructor Hilaria, 37, was interviewed by roadside officers. The couple made their way to their Long Island retreat after it was revealed that the FBI received an arrest warrant to confiscate his phone while investigating a fatal shootout. Earlier this month, Hilaria said her husband suffered from PTSD following the tragic accident on the set of his film Rust. It was the latest in a long line of controversy for the 30-minute rock star and mother of six. Baldwin earned the nickname Angry Alec during a tumultuous career overshadowed by high-profile public outbursts and paparazzi brawls. In October, Baldwin was holding a prop gun when it fired a sharp bullet, killing cameraman Halyna Hutchins, 42, and wounding director Joel Souza. Hours later, he was seen sobbing on the phone outside a police station in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Baldwin, producer and star, later recalled cocking the revolver and letting go of the hammer while rehearsing a scene but "didn't pull the trigger." Yesterday, Halyna's father told The Sun that he believed the star was at least "partly responsible" for her death after saying it was not to blame. Former submarine captain Anatoly Androsovych said, "I understand that Baldwin fired the shot from his hand, so it is difficult for me to understand how he cannot be made responsible for my daughter's death." Alec and Hilaria were criticized as "deaf" just a week after filming for celebrating Halloween with their children on Instagram. Hilaria got into a storm of her own a year ago after being accused of using a false Spanish accent and lying about her upbringing. Alec furiously hit back at the criticism on Instagram, calling it "Just a lot of shit". was previously sued by a member of her yoga class who claimed he suffered long-term injuries from falling through a glass window. Hilaria later yelled at him on the street, accusing him of traumatizing her with the legal case, a buddy told The Sun. Baldwin won one of his three Emmy Awards for his star turn, who impersonated Donald Trump in a series of Saturday Night Sketches. He said: "Bury Trump in a Nazi cemetery and put a swastika on his grave. Previously, he had defended his decision to ridicule Trump on SNL while the president was hospitalized with Covid. He said he did not, if Trump had been “really, seriously ill.” Baldwin was charged with assault after slapping one man in the face in a row over a parking lot in November 2018. The actor is said to have raged after the Saab driver was jammed in a parking space He was about to park his Cadillac on escalation in Manhattan. Police said the two men argued and pushed each other before Baldwin became violent and the 49-year-old driver was hospitalized with jaw pain. But Baldwin claimed the reports were false and denied beating the other man, but later sued the victim for defamation, claiming his prisoner was The wrong report of the attack resulted in his being "falsely detained and charged with a crime he did not commit". Baldwin was also arrested in 2014 after allegedly berating a police officer who tried to charge him for riding his bike the wrong way in New York. While in custody, Baldwin is said to have asked his superior: "How old are these officers that they don't know who I am?" In August 2013, Baldwin was pictured wrestling with a photographer for the New York Daily News and hanging him on a hood. Hilaria is said to have fled his anger to a café. The actor furiously confronted the snapper, accusing him of chasing him and his wife and their newborn baby in Manhattan. Pictures by another photographer show Baldwin holding the other man by the collar and pushing him over a parked car. A year earlier, Baldwin was pictured allegedly "nudging" a photographer who showed up after receiving his 2012 marriage certificate for Hilaria. He claimed the star attacked him "like an angry bull". And in 1995, the Miami Blues star was sued over an argument with another photographer when he and then-wife Kim Basinger returned from hospital with three-day-old daughter Ireland. The couple shared a heated exchange before the actor allegedly punched the other man on the nose. Baldwin hit the headlines again with Ireland after leaving a damning voicemail to his daughter, who was then just 11 years old. Baldwin plunged into vicious hate speech for almost two minutes after Ireland checked one of its calls. He called her a "rude, thoughtless piggy" and added, "You don't have the brains or the decency as a person." Once again, I fucked myself up trying to get on a phone. The actor apologized, and Ireland reportedly accepted this in response to her father's frustration over a custody battle with Kim. Eight years later, the couple even joked about it when Ireland posted a photo of him reading her a book called If I Were A Pig. Baldwin was booted by an American Airlines jet in 2011 after refusing to turn off his iPad for takeoff while playing a round of Words With Friends. He allegedly got angry with the cabin crew and slammed a toilet door so hard that the pilots on the flight deck were alerted. Baldwin raved about it on Twitter, saying the airline was "the place where 1950s Catholic high school teachers find flight attendant jobs". His spokesperson made it easy: "He loves Words With Friends so much that he was ready to get off a plane for it." However, other passengers alleged that he was also on the phone and not just playing a game, and one crew member alleged that he had become "violent and aggressive". In June 2013, Baldwin was accused of homophobia after defending Hilaria when a reporter alleged she tweeted during the funeral of Sopranos star James Gandolfini. In a curse directed at the journalist, he raged on Twitter: “Someone wrote that my wife tweeted at a funeral. But I'll tweet at your funeral ... Five months later, Baldwin was caught on a tape yelling at a photographer and calling him "c *** sucking f ***" in front of his apartment. Baldwin denied making the comment, but his MSNBC talk show Up Late With Alec Baldwin was pulled out of thin air. In 2011 he was accused of calling a Starbucks barista an "uptight queen" and in 2012 he called the editor of the New York Daily News an "English queen". In 1997 he is said to have called a carriage driver in Central Park "f **** t".

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