The Elimination Chamber contestants try to build momentum

Brock Lesnar was one of the few Elimination Chamber contestants to have a good night

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Brock LesnarOn the final edition of Raw before the WWE roster travels to Saudi Arabia for the Elimination Chamber event, building momentum was the name of the game. Lesnar opened the show with a display of physical dominance over fellow Elimination Chamber fellow Austin Theory. Riddle and AJ Styles suffered setbacks of various kinds before the night was over. However, Seth Rollins picked up a big in-ring win in the main event to approach the chamber with a more positive attitude. This would eventually produce Seth Rollins, Riddle, Austin Theory and AJ Styles. After the five men exchanged words, Brock Lesnar made his way to the ring. Things collapsed predictably quickly before Lesnar put an end to things with an F-5 on Theory. United States Championship – Damian Priest (c) def. AJ Styles via pinfall to retain title. Seth Rollins defeated. Randy Orton via pinfall after a stomp. Orton had skipped the RK broga party that Riddle threw - and ended up crashing by Alpha Academy - and instead focused on preparing for his match with Rollins. Orton had Rollins down after an RKO as the Alpha Academy music hit and Chad Gable and Otis started running to the ring. Orton exited the ring to help Riddle, who had been attacking Gable from behind, and returned to the ring only to slip into a stomp from Rollins on the finish. The Elimination Chamber contestants could probably have shone a bit more than they did on the last Raw leading up to the upcoming event. The theory was mishandled by Lesnar, which is understandable, but Styles ate a clean pin and Rollins was down and out were it not for Alpha Academy. Also, Riddle spent the night throwing a toga party, which was shown in small parts throughout the show before Gable and Otis performed it as well. Still, The Elimination Chamber is all about the chaos of the game and nobody believes that anyone but Lesnar is in the game to take the title from Lashley. Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler via pinfall when Montez Ford hit Roode with a frog splash. The Hurt Business via pinfall with a chokebomb on Cedric Alexander, who easily wins the handicap match. * Lita and Becky Lynch signed their contract for Elimination Chamber. Looking disheveled and emotional, Lynch asked Lita not to sign the contract for her match for Lynch's Raw women's title. * Bianca Belair won a gauntlet match to determine the final competitor in the Elimination Chamber. Belair won the match by eliminating Rhea Ripley. * 24/7 Championship - Reggie defeated. Dana Brooke (c) via pinfall to win the title. After Reggie helped save, Brooke kissed his cheek and then said that one day he would make a woman happy. Reggie responded to the friend zone by rolling it to the center of the restaurant to win the title. * Defeated Alpha Academy. The Mysterios via pinfall as Chad Gable rolled through a Dominick Mysterio crossbody to get the pin. After the match, The Miz and Maryse, who were commentators, attacked The Mysterios. * Alexa Bliss became the final competitor in the women's Elimination Chamber match. Bliss was shown continuing her post-Lilly therapy sessions and announced at the end of the segment that she was the sixth woman in the match.

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