The United Nations holds two meetings on the war between Russia and Ukraine

The meetings of the 193-nation General Assembly and the more powerful 15-member Security Council reflect widespread calls for a ceasefire and escalating concerns for the millions of Ukrainians locked in the war. The Security Council gave the green light for the first time on Sunday...

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The United NationsFrance's Ambassador to the United Nations Nicolas de Riviere speaks during the Security Council meeting at the UN headquarters on Sunday, February 27, 2022. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig) The latest on the war between Russia and Ukraine: UNITED NATIONS - Tue two main organizations in The United Nations will hold separate sessions on Russia's invasion of Ukraine on Monday. The meetings of the 193-nation General Assembly and the more powerful 15-member Security Council reflect widespread calls for a ceasefire and escalating concerns for the millions of Ukrainians locked in the war. The Security Council on Sunday gave the green light to the General Assembly's first emergency session in decades. N. members had the opportunity to discuss the war and vote on a resolution that US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said would “hold Russia accountable for its unjustified actions and violations of the UN Charter “. A Ukrainian family waits for a train at the Lviv train station in Lviv, western Ukraine, on Sunday, February 27, 2022. Thousands of people gathered at Lviv's main train station on Sunday, trying to board trains that would take them from Ukraine to the safety of Europe as the Russian invasion of that country continued. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue) French Ambassador Nicolas De Riviere announced the Security Council meeting on the humanitarian implications of the Russian invasion, a meeting that French President Emmanuel Macron had sought to oversee the delivery of aid to those in need in the secure Ukraine. Demonstrators lie down on the ground Monday, February 28, 2022 during a rally against the Russian invasion of Ukraine near the Russian embassy in Seoul, South Korea. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon) Both meetings follow Russia's veto of a Security Council resolution demanding that Moscow immediately halt its attack on Ukraine and withdraw all troops. S. Dollar after western nations moved to ban Russian banks from global SWIFT payments system. The ruble was trading at a record low of 105.27 per dollar early Monday, up from about 84 per dollar late Friday. S. and other Western nations to impose further sanctions on Russia. Restrictions by the Central Bank of Russia target its access to more than $600 billion in reserves held by the Kremlin. Previously announced sanctions had pushed the Russian currency to its lowest level in history against the dollar. MANILA, Philippines — Southeast Asian countries have expressed deep concern over hostilities in Ukraine and called for dialogue, but have not condemned the Russian invasion, although they have called for a tougher stance on Moscow's aggression. The foreign ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations issued a statement on Monday urging "all relevant parties to exercise maximum restraint and make best efforts to pursue dialogue through all channels" before the situation spirals out of control. The bloc engages with Russia in annual political, security and economic talks as a key dialogue partner. Intelligence agency S. says Belarus is expected to send troops to Ukraine as early as Monday to fight alongside Russian forces that invaded Ukraine last week. Belarus has supported Russia's war effort but has so far not directly engaged in the conflict. S. assesses the intelligence and says that the Belarusian leader's decision on whether to further involve Belarus in the war depends on the talks between Russia and Ukraine, which will take place in the coming days. Russian forces have met strong opposition from Ukraine's defenders, and U. CLEVELAND — Russia has apparently rendered Facebook largely unusable for top Russian telecoms providers amid rising tensions between Moscow and the social media platform. London-based internet monitor NetBlocks reports that the network of Facebook servers used to distribute content in Russia was so severely restricted on Sunday that "content is no longer loading or is loading extremely slowly, rendering the platforms unusable." Russia's telecoms regulator Roskomnadzor announced plans on Friday to "partially restrict" access to Facebook. On the same day, Facebook's head of security policy said the company bans Russian state media from running ads or otherwise profiting on its platform anywhere in the world. Facebook says it also denied a request from the Kremlin not to conduct fact-checks related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the platform for users inside Russia. That was a day after Twitter announced it would temporarily stop ads in both Ukraine and Russia. The Twitter and Facebook restrictions can be bypassed in Russia using VPN software, just like users in mainland China. BERLIN - The United Nations nuclear watchdog says rockets have hit a radioactive waste dump in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, but there have been no reports of damage to the buildings or evidence of a release of radioactive material. In a statement late Sunday, International Atomic Energy Agency Director-General Rafael Grossi said Ukrainian authorities had informed his office of the overnight strike. The report came a day after an electrical transformer was damaged at a similar disposal facility in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. CANBERRA, Australia - Australia will supply Ukraine with deadly military equipment to help Ukrainians resist Russian invasion. The Australian government's announcement on Monday gave no details on what material it could broadcast. The move follows Friday's offer of non-lethal military equipment, medical supplies and a $3 million contribution to a NATO trust fund to help the beleaguered country. Australia has imposed sanctions on more than 350 Russian people since Thursday, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. Australia has also imposed sanctions on 13 individuals and entities in Belarus, including that country's Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin. Belarus supports Russia in its war with Ukraine. TORONTO - Canada's two largest media companies are dropping Russia's state-owned TV station RT from their cable offerings. Rogers spokesman Andrew Garas says Russia Today will no longer be available on its channel schedule from Monday. He says RT is the propaganda arm of Russian President Vladimir Putin's regime, spreading disinformation. FRANKFURT, Germany - An Austria-based subsidiary of Russia's state-owned Sberbank is set to fail after depositors fled the fallout from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The ECB says that Vienna-based Sberbank Europe AG “is unlikely to be able to pay its debts or other liabilities when they fall due”. The bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Russia's Sberbank, of which the Russian government is the majority shareholder. The European Banking Resolution Authority says separately that it has imposed a ban on payments for funds owed by the bank and a limit on how much deposits can be withdrawn.

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