Thomas Müller's devastating Barcelona verdict is repeated when he is eliminated from the Europa League

The Bayern Munich striker made scathing comments about Barcelona earlier in the season after back-to-back three-goal victories over the Catalan side and they were prophetic in the Europa League

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the Europa LeagueThomas Muller's scathing assessment of Barcelona has come true due to an issue he identified earlier in the season. Xavi Hernandez's side were eliminated from the Europa League by Eintracht Frankfurt on Thursday night as his side were outclassed by their opponents. While the Blaugrana scored two consolation goals in added time to take the sting out of defeat, it was still a hugely damaging night for the club. Barca may be unbeaten in La Liga since December 3 and the in-form Spanish club, but their weaknesses against German opponents have once again been exposed. It was the fourth time they have played a Bundesliga team this season and they have lost three of those in convincing fashion, securing a draw in a stunning performance in Frankfurt last week. The other two defeats were three-goal losses to Bayern Munich in the Champions League group stage, with Barca being outplayed in both games. It followed less than two years after the club's humiliating 8-2 defeat by the German champions in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Muller - who has featured prominently in several high-profile Bayern victories against the Catalan side - said after Bayern's back-to-back three-goal victories over Barca: "I don't think Barça can handle the intensity. But they can't cope with the intensity in top-flight football." Barcelona were stunned by Frankfurt on Thursday. That assessment played out in Barca's humiliation against Frankfurt. There's no question that Barca have players who are technically superior to their German opponents – languishing in ninth place in the Bundesliga and unlikely to secure European qualifications this season through a domestic finish – but Frankfurt's style of play has proven to be something they couldn't get around.Was Muller's analysis of Barcelona correct? Frankfurt played with an intensity and directness that Barca couldn't match with their fast and punchy counterattacks that swept through Barca's midfield and exposed the fact that their full-backs were being pushed high on the pitch and subsequently leaving space for their opponents' crosses. It's a style of play that Barca - and by extension, spa niche teams in general – has repeatedly debunked in recent seasons. Barca coach Xavi said after the game: "We were in control of the game. Now we have to focus on La Liga. I see it as a very big disappointment and the main goal for us is to get to the Champions League. "

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