Thomas Tuchel strikes in the Premier League after Chelsea's request to postpone the Wolves game was rejected

Telegraph Sport announced today that Chelsea have requested that the game be canceled on Sunday morning

GB About: Chelsea Publish: 12/20/2021 Edit: 12/20/2021 Author: Gardener

ChelseaTuchel accused the Premier League of pretending the pandemic "won't happen". Telegraph Sport announced today that Chelsea had requested that the game be canceled on Sunday morning only to have that appeal rejected by the Premier League board of directors. Tuchel was only able to name four outfield players on the bench for the game at Molineux but it is believed her application did not meet the postponement deadline as she had 14 fit players. In a statement, the club admitted it was "deeply disappointed" and the issue will be discussed at the Premier League board meeting on Monday, where the recent Covid-19 surge is expected to be high on the agenda. Tuchel was clearly frustrated after going 0-0, meaning Chelsea have only won two out of their last seven games, and said the game should have been postponed. "We thought we had a strong argument for the health and safety of the players," he said. "We have seven positive cases, we had to sit on the bus for three hours and travel together, were in a meeting, had dinner and lunch, and the situation doesn't feel like it's going to end. It's very difficult to understand" "We are concerned about the health of the players. In the end we have players who play after injuries and we take the risk." I gave my opinion, the club gave their opinion, we talk a lot about safety and the protection of the players. I'm not so sure we did that today. "The Premier League declined to respond to Chelsea's statement, but whenever it announced Covid-related postponements, it said," While considering a postponement request the board takes into account a number of athletic and medical measures factors. Five of the six Premier League games scheduled to take place on Saturday have been canceled due to the spread of the coronavirus among cadres. Everton vs. Leicester, which would have been the first of four Premier League games on Sunday, has also been postponed. Fan leaders could call for crisis talks with the Premier League this week as anger over the late postponement of games due to the coronavirus mounts. Malcolm Clarke, chairman of the Football Supporters ‘Association, told Telegraph Sport that games had to be abandoned just hours before kick-off after Aston Villa v Burnley became the second game in four days to experience that fate. It was also the second Burnley game after Wednesday's late home game against Watford was postponed. Their game at Villa on Saturday was canceled less than two and a half before kick-off, despite the fact that the home side received the results of the positive tests that led to the postponement on the morning of the game. Clarke branded this "ridiculous," adding, "I can't believe there is no better way to do this." He acknowledged that the FSA could "possibly" seek talks with the Premier League on the matter, and said the board's decision-making process on postponements needed to be accelerated. Nothing to see here: networks in Villa Park are shut down very early in the morning of the game after Aston Villa vs. Burnley was aborted for a short time, instead of um and ah until about two hours beforehand and then saying: 'Oh dear, we couldn't'. “Premier League clubs are due to meet on Monday to discuss the game's growing Covid-19 crisis, including postponing games. Clarke said, “The clubs cannot be satisfied with that. The burgers must have been cooked by now, I would have thought, in Villa Park. ”Players who refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19 also faced a backlash from supporters after Clarke said the fans were It is “puzzling” why the shock rates among the players in the Premier League were so low compared to those in other major European leagues. "Personally, I just don't get around to it," said Clarke. “I can't understand why athletes who play soccer should have this level of resistance. "You would have thought it was the other way around." When asked if vaccinators who caused game abandonment respected those who ultimately pay their wages, Clarke said, “I'm sure that's not the intention.

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