Tory member says at Question Time he's only staying in party to remove Boris Johnson

It wasn't exactly a glowing review from the Prime Minister.

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Question TimeWhen he was selected to offer his opinion on the government's controversial plan to fly suspected illegal asylum seekers to Rwanda, the listener also revealed his contempt for the prime minister. He said: "No matter what you think about [Rwanda] politics itself, they are absolutely incompetent - incompetence in the home office." Addressing Conservative MP on the panel, Matt Vickers, he asked: "What in all over the world is going on? "Regardless of policy, that just hits the incompetence that's inherent in this government, in every department." When asked if this had shaken his confidence in the Conservative Party overall, he replied: "The only reason I'm a member of the party now is to get rid of Boris Johnson." In response to the question, Vickers spoke about the migration issue, that Britain is currently facing, rather than addressing the audience member's attack on Johnson. Vickers said the Rwanda policy was a "solution" and claimed Labor had none. He claimed the controversial plan to send asylum seekers to East Africa was a "response, an attempt to stop people getting on that boat and coming across". Asked again about the future of the Conservatives by presenter Fiona Bruce, the Tory viewer said he had hoped Vickers would have "some guts" if he voted against Johnson in the recent confidence vote, but "maybe not". He also pointed out that Vickers had now been appointed Parliamentary Private Secretary for the Home Office. But the viewer replied: "It's really just a matter of time.

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