Tuchel has to fix known Chelsea problems with title hopes in danger

In the defense of Thomas Tuchel, he always dismissed Chelsea as favorites for the title. But right now he has a fight on his hands just to keep them talking.

GB About: Chelsea Publish: 12/20/2021 Edit: 12/20/2021 Author: Gardener

ChelseaIn Thomas Tuchel's defense, he always dismissed Chelsea as a favorite for the title. It was Chelsea's third draw in their last four games - and the fifth time they haven't won their last eight games in the league. Whatever the legitimacy of their argument to postpone the game - which is up for debate - it prolonged a slump that is at risk of losing sight of Pep Guardiola's champions. Chelsea, on the other hand, look like a team that forgot how to win. In connection with the fact that six players tested positive for Covid, a draw at Wolves could be described as a point won. While six points are certainly not an insurmountable head start before Christmas, they represent a huge void for Chelsea - especially at a time when they consider their most fragile under Tuchel's reign. A streak of eight straight wins for City is the kind of relentless sequence that crushes the minds of their rivals. It's the kind of form that puts any Chelsea - or runner-up Liverpool - game at risk. Chelsea's position has been uncomfortable enough without a Covid outbreak. But the loss of so many key players at a time when Tuchel needs all the help he can get only compounded their problems. As a result, they only scored a single shot on goal from Christian Pulisic, who should have gone into the net in the second half in the duel with Jose Sa. Or maybe not - which makes it so difficult to evaluate this game in isolation. It is now a case where Chelsea is going from here. They didn't want this game to take place - and the very real possibility of more Covid cases could soon ensure the Premier League can't ignore further requests. The problems didn't start with the outbreak that hit them last week. They have been evident since the 1-1 draw against Manchester United last month - but Tuchel was unable to arrest them. After looking like they felt sorry for themselves in the first half, they took control in the second - even if it rarely looked like they were going to find a winner. It also ended a six-game streak without conceding a goal.

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