Two hours before his death, the Make-A-Wish biker shared his motivation

Michael Salhaney, 57, a former Oakland County prosecutor, was one of two Make-A-Wish bike riders killed by a rider accused of drunk driving.

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Two hoursIONIA COUNTY, MI — Two hours before he and another Make-A-Wish cyclist were killed in a crash, Michael Salhaney shared his motivation for enduring a sometimes brutal 300-mile three-day ride. It was a bracelet with a Make-A-Wish kid's name on it. "You really start to ask, 'Do I have it to get to the end of the line?'" he said in a Facebook video. "So I just look at this bracelet and it gives me a little extra motivation to keep going." Salhaney, 57, a West Bloomfield Township attorney and former Oakland County prosecutor, was one of two men who died on Saturday, March 30. July, were killed while participating in the 35th Annual Wish-A-Mile Bike Ride. Also Read: Ann Arbor cyclist killed by SUV on his 9th ride for the Make-A-Wish fundraiser. Ionia County District Judge Raymond Voet jailed Benn on $1 million bail Monday. Attorney Kyle Butler said Benn was under the influence of prescription drugs. Related: The rider denied hitting Make-A-Wish cyclists and said the scene of the accident "looked almost real," police said, while defense attorney Walter Downes said test results showed a "therapeutic amount in her blood". . Debbie Binder, West Bloomfield Parish Clerk, said Salhaney's loss was felt throughout the community. "Mike was a kindhearted and thoughtful man with an extremely positive attitude," Binder said in an email. She said he is a "dedicated father" to a blended family of seven children. He adored his parents and took care of them. "We looked forward to hearing feedback from Grandma Judy at our meetings with Mike on Wednesday morning," Binder said. “Mike will leave an indelible mark on the many children whose lives he has touched. She hopes others will donate to Make-A-Wish in his honor. "The tragic and needless loss of Mike was a loss to West Bloomfield Township, the community and many children who have benefited from his philanthropic efforts." See also: Woman in crash that killed two cyclists has the gravity of the tragedy didn't get it, says prosecutor Jeannette Debbs met Salhaney in 2006 on her first Wish-A-Mile ride for Make-A-Wish. She and her best friend, who were new to endurance riding, would not have finished without his encouragement. He even let us cross the finish line first. Always looking for others, picking them up and cheering all the way. Also See: Make-A-Wish 'heartbroken' after two cyclists were killed during 300-mile ride in Michigan. Salhaney was a partner in the law firm Secrest Wardle, which has offices in Troy, Lansing and Grand Rapids. Bruce Truex, a senior partner, said the loss was difficult to accept under the circumstances. Salhaney touched many lives, he said. Salhaney, who also served as an assistant district attorney in Oakland County for a decade, was "respected and a great asset to the firm," Truex said. He said Salhaney was not only distinguished for his legal work but also for his involvement in many community betterment organizations. Salhaney served as unit commissioner for Boy Scouts of America and committee chair of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan. Salhaney had been on the Make-A-Wish ride for almost 25 years. The organization works to grant wishes to seriously ill children. In a 2018 interview with The Splash on Civic Center TV in West Bloomfield, Salhaney opened up about the challenges of horseback riding — and forgot any pain as he met kids at the finish line. At the finish there were "not many dry eyes," he said. This year the race was suspended on the second of three days. The accident was reported around 11:15 a.m. on Saturday. At 9:14 a.m. Salhaney said in his Facebook video that he had just ridden 54 miles that day and had 58 miles to go. It's a tough day in the saddle. It's going to be a long day in the saddle. A total of 120 km for today. After driving 100 miles yesterday,” he said. “Then you look at your wrist and you see the bracelet. That's the name of one of our dream children. The young man I ride in honor of.” Man charged with arson in which Michigan firefighters were trapped and injured

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