West Brom player ratings like Windsor & Faal impress after defeat

Albion remains in third place and has a lot to do in the second half of the season

GB About: West Brom Publish: 12/21/2021 Edit: 12/21/2021 Author: Gardener

Windsor & FaalWest Brom were defeated in an entertaining encounter with leaders Fulham in the last PL2 game before Christmas. Adrion Pajaziti's stunner opened the gate for the Cottagers, who are running away with this league this season, but Albion responded with Mo Faal's low finish. That parity lasted 60 seconds before Sonny Hilton restored the away team's lead, but Jamie Andrews converted a penalty won by Reyes Cleary to ensure Albion didn't go behind. Olli O’Neill's rapid-fire double in the second half, however, paid the bills. It just really confirmed Fulham's dominance, not just tonight but in this campaign as a whole. Albion remains in third place and has a lot to do in the second half of the season. Controlled the area well enough, although he was vulnerable to many shots at goal in the first half, most of them at goal. An important challenge arose in the first half, when Fulham began to get the game under control, then another in the second period. He was caught from behind with loft balls once or twice when Fulham attacked Albion's high line in numbers, but he made a brilliant recovery once to obliterate the threat. For a young defender against a talented frontline who was quick and agile, Williams got along pretty well for the most part. Aerially won a lot but Fulham are a good team on the ground and caused a lot of worries for Albion's back three over the course of the evening. Some of his balls along the canals were menacing, but while Ashworth can usually affect games from the deep, this was the kind of night he had a lot to defend on. He was often on the alert, but the two goals in the second half fell to the left side of Albion's defense. As left full-back tonight, he had to defend what he otherwise wouldn't have to do if he played in the top three. Delivered an excellent ball on the head of Faal, whose header was brilliantly blocked. Lots of energy and willpower in the middle of Teixeira, who once chased a middle half to the byline and forced an Albion throw-in. Very busy in midfield but he and Teixeira struggled at times to contain the tide of the Fulham waves when they hit their oars in the first half. Some of his passes were impressive and he gave the goalkeeper no chance with his emphatic penalty. Was more of a fight in the second half, but remained positive on the ball. Two assists - one from the penalty won - are not to be expected. Fought when he switched to the nine and was on the periphery in the second half. Looked very sharp in the first half, perhaps the best of the first three early doors. Moved the ball quickly, was able to navigate out of tight spaces and his passing game in the last third resulted in good openings. Good feet for a tall man, as they say. Part of his tight control was very good, playing at the forefront of the forwards. Couldn't have come much closer with his header before he finally scored. The ball gave Cleary a chance and a shot on goal.

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