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En route to Stand & Deliver during Wrestlemania 38 weekend, NXT 2.0 stopped by Roadblock for a show that included major title fights and the ending of a longstanding rivalry...

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Stand & DeliverEn route to Stand & Deliver during Wrestlemania 38 weekend, NXT 2.0 stopped at Roadblock for a show that included major title fights and the ending of a long-standing rivalry. Dolph Ziggler goaded Bron Breakker and Tommaso Ciampa into giving him an NXT Championship Shot in a Triple Threat match where he was able to pin The Blackheart to win the title. This match had what it takes to be an early 2022 classic. The Creed Brothers won the 2022 Men's Dusty Tag Team Classic to earn a shot at Imperium for the NXT Tag Team Championships. The dangerous Diamond Mine duo would jump at that chance Tuesday night. After months of taunts and sneak attacks, LA Knight was done sticking to Grayson Waller's rules and demanded a Last Man Standing match against the Loudmouth heel. The women's Dusty Classic continued to heat up with its two semi-finals. Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray would face off against the longtime team of Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro, while Raquel Gonzalez and Cora Jade would team up against the odd pairing of Dakota Kai and Wendy Choo. This show had the potential to really make NXT 2.0 work in WWE's most important season. Each win had the chance to change the face of WrestleMania weekend. Dakota Kai and Wendy Choo isolated Cora Jade in their corner and knocked her down while keeping Raquel Gonzalez out of the action. Toxic Attraction attacked Big Mami Cool behind the referee's back and slammed her left knee into the steel post to ensure she couldn't help her partner. Jade fought back against Choo and put her in the corner. Kai tagged in and suffered a hard punch that allowed Gonzalez to get a tag on. The Team Kick captain hit a backstabber and went for the Kaio kick. However, Kai hesitated. In the end, Kai hit her second try at the Kaio Kick. Choo hit a Vader Bomb followed by a double kick from Kai to win. Big Mommy Cool was then taken to the trainer's room. Kai and Choo def. Gonzalez and Jade by pinfall to advance to the finals of the women's Dusty Classic. This was a surprising result of a good match. Because of the Toxic Attraction move, Gonzalez never really got much to do here. Choo, which featured two interesting performers who are still learning their craft. Kai and Choo have an interesting dynamic, but not one that should dominate the women's Dusty Classic. Briggs and Jensen accused Legado del Fantasma of attacking The Creed Brothers, but the group laughed at the idea before leaving. Later that night, Stratton promised to break Sarray's face next week. Stratton remains a work in progress, so their matches will not consist of. It was still a surprise when she won but hopefully it's a sign she'll get a serious chance in the women's division aside from helping Briggs and Jensen. Sarray used to be billed as the quintessential babyface, but she wasn't just a distraction for Stratton. She also shot her rival on the cheap after just one backstage clash, which seemed very uncharacteristic. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams spoke from The Barber about his plan for Stand & Deliver on April 2, where the former aims to prove he's the greatest by defeating four men in a ladder match. LA Knight caught Grayson Waller at the entrance and the two fought to the ring. The Million Dollar Megastar nearly won a Superplex and BFT, but Waller escaped to the outside. Knight pushed Waller off the ramp thinking it was over. Sanga saved his employer and got involved in the action. Waller eyed Knight to escape the BFT and then went to the slitter, but Knight caught him and sent him out of the ring through a table. An enraged million dollar megastar caught Waller in a trash can and repeatedly hit him with steel -chair shots, which Sanga also received a few. Waller caught Knight with a blackjack and then hit a diving elbow drop through the announcer table. He climbed onto Sanga while Knight couldn't get up and claimed the win. This was by far the best match between Knight and Waller. The camera didn't always capture the best angles, but the pace was consistent in a match type that can often be awkward. It was the right move for the loudmouth to eke out the win. He'll likely stay with NXT 2.0 for a while longer, and Knight will head to Raw after WrestleMania. While Waller won by a narrow margin, he won clean by the rules of the game. Nikkita Lyons joined Lash Legend at Lashing Out. The hostess berated her guest for becoming relevant just because of her looks, which led to a big argument. Tony D'Angelo spent some time eating and promised to get his big moment at NXT Stand & Deliver. The cohesive partnership and athletic speed of Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter were hard for Kay Lee Ray and Io Shirai to match. Meanwhile, Malik Blade and Edris Enofe found their way to the Toxic Attraction Lounge with Mandy Rose. Catanzaro and Carter hit an impressively boosted Poisonrana for a near miss that The Genius of the Sky cleared. Ray hit the KLR bomb followed by an over-the-moonsault by Shirai on Catanzaro to win. Cora Jade attacked Rose in the lounge until Blade and Enofe finished them off. Carter and Catanzaro by Pinfall. Catanzaro and Carter are WWE's best women's tag team, but it's a shame they're underused. As the rare established team in a division that threw several tandems together at the last minute, the two should have stood a better chance than she did. However, similar to the main roster, NXT tends to prioritize individual talent over tag team cohesion. Shirai and KLR are great individual wrestlers, although as a team they still have work to do. The Genius of the Sky and KLR appear to be the most likely to win the Women's Dusty Tag Team Classic at this point. It would add another distinction to the legacy of one of the brand's greatest, Shirai, and build a simple story for Stand & Deliver. Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta argued backstage while Duke Hudson looked on. Indi challenged her friend to a match to decide who was really better. Cameras found the Creed Brothers in the parking lot, but Imperium refused to admit attacking them. MSK challenged Imperium to a match, believing the brothers could not leave. Imperium defeated Wes Lee and Nash Carter early on, but MSK beat his stride, rolling over Fabian Aichner and Marcel Bartel. They attacked both teams and stood tall. Imperium vs. MSK goes to a no-contest; Imperium retains the NXT Tag Team Championships. Empire vs. The two teams took the opportunity to show themselves, but this was a half match. No matter who attacked Julius and Brutus, the story builds into a triple threat in Stand & Deliver. This could have been a better and more complete match, but it made sense that it served more as a preview of something bigger. NXT Championship: Bron Breakker (c) vs. Dolph ZigglerTommaso Ciampa cut an impassioned promo about his love for NXT 2.0 and his need to be the best. Dolph Ziggler promised to screw up WrestleMania weekend. The blackheart came out, but Breakker responded with a pair of clotheslines and a double suplex to both men. All three men shot each other sharply. Ziggler took advantage of his opponents' exhaustion to finally make his shot, and nearly took the three away with a Zig Zag on Ciampa. Ciampa hit The Showoff with the Fairy Tale ending for a nearfall of his own. Breakker hit Ziggler with the Military Press powerslam, but Robert Roode saved his partner. Roode saved Breakker from a running knee by Ciampa and gave The Blackheart a superkick from Ziggler before being counted out. defeated Ziggler. Ciampa and Breakker were pinned to become the new NXT champions. This was a way to draw fan attention to NXT. Ziggler's victory came as a shock, but a big moment for the brand. He managed to manipulate himself into the perfect situation where Roode could help him steal the NXT Championship from Breakker without pinning him. This comes out as the full invasion of NXT that The Showoff promised. He beat the best in NXT and clinched his first singles gold in years. He may not be on the WrestleMania card, but he's guaranteed to be at Stand & Deliver. The competition was really good throughout and showed what Ziggler can do with both men. Breakker will likely do everything in his power to reclaim the NXT title and it's likely he will do it at Stand & Deliver, no matter what Ciampa has to say about it.

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