Winners, grades, reactions and highlights from August 3rd

Grades, reactions and analysis for the August 3rd AEW Dynamite featuring Chris Jericho vs. Wheeler Yuta and the return of the Undisputed Era.

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August 3rdAll Elite Wrestling continued the build up to its biggest pay-per-view of the year, All Out, Wednesday night with a jam-packed episode of Dynamite and a high-stakes main event pitting Chris Jericho against Wheeler Yuta for a shot at the AEW Interim World Championship. That match headlined a card that also saw the return of Undisputed Elite and the first appearance of powerhouse Hobbs since his surprise betrayal and takedown of "Absolute" Ricky Starks last week - Major Extravagance on September 4th? Getting Jericho's AEW Interim World Championship match against Jon The Gunn Club Friday night, Orange Cassidy teamed with Best Friends to defeat Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh and Sonjay Dutt with Lethal in a one-on-one contest. Cassidy frustrated Lethal early on, but a cerebral setup culminating in a distraction created by Satnam Singh allowed the heel to turn the tide in his favor. Unfortunately, his knee failed on two separate occasions, resulting in a fatal injection and victory for heel. After the match, Lethal Wardlow called out and the TNT Champion stormed into the ring, sending the winner, Dutt and Singh, onto the ring floor. The match and everything that followed was merely a setup for Wardlow vs. Lethal at Battle of the Belts III, and while the latter is a great in-ring performer who can work with Wardlow to increase in-ring play of the great man, it came at the expense of a red-hot Cassidy. The laid back babyface has done his best work lately and did it again here, even breaking character to show how damaged his knee was. He is infinitely more interesting and older than Lethal. This feels like a booking error that could have been avoided by pairing Lethal with someone else. Tony Schiavone revealed early on that this was the first one-on-one meeting between Cassidy and Lethal. Lethal took his time crawling up the ramp and even got Cassidy to show some emotion before revealing that getting Singh out was a ruse. Christ!" yelled Cassidy as his opponent focused his attack on his knee beyond the rope break. Undisputed Elite returned for the first time since before Forbidden Door on June 26. Adam Cole cut a promo revealing that he still isn't cleared to wrestle, and neither is Kyle O'Reilly. If they don't select Bobby Fish as their partner, they won't be able to compete in the upcoming tournament for the Trios Championship, according to Cole. "I was saying that you both will be physically unable to compete in the tournament," he said before the trio charged and knocked the Bucks down. "Hangman" Adam Page parried and accepted a handshake from his former friends, seemingly reuniting the Hung Bucks which was a great angle and immediately sparked a high-profile trio feud that will be among the most hotly anticipated games of the rise to his will have available. Where this leaves Kenny Omega when he eventually returns remains to be seen, but fans in Columbus, Ohio were delighted to see Page and the Bucks reunited. While the handshake wasn't quite Mega Powers-level, it was still long-awaited and produced the kind of pop you'd hope from a reunion like this. AEW Interim World Champion Jon Moxley cut promo saying it doesn't matter who wins between Wheeler Yuta and Chris Jericho in the main event because they both know he'll fight, scrape and claw to retain his title. Thunderstorms Thunder Rosa and Toni Storm looked to continue their early dominance as a team Wednesday night. To do so, the AEW Women's World Champion and her Australian tag team partner would need to defeat the sneaky duo of Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter, who were joined by Rebel. The heels isolated Rosa early and clipped her teammate. A hot day against Storm sparked a comeback, but an avalanche air raid crash from Baker propelled the fiery Babyface to the mat and put her on the defensive. In an intense back-and-forth, Storm late uncorked a barrage of running hip attacks to eat a short-sleeved lariat from Hayter, who scored her biggest win yet. Aside from a few sideways glances from the latter, there have been no major developments in the dissolution of their partnership. It's another of those manifested stories that was understated to begin with but will likely intensify to support creative direction , Hayter was one of last year's breakout stars and is more than ready to challenge Rosa for the title. If there's intent to break up Hayter and Baker, giving her a chance to earn The Doctor's former title is a great start. The match itself was great and the Columbus crowd appreciated the above average action. It wouldn't be a bad thing to do it again, or at least book a four-way match somewhere. The hot day with Storm was great and was enhanced by the crowd's reaction to everything the women did up to that point, there was clear cheering on the face of Hayter, who has not had the opportunity to capture significant wins in her AEW run thus far way to achieve. This was an unmistakable win and hopefully the start of something special for them. Ren Jones was the unfortunate first victim of a revived powerhouse Hobbs manipulating the young contender en route to a lopsided win. Post-match "Absolute" Ricky Starks hit the ring to a huge ovation, only for his overzealousness, which cost him when Hobbs put him down again. Both Hobbs and Starks are screaming "money," and their upcoming feud will likely see both men become stars. Give them the time and they will work to ensure that AEW management has no choice but to position them as the company's long-term future. "The coffin falls on Brody King." If it's real, Allin is clearly willing to do anything to end a feud. To be fair, it was in response to King getting his own ink to promote the program and Stark's run-in; B like the Allin ad Hobbs, only treating fools will never be unentertaining. Starks not taking revenge on Hobbs was a better long-term storytelling choice. Miro cut a promo about his recent troubles with House of Black and promised to reveal himself soon. Matt Hardy called out Christian Cage for his recent actions against Jungle Boy, and the future Hall of Famers and longtime rivals ignited a feud that spanned 20 years. Cage controlled the action until the break, but the resilient Hardy hit back, shaking the villain. He spread it out on the table and attempted an elbow drop off the ring apron only to fall and burn. Captain Charisma capitalized and scored the win to infuriate fans. He teased Hardy with a con-chair-to just for Luchasaurus' music to play with. Instead of the masked big man, Jungle Boy attacked out of nowhere, sending Cage through the crowd into the dressing room. The feud between Cage and Jungle Boy is money, and the latter will be an even bigger star than he already is provided those in power resist the urge to flip the heel. The match was solid, if unspectacular. To be honest, Cage and Hardy can probably have a good TV match with their eyes closed and one arm behind their back, but that's by no means an invitation or challenge to try. Hardy is looking more and more his 47 years. While he still has it in compressed matches like this, he probably shouldn't be counted on to compete every week. Cage pulled Hardy into an eye rake to get him through a table. After the break, Ethan Page clipped a scathing promo in which he slammed fans for not getting behind him and demanded answers as to why he wasn't featured more prominently in AEW. Stokely Hathaway offered him his card and teased a business relationship between them. A backstage promo starring Angelo Parker, Matt Menard and Anna Jay ended with the latter strangling a security guard. Dumpster Match: The Acclaimed vs. The Gunn Club The Acclaimed and The Gunn Club wrote the latest chapter in their rivalry on Wednesday in a match made famous in 1998 by the latter duo's father, Billy Gunn: a dumpster match. Max Caster and Anthony Bowens attacked Austin and Colten Gunn in front of the bell, with the former stopping cut a rap afterwards. The second generation team turned the tide at the break and took control of the fight. Caster and Bowens hit back and achieved the win when the former delivered the mic drop from the entrance tunnel through a table and then was joined by his partner as he threw the heels into the dumpster. They sent the trash can off the apron and dumped it on the ground. The Acclaimed are super-about and clearly the future of the tag team division. Caster's raps are among the most over-the-top shows, and the raw energy Bowens brings to the show is undeniable. The best thing that could have happened to them is that this rivalry finally seems to be over. The match was a trash brawl (pun certainly deserved) with solid effort from everyone involved and the right outcome, but it's more than time to move the winners away from the Gunn Club and into something more substantial. "No filter, we're not Instagram, we're going to retire the Ass Boys like Vince McMahon," Caster rapped. Jim Ross used the phrase "bowling shoe-ugly," which is usually reserved for not-so-great games. "You see not very many of those games," Taz said. JR replied, "I can think of two or three reasons why," in the most sarcastic of dynamite tones. Although Aubrey Edwards knocked out Angelo Parker and Matt Menard, costing Jericho that advantage, the former world champion still managed to control the action through the picture-in-picture commercial break. Wheeler fought from below and caught The Wizard with five consecutive German suplexes for a near fall. Jericho responded with the Walls of Jericho, looking for a tapout. Yuta survived but couldn't fight his way out of the Liontamer as Jericho's knee was dug into the back of his head and had to knock out. When he refused to release the grip, interim AEW World Champion Jon Moxley came into the ring and chased the veteran away. This was a good, hard fought match that really showcased Yuta and gave Jericho the predictable win. The longer the match went on, the clearer it went on that Yuta could probably have wrestled circles around Jericho, but the artist formerly known as Lionheart did a great job slowing him down and putting in a more methodical fight, which was a nice touch and presented Jericho as a real threat to Moxley. Don't expect that, but at least the booking ahead of the championship fight was strong. With Parker and Menard accompanied by The Wizard, ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli smashed the ring in support of Blackpool Combat Club teammate Yuta. Referee Edwards threw the former 2.0 tag team, banning them from the ring and stopping any cheating on behalf of Jericho. Jericho promised Moxley ahead of their championship fight next Wednesday night.

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