Make no mistake, the Seahawks' afflictions ultimately fall on a dysfunctional offensive

For the past three weeks, the Seahawks have been on the defensive side of the ball for over two hours. Of course, the exhaustion created by this disproportionate workload has taken its toll, and while Seattle's defense is far from perfect, there really is only one instance: the offensive. (Author: Gardener)

SeahawksFor the past three weeks, the Seahawks have been on the defensive side of the ball for over two hours. Of course, the exhaustion created by this disproportionate workload has taken its toll, and while Seattle's defense is far from perfect, there really is only one instance: the offensive. How is it possible that the NFL's eighth best defense (20.2 points per game allowed) also comes last in the total yards allowed per game (399)? Quite simply, the Seahawks' defenses were disproportionately stressed every week thanks to a lethargic, unsupportive attack. Don't get it: Seattle is definitely flawed defensively. All year long, Ken Norton Jr.'s unit struggled to get off the field in third place, creating a constant pass rush and limiting the damage in the scripts. This is the only reason the Seahawks' negative point difference is a modest -17 instead of anywhere in the three-digit range. With eight defeats and a total of eleven games in the 2021 season, Seattle averages 24 minutes and nine seconds of possession per competition. As ESPN's Field Yates noted Tuesday morning, the 1999 Browns are the only team to fall below the 25-minute mark in the past 45 years, but the Seahawks are well on their way to join them. The main reason for this Chasmic rift was the Seahawks' inability to convert down in third place. That's one of the fewest third-down opportunities in the NFL (10.9 per game) just because they're unable to expand the drives to get more done. All of these problems came to a head in the team's most recent disaster: a 17-15 loss to Washington Football team in the national spotlight of Monday Night Football. On 11 drives, the Seahawks recorded only 10 first downs versus Washington's 27. Plagued by the inaccuracy of quarterback Russell Wilson, who still looks far from 100 percent on his return from finger surgery, they only converted 33.3 percent of their third downs ( 4-of-12) and went three-and-offs a whopping six times, including five consecutive drives from the first through the second quarter. Consequently, Washington won the tenure battle time, 41: 40-18: 20. Many will blame the defense for allowing multiple long, sustained journeys. Four of Washington’s 10 "real" drives (excluding the end of halftime / game) had 10 or more plays called; three of them took north of six minutes. However, this is the mere product of an imperfect, understandably exhausted defense that has been forced to execute the same script for the past six games. In the three games since Wilson's comeback, Seattle's offense has controlled the ball for 58 minutes and 39 seconds and only scored three touchdowns in 30 drives. This means that the defense has played two hours, one minute and 11 seconds of football in the past 22 days. Though tears were shed following the Monday night result, cooler heads reigned as several Seahawks defenders stepped onto the podium. “We can concentrate on ourselves in defense. I'm not talking about the offensive, "Adams said. All we can do as defense is go outside and control what we can control. Obviously giving up the last touchdown where they put it, we'd have one Can do a better job. Whether it was cover or it was in the right place at the right time, but they had a hell of a reputation for our game and they made this game. Such a humble response is to be expected, but the Seahawks' defense has every right feeling offended by their aggressive colleagues. Healthy partnerships are meant to be transactional, but for now, Seattle's offense has disturbed its significant other and left it at the altar utterly exhausted. This is the story of the 2021 Seattle Seahawks.


Newcastle United now only have a 30% chance of beating relegation before the Norwich game

The probability model assesses Newcastle United's chances of beating Norwich and relegation. (Author: Gardener)

NorwichThe supercomputer model's predictions are based on the FiveThirtyEight revision of the Soccer Power Index, a soccer team rating mechanism that takes into account over half a million games, and is based on Opta play-by-play data. You have analyzed all the Premier League matches this midweek including Newcastle United v Norwich. Your computer model gives Norwich a 26% chance of winning, a tie 26% and Newcastle a 48% chance of winning (percentage probabilities rounded up / down to the nearest whole number). When it comes to winning the Premier League title, the odds are that Man City has a 47% chance, Liverpool 31%, Chelsea 22% and the rest nowhere. Also of greater interest / concern is how the computer model estimates the percentage likelihood of relegation for Newcastle United and their rivals at this stage of the season ...: Newcastle United have obviously seen massive off-field changes in the past Six Weeks and Eddie Howe is now in charge and preparing to sit on the home bench at St. James Park for the first time BUT for a predictive model like this it is all based on statistics and what happened in previous games, plus game difficulty that is yet to come So changing hands and replacing Steve Bruce with a real manager doesn't change the likelihood of Newcastle United winning or not compared to what it was before the new owners and Eddie Howe came in. As for the bookies, however, they have taken the takeover into account and Eddie Howe replaces Steve Bruce when it comes to the odds of relegation. Although fourteen games (all competitions) were still played and no wins, only six points out of a possible thirty-nine and six points behind the safety now, they (various bookmakers and the most popular prices) currently see the probability of relegation as 1/6 Norwich, 4 / 6 Newcastle United, Watford 10/11, Burnley 1/1, Leeds 4/1, Brentford 6/1, Southampton 8/1, Everton 10/1, Palace 11/1, Villa 14/1, Brighton 25/1, Wolves 25/1. For Newcastle United, however, they are still not far behind those like Watford and Burnley when they are rated in the relegation battle, 4/6 versus 10/11 and 1/1.


Is there a split coming between Russell Wilson and Seahawks?

Also the race for coach of the year, questions about Christian McCaffrey's contract, the race for NFC East and the sloppiness on Sunday. (Author: Gardener)

Russell WilsonThe theatricality of this week's college coaching carousel makes everything going on in the NFL seem pretty bland by comparison, though the names of Kliff Kingsbury and Urban Meyer have been interspersed so we don't feel left out. Monday night's loss to Washington, which left his team 3-8, virtually eliminated any hope the Seahawks had of making the postseason. This would only be the second time they miss the playoffs since Wilson was drafted. The focus is now on the question that lurked all season: is a breakup coming? Wilson expressed his frustration over the past off-season with the number of layoffs in his career, at which point his agent told ESPN that Wilson did not want to leave Seattle but also released a list of trade destinations he would accept. That summer, however, Wilson downplayed offseason posturing and focused on the 2021 season. But his week 5 finger injury turned the Seahawks' season upside down, not just for the time he'd missed, but because he'd been since after his hasty return from the operation no longer looked like himself. Despite insisting it wasn't a problem, even head coach Pete Carroll admitted after the defeat, "We miss a lot," the kind of throws Wilson doesn't usually miss. That's at the heart of the Seahawks' fighting in '21: that year they couldn't rely on Wilson to create some magic and mask other flaws. The Seahawks are starting to look more like a team heading for a major overhaul, but the first question that needs to be answered is: will these changes include a split from their 33-year-old quarterback? That might not sound like a surprise, but in three of the last four years the winner has been a new employee who turned his team inside out. However, the seven new signings this season have together made a 23-54 record. Only one, Brandon Staley of the 6-5 Chargers, currently leads a team with a track record. And four of the five worst teams in the league (by win-loss record) are led by head coaches in the first year. Our two top contenders: Matt LaFleur, who appears well on his way to a third straight double-digit win of the season despite injuries to many of his key players, including Aaron Rodgers (infamous little toe); and Bill Belichick, who hasn't won this award since 2010 (but has won three Super Bowls in that time!) 3. The Panthers renewed Christian McCaffery for being their best offensive player. News that McCaffery will be sidelined for the remainder of the season with an ankle injury, the fifth injury that has resulted in him missing time in the last two seasons, has led the team to make the team's decision to give him four years The award of 64 US dollars has been carefully checked for a million-dollar extension in 2020. Since then, he will have played a total of 10 games in the two seasons. But his importance as a player is only compounded by the impact his absence is likely to have on not only offense but the team's wildcard aspirations as well. But the decision Carolina made in year 20 is hard to make: McCaffrey hadn't missed time for an injury in his first three NFL seasons, and he ended a season 19 in which he was both rushing and rushing 1,000 yards had received. Also, Carolina was going through a QB transition at the time, cutting Cam Newton the same spring they signed McCaffrey to his renewal. The Panthers wanted McCaffrey to continue to be at the heart of their offense and ease the transition to their next QB. When McCaffrey '22 returns, everyone will see if this was just bad luck or the red flags for durability are real. At the start of this season, it looked like the Cowboys were running away with the division, avoiding our adorable December tradition for the past couple of seasons of keeping track of which NFC East team was making their way into a playoff spot. After starting 6-1, the Cowboys lost three of their last four games and dropped to 7-4. Now they have a COVID-19 outbreak on the team ahead of Thursday's New Orleans game. Dallas are still the clear favorites, but Washington (5-6) and Philadelphia (5-7) are not far behind, although the Eagles' chances were hurt with their loss to the Giants on Sunday. After the Saints game, four of the Cowboys' last five games are within the division, including two with Washington. The fifth game is against the 9-2 Cardinals. Also: Washington has five league games left and Philadelphia has four. It's almost like the planners set things up that way. 5. It was a sloppy football Sunday and we have the statistics to back it up. By "we" I mean Gary Gramling, reporting from his proprietary table that can accurately predict Super Bowl winners for the rest of this century (if he shares his results with us). Anyway, Gary's secret crunching of numbers generated this statistic that sums up Sunday's games: There have been 21 times this season where a team has flipped the ball more than four times in a game. Four of these happened on Sunday (five for the Colts; four each for the Ravens, Eagles, and Titans). • MMQB: Patriots turned the season around by staying on the way


Newcastle United fans agree with Alan Shearer on defensive concerns

Fans have said Alan Shearer was "tough" after the former Newcastle striker criticized the team's defense (Author: Gardener)

Alan ShearerAlan Shearer, whose criticism of Newcastle United's defense was welcomed by fans this week. Alan Shearer, whose criticism of Newcastle United's defense was welcomed by fans this week. Get the latest on the future of Newcastle United under Eddie Howe by signing up for our NUFC newsletter. Get the latest on the future of Newcastle United under Eddie Howe by signing up for our NUFC newsletter on The Defenders of Newcastle this week. Speaking to the BBC, former Newcastle United number nine criticized the team's defensive performance, suggesting that the players appear to be lacking in "the fundamentals of defense". He then pointed out that center-back Jamaal Lascelles and left-back Matt Ritchie are both suspended from today's game against Norwich City, a suspension Alan Shearer said could benefit Newcastle. He said: "Every time someone comes near their box, it scares me because they can't defend." They banned a couple of players for the Norwich game - left-back Matt Ritchie and center-back Jamaal Lascelles are both absent - but I don't find the way these two played badly bad. "This is how you watch Premier League football on Amazon Prime Video To access the upcoming games on Amazon, you need an Amazon Prime subscription. Subscriptions are available free of charge for the first 30 days. The subscription can also be canceled at any time. Amazon's first Premier League games will be every 10 games on Matchday 14 between Tuesday, November 30th and Thursday, December 2nd, Amazon Prime subscription day click here The overwhelming response to Shearer's comments on ChronicleLive Facebook page was praise for telling the "truth" and the agreement that the team could benefit from involving different players. "Always speaks the truth, just right! It's like having we defenders of the first division! ”Similarly, Gurmail Singh wrote:“ Recognize Alan !! Lee Dodd added: “I've always said that when Lascelles is injured or suspended, we always play better. He is NOT a leader, he seeks guidance. Shearer's awesome ... "Ritchie, playing full-back, was hard to watch, his crossing was deplorable." There were some fans who felt that Ritchie had faced a difficult task when asked to play out of position in an already shaky defense and begin the process of becoming a major force again under new ownership to become English football. However, if you sign up for our daily newsletter you will receive the latest news direct to your email via NUFC News, we will send it direct to you, along with regular recaps of the best Newcastle United content from the Football Desk at ChronicleLive. It's simple, FREE and takes seconds: click this link to get to our newsletter registration form. Enter your email address then scroll down to Sports - Newcastle United updates, tick this box, then click “Save Changes” and you are done. David Fawcett wrote: “Ritchie is not a left-back and should never play there. Play players in their correct positions. Look at Joelinton etc. Another fan agreed that it was a good opportunity to bring on left-back Jamal Lewis, who has fallen out of favor with Newcastle managers since signing Norwich, despite still playing for Northern Ireland. Su Cozie Ruggles wrote: “Howe can make Lewis the player he should be. You can read more comments on ChronicleLive's NUFC page here.


NFL Week 13 picks plus Priscos Power Rankings and a recap of Washington’s wild win over Seahawks

Here's everything you need to know about the NFL for November 30th (Author: Gardener)

NFLLANDOVER, MARYLAND - NOVEMBER 29: Taylor Heinicke # 4 of the Washington Football Team celebrates after defeating the Seattle Seahawks at FedExField on November 29, 2021 in Landover, Maryland. Today is the last day of November and I suspect some teams will be happy when it starts, like the Rams, Seahawks and Saints, all of whom did worse than the Detroit Lions over the month. If you're worse than the Lions at anything you should be automatically banned from the playoffs, but luckily it doesn't quite work that way for these teams even though the Saints and Seahawks eliminated themselves. One team that will likely be sad to see November go by is the WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM. Thanks to their 17-15 win over the Seahawks on Monday night, Washington became the ONLY team in the NFC to go undefeated in November. If you're wondering how they beat the Seahawks, that's what we're going to cover in today's newsletter. We also take a weekly look at Prisco's power rankings, and I've got some tips for you, so let's get to the overview. As always, here's your weekly reminder to encourage all of your friends to sign up for the Pick Six newsletter. The Seahawks quarterback turned 33 on Monday. After the game, Ryan Wilson, Will Brinson, and I got together to record a podcast about everything we saw in Washington's 17-15 win. Here are three key things from this game that we addressed during the podcast: * Washington's offense controlled the game. It's almost impossible to lose in the NFL by holding the ball for more than 40 minutes, but that almost happened to Washington in this game. The football team's offense was in total control for most of the game, and that was largely thanks to the fantastic performance of Antonio Gibson, who raced 111 yards with 29 carries. Washington's possession time was 41:25, the second-highest in franchise history in a non-overtime game. * Seahawk's offensive continues to fight. In his third game after finger surgery, Russell Wilson fought on. Despite being erratic and inaccurate for most of the night, Wilson led a dramatic final-minute comeback that ended with a 32-yard TD with Freddie Swain only 15 seconds to go. Wilson would, however, intercept the two-point conversion that brought Washington the victory, and that interruption was essentially an indication of his night. Before the final drive, Wilson had thrown only 161 yards in the game. Overall, the Seahawks' offensive looked mostly clumsy on one night in which it was canceled three times. This game had more team drama than almost any game in the NFL this week combined. The drama began in the second quarter after a McKissic touchdown. After the score, Washington's attempt at extra points was blocked and RETURNED by Seattle's Rasheem Green for two points. Instead of taking a 10-7 lead with the TD, the return of Green tied the game at nine. Washington not only missed the extra point, but also lost kicker Joey Slye for the night to an in-game injury. After Slye was out, Washington was forced to finish fourth while he was in the field goal range for the remainder of the game. On a fourth and one goal from Seattle's three-yard line, Washington should have scored a field goal to freeze the game, but it couldn't because Slye was injured. Instead, the team dropped to fourth place and failed by pitching Wilson's TD drive in the last minute. After the TD, the Seahawks needed a two-pointer to tie and the only reason they needed that was because Washington had to go to two after a TD in the second half due to Slye being out. The end of the game was even more dramatic, and that's because the Seahawks actually regained their onside kick after Seattle's late game, but it was recalled due to a sticky - but correct - illegal formation penalty against Seattle. Aside from these three things, we also seriously debated whether the Seahawks should blow it all up and start over. Click here to listen to tonight's episode and subscribe to the best daily NFL podcast. It took 13 weeks but I think Pete Prisco is actually starting to accept the fact that Patriots could be good. For the first time in the entire season, Prisco has placed New England in their top 5, and in one twist, placed them right behind Tom Brady's team. With that in mind, here's a look at the top five teams at Prisco starting in Week 13: * The biggest jump of the week went to the Las Vegas Raiders. After watching the Raiders upset the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, Prisco decided to reward them by moving them 10 places from 22nd to 12th place. I don't have the official records in front of me, but this could be the biggest jump in the history of Prisco's power rankings. The crazy thing is that this week, in fact, TWO teams went up 10 places. The Broncos also jumped 10 places from 24th to 14th after defeating the Chargers. * Two teams saw the biggest drops this week: the Chargers and Colts, both of whom lost six spots. On the flip side, if Colts fans were to want to email Pete Hassmail, I would totally understand, as it seems mean and wrong to lose Indy six spots for a narrow loss to the defending Super Bowl champions. * The biggest fall in the NFC went to the Rams, who fell five spots. After being dominated by the Packers, the Rams dropped from second to seventh place. If Pete had had a sense of humor, he would have lowered the rams to six in honor of all the picks Matthew Stafford threw. * Lions still come last on news that probably won't surprise you. If you want to know where your favorite team landed in Prisco's power rankings in Week 13, click here. If you would like to argue with Prisco about its rankings, you can do so on Twitter by clicking here. It's Tuesday and that can only mean one thing: it's time for my weekly picks. If you're going to ignore my tips today, I'm not going to blame you and that's because I went 7-8 last week. I practically transformed myself into the Rams: After a hot start, I completely fell apart in November. The Rams are glad November is over. With that in mind, here are three of my tips for week 13. * Dallas (-4.5) New Orleans: The Cowboys won't have Mike McCarthy in this game after testing positive for COVID-19, which may not be Bad thing. In addition to running the offense, Kellen Moore will have Dan Quinn as his interim coach, which is a good thing because no one hates the Saints more than Quinn, as they were his greatest rival during his time in Atlanta. Also, I should probably point out that the Cowboys dominated the NFC teams this year and the last time I checked the Saints were an NFC team. The Cowboys are 5-1 straight and 6-0 against the spread against NFC teams, and I don't dare go against any of those trends. SELECTION: Cowboys 24–17 on Saints. * Washington in Las Vegas (-2.5): In August, someone on Reddit was trying to predict the course of the Raiders season by predicting every game with a coin toss, YOUR GAMES. The coin says the Raiders are going to win this week and considering I pick 5-6 Raiders games this year I'm not really in a position to argue. SELECTION: Raiders 30-23 over Washington. Reid has a career record of 19-3 so it would be crazy to lose him here and I'm not crazy. The thing about the Chiefs is that it looks like they figured out what was wrong with them before parting, and now they've had two weeks to fine-tune things. SELECTION: Chiefs 30-17. To see the rest of my tips for week 13, click here. Every year in the NFL we see multiple coaches being laid off at the end of the season, and there's a good chance this year won't be any different. While we haven't seen any layoffs in the season this year (Jon Gruden has stepped down) it could still happen, and that's because a lot of guys are in the hot seat at week 13. With that in mind, here's a look at our hot seat rankings compiled by our Patrik Walker. If you want to know why Culley is at the top of the list, you have to click here so you can read Walker's full explanation of how he was ranked. Here's a look at who went down and what they've been up against: It's been 24 busy hours in the NFL, and since it's nearly impossible to keep track of everything that happened, I've put together a round-up for you. * Taysom Hill could start the Saints on Thursday. Hill took first-team reps in training on Monday, which could pave the way for him to start over Trevor Siemian, according to multiple reports. If Sean really liked Payton Hill, one might have thought he would have been named a starter after Jameis Winston was overthrown, but that wasn't the case. With Oklahoma apparently interested in Kingsbury, the Cardinals coach was asked several times on Monday about his possible interest. And each time Kingsbury refused to rule out the possibility of accepting the job. * Dan Quinn will serve as the cowboys' interim trainer. With Mike McCarthy out this week, the former Falcons coach will act as the Cowboys' coach against the Saints on Thursday. Quinn has trained against the Saints many times, which makes him a better option for this game than McCarthy. Trysten Hill was suspended for two games for throwing a punch at Raiders security guard John Simpson in Dallas after winning Thanksgiving Day in Las Vegas. Hill's suspension begins Thursday in New Orleans. * Hall of Famer Curley Culp dies at the age of 75. The defensive lineman spent 14 seasons in the NFL with three different teams (Chiefs, Oilers and Lions) and was dominant in almost every one of those seasons. Culp went to six Pro Bowls, was voted All-Pro four times, and finished runner-up in the 1975 Defensive Player of the Year Vikings Vikings, 23-7, 12-point underdog in Super Bowl IV.


Newcastle United v Norwich City, Premier League live

Newcastle United v Norwich City, Premier League live: Score and latest updates (Author: Gardener)

Norwich CityThis website uses cookies for analysis, personalized content and advertising. By continuing to surf this website, you consent to this use. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Sign up for the Front Page newsletter for free: your must-have guide to The Telegraph's daily program - delivered to your inbox seven days a week. 7:59 PM Fernandez gets away with one when Sargent almost sniffs out an intercept, but Lewis is rescuing his recently featured teammate. Schär then hits a ball miles across the field and miles away from any of his teammates. 07:57 PM Hanley would do well to force Willock to the sideline after the midfielder made a good run into the box. Willock would do well to bond with a teammate, however, but the attack fails when Norwich kick the free. 7:52 p.m. It was he who gave the ball away sloppily in the first place! Ciaran Clark is the last man to be sent off for a foul 🔴 # NEWNOR— Amazon Prime Video Sport (@primevideosport) 30 tee off Joelinton. The great Brazilian unleashed a first shot from distance, but it flies past Krul's goal. 07:50 PM PMA sloppy Willock touch with Newcastle seeing dangerous leads gives the ball to Aarons who gets on his bike! Aarons travels wonderfully in the field, throwing the ball in the void, chasing and Shelvey physically challenges him. It's a free kick against ... Newcastle? Without a doubt, Newcastle were in the lead before Clark sent the field. It took some momentum from the hosts' bungee, and the attack stalled slightly. Willock is expropriated after procrastination. McLean tries to praise the Newcastle defense to find Pukki but it's too much of it. Goal kick. 07:42 Gilmour hits a free kick and it takes a good save from Dúbravka to stop him. Due to the dismissal, Fernández comes to fill the gap in the back, with Ryan Fraser sacrificing the man. 19:41 Newcastle gets excited in the back and Pukki is clear in goal. Clark chases him back and cynically pulls him outside as the last man. A daunting task now for Newcastle. 07:40 PMRaser takes a corner for Newcastle and there is the most skillful flick on the near post, but Norwich clears. Even more optimism for the hosts! 07:37 PMShelvey again with a clean pass and finds Fraser on the edge of the Norwich box, connecting to Wilson. It's not far, but it's wide. 07:35 PM PMA A lively start for Newcastle too when a lofted Shelvey Ball found Fraser on the edge of the box. Norwich is climbing back well but the hosts are ready for it! 7:32 am Norwich gets us going and their opening probe forward is blown right up for a Newcastle litter. Manquillo replies to the hosts in the same way, burning his long ball in the path of Saint-Maximin, who was left in space. 7:30 p.m. Here we go and remember, only three clubs in Premier League history have ever won their first 14 games in a season, with all three suffering relegation this season. If Newcastle didn't win tonight it would be 2pm and 0. 7:24 pm We're five minutes away in St James' Park! Who is your money on? Will Newcastle start catching up tonight or will Norwich continue their (mini) purple patch under Dean Smith? 7:17 pm It's a big game. They will have a partisan audience looking for their first win of the season. It's no bigger than wolves on Saturday; it's 90 minutes so we're looking forward to it. It's not a six-pointer for Norwich at all. If we win tonight, we'll be three or four points behind 13th or something like that. 7:09 pm It is very important tonight that we involve the spectators in the game. It comes down to showing the right intention, showing all the basics for good performance, and then the audience will support us. It's a huge game for us, we are well aware of that. You have to win games to stay in this league. We have to win sooner rather than later. He evades the question of whether it will be a six-point match tonight. 6:59 PMLuke Edwards, our resident toon-related expert, had his stint at Newcastle United's current crop. A combination of wealthy owners and a dire league position means change is inevitable in Newcastle. Click here to learn more about how Newcastle's failed squad got a month to prove they deserve a future at the club. (Wijnaldum aside) Newcastle have been unbeaten since losing 2-0 in September 1988 since losing 2-0 in September 1988 in their last nine home league games against Norwich (7, 2, 2). Newcastle have lost six of their last eight weekday (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) games in the Premier League (W1 D1), including each of the last three played on a Tuesday. Norwich has never won a Premier League game on a Tuesday (U3, 11), only West Bromwich Albion played more games without a win in competition on a given day of the week (32 on Tuesday). Newcastle have conceded more goals this season than any other Premier League club (29) and have not won 13 matches so far. In Premier League history, only three clubs have ever won their first 14 in a season, with all three suffering relegation that season (Swindon 1993-94, QPR 2012-13 and Sheffield United 2020-21). This will be Newcastle's first home game in the Premier League if it comes from bottom of the table since October 2015. Norwich have scored seven points in the last three Premier League games (S2 U1), more than in the last 25 in the competition (S1 U3 U21). Most recently, in February 2013, they were four games without a loss in the first division. 2015-16 and 2016-17) and Teemu Pukki for Norwich 2019-20. 6:34 p.m. Three changes for Newcastle. Ciaran Clark and Jamal Lewis come for the suspended duo Jamaal Lascelles and Matt Ritchie, while Javier Manquillo also starts for Emil Krafth. Two changes for Norwich: Lukas Rupp and Christos Tzolis start. Two changes: Lukas Rupp and Christos Tzolis are in the starting line-up. Todd with a COVID problem. # NCFC | #NEWNOR— Norwich City FC (@NorwichCityFC) November 30, 2021 6:21 p.m. All smiles on the news from the Magpie Massive team should be with us around 6:30 p.m. Hello and welcome to Telegraph Sport's live coverage of the bottom-bottom game in the Premier League tonight, with Newcastle 20th at St Lascelles and Matt Ritchie for tonight's game with skipper Lascelles and full-back Ritchie Both of them received their fifth yellow card of the season in the 2-0 defeat at Arsenal on Saturday and therefore had to sit out. Striker Dwight Gayle, who could return to the Emirates Stadium with a thigh problem, leaving only defender Paul Dummett (calf) on the sidelines remain. Norwich has to do without the defensive midfielder Mathias Normann, who was substituted on Saturday with a pelvic problem against the Wolves and has to see a specialist about the longstanding problem. Lukas Rupp replaces Normann, so could start while Frenchman Pierre Lees-Melou is also pushing for a recall due to illness, while Christoph Zimmermann (ankle) continues his recovery and full-back Sam Byram (thigh) is nearing his return in trouble in January. Howe celebrated his 44th birthday on Monday by preparing his team for tonight's game against Norwich in the hope that on their 14th attempt they could win a Premier League game for the first time this season, while the club won six points behind the security sits at the end of the table. The Magpies' new Saudi-backed owners have announced they will invest heavily in the roster during their tenure, but Howe knows he cannot rely on purchasing power alone to maintain their top status during the winter transfer window pledged he replied, "I can't make promises about this, but I can promise that the people above me, the owners, will support the team and help me achieve what we achieve." ne ed. That's all I can say at this point. "I would be foolish to make rash promises or statements. My priority right now is to get the best out of the players we have."


Vinicius scores in Real Madrid's win over Sevilla

Check out the highlights when Real Madrid took off thanks to goals from Karim Benzema and Vinicius Jr. (Author: Gardener)

Real Madrid'sNote: There is no comment on this video. Available to UK users only.


Late Gray Stunner Help QPR Beat Derby

Substitute Andre Gray scores a stunning winner as QPR was defeated in derby form and climbs to third place in the championship. (Author: Gardener)

Late Gray Stunner HelpA stunning 90th-minute finish from substitute Andre Gray put the Queens Park Rangers in third place in the championship by beating a spirited Derby County. On a night of brilliant goals, Tom Lawrence Derby took the lead in the 10th minute before Chris Willock's volley equalized for the R five minutes into the second half. Ilias Chair and Yoann Barbet wasted excellent opportunities to put QPR in the lead on Grey's marvelous volley after Chair's header ricocheted off the post. The win - R boss Mark Warburton's 50th - lifts them to third place, seven points behind second-placed Bournemouth. Watched again by future new owner Chris Kirchner in a chilly Pride Park, the Rams got off to a brilliant start and came close to testing R goalkeeper Seny Dieng in the first 30 seconds when Graeme Shinnie's cross shot painfully dodged Lawrence's outstretched shoe. It wasn't long, however, before top scorer Lawrence, who with two goals led to Derby's gripping comeback win against Bournemouth in their last home game, showed his skills in front of goal with a brilliant finish and gave the Rams the lead on 10 minutes. Sent by Shinnie's beautiful center circle pass off QPR's high line of defense, Lawrence drove past Rob Dickie and Jimmy Dunne to kick the ball out of the box into the top right corner of the net to score his fifth goal of the season and 50th of his career. The R's promotion to the play-offs was fueled by an excellent run in November that won 10 points out of a possible 12, but despite a lot of possession, especially in the flanks, they fought for a clear cut chance in the first half hour. With eight minutes remaining in the first half, however, they should have equalized when Charlie Austin stood up unchallenged to parry Chair's precise free-kick from the right, but shot his header high over the bar. The home side's hopes of maintaining first-half momentum after the break were dashed in the 50th minute by a ruthless QPR counterattack after cheap derby sales when Chair released Austin on the left and his perfect cross with a splendid side foot in the top corner volleyed from a receding Willock. Scoring for the 31st straight game gave the visitors a boost and they came forward with a much greater threat. Chair should have put the R's in the lead in the last 20 minutes, but he headed Willock's cross from 12 yards. Barbet was then blocked at the near post by Roos when the ball fell on the French defender from a Willock corner on the corner of the six-yard box. QPR's confidence always indicated they would get another chance and Gray, who came on on 76th minute after a three-week injury break, delivered a top-quality finish. As Chair's header bounced off the post and slid over his shoulder, Gray controlled the ball on his right thigh with his back to the goal 10 meters from the goal, flicked it up with his right shoe and whipped the ball up into the upper one in one twist Corner past a helpless Roos. “We left ourselves in the lurch with a soft goal in the first half and had to improve it in the second half, and we did.” The finals showed quality. "We had absolute respect for Derby, who got a great result against Bournemouth and kept zero against Fulham. We had a tough challenge tonight and I think we did that." Foot. "We scored the goal and fell behind too quickly, didn't really get the press to work on it.


Real Madrid remain "optimistic" amid Chelsea deal uncertainty over Antonio Rudiger transfer

Real Madrid are reportedly still optimistic about signing Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger on a free transfer next summer. (Author: Gardener)

Antonio RudigerReal Madrid are reportedly still optimistic about signing Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger on a free transfer next summer. Real Madrid are reportedly still optimistic about signing Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger on a free transfer next summer. The 28-year-old has yet to sign a new contract at Stamford Bridge and will be able to speak to foreign clubs in January about a free transfer from Chelsea at the end of the season. According to the Spanish journalist Mario Cortegana on the MadridZone, Los Blancos are "very optimistic" about signing Rüdiger free of charge in the summer. This comes after reports that Rudiger "intends" to leave Chelsea after his contract expires. However, Thomas Tuchel revealed that he is hoping for a happy ending in the contract negotiations with the German defender. "He's totally committed to Chelsea at the moment and I'm absolutely sure that he can feel the trust, respect and love of the club and the crowd. He's in the most competitive league and in a club that is tough Winning matters, so let's be a little patient and "Hopefully we have a happy ending."


Punjabi Rams from Derby County land FSA fans for the Diversity Award while Navin Singh is on joining the FA. prepared

South Asians in Football Summary: Punjabi Rams from Derby Counties win prestigious Fans for Diversity Award; Scott Sellars, Wolves technical director, says Kam Kandola is a great role model after the 17-year-old Pen's first professional deal; Navin Singh is moving to the Football Association as Commercial Director (Author: Gardener)

Punjabi RamsThe Punjabi Rams were crowned winners of the Fans for Diversity Awards at the Football Supporters' Association Awards 2021 in London on Monday evening. The group, which is an official Derby County fan club, received the award ahead of AFC Autism, Apna England, Lady Imps, Love Football Hate Racism, and Pride in Football. The group also backed the Derby County's Food Bank appeal earlier this year and launched a free ticket campaign to bring low-income children and families to Pride Park. Earlier this month, Sky Sports News exclusively announced on Diwali that the Punjabi Rams are expanding their commitment to Derby County's women's team by stepping in to become a shirt-sleeve sponsor for the team. Punjabi Rams member Jay Mann told Sky Sports News, “This is an incredible achievement for us as a group and testament to the fantastic support the club and Derby County's fans have shown us from the Highland League through to Fort William End of the season with an option for another year. Iftikhar, who was born in Preston, has a UEFA A license as a coach and worked as an opponent scout for Roberto Martinez during the Belgian Euro 2020 to play home games in Claggan, I promise one thing: I will work as hard as possible to help the club, To give the fans and the city something to be proud of. "Wolves Technical Director Scott Sellars insists that Kam Kandola has a bright future in football after the 17-year-old got his first senior football deal on paper Center-back Kandola has spent the past decade at home club Wolves and is now the fifth professionally signed British South Asian Premier League player, alongside Hamza Choudhury from Leicester, Dilan Markanday from Tottenham, Zidane Iqbal from Manchester United and Arjan Raikhy from Aston Villa in England's top division. "Kam is a great representative of the South Asian community in Wolverhampton," see p agte Sellars. “There is a real shortage of players with this background in football in general, but we want our club to reflect our local community” because he has done a lot of work to tell his story and what it was like for him to get there , where he is. The football association has appointed Navin Singh as its new commercial director. Singh will begin his new role in early 2022 after serving the last five years as the United States Golf Association's chief commercial officer. "It is a great honor to join the football association," said Singh. "I look forward to working with my new colleagues and our key retail partners to support the FA's ambitious new strategic vision - from helping our teams succeed in major tournaments to building our direct relationships with fans of the enthusiasm of the commitment." for women's football and wish to add to the considerable work that is being done to take it to the next level. "England face the prospect of missing Manchester United teen Zidane Iqbal, with Iraqi football bosses eager to provide the services of teenagers internationally, as Sky Sports News can reveal: Manchester-born Iqbal is eligible to represent England, Iraq and Pakistan but has yet to be called up to an English age group squad despite having been for more than a decade at United and has established himself as a regular member of the U23 squad. The 18-year-old scored in the EFL Trophy for the club's youngsters against Sunderland last month and then scored United ner's goal in a 4-2 UEFA Youth League win against Italian club Atalanta. For more stories, features and videos, visit our groundbreaking South Asians in Football page on and keep up to date with Sky Sports News and our Sky Sports digital platforms.