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Leeds United are close to signing Brenden Aaronson

Leeds United USMNT star Brenden Aaronson is reportedly set to secure a £28million deal when Jesse Marsch begins his rebuild at Elland Road. (Author: Gardener)

Leeds UnitedLeeds United complete the £28million signing of Brenden Aaronson after they avoided relegation on the final day of the Premier League season, according to transfer expert Fabrizio Romano. After a thrilling final day of Premier League action on Sunday, Jesse Marsch's men guaranteed survival. The order was easy to come into play - Leeds needed to improve on Burnley's result against Newcastle but they had to wait until the very last moment. Now it appears the Leeds hierarchy is wasting no time and is keen to make their mark in the transfer window by bolstering their exhausted squad with the signing of playmaker Aaronson, 21, who was the subject of two failed January bids. Leeds finalize deal with Brenden Aaronson, things are about to kick off. Full deal reached with RB Salzburg and paperwork to be prepared soon, deal worth £28m, as reported yesterday. The Premier League club had two rejected offers for the Red Bull Salzburg man, a £15m offer followed by a better offer of around £20m towards the end of the winter window. However, Leeds director of football Victor Orta was determined to sign the talented midfielder and traveled to Austria for transfer talks with Salzburg officials, while Marsch's appointment seemed to improve the chances of such a deal. It is now understood that a summer deal has been agreed between the clubs for some time, while personal terms have also been agreed with the player, but their relegation situation proved a major obstacle. And with that out of the way, Leeds are likely to act quickly and reach an agreement in the coming days, with an official announcement expected in the next few days. Leeds striking a deal to sign Aaronson early in the summer window is an excellent deal as it gives them an edge over their rivals. The 21-year-old forward has certainly had an impressive season, making 41 appearances, including six goals and ten assists. He's also featured in eight Champions League games this season, so he's got a lot of experience for someone his age. Aaronson's arrival will add energy and dynamism to Marsch's midfield, while his strong American relationship with the former Salzburg head coach will further help him adjust to the demands of the Premier League. But with some smart deals and exciting talent like Joe Gelhardt coming through their production line, Leeds could take a potential hit.


Monkeypox could have been circulating in the UK for years, scientists say

Confirmed cases of outbreaks in the UK rise to 78 and experts say the virus may have been spreading unnoticed for some time (Author: Gardener)

UKPublic health officials have confirmed seven more cases of monkeypox in England, bringing the UK total to 78, as scientists said the virus may have been circulating unnoticed for several years. The sudden surge in monkeypox, usually found in west and central Africa, has been recorded in at least 20 countries over the past month, with more than 200 cases confirmed and dozens more under investigation. It is the first time the disease has spread in the community outside of Africa, with all previous cases having been linked to travel to regions where the virus is endemic or to imported animals harboring the virus. Most confirmed cases are in the UK, where health protection teams are isolating people who have tested positive and their closest contacts, and offering smallpox vaccines, which protect against monkeypox. As efforts to contain the outbreak continue, scientists are working to understand how the disease was able to flare up in so many countries in such a short time. Many suspect that monkeypox circulated undetected in the UK or Europe at low levels for several years before reaching the MSM community and flaring up. Prof David Heymann, chair of a World Health Organization expert group on infection threats to global health, said it was possible the virus made its way into the UK two or three years ago and spread under the radar. Four confirmed cases of monkeypox arrived in the UK between 2018 and 2019, all recently arrived from Nigeria. Three more cases with a similar travel history were added in 2021. "It could be hypothetical that virus transmission increased from this low level of transmission as it happened to enter the population that is currently increasing transmission," Heymann said. Genetic studies of monkeypox virus taken from people in the current outbreak show close resemblance to the virus that made its way from Africa to the UK, Israel and Singapore in 2018 and 2019. They also carry mutations that may have arisen when the virus was circulating at low levels at the time. While the UK's first official case of 2022 arrived on May 4 from Nigeria, the virus was already in the country. On May 14, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) released images of monkeypox and doctors at sexual health clinics found some of their patients could have the disease. "This could be a virus that has been circulating undetected for quite some time," said Prof Marc Van Ranst, a virologist at the University of Leuven in Belgium. "We know that chronic infection is not a plausible scenario, and that means there was a chain of transmission events that appeared to go unnoticed," Van Ranst said. Asked whether the outbreak might not have come to light had sexual health clinics not been alarmed by the first case in the UK, Van Ranst said: "It's entirely possible." Prof Oyewale Tomori, a virologist and Nigerian government adviser said more studies are needed to understand what is happening. "Maybe it quietly spread within the community until we had this flare up after some of the behavior changes that we saw," he said. “If someone had a rash in any part of Europe between 2019 and 2020, they won't think of monkeypox, they will think of other diseases that cause a rash. I think the reinforcement came where many people gather with very close contact.


Music, art and festivals remind us that there is nothing monolithic about Muslim communities

In the West in particular, there is a widespread impression that Islam is an "Arab faith" because it goes back to the message of an Arab prophet and its basic texts are written in Arabic. But that's a fairly modern conceit. Islam looks and sounds very different depending on where you are. (Author: Gardener)

MuslimEid al-Fitr, the "little Eid" that marks the end of Ramadan, was earlier this month. The "great Eid", Eid al-Adha, in honor of Prophet Abraham and his son, lasts four days and will take place in a few months. These are both key festivals of the Muslim calendar, marked by praising the greatness of God and visiting family. But while there are certain celebrations prescribed in the texts of Islam on these days, the ways in which the celebrations are conducted are varied and varied - teaching us a lesson about the need to embrace culture in Muslim societies create. Islam has historically proved culture-friendly and has been likened to a crystal clear river in this regard. Its water (Islam) is pure, sweet and life-giving, but - without color of its own - reflects the bedrock (indigenous culture) over which it flows. The continued cultural relevance to different peoples, different places and different times underlies Islam's long success as a global civilization. Such a "cultural imperative" means, so to speak, that during Eid celebrations, Muslims generally sing the same things around the world - praising God's greatness, giving thanks to the Divine, proclaiming the oneness of God and sending blessings on the Prophet. But the tone of the celebrations, for example in Ukraine, is reminiscent of the long history of Islam in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly through the presence of the Tatar community in Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland and Belarus. The melodies, sounds and harmonies of Muslim celebrations spanning Russia, the Caucasus and Turkey vary, but each variation reflects something of the geographical origins of the believers themselves. We should expect nothing less from such a multicultural faith. In the West in particular, there is a widespread impression that Islam is an “Arab faith” that goes back to the message of an Arab prophet and that its basic texts are written in Arabic. Islam looks and sounds different depending on where you are. For example, this compilation offers a taste of how praying for the last prophet of Islam sounds different in different nations and regions - from South Africa to Senegal, from China to Cameroon, from Egypt to England. Even the chants will reflect specific ethnicities and stories. Muslims in South Africa, for example, are a minority community, albeit one with a long history. Their way of worship has a distinctive style that sounds similar to hymns. They may all say the same thing; they all sing from the same "singing sheet" - but the humming, the intonations, the sound itself is all so different. But we don't only find such remarkable variations in the sound. Bayt al-Fann (meaning "abode of art") is a digital platform created last year by a collective of artists who hope to showcase the range of artistic expression based on Islamic motifs. There are some common themes - notably the reliance on geometric shapes - but the variety of modes through which these themes are expressed is truly astounding. In a relatively short period of time, their online presence has attracted a large following, apparently reflecting a willingness to see Islamic civilization not as monolithic - whether past or present - but as an assemblage of diverse expressions. One of her most beautiful presentations shows the place of cats - yes, cats - in Muslim societies in an incredibly aesthetically pleasing way. Cats are revered animals in Islam and are considered the quintessential pet. It's #Caturday and to celebrate the start of the weekend, here are 15 incredible photos of cats, mosques and prayer rugs. The sheer range of Muslim cultural expressions is perhaps best appreciated during the major festivals and rituals of Islam. Eid al-Fitr has just passed, and Hajj is soon approaching, when members of hundreds of nationalities and ethnic groups will come to Western Arabia to perform their ritual pilgrimage, all dressed in simple white robes. Eid al-Adha will then coincide with the end of the Hajj, and these pilgrims will dress in their own national attire - from Scottish tweed to Senegalese boubous, from Moroccan jellabas to Malaysian baju kurung, and everything in between. A. Hellyer is a Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Fellow and a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge.


Debuting at Question Time, Vettel proved critics wrong on all fronts

The German made himself and Formula 1 proud... (Author: Gardener)

Question TimeMany raised eyebrows or rolled their eyes when Sebastian Vettel's Question Time appearance was announced - it proved them all wrong. In recent years, the German has been much more vocal on non-racing issues close to his heart, like protecting LQBTQ rights and tackling the climate crisis. However, others, both inside and outside the Formula 1 world, have criticized the Aston Martin man for his ever-growing activism and were therefore not too pleased when it was revealed that he was on Question Time, a British political show in the panel of panelists will answer questions posed by a live audience. However, not only did he survive and debunk claims that he was way over his head, he thrived on his debut. Fiona Bruce - "I want to tell you where we're going to be next week. We will be in Hackney, London, where we will be joined by Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel. Vettel's invitation to the show would have confused at best and angered at worst than his profession most of those who don't follow Formula 1 and therefore know little about him. After all, he's a wealthy German superstar who travels the world driving fast cars to make a living. What is his place in a show like this? He was eloquent and engaging throughout the show, being extremely knowledgeable on most subjects presented to him and fully acknowledging when he wasn't, being careful not to express opinions on things about which he didn't know much. Such knowledge was evident when the climate was discussed; Instead of making vague comments about how the world needs to tackle global warming, he was clear and detailed about what he felt needed to be done in the future and offered concrete solutions. "We have to stop being dependent [on fossil fuels] and we can because there are solutions," he said. In recent years, some have urged him to stay in Formula 1 because that seems to be the only thing he might know about as an F1 driver. It was never a particularly strong argument in the first place, but he's really debunked it now. Far fairer criticism thrown at him than lack of knowledge is hypocrisy, and he did not duck such accusations when confronted with them on Thursday night. I'm in a good mood, but not at all surprised. When presenter Fiona Bruce asked him if his job made him a hypocrite, rather than beating around the question or denying the allegation, he gave a refreshingly honest and direct response. "You're right when you laugh because there are questions I ask myself every day. I am not a saint. I wonder that.” “Yes,” he added, when asked if he was referring to being an F1 driver, “and traveling the world.” “I mean, it's my passion to drive a car. I love it and every time I get in the car. “Of course when I get out of the car I also think, should we do that, travel the world, waste resources.” Many will say that if they don't like the fact that the sport is damaging to the environment, then they should just do it and end his riding days sooner rather than later. However, as evidenced by his passionate defense immediately following the above comments outlining his importance in society, he clearly cares too much about Formula 1 to turn his back on it. After all, although he is a driver, he is also a fan; It's his job, but it's also his hobby. This is a man who could name the title winner of every single season - nobody loves it more than him. That love and his desire to tackle the climate crisis has caught him between a rock and a hard place where he's being criticized from both sides. The quick and obvious solution to this dilemma would be to walk away from Formula 1, but it's clear he'd rather stay in such a difficult position and try to help the sport become greener than take the easy way out Select . It will undoubtedly need to do so in the future, and in Vettel, with his knowledge and passion, he could not ask for a better helping hand and ambassador.


Katie Price pleads guilty to violating the restraining order and faces the possibility of jail time.

Katie Price admitted she sent the "disgusting and nasty" message to ex-husband Kieran Hayler's fiancee Michelle Penticost in a U-turn after previously denying the claims. (Author: Gardener)

Katie PriceKatie Price pleads guilty to violating restraining order and faces possible jail time Get the latest Scottish crime and court news straight to your inbox with our daily Criminal Record newsletterSomething went wrong, please try again later. Thank you for subscribing!We have more newsletterShow meKatie Price has pleaded guilty to violating a restraining order after she sent ex Kieran Hayler a foul-mouthed tirade about his fiancee. The mother-of-five admitted she sent the "disgusting and nasty" message to Michelle Penticost in a U-turn after previously denying the claims. The 44-year-old arrived at Lewes Crown Court hand-in-hand with his fiancé, Carl Woods, to attend the formal pleading. Judge Stephen Mooney, who reached out to Katie and her lawyer after the argument, warned she was "at risk of going to jail" after admitting to breaching a restraining order. And he continued: "That means you face a prison sentence." She is scheduled to return to court for sentencing on June 24. Today the former glamor model stunned the court with her about-face after previously pleading not guilty to the charges. Last month, Katie opted for a Crown Court trial, which would have a higher sentence and a jury trial, when she appeared in Crawley Magistrates' Court. District Judge Amanda Kelly previously warned her that if she is convicted, she faces "great risk" of going to jail. She faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison. Katie Price made the shocking claims about Kieran on Instagram. The ex-glamor model wrote to Kieran, "Tell your c******-w***e piece of shit girlfriend not to start dating me." She has a restraining order so she shouldn't trying to piss me off since she's going against her and I'm sure she doesn't want people to know that she was having an affair with you behind my back. Katie is already serving a 16-week suspended sentence for drunk driving after overturning her BMW in a horrific crash last year. Two months later, they married on January 16, 2013 in the Bahamas after Kieran proposed. Get the latest celebrity gossip and TV news straight to your inbox.