Arsenal's new America goalkeeper vows to push Aaron Ramsdale for No 1 shirt

Turner agreed to join Arsenal from New England Revolution back in February; the US international has played in MLS ever since; The 28-year-old will complete his move following his medical next Wednesday (Author: Gardener)

AmericaNew Arsenal goalkeeper Matt Turner admits he was signed by Mikel Arteta to replace Aaron Ramsdale but vows to push the England international to the max. The New England Revolution shotstopper agreed to a move to the Gunners back in February but has spent the last few months playing for his MLS side. The America international is due to report for duty at Arsenal next Wednesday where he will complete his medical and finalize the move but will accept his role as Ramsdale's understudy for the upcoming season. Asked about the perception of him playing a backup role at Emirates Stadium, Turner told Sky Sports News: "I can see why they would take it that way. Aaron had a great season for Arsenal and played well all year. "We talked a bit," Turner said when asked if he'd spoken to Gunners boss Mikel Arteta. not much Premier League experience - but national team experience, league experience and playing in pressured environments. One of Ramsdale's greatest strengths is his ability to play the ball with his feet from behind, a skill that Turner isn't entirely fluent in - but the American admits his work with the United States national team has made him better in its distribution will . When asked if he would like to play full-back at Arsenal, he said: "The DNA of this team is definitely based on possession and I think that's what they're going to expect from me when I come on the pitch. That's me connecting a few more passes, reading the game better, and understanding how I'm a lot better at hurting teams." In New England, we don't play that [passing] style, but when I go with the national team, we do das. When I'm in the national team for a longer period of time, I read the game better and play more passes. Turner's arrival in north London next week could be part of a busy few days for the club. Arsenal are on the verge of announcing the signing of FC Porto midfielder Fabio Vieira for £34million - and are optimistic about signing Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus at a £50million valuation. The Gunners also have youthful Brazilian winger Marquinhos from Sao Paulo for 3m other new faces who may be set to join him at the Emirates. "I have high expectations, this is a club that invests heavily in some player transfers and I'm someone who wants to win," he added. Porto confirmed the deal to sell midfielder Vieira to Arsenal for £34million including add-ons in a statement on Friday. Vieira will add more creative talent to Arsenal's ranks as the highly-rated midfielder hit a league-high with 14 assists in the 2021/22 Primera Liga campaign. Arsenal are yet to announce the signing but Vieira is said to have been in north London for a medical on Thursday. Since then, the Gunners have cooled their interest in Youri Tielemans, making it more likely that the Belgium midfielder will sign a one-year contract extension at Leicester. Meanwhile, Arsenal are "cautiously optimistic" about getting a deal over the line for Manchester City's Gabriel Jesus. The north London club have worked with striker's representative Marcello Pettinati for almost six months to ensure they are in pole position to recruit him from the Premier League champions this summer. Arsenal kick off their 2022/23 Premier League season on August 5 at Crystal Palace, live on Friday Night Football. Mikel Arteta's side, who finished fifth in the Premier League last season, will host Leicester City on August 13 before traveling to newly promoted Bournemouth on August 20. The Gunners' first North London derby takes place on October 1 at the Emirates Stadium. while the second leg takes place at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on January 14 at the start of the new year. Arsenal's last game before the season break for the Winter World Cup takes place on the weekend of 12/13. November at the Wolves. They will then return to action on Boxing Day entertaining West Ham. The last day of the Premier League season is May 28, when Arsenal will complete their season at home against Wolves.


"Liam Gallagher at Knebworth proved I'm not too old to live forever"

Whilst I try to fool myself that I can outstrip the advancing years, there is a rapidly growing list of activities that I feel I am no longer capable of... (Author: Gardener)

Liam GallagherVirtual ticket in hand, I found age-stifled spontaneity and replaced it with preparation when I brought my mini backpack stuffed with a phone charger, snacks, sunglasses, a sun hat, a jacket, and spare vape batteries. Virtual ticket in hand, I found age-stifled spontaneity and replaced it with preparation when I brought my mini backpack stuffed with a phone charger, snacks, sunglasses, a sun hat, a jacket, and spare vape batteries. Packed and strapped in, I finally reached the front gate about two hours after embarking on the 10-mile journey. Packed and strapped in, I finally reached the front gate about two hours after embarking on the 10-mile journey. A gloriously sunny day was getting better an hour later when I finally managed to find my 'gig gang', although phone reception was non-existent except outside the men's toilets, which smelled of a dirty Strangeways protest even at this early stage. We sat and chatted, all hoping someone else would be in the saddle for a spin, as they disappeared on a one-hour round trip, only to return with warm, underwhelming £50 worth of liquor sold in thin cups that proved to be as durable as McDonald's paper straws. Read more: The little-known rule in the Highway Code that applies to dog walkers Surveying the scene as the crowd swelled to 80,000 was a sight to behold as the 90% middle-aged males struggled to fit into their retro bucket Hats and Adidas t-shirts to squeezing shirts. Just before Paulo Nutini took the stage to prove why he is one of today's most underrated singer-songwriters, the air was cut short by the boy from Burnage arriving in a helicopter, although I can't say if he was doing it with a doctor, accompanied by his mother and his girlfriend/manager. Kasabian, with a new lead singer, rocked to the rafters as the drink flowed and then began being thrown along with urine cups. So as I stood there sweltering in a raincoat with the hood pulled up to avoid the last spontaneous golden rain from up there, I realized that attending events like this isn't just about the music. As a huge Oasis fan and having watched them when I was young, it was about the characters and incidents that sadistically brought a smile to my face. The toilets, on the other hand, were a disgrace as the outdoor urinals overflowed and formed makeshift rivers. I was "prompted" twice: once by a drunk unit who told me I looked like an "undercover cop" and another who insisted on a selfie believing I was the '90s singer "Moby." “. In good spirits we then met the sex pest who felt the need to open up her little guy and show everyone, despite the unanimous condemnation of both male and female gigsters. Not wanting to miss Liam's set by taking another lap, we headed onto a quickly crowded lawn and were impressed to find that he showed up on stage, dressed all in white, on time to perform his Oasis Knebworth Recreate yesterday's look. He opened it aptly with "Hello," belting out Oasis bangers after bangers as the crowd banged. There was surprisingly little swearing or emotion from the man, and the feeling was that he understandably wanted to get through it without incident as the atmosphere bubbled and rose to a crescendo. Undoubtedly, and it was a seminal moment in music history that his older, arguably more talented, brother will no doubt look back on angrily despite missing several tricks (where were the giant inflatable soccer balls?) despite coming home with the arrival of John Squire from Stone Roses for the long goodbye to Champagne Supernova. From the enthusiasm of the gig everyone was brought down to earth by the inability of the organizers, despite having a quarter of a century to plan the smooth transition of 80000 off-site to plan effectively. We were herded like cattle through obscure lanes as many tripped over bollards and potholes before being taken from the pickup points for miles past closed roads before reaching Stevenage train station, although our lift was in a Tesco car park a few miles away in waiting near Knebworth. Even an overtly aggressive security team outside the station couldn't put a negative tone on this otherwise biblical evening as I proved there was some life in the old dog as for a few brief hours I felt like I could live forever.


The worst era of WWE RAW

The stretch of WWE Raw, which had a revolving door featuring celebrity guest presenters, is definitely the worst era in the show's history. (Author: Gardener)

WWE RAWMonday Night Raw has gone through some really brutal periods. The show has provided wrestling fans with a wealth of epic memories, but at the same time, there's quite a lot to roll your eyes at. To summarize the story a bit, the first episode of RAW aired on November 1st, 1993 and revolutionized the industry as it was a completely different concept that was shot and broadcast in real-time with viewers. Unfortunately, the novelty quickly wore off and WWE continued to bore their fanbase with basic storytelling and simple characters. This lasted until the mid-1990s, but the company switched to a more adult-oriented programming to compete with WCW. RELATED: The first 10 episodes of WWE Raw, from worst to best RAW is WAR was truly the pinnacle of entertainment and this lasted until 2001, the same year that the storied Attitude era came to an end. Since then, Monday Night RAW has had its ups and downs, but nothing will quite match the innkeeper era that unleashed on us all from June 29th, 2009 to June 14th, 2010. For a whole year, wrestling fans had a restaurateur, most of whom wasn't even a wrestling fan, shoving their throats off every week, and when there was something to promote, it was doubly bad. In the land of kayfabe, Donald Trump brought RAW by Vince McMahon. This was announced in the 7/15/2009 episode of RAW. McMahon was initially happy with the deal, but upon learning that Trump was planning to make RAW ad-free, Vinny Mac returned straight to the negotiating table and acquired RAW at double the original price. Trump returned the show to McMahon, but there was a small caveat to the deal. Trump revealed that it's mandatory for a celebrity guest host to headline the show. Yes, said innkeeper had the authority of a general manager and the roller coaster began. The first guest presenter was Dave Batista. Batista booked Orton in a Gauntlet match for a revenge and the show went decently. The second guest presenter was WWE Legend, Ted Dibiase and fans welcomed him with open arms. Jackman punched Ziggler squarely in the jaw, which actually added to the program, but more importantly, the man was a certified pro wrestling fan when he looked dizzy in the ring. Mark Cuban was a self-confessed wrestling fan and took part in the debate between Sheamus and John Cena. At the very end, Cuban actually got a good push when Sheamus sent him through the table. Cuban was visibly excited to be a part of the programming and he sold the bump like a pro. Much like Hugh Jackman, he took business seriously and acted accordingly. Which brings us to the main problem of the era: most innkeepers knew nothing about pro wrestling. This led to disappointing and often chilling skits that were horrifying as fans could clearly understand their general manager had no interest in pro wrestling for the week. Most of them were there to sell a product and look good on TV, but the company insisted on booking them in segments against the wrestlers, and this was often at the expense of the athlete rather than the innkeeper. RELATED: Raw's First 10 Years, Ranked Worst to Best Chavo Guerrero was a punching bag during that horrific era. Yes, Hugh Jackman punched Ziggler in the mouth, but for once the company actually went through with sane booking and Jackman only landed the punch when Ziggler faced Zack Ryder. Meanwhile, Gurrero and the other Low Heels were buried in favor of better known figures who would never appear on RAW again. The majority of general managers followed this pattern and it was an insult to wrestling fans who could see through the false enthusiasm from a mile away. The company has been content with increasing its guest popularity, but to no surprise the ratings have been in a steady downward spiral and this is the point where a number of fans have just moved away from pro wrestling in general. By mid-2010, WWE was slowly phasing out this concept, but from time to time they would announce a guest presenter just to troll their viewers. The RAW hosts era was hell on earth for WWE fans.


Bitcoin price falls below $20,000 for the first time since 2020

Cryptocurrency values ​​continue to fall as rising interest rates and other challenges loom. (Author: Gardener)

20,000Cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, have plummeted lately, and the Federal Reserve's move to raise interest rates is expected to push prices even lower. Bitcoin fell below $20,000 on Saturday for the first time since December 2020, suggesting a decline in cryptocurrency values ​​is accelerating with no end in sight. The price of the leading crypto coin hit $17,787 late Saturday afternoon, down 14 percent for the day and more than 35 percent since last weekend. Cryptocoin values ​​fell throughout the week amid a variety of challenges for the sector. Those issues include the firing of 18 percent of employees at trading platform Coinbase, crypto bank Celsius saying it is pausing withdrawals, challenges to a hedge fund called Three Arrows Capital (3AC), a broader stock market decline and a decision by the Fed to increase this week interest rates to curb skyrocketing inflation. Bitcoin's decline is important not only as a guide, but also because it tends to trigger other selloffs across the market -- investors lose confidence and want to stem losses when the coins they hold fall in value. The price of Ethereum, another popular cryptocurrency, fell below $1,000 on Saturday for the first time since January 2021, following a similar drop to Bitcoin. Ethereum is down more than 10 percent in the last day and 40 percent in the past week. The price of Bitcoin was as low as $6,000 in late March 2020, at the start of the pandemic, before starting a rally. Last November, Bitcoin had surpassed $61,000. However, it has steadily declined since then, with experts saying the decline is likely to continue in the near future. That hike — the Fed raised interest rates by three-quarters of a percentage point on Wednesday, the largest single jump in 28 years — has left a powerful impact on crypto given how many of the sector's investors are leveraged. “Borrowing has been very important for anyone participating in the crypto market,” Xu wrote. The crypto world is also highly interdependent, as investment companies often hold positions in each other, compounding the effect of a slowdown. 3AC, which many crypto startups rely on for investments, took a hit for investing hundreds of millions of dollars in Luna. This isn't Bitcoin's first price roller coaster. In 2018, a sell-off known as “crypto winter” took the price down from $14,000 at the start of the year to just under $3,000 by the end of the year. Given the economic uncertainty and the lack of long historical patterns, expert predictions of where the bottom for Bitcoin will be this time have been all over the map. But today many more people are investing in cryptocurrency than four years ago when it was largely a niche investment. A Pew study last year found that up to 16 percent of Americans owned cryptocurrency at some point.


Ezra Miller is axed from DCEU after starring in The Flash

Warner Bros. is reportedly not planning to work with Ezra Miller, 29, again after The Flash, but the studio still plans to release the film with them in it, despite a slew of new allegations. (Author: Gardener)

Ezra MillerWarner Brothers and DC appear to be done with Ezra Miller, but they're not completely parting ways with the troubled actor. On Saturday, Deadline reported that Miller - who identifies as non-binary and uses she/them pronouns - has been dropped from more DC projects, though the studio so far plans to release The Flash starring them. The news that the studio is only partially cutting ties with the troubled 29-year-old actor comes after they were handed a restraining order over allegations they rubbed shoulders with a non-binary 12-year-old and the The teenager's mother then threatened her with a gun and accused her of cultural appropriation. Miller likely won't be in any future DC superhero movies after the Flash is released, although it's unclear if the studio will try to stay away from this character or simply recast her. The actor was formed to help run the DCEU after Ben Affleck retired from the role of Batman and the second Wonder Woman film underperformed and received poor reviews compared to previous entries. In The Flash, both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will return as different versions of Batman, Warner Bros. So it's possible there won't be any more allegations or revelations about Miller's behavior towards children and young people, but either way he's probably done at DC. According to Deadline, "sources say even if no further allegations surface, the studio is unlikely to keep Miller in the Flash role in future DC films. That would mean replacing him in the future, but there's still a $200 million investment at stake with the first film, and Warner Bros executives cringe at every new press release. "There is no profit for Warner Bros," they said. Earlier this week, Miller was hit with a new restraining order over allegations the star rubbed up against a non-binary 12-year-old and threatened the teen's mother with a gun after accusing her of cultural appropriation. Miller is facing a temporary anti-harassment order from the unidentified Massachusetts child and his mother for allegedly inappropriate behavior. They reportedly showed up to see the child and his mother in a bulletproof vest and berated the mother for using the word "tribe" to describe their friendship group, claiming it was an example of cultural appropriation . The actor - whose current whereabouts are unknown - also took offense that they played the board game Parcheesi, saying it was steeped in Rastafarian culture. Grilled for more information by a Rastafarian woman in attendance, Miller is said to have opened an article of clothing to reveal a weapon before making a chilling threat. The actor reportedly continued to push back on the non-binary child, even offering to buy horses so the boy could visit Miller's ranch in Vermont, startling the child's relatives. During the encounter, Miller reportedly had dilated pupils, leading to suspicions that the performer was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The latest drama also comes amid allegations that Miller "groomed" and then "brainwashed" a now 18-year-old from South Dakota. It appears they have at least acted oddly towards the 12-year-old, including promising to buy them several horses. The Massachusetts case dates from early February, when Miller — who owns a ranch in Stamford, Vermont, about 40 miles from the greenfield home of the family in question — was present at a neighbor's home, according to The Daily Beast, telling the story with confirmed photos and texts sent by the mother and her neighbor. The neighbor said that in addition to being armed, Miller was wearing a bulletproof vest at the time, also noting that they might have been "under the influence" due to their dilated pupils. The mother apparently angered Miller when she casually mentioned that she was traveling with "her tribe" of people, causing them to get angry and say they were culturally appropriated from Indigenous peoples. "At that point, Ezra exploded and started screaming right in my face," said the visiting neighbor. "They said, 'You don't even know what the hell you're talking about. Miller then reportedly opened a "large Sherpa jacket" and revealed a visible gun, allegedly saying, "Talking like that could put you in a really serious situation." Perhaps most disturbingly, Miller revealed about the mother's 12-year-old child said, "I have spoken at length with your child, and they have much power over her. Miller then got back to the 12-year-old and told them to pursue fashion and asked them to add Miller on Instagram. "They were automatically attracted to me in weird ways and kept talking about how much they love my outfit and my style and kept talking about how amazing it was," the kid said. Miller then apologized, but continued to harass the family for months to come, most recently on June 4, when they showed up dressed as cowboys. On several occasions, Miller made the 12-year-old uncomfortable, including promising to buy her a horse, but also by pressing and hugging her body tightly against him. They said once they bought the horses they could visit Miller's farm and take care of them. They said they have not seen or heard from Miller since the incident involving the 18-year-old in South Dakota. The actor is also said to have tried to get into bed with Tokata Iron Eyes - a member of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe - during a trip to London when she was just 14, we can also reveal. The tormented mother Dr. Sara Jumping Eagle said she and lawyer husband Chase Iron Eyes now have "no idea" where Tokata, 18, is - after filing legal paperwork for a protection order against Miller, 29, on behalf of her activist daughter. The mother says she last saw Tokata on May 29 in Santa Monica in a harrowing street encounter after she and Chase were flown from their home in North Dakota after following a lead that the teen with the Flash star in California was. Miller and Tokata jumped into a cab after being confronted and sped away, she said. Unable to hold back tears, Sara told in an exclusive interview: "I would tell her now what I said to her back then as she walked down the street away from me. She said Tokata was like a "zombie" and "very, very skinny" the last time she saw her. Chase, 44, and Sara have filed legal documents in North Dakota's Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court containing chilling allegations against the troubled star. The parents allege in a lawsuit that the actor treated their teenage daughter with drugs, including LSD, and disrupted her private schooling in Massachusetts so badly that she dropped out of Bard College at Simon's Rock in December. When they flew to Miller's home in Stamford, Vermont, in January to pick up Tokata, they reportedly found bruises on her body and she no longer had a driver's license, car keys, or a bank card. And when the teen was returned to her parents' home, she once again fled to New York to reunite with Miller, and they've reportedly traveled to Vermont, Hawaii and Los Angeles together since then. Mama Sara told "During all that time since, we've only been able to speak to Tokata three times on the phone. "Twice Ezra interrupted and I could hear him in the background too - so we couldn't talk freely. "Ezra is in control of Tokata's Instagram account, it's really the only way to message her. She hardly answered, and sometimes I couldn't tell if it was Tokata or Ezra who answered. “Ezra has isolated Tokata from family and friends. When I tried to talk to her, they jumped in a car and drove away. The lawsuit is the latest legal case against the star, who was arrested in Hawaii in April for allegedly throwing a chair at a woman's head after refusing to leave her home, weeks after another arrest for him spat in someone's face in a bar during a game of darts. The most serious allegations against Tokata by former Democratic House candidate for North Dakota Chase and his wife can be revealed in detail for the first time by They begin their lawsuit by stating that Miller "currently physically and emotionally abuses Tokata Iron Eyes, 18, psychologically manipulates her safety and well-being, physically intimidates and threatens her." This comes "as they continue their intimate partner's violence against" their daughter "after having groomed Tokata since 2016 when she was 12 years old." They also claimed that Miller "uses violence, intimidation, threats of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions, and drugs to gain dominance over a young, adolescent Tokata." The star "made contact with Tokata Iron Eyes under the pretense of helping the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in a movement to stop an underground oil pipeline in 2016," it said. Miller, who identifies as non-binary and queer and uses the pronouns they/they, probably would have been filming Justice League at the time, where one of the sets was in Illinois. He "immediately and seemingly innocently liked Tokata" and "began to formulate relationships," the newspapers said. The star flew her to London with other Standing Rock tribesmen to tour the Harry Potter film studio in December 2017 - when they were "trying to sleep in the same bed with Tokata, who was 14 at the time." Miller was 25 at the time," her parents' lawsuit reads. Miller appeared in the 2016 Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Ezra was then prevented by an attendant from sleeping in the same bed with Tokata as the witness lives on the Standing Rock Reservation... Tokata's parents found out about this episode in June 2022. "Tokata had read all available Harry Potter books and was/ is always drawn to the fantasy/celebrity of Ezra Miller during her formative years as a young adolescent. Ezra recently violently abused Tokata's vulnerability and trust," say Chase and Sara. The couple say in the papers that their daughter had traveled around California and Louisiana with Miller and friends and they arrived back in the New York area in late January this year. There, Miller "reportedly gave Tokata an unknown dose of LSD ... after drugging Tokata to the point of incapacitation," she was then "carted back to Ezra's farm" in Vermont. "Her mental state rapidly deteriorated to the point where Ezra Miller and the houseguests at Ezra Miller's estate finally decided to call Tokata's parents," the papers claim. "Tokata was screaming so hard after Ezra gave her LSD that she lost her voice." Miller also became obsessed with the KKK because they believed the hate group burned down a friend's home in North Carolina, the newspapers said . “Tokata is forced to go along with it and she faces heightened anxiety, threats of violence, firearms, drug use and overwhelming fear of this armed situation. The couple flew to Vermont in January and brought their "incompetent" daughter back to North Dakota. "Tokata didn't have her bank card, driver's license, Standing Rocks tribal ID card, passport, most of her clothing, car keys, and any other items she needed to go about her life on her own, and didn't know where they were." , says the filing. Tokata "spent the next three weeks detoxing from all the drugs that Ezra Miller had used in the previous period, at least cannabis, alcohol, LSD," the parents say. Tokata's parents got their replacement ID. But in February, the teenager reunited with Miller after telling them she was staying with a friend in Brooklyn, New York. The pair were then spotted in Los Angeles that month before heading to Hawaii, where they stayed through March and April - and Miller stirred up further controversy with the stool incident. "There is evidence that Miller was the subject of 10 separate calls to the Hawaii Police Department," the papers claim. Eventually, the two return to Miller's home in Vermont, where the Bennington County Sheriff's Department attempted to serve Tokata with a drug abuse investigation warrant instigated by her father. MEPs make three unsuccessful attempts to deliver the notice in May. In the first case, Miller "lies to law enforcement, falsely claiming the teen is not at his home," the lawsuit states. During that time, two of Miller's "former friends" saw him use tokata "threats of violence, extreme screaming and aggressive outbursts," according to the lawsuit. "Ezra Miller aggressively got in her face, called her a 'B****' and asked her, 'What do you do your makeup for, damn B****; Ezra also called Tokata a "thieving bitch", "c*** b****". The papers also claim Miller told Tokata they had a sex addiction and that they eventually "convinced" her to have sex with him in January this year to "cure" her. They continue, "Ezra's behavior shows a pattern of sexually predatory behavior." Sara told, "In January, Ezra physically assaulted our daughter. At first we didn't realize what had happened because Ezra had given our daughter LSD and other drugs. Opening up about the couple's desperation, she continued, "My husband placed some orders and was trying to serve them in May when we heard that Tokata and Ezra were in Vermont. 'Ezra lied and said Tokata wasn't there. The cops tried three times to deliver those papers. "Then we found out through a friend of a friend of a friend that they were in LA - and that Tokata had a black eye. Ezra sometimes didn't allow her to eat that she was like a zombie. So we got plane tickets and drove to Santa Monica, found a place and tried to talk to Tokata. "Ezra was actively bothering me when I was talking to Tokata, and during that time she had a mark over her eye and had a strange story about it. We have tried to get the police to come and talk to her and also to comply with orders asking them to examine her.' Sara accused Miller of being a danger not only to her daughter but to other young women as well. "We feel like Ezra is allowed to continue hurting people and has no responsibility. We are concerned for our daughter's safety as his behavior continues to escalate. And for our daughter to be there while the behavior escalates," she said. "Several people we speak to make it clear that Ezra is targeting vulnerable young women. Speaking of her fight for Tokata, she added, "She's going to have to heal. It will take some time.' Tokata dismissed her parents' concerns in a social media post, writing, "I would like to make a statement to acknowledge the tragedy that the general public is telling and the assumptions that my family and friends are making on my behalf regarding my stability." met and otherwise. "Throughout the aforementioned era, my comrade Ezra Miller has offered nothing but loving support and invaluable protection in this time of loss."


Concussion controversy, the next Ginnivan and a "pretty crappy" match even for the players

There were times on Thursday nights at the MCG when it felt like the old Tigers had returned. With suffocating pressure, electric speed... (Author: Gardener)

ThursdayThere were times on Thursday nights at the MCG when it felt like the old Tigers had returned. With suffocating pressure, electric speed of forward ball motion and interception marks everywhere in an impenetrable defensive line, Richmond blasted five straight goals in the first quarter to open the game. Then, after losing the lead to Port Adelaide last season, the old Tiger desperation resurfaced, denying the Force any semblance of easy possession, fighting for the ball brutally and with a game-winner – this time Liam Baker playing the Dustin Martin's role perfect. In the meantime, however, the Tigers remain among teams battling for the final spots in the eight in 2022. But for some terrible kicks in their forward 50 in the first half, they would have taken the lead much earlier than the final quarter and probably could have held. All five of those first-quarter goals came from turnovers - the Tigers either forced an error with rampant pressure on the ball-carrier or brushed off unpredictable long kicks from Port with ease. Marking everything that came his way in the first trimester, Nick Vlastuin grabbed three in that trimester alone as he made the most of a size difference with Steven Motlop; while Dylan Grimes also combined the odd strong mark with excellent defensive work against the dangerous Robbie Gray. Brilliantly skilful, he's clearly having the time of his life and - yes - he immediately shows the ability to drop his knees and score a high-contact free-kick for his first goal. He's everything fans love and rivals love to hate. If power thought that Charlie Dixon's return would instantly make the random entries within 50 that marked her 0-5 start to the year, that was a reality check. Things remained abysmal — that the Tigers won the Inside 50s 20-12 in their first semester, despite the Power comfortably circling disposition and contested possession count, was a sign of how easy it was to get out of their 50. After two early goals for Todd Marshall and Karl Amon – both of whom came from players who lowered their eyes and found targets 40 yards from goal rather than bombing and praying – it looked little for the Power over the next half hour to score a goal. Every forward attack ended up doing pretty much the same thing: a chopped forward kick under pressure, or simply a high speculator with insufficient forward representation and a turnover by the Tigers. Connor Rozee and Trent Dumont were among the main culprits, repeatedly moving forward headstrong rather than using their pace and cunning to try to find a safer option. Given the game plan his charges appear to be running, their structure both in front of and behind the ball has been bizarre. On virtually every occasion, the Tigers seemed able to generate extra numbers at will: On defense, Marshall and Dixon were rarely within 50 when the ball came in there, and when the Tigers came back with it there was ample room for Shai Bolton's electric pace to panic port defenders. The operation of power appeared to be: Tom Jonas or Tom Clurey and Aliir Aliir both guarding on a wing behind the ball. So the Tigers just switched to the other side, and nobody was quick enough or alert enough to fill the space. Well, it started out easy: not bombing the ball until there were opportunities to reach it. Marshall, the only forward to let out an outcry in the first half, started it, picking a heavily contested mark to break the mid-quarter power drought. At half-time the often scolded great had three of the five goals of the Power and was simply wonderful. Marshall has never been obsessed with the raw power of a Dixon and has often failed to hold his own in a contested cover situation in the past. but his hands are clean, he reads the ball brilliantly in the air and he found himself up against young tiger Josh Gibcus, whose athleticism belied his rawness in a wonderful debut year. Kicking then improved: a wonderful pass found Dixon, exceptionally deep on offense from 50, in a one-on-one with Robbie Tarrant and using his strength to cover was the easiest thing in the world. A goal and by the time half-time rang the Power, for all their struggles, were only eight behind. The Tigers noticed how much the pressure had dropped, especially around the ball. This isn't former Premier League winners Richmond: while they've had lapses in their frenetic attack on the ball in the past, their brilliant defense and a strong midfield capable of swinging the waves have allowed them to thrive on the Wave riding game in itself. Those breakers Trent Cotchin and Shane Edwards are shadows of the players they once were, while on defense Tarrant just wasn't the acquisition they were hoping for. Hinkley's biggest gamble of the night, without a recognized ruckman against Toby Nankervis and Ivan Soldo, was also beginning to bear fruit. The Tigers dominated the hitouts as anyone could have foreseen; But Jeremy Finlayson's athleticism on the pitch, as well as his subsequent stoppage work, meant the honors were shared for most of the game. Equally crucial was the power's defensive work whenever the two jerks clashed; Clearly, Hinkley didn't want to drop a ruckman without doing something to fight hitouts to advantage. It worked: only two of Nankervis' first 15 taps went to a tiger, while three of Finlayson's first four did. After a third term with largely incremental wins for both sides — the Tigers suddenly took a leaf out of Port's book by controlling things around the ball but began hacking aimlessly within 50 for Aliir Aliir or Dan Houston to mop up were able to - and led just under three quarters of the time. Even Jayden Short's normally laser-like right shoe was brought back to earth, a horror kick deep in the defensive 50 that led straight to a power goal. When Sam Powell-Pepper scored mid-last ball from a free kick won from a fast ball, the Powers were ahead. But Damien Hardwick knows his team very well and with Dustin Martin still a long way from his dynamic best and Shai Bolton slaughtering the ball terribly all night, someone else had to be introduced to the midfield rotation. With 13 ball touches across half the defense in the first three quarters, the number 7 was hardly inconspicuous; but in the final half-forward with stints on the ball, he forced himself to be the best man on the field. In the last term alone he had 13 touches again; He was so elusive that Jonas and Zak Butters turned each other off and tried to get hands on him. Also influential in a new role was Josh Gibcus, who was pulled from Marshall and traded with Noah Balta for the final term. Immediately, his height earned a free-kick for a soft grip by shorter Ryan Burton; A moment later Gibcus had repeated what he had done against Sydney and scored an important goal in the last term. Full credit also goes to Tarrant, who stood up big at key times with some telling marks last quarter. Perhaps able to take on less responsibility with the bigger, stronger Balta back there than with a young man in need of guidance, like Gibcus, was the answer, but the former Roo turned a nightmare into a perfectly solid evening at the office. A rare Nankervis hitout to the within 50 advantage was expertly driven around by the brilliant Baker rolling through a gate. A quick word to wrap up the controversy surrounding the apparent lack of a concussion test, or at least not a thorough one, for Jonas and Butters following their clash. I think it's still pretty clear that the general public, the AFL and their clubs are still on completely different wavelengths when it comes to concussions. But we ask for trouble if we still leave concussion decisions to clubs' discretion. This is not a shot at the port doctors, who would definitely do nothing to their knowledge to jeopardize the health of their players. But the 20-minute concussion test you occasionally see earlier in games would have ruled out Butters and Jonas for the rest of the game, even if it turned out they would have been fine. But it's worth noting that the mandatory 12-day concussion grace period enforced by the AFL is because we just don't know enough about brain injuries for players to get reinstated. If that's the threshold for a concussion, then we still have a long way to go. It probably wouldn't have helped Butters either when he was slammed onto the turf by a powerful Tigers attack shortly after his return. As long as the current systems are in place - and the Force has already deployed their medical submarine, which was once seen as the solution to ensuring teams can search for a concussion without numerical disadvantage - there will always be suspicion around teams that have it fake, especially when games like tonight are on the brink. If the AFL is serious about concussions, they urgently need to address this with more than the half-hearted "medi-sub" that has been floating around for 18 months and hasn't resolved anything. And that wasn't about to change, even if it turns out Jonas and Butters were fine the entire time.


Fury returns, Joshua meets rival, Wilder back

From a Tyson Fury masterclass in front of a crowd of over 90,000 at Wembley Stadium to Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano rocking MSG in New York, boxing has delivered (Author: Gardener)

JoshuaFrom a Tyson Fury masterclass in front of over 90,000 at Wembley Stadium to Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano rocking MSG in New York, boxing has delivered in the first six months of 2022. But there's still a lot we want to see before the end of the year. Some fights, like a third fight in the epic rivalry between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin, are signed and sealed so we don't count those. No, that's six fights that could realistically still take place in the second half of this year - and each one is exactly what fight fans are craving. From delicious heavyweight showdowns to undefeated rivals to undisputed champions being crowned, these are THE six fights to piece together before 2023 begins. Wilder has now had nine months to recover from his war with Fury and as the American insists he will fight again there is no point in him firing another journeyman. Joyce seemed set for an intriguing joe-off with Joseph Parker, but with that frustrating failure, he needs an elite opponent [for now]. Joyce - with his rich amateur pedigree - will face a dangerous but damaged opponent to outwit to finally get a big name on his record. Since both men are 36 years old, there is no point in waiting. A lot of great fights can be fought in the brand new lightweight class, but this one appeals the most. However, "Tank" is the division's biggest draw and was added to his list of notable KOs by defeating Rolly Romero. You can see exactly how this would play out with big and fast Haney trying to box from the outside. But we've seen Devin shut down, been capped and faltered in the past - and Davis isn't a clumsy brawler but more of a patient predator who puts out his devastating hooks and uppercuts. Cynics can say that this belated welterweight fight-turned-modern-day Mayweather-Pacquiao tribute act has been on boxing wish lists for years and may well remain there until the end of time. The good news is that there has indeed been movement lately; Signs since Spence's KO of Yordenis Ugas that the two rivals are finally ready to leave ego and unreasonable demands at the door to fight this battle. To recap, both are unbeaten pound-for-pound talent who have sharp boxing skills and superb finishing power. Switch-hitting Crawford is the more versatile boxer, the younger Spence has the higher work rate, but this is a contest we really need to see in 2022 -- or early next year right off the bat -- before it truly fulfills its May-Pac destiny and finds plenty to do late instead. If "King Artur" passes his test against the hard-hitting Joe Smith Jr., this will be the only fight that can be fought at 175 pounds. Bivol's excitement over Canelo added to the intrigue, as Beterbiev - who recorded a perfect 17-0 [17 KOs] before the Smith fight - was previously widely regarded as the clear No. 1 in the division. Alvarez, who chooses to complete his trilogy with "Triple G" rather than make an immediate rematch, leaves Bivol without an elite opponent, setting up this all-Russian clash nicely. It may seem like a classic boxer/puncher showdown, but Bivol has a history of showing power - and injuring Canelo - while Beterbiev has a great amateur background. And yes, neutrals could argue that Inoue vs. John Riel Casimero — or Inoue stepping up to fight Steph Fulton — are better fights on paper. But everything in time. Boxing is on a great run to crown undisputed champions in what we depressingly have to call the four belt era - and Inoue vs. Butler would do so at bantamweight. Granted, this isn't a 50-50 match unlike the fights above. But boxing loves a David vs. Goliath match - or in this case, "Paul vs. the Monster." Or of course Fury against Oleksandr Usyk. Although Fury insists he is retiring for good, it seems he can't quite make up his mind and tells talkSPORT he would return to the ring...if the price is right. That sum, he says, equates to a record £500million [or half a billion, as he repeatedly told White and Jordan] - but let's face it, it wouldn't come as a shock to absolutely anyone when Fury declared he's ready to go again battle. And with AJ's rematch against Usyk set for August, the winner should have plenty of time to fight The Gypsy King again before the end of the year. One day before the World Cup final is Eddie Hearn's dream - and has Eddie ever let us down? Usyk is a favorite to repeat his win over Joshua - and Fury's 'middleweight' digs suggest he's mentally preparing to face both men. However, you get the feeling that Fury vs AJ is somehow, somehow destined to happen. Whatever the belts, odds and win-loss record, it's just too big in Britain - with too much money, pride and history on the table - to never happen. The bet here is that we'll eventually see Fury and AJ in the same ring trading punches before both men truly retire.


'I'm coming out of retirement - but only for £500m'

Despite calls for his return to the ring, Fury insists he is retired... although he could be tempted by a £500m offer (Author: Gardener)

Tyson Fury celebrates with his belts after KOing Dillian Whyte It's been a burning topic in boxing ever since Tyson Fury KO'd Dillian Whyte in April and then immediately hung up his gloves: is he really retired? The good news for those wanting to see Fury, modern boxing's most compelling fighter, return to the ring is that he's telling Telegraph Sport his price. "So if anyone wants to pay for that, I'm sure there are people out there who have a lot more than that, then I'll go back. But until that day, Kaput, I'm out. And if someone wants to squander half a billion, I suppose my morale will be tested.” So Fury is still adamant now, two months after that night in front of 90,000 at Wembley Stadium when his composure may have faltered . Unlike many boxing retirements, he says there will be no return. “Two people in history have retired as undefeated world heavyweight champions, myself and Rocky Marciano. It's an exclusive club," he adds. "When I come back it will be a sad day for me and it will be like I've let money overcome my morals because I put performance before money. But if anyone wants to put half a billion on the table, I'll definitely test that morale." Fury was busy. It's a whole new world for the Morecambe man, who was 27 five years ago, was depressed and contemplated suicide. "I was going to retire after the trilogy fight with Deontay Wilder [last October] but I owed the fans in England one more fight and I did it and a promise is a promise," Fury explained. "The warrior in me has taken me to every moment of my life, coming off the screen, trilogies, conquering America, coming back, doing everything I've done, winning every belt there is in boxing, three times The Ring Magazine [title holder ]. I won everything for a warrior to do what a warrior wants to do. "But the real man is done fighting," he explains. I got away, my skills are fine, totally unscathed, successful, famous... I've done everything that was asked of me, defeated every opponent I've ever faced and lived a life after that - it's not great and beautiful?” Fury in action against Whyte at Wembley Looking back on the night at Wembley, Fury adds: “Yes it was an absolutely amazing, fantastic, incredible night, what a way to end a sensational career. Wembley, the biggest crowd ever recorded at a [boxing] event [there]. Walking out with a bang was amazing, the ring walk was epic, everything about it was amazing - the boxing lesson, the knockout, everything just fell into place and the stars were right again. "I've had a few months to think about it, I just think what a wonderful career I've had, the ups and downs, the ups and downs, the comebacks, the retirements, coming back from all the troubles, it's all Life experience, and after boxing I have plenty of life left at 33.” However, many believe Fury could be lured back once more if his British rival Anthony Joshua defeats his nemesis, Ukraine's Oleksandr Usyk, and reclaims the three heavyweight belts he last September in London and in August in Saudi Arabia has lost the official announcement is imminent. But Fury - although he admits one punch can change everything in heavyweight boxing - believes Joshua will not win. "I just think Usyk is too good a boxer for AJ and I don't think AJ has the ability to pressure him for 12 rounds and drag him into a dog fight and knock him out." to hit," he says. 'I'm the only living member of an elite club' He may be retired but Fury still trains twice a day. "I've been in the gym since 2018, I haven't stopped. You have to train all these things, your body, your mind, your emotions. The man - and the fighter - gets something special out of it. "I was with Ed Sheeran the other night and he was telling me he's done 700+ tour dates which is amazing and he gets to travel the world and meet millions of different people in all these different countries. "They all have the same common goal, they all love music, but with me, people can like music, they can like boxing, they might struggle with themselves, so it's very good for me to give back to people and it." gets me on the road and keeps me busy and gives me a goal and something to focus on.” For Fury, who was once overweight and stuck in his head with nowhere to go, life has come full circle. “It seems a long way from where I am today, no one believed like they say but God did. Then they certainly didn't think that I would lose 10 stone and win back the world heavyweight championship or that I would stand and hit with Deontay Wilder," laughs Fury. It's a day and night difference between now and then.” If Fury never returns to the price war, he believes his place in history is secure. "I'm content, very, very happy with my career and sitting at the top of the heap of elite members-only club [with Marciano] and no one can ever take that away from me. People may try to emulate it, maybe in a hundred years there will be a few members, but I would openly welcome these guys to my club. I am the only living member of my club.”


Vince McMahon takes the stage amid a sex scandal on SmackDown

McMahon, 76, appeared at the Target Center in Minneapolis on Friday to the riffs of his popular theme song "No Chance in Hell" and addressed the crowd. (Author: Gardener)

Vince McMahonWWE Kingpin Vince McMahon brazenly opened Friday night's edition of SmackDown just days after he resigned as CEO for allegedly paying $3 million in hush money to a paralegal he had sex with. "As always, it is a privilege to be standing here before you, the WWE Universe, tonight," he said. McMahon, who has long been the face of the wrestling company, will reportedly step down pending an investigation into his conduct for "alleged executive misconduct" by a special committee of the company's board. He was replaced as CEO by his daughter, longtime WWE employee Stephanie. An unnamed paralegal said McMahon hired her for $100,000 and then doubled that salary after they started having sex. She claims he then passed her "like a toy" to WWE's head of talent, John Laurinaitis, and was paid millions of dollars to keep quiet after leaving the company. Vince's daughter Stephanie McMahon, 45, who recently took a break from the company herself to "focus on her family," will serve as wrestling's interim CEO pending the conclusion of this investigation, the company said. "Effective immediately, [Vince] McMahon has voluntarily stepped down from his responsibilities as CEO and chairman of the board pending the completion of the investigation," the board of directors wrote in a statement Friday morning. The board further announced that McMahon will "maintain his role and responsibility in relation to WWE's creative content" during this period. They added that McMahon, 76, "remains committed to working with the ongoing review." McMahon is first cited in the statement on the board's investigation. "I have pledged my full cooperation with the Special Committee's investigation and will do whatever I can to assist in the investigation," wrote the mogul, who began his career with the company in the '70s when it was still WWF. Stephanie, who herself had a career in wrestling and is married to promotion star Triple H, added, "I love this company and am committed to working with the independent directors to strengthen our culture and our company. "It's extremely important to me that we have a safe and collaborative workplace," added the former WWE Brand Executive. "I have committed to doing everything in my power to help the Special Committee complete its work, including the collaboration of the entire company to support the completion of the investigation and act on its findings." The investigation is investigating allegations made by McMahon, who is married, gave hush money payments during affairs to several female employees over the course of several years - including to a paralegal whom he allegedly paid $3 million after doubling her salary. The couple have two adult children, Shane and Stephanie, who served on the WWE board with their father. The investigation began in April after the board received emails from the unnamed 41-year-old paralegal's boyfriend. McMahon has been CEO of the multi-billion dollar company since 2009 and is said to be worth $2 billion. The woman's boyfriend said their affair was over, she received "millions" from McMahon through his attorney, Jerry McDevitt. She said McMahon hired her for $100,000 and then doubled that salary after they started having sex. She claims he then passed her "like a toy" to WWE's head of talent, John Laurinaitis. McDevitt has neither confirmed nor denied that McMahon gave the woman millions or that they had an affair, but he said the woman never accused him of molestation. McDevitt has neither confirmed nor denied that McMahon gave the woman millions or that they had an affair, but he said the woman never accused him of molestation. He added that no company money was used to pay them off. He added that no company money was used to pay them off. After the attorney received the lawsuit from the paralegal's friend, the committee's investigation uncovered additional alleged payments to female employees of McMahon and Laurinaitis dating back years. After the attorney received the lawsuit from the paralegal's friend, the committee's investigation uncovered additional alleged payments to female employees of McMahon and Laurinaitis dating back years. These allegations focus on allegations of unspecified misconduct, but it is unclear whether the misconduct was sexual or otherwise. These allegations focus on allegations of unspecified misconduct, but it is unclear whether the misconduct was sexual or otherwise. McMahon's attorney did not immediately respond to inquiries Thursday afternoon, and WWE has not issued any statement. McMahon's attorney did not immediately respond to inquiries Thursday afternoon, and WWE has not issued any statement. Laurinaitis is also married, but it is unclear if he was married at the time of the allegations; He married his wife Kathy in 2016. Their daughters Nikki and Brie Bella are WWE Stars known as The Bella Twins. McMahon and his family hold a quarter of the seats on the board; He is the President and his daughter Stephanie is also present alongside her husband. His wife, Linda, served as Administrator of the Small Business Association during Donald Trump's presidency. She has not yet responded to claims of her husband's affairs or alleged payments to women. The McMahon family has long been synonymous with the world of WWE. McMahon then rose through the ranks of what was then called the Capitol Wrestling Corporation.


South Africa Cricket Results and Updates in India 2022

India vs South Africa LIVE: South Africa Cricket Results & Updates in India 2022 - Follow all the action from M.Chinnaswamy Stadium (Author: Gardener)

IndiaThis website uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. India vs South Africa LIVE: Cricket Results and Updates from South Africa in India 2022 Follow live coverage of India vs South Africa from South Africa in India 2022 today. The ICC Test Championship sees nine teams compete in a two-year cycle before a Two-team final decides the winner. Australia is the reigning world champion having won the 2021 tournament. Follow the latest live coverage of tonight's game on the live blog below: 16:00 , admin When the cricket's on, the chicken's on. Well, that's a 🔥 deal. @KFCSA - Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) Jun 18 2022 2:31pm , admin Teams will be announced at the draw 2:30pm , admin Follow the live coverage of India vs South Africa from the present-day South Africa in India 2022. The ICC Test Championship pits nine teams against each other in a two-year cycle before a two-team final decides the winner. The inaugural competition was won by New Zealand after a thrilling win over India in June 2021. The World Over 50 Championship is much older and has been held since 1975. The inaugural competition was won by New Zealand after a thrilling win over India in June 2021. The World Over-50 Championship is far older, having been held since 1975. The record winner is Australia, which has emerged victorious five times (1987, 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2015). Australia is the record winner with five wins (1987, 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2015). England clinched the crown in 2019 after a dramatic Ben Stokes-inspired super-over win over New Zealand at Lord's. In the shortest form of the game, teams compete against each other in Twenty20. England clinched the crown in 2019 after a dramatic Ben Stokes-inspired super-over win over New Zealand at Lord's. In the shortest form of the game, teams compete against each other in Twenty20. Australia is the reigning world champion having won the 2021 tournament. Follow the latest live coverage of tonight's game on the live blog below: 14:31 , admin It just keeps getting better 🔥 @shabnim_ismail #IREvSA #AlwaysRising #BePartOfIt pic.twitter .com/z4Zm8xQogV – Cricket South Africa (@OfficialCSA) June 18, 2022 How to watch the US Open on TV and online today What time does the US Open start today? US Open third round start times today with Rory McIlroy, Collin Morikawa and Jon Rahm