Why are European judges ruling in Great Britain despite Brexit?

Here are some of the key questions surrounding the European Court of Justice and its relationship with the UK and this case. (Author: Gardener)

EuropeanThe first migrant deportation flight to Rwanda, which was supposed to take off on Tuesday, was canceled after a massive last-minute intervention by the European Court of Human Rights. All migrants were taken off the plane at Boscombe Down in Wiltshire after the court issued an urgent restraining order in respect of an Iraqi national and is considering a number of other applications. Home Secretary Priti Patel described the European Court of Human Rights' intervention as "very surprising", adding that "many of those who have been removed from this flight will be transferred to the next". With Prime Minister Boris Johnson adamant that the government should not be swayed, here are some of the key questions surrounding the European Court of Justice and its relationship with the UK and this case: The European Court of Human Rights is an international court founded in 1959 Deciding on individual or state claims for alleged violations of civil and political rights in the European Convention on Human Rights. While Britain officially left the European Union on January 1, 2021, it has not left the European Convention on Human Rights. This means that rulings by the European Court of Human Rights are still binding on Britain, as it is one of the 46 Council of Europe member states to have ratified the convention. While Brexit prevented European Union law from replacing UK law, including in areas such as agriculture, it did not affect the place of the European Convention on Human Rights in the UK. The 1998 Human Rights Act - when Tony Blair's New Labor government was in power - incorporated the European Convention on Human Rights into British law and allowed the rights guaranteed by the Convention to be enforced in British courts. The Government has previously vowed to abolish the Human Rights Act and replace it with a new Bill of Rights that removes the supremacy of the European Court of Justice, after a pledge to reform human rights laws was included in the Tory Manifesto in 2019. So why did the European? Court of Human Rights intervenes in Rwanda flight? Left-wing lawyers have appealed through the UK court system in the case of an Iraqi asylum seeker named KN who was scheduled to board the first flight to Rwanda last night. They appealed on the basis of whether UK policy is in line with the Human Rights Act, whether the Home Secretary has the right to carry out the deportations, the rationality of their claim that Rwanda is generally a "safe third country" and whether it is the case is enough malaria prevention in the country. Their central argument was that the flights should not take place until a judicial review of the legitimacy of Rwanda's policies has been completed. British judges rejected these appeals, accepting government assurances that migrants would be returned to Britain if their deportation was found unlawful. After exhausting the avenues of the UK's High Court and Supreme Court to prevent KN being sent flying, the man's lawyers went to the European Court of Human Rights, which they were able to do because, despite Brexit, Britain is still a member of it is. The European Court of Human Rights then issued an interim measure in a last-ditch intervention, stating that KN should not be sent to Rwanda until a full decision on the legality of the government's policies was reached in the local courts. The court also said it effectively bans KN from being sent to Rwanda under its rules, which apply when there is an "imminent risk of irreparable harm". The appeals are understood to have been examined on papers by an after-hours judge, overriding the UK decisions. The European Court of Human Rights is understood to have considered a number of other applications. The European Court of Human Rights added that the UK government can only remove KN three weeks after a full judicial review of the policy's legality by the UK High Court - due at the end of July. A full Supreme Court review of Rwanda's policy is expected in July. In its ruling, the European Court of Human Rights acknowledged concerns about access to “fair and efficient refugee determination procedures” in Rwanda. It also took into account the fact that Rwanda is not part of the European human rights framework and the lack of "a legally enforceable mechanism" to return KN to the UK if there is a successful legal challenge to the policy. The court ruled that KN should not be removed until three weeks after service of the "final domestic decision in ongoing judicial review proceedings" - something that could put the government's Rwanda policy on hold for months. More lawsuits could be filed against Rwanda's policies as a whole, while others will focus on complaints from individual migrants. If Home Secretary Priti Patel begins preparing for a second attempt to fly migrants to East Africa, as she has promised, the entire court case could start all over again. Government sources said they feared the migrants' lawyers would now simply bypass the British courts and go straight to Strasbourg. Such a move could further incite Tory backbenchers questioning whether the UK should abide by the terms of the Human Rights Convention. Can Britain ignore the European Court of Human Rights? A cabinet minister told MailOnline: "Unlike the European Court of Justice, the decisions of the ECtHR have no direct effect and can therefore simply be overridden." composite international court overrules the democratic process. A decision to ignore the ECHR could lead to further legal challenges and protests. What happens to the next flight to Rwanda? The government still intends to proceed with the next deportation flight to Rwanda - with Home Secretary Priti Patel saying preparations "start now", adding that they "will not be stopped from doing the right thing". Work and Pensions Minister Therese Coffey said she was "very confident" that the government would be able to continue the policy of deporting migrants to Rwanda. She said the Home Office was "already preparing for the next flight and we will continue to prepare and try to overturn any future legal challenges as well." Ms Coffey also said ministers were "surprised and disappointed" by the ruling by the European Court of Human Rights and she had "never experienced such a swift decision from anyone at the ECtHR". But human rights lawyer Frances Swaine, who is representing a man to be flown to Rwanda, said the government should wait until a judicial review is heard before undertaking another deportation flight to the country. "The European Court of Human Rights has recommended that no further flight proposals be put together until the extensive judicial review hearing of the entire directive is complete," she told the BBC. “Because there will be a decision in July as to whether or not this policy can remain in place, or whether some legislative changes would be required if the government were absolutely determined to go through with them. What is the European Convention on Human Rights? The European Convention on Human Rights was developed in the middle of World War II to ensure that governments would never again be allowed to dehumanize and abuse people's rights with impunity. How does the European Convention relate to UK human rights law? The Human Rights Act 1998 incorporated the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law, allowing the rights guaranteed by the Convention to be enforced in UK courts. However, the Government has vowed to scrap the Human Rights Bill and replace it with a new Bill of Rights after a pledge to reform human rights laws was included in the Tory Manifesto in 2019. The government said the changes would strengthen "freedom of speech" and strike a "right balance" between individual rights and effective politics. Could Britain leave the European Convention on Human Rights to enforce the policy? The government has already committed to a restructuring of human rights laws, but intervention by the European Court of Justice will fuel calls for the UK to withdraw from the convention entirely. The Prime Minister did not rule out such a drastic measure when questioned on Tuesday ahead of the Strasbourg court's injunction. But withdrawing from the ECHR – which emerged after World War II – would be a significant step that could have far-reaching implications for other international agreements. As part of the Good Friday Agreement, the ECHR underpins human rights guarantees in Northern Ireland. Retaining the ECHR also helps ensure judicial and legal cooperation with the EU in the context of Brexit. Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey said she was not aware of any steps for the UK to leave the European Convention on Human Rights, saying: "At the moment I am not aware of any decisions or even any indication of it." Ms Coffey told how she instead expected the government to appeal the verdict, saying: "The most important thing is that we address this issue now. I am sure we will return to the ECtHR to challenge this original judgment.' Does this mean the migrant plan is illegal in Rwanda? Activists for those selected for the first flight have already argued in court that if the policy is eventually ruled illegal, anyone sent to Rwanda would have to be brought back. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has twice warned the Home Office that sending asylum seekers to Rwanda is illegal due to the risk of refugees being rejected by the African country. Refoulement means that refugees or asylum-seekers are forcibly returned to a country where they could face persecution and is illegal under international law – something the UN is responsible for overseeing. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has also called the policy "potentially unlawful", but the Home Office has defended it and Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the Government had anticipated "many teething troubles". The President of the Court of Appeal, Lord Reed, said on Tuesday there had been an "assurance" that steps would be taken to bring back any migrants flown there in the meantime if the Government's policy was found to be unlawful. Does the government have to pass a new law? The passage of a new law implementing Rwanda policy by the House of Commons and Lords could sidestep the current legal challenges facing the policy. But left-wing advocates could still try to argue that the human rights law replaces the new law. What happens to the asylum seekers who should be on the flight? The migrants were likely returned to a detention center after being taken off the plane and Home Secretary Priti Patel said "many of those removed from this plane will be placed on the next". The ECtHR ruling said the migrant known as KN should not be deported before three weeks after a full judicial review of the policy's legality by the UK High Court. What would have happened to the migrants sent to Rwanda? The first migrants to arrive in Rwanda were expected to be flown into a private terminal at Kigali International Airport before being taken directly to accommodation at Hope Hostel - where they will have the opportunity to rest, eat and being tested for Covid-19 before being processed. The Rwandan government said this is the only facility used so far for initial housing under the plan. Within 24 hours of arrival, migrants are granted a three-month residency permit in Rwanda while their immigration status is being decided. The immigration service will submit a file for the review board within 15 days, after which a decision is expected within a further 45 days, the Rwandan Ministry of Justice said. The newcomers do not have to apply for asylum, but those who do will take this into account in the first instance. Anyone with no or a denied asylum application is then screened for the right to reside and work under broader immigration rules. The government said it has increased staff and resources to make the process as efficient as possible and hopes to be able to consider claims within three months. While their immigration status is being determined, migrants take part in an orientation program to help them adjust to their new life in Rwanda - if they decide to stay - with information about the country such as weather and geography, as well as a tour of the area. What does Rwanda say about the canceled flight last night? Rwandan government spokesman Yolande Makolo said the country was "not deterred by these developments." She added: “Rwanda remains fully committed to making this partnership work. Rwanda stands ready to receive the migrants upon arrival and offer them safety and opportunity in our country.” The Rwandan government has already hit back at “offensive” criticism of plans to send migrants there, saying opponents “miss the bigger picture ', in terms of efforts to improve living standards and provide better opportunities to keep their young people from moving to Europe and provide a safe haven for refugees. Why does the British government want to fly the migrants to Rwanda? The government says it welcomes refugees arriving via approved immigration routes but wants to put the criminal smuggling gangs that operate dangerous canal crossings out of business. Home Secretary Priti Patel said the "migration partnership" with Rwanda aims "to ensure that those who enter the UK dangerously, illegally or unnecessarily are relocated to build their lives there". The government has talked about breaking the people smugglers' business model amid concerns about the demands of the current system and the cost to taxpayers of regular crossings across the English Channel. At a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that what the "criminal gangs are doing and what ... those who effectively support the criminal gangs' work are doing is undermining people's confidence in the safe and legal system. undermine the general acceptability of immigration”. Earlier this week, Mr Johnson told LBC radio: "I think it's very important that the criminal gangs that are endangering the lives of people in the Channel are broken - broken up - by this government. Ms Patel said the "vast majority" of those arriving in the UK by means deemed "illegal" - such as on unauthorized boats or stowed in lorries - will be considered for relocation. More than 28,000 migrants crossed the Channel to Britain last year, up from 8,500 in 2020, and around 10,000 have arrived so far this year. Refugee Council executive director Enver Solomon said the threat of deportation will cause "human suffering, hardship and chaos" with "far-reaching consequences for desperate people who simply need safety". Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services union, said the policy was "inhumane" while Prince Charles is said to have privately condemned the scheme as "appalling". Suggesting that the Rwanda program violated Christian values, the Archbishop of Canterbury and other senior bishops wrote in a joint letter to the Times: "Whether the first deportation flight leaves Britain for Rwanda today or not, this policy should help us as a nation shame. Migrant and refugee groups point out that there are no approved legal routes for most people, with the exception of those fleeing Afghanistan and Ukraine. An interim measure - similar to an injunction - was granted by the court on Tuesday under Rule 39, allowing judges to act where there is "imminent threat of irreparable harm". It was brought by lawyers for an Iraqi asylum seeker and passenger, "KN". The judge said KN should not be removed before three weeks after UK courts ruled on the legality of the UK policy. Two other applications from migrants were granted, causing the Interior Ministry to cancel the flight. The Government's plans reflect to some extent the Australian approach to offshore processing of asylum seekers. Rwanda's President Paul Kagame is said to be enthusiastic about the regulation because his country urgently needs young male workers.


Newcastle transfer rumours

All the latest Newcastle transfer news, rumors and rumors... (Author: Gardener)

NewcastleNewcastle transfer news round-up, rumors and gossip in the 2022 summer window. Newcastle agree personal terms on Ekitike deal Personal terms with Reims striker Hugo Ekitike are on the cusp of his proposed move to Newcastle - but there is still work to be done. Eddie Howe is keen to boost his goalkeeping options, with Dean Henderson also on the radar, but he has signed a season-long loan deal with Nottingham Forest at the City Ground. Matt Targett has completed his permanent move to Newcastle after the club activated their option to sign him following his successful loan spell. The 26-year-old impressed head coach Eddie Howe and the club's new owners by playing every minute of the 16 Premier League games he appeared in on January 31, helping steer the club away from the relegation zone and 11th. Place to keep five clean sheets along the way. Newcastle had agreed a deal to make the move permanent for £15m, including a £3m loan fee for last season, and ticked the option. Alphonse Areola - West Ham are pushing to secure a deal for goalkeeper Alphonse Areola amid interest from Newcastle (The Sun, June 17). Sven Botman & Hugo Ekitike - Newcastle are increasingly frustrated in the pursuit of top targets Sven Botman and Hugo Ekitike - and officials believe clubs are levying the same 'toon tax' on the mega-rich Saudi Magpies as they did during the January transfer window (Sun 16 June). Sven Botman - Newcastle United are ready to pull away from a deal to sign Lille centre-back Sven Botman after the French club changed their mind about accepting a £30m bid, raising the offer price to £36m ( Daily Telegraph, June 14) ; Newcastle have offered around £29m plus add-ons for Botman this summer, with AC Milan also interested in the Dutchman (Daily Mail 10 June); Newcastle United are poised to break through in their pursuit of Lille centre-back Sven Botman after weeks of negotiations (Daily Telegraph, June 9); Manchester United and Tottenham are believed to be in the race to land Lille defender Botman, a long-term goal for Newcastle United (Daily Express, June 9); Newcastle are encouraged to bid again for Dutch centre-back Botman (Daily Telegraph, May 25). Hugo Ekitike - Newcastle United are still confident they can nail a £25m+ deal for Reims striker Hugo Ekitike this summer (Daily Mail, June 14); Newcastle are closer to signing striker Ekitike after Reims accepted an offer of €30m (£25.6m) plus up to €5m in surcharges (The Guardian, June 3); Newcastle finalize deal to sign Reims striker Ekitike for around £36m including surcharges (Daily Mail, June 2); Newcastle have been invited to bid for Reims Hotshot Ekitike (Daily Mirror, 31 May). Charlie McArthur - Newcastle have increased their interest in Kilmarnock's youthful defender but are likely to face competition from Manchester City, Liverpool and West Ham for the 17-year-old Scotland youth international's signature (Daily Mail, June 16). Nathan Ake - Newcastle are set to shell out £50m if they want to sign Manchester City's Nathan Ake (The Sun, June 6). Victor Osimhen - Newcastle are ready to make Napoli striker Victor Osimhen a 'monster offer' this summer, with Arsenal conceding his £85m asking price is too high for them (Sunday Express, June 5). Yannick Carrasco - Newcastle are set to renew their efforts to sign Belgium winger Carrasco after failing to secure him in the January window (Daily Express, June 3). Dominic Calvert-Lewin - Newcastle will return for Everton striker Calvert-Lewin if Hugo Ekitike decides it's too early in his career to leave French club Reims and move to another country (Daily Express, June 3 ); Newcastle are set to make a move for Everton and England striker Calvert-Lewin this summer (Daily Telegraph, May 13). William Saliba - Newcastle have joined the race to sign Arsenal defender Saliba should the Gunners decide not to include him in their first-team plans (Daily Mirror, June 1). Fabian Ruiz - Arsenal and Newcastle United's hopes of signing midfielder Ruiz from Napoli were boosted after he rejected a new contract offer from the Serie A club (The Sun, May 30). Moussa Diaby - Newcastle United have been quoted a transfer fee of more than £40m for winger Moussa Diaby by their Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen (The Sun on Sunday 29 May). Newcastle are looking to add Bayer Leverkusen winger Diaby to their attack next season and have been researching a deal for the France international (Daily Telegraph, May 28) Dean Henderson - Newcastle United have no plans to sign Dean Henderson from Manchester United this summer be linked to a goalkeeper change (Daily Telegraph, 7 June); Newcastle are set to offer Manchester United Darlow as part of an agreement to land Henderson (The Sun, May 27). Malcolm Ebiowei - Derby starlet Ebiowei is at the center of a four-way battle between Manchester United, Newcastle, Tottenham and Crystal Palace as he moves closer to a decision on his future (Daily Mail, May 27). Lucas Paqueta - Newcastle United are ready to break their transfer record to sign Brazilian midfielder Paqueta, a former Lyon team-mate of current record-holder Bruno Guimaraes who was signed in January for a fee of up to £43m (The Times, January 26). May). Jack Harrison - Newcastle United are interested in signing Leeds United winger Jack Harrison but fear the Yorkshire club's survival in the Premier League will make a deal difficult to secure (Daily Telegraph, May 25). Jesse Lingard - Newcastle are unlikely to sign Manchester United outcast Jesse Lingard unless he reduces his wage demands (Daily Mail, May 21); Lingard has reportedly decided not to move to Newcastle in the summer due to his £150,000-a-week wage demands, plus an application fee and bonuses (Daily Telegraph, 12 May). Armando Broja - Arsenal are joined by Newcastle and West Ham in the race for Chelsea hotshot Armando Broja (Sunday Express, May 22). Sam Johnstone - England goalkeeper Sam Johnstone is being pursued by five Premier League sides - Tottenham, Newcastle, West Ham, Leicester and Brighton - before his contract with West Brom expires next month (The Sun, May 20). Miguel Almiron - The midfielder won't be leaving Newcastle United this summer, according to his agent, who says his client is at 'the best club in the world' (Daily Express, June 11). Jamal Lewis - The signing of Matt Targett by Newcastle United could see Jamal Lewis out of St James' Park, while goalkeeper Freddie Woodman is reportedly in talks about a move to Preston (Daily Mirror, June 11). Jamaal Lascelles - Newcastle skipper Lascelles could return to newly promoted Nottingham Forest eight years after swapping the town site for St James' Park (Daily Mirror, June 2). Matt Ritchie - Bournemouth are keeping a close eye on Ritchie's situation at Newcastle and will act if he is deemed redundant (Daily Mirror, June 2). Newcastle signings confirmedNewcastle departures confirmedFollow the summer transfer window with Sky Sports Who will be on the road this summer when the transfer window opens on June 10 and closes at 11pm on September 1?


Jupiter helps you identify who and what will help you win

When people are truly together, what's inside is more than enough. Ke… (Author: Gardener)

JupiterToday's Moon encourages you to review all relationships and solidify - or release - important promises. When people are truly together, what's inside is more than enough. Hiding career aspirations can turn off backers, so share everything. Passion is fiery but true, with so much potential for a new beginning. So if you're not feeling challenged at home or at work, try to switch. If you are in love, take the time to send that special message. Marvel and win make a fabulous Jupiter mix. So, by learning more about a person or project, you can increase your profit potential. When it comes to love, you have a naughty streak that is fun, fresh and delights partners. New wealth in a family is ready to be shared with you - and grows even more when you bring your own knowledge to bear. Pride at home can crowd out the chance for forgiveness, but you can change that by stepping out of your comfort zone. Partners need space to think about "M". A mix of Mercury optimism and Moon caution makes your winning industry sing - any risks you take are well thought out. It's a day for love revelations when partners open up while new love is in the air when a loyalty card is used. With so much star twinkle, your creative self takes center stage—and many realize that, whether they say it or not. Taking the lead with a love partner can end insecurity. If you're single, a last-minute change in meeting point or time can be your passionate cue. A friend with a new title can connect to competitive happiness. You've been keeping so much under wraps at home, now the moon is showing it's time to let it all go. When a name gets through to you twice from different sources, it is a signal that you are ready to try your luck. Jupiter helps you identify who and what will help you win. The wait for love is over as private promises become public. It's not always about success, it's about experience and learning. In love, you have more control than you think. Get out passion dreams and see what happens - but make sure you include a calm Taurus. You dream of a distant name - and then it appears. This is the most important indication of passion that should not be ignored. If you're in a relationship, you may realize how deep your feelings run, but a partner needs to be told. The unused portion of a travel ticket can be your link to real estate happiness, even a new home. The power of transformation is strong, and instead of keeping hopes secret, you can share them. Passion runs so deep, with a delicious physical vein.


At $10 a gallon, Norway's motorists are feeling the fuel shortage

(Bloomberg) -- As US drivers despair at gasoline prices above $5 a gallon, think of motorists in oil-rich Norway, where prices are at $10 Wall Street nerves: WrapFed markets hike 75 basis points; Powell says 75 or 50 is likely in July. The world's central banks got it wrong, and economies are paying the price (Author: Gardener)

Norway(Bloomberg) - While US drivers despair at gas prices exceeding $5 a gallon, think of motorists in oil-rich Norway, where prices are hovering around $10. Petrol stations in Oslo were selling the unleaded fuel for about 27 kroner a liter, or about $10.30 a gallon, on Friday. Almost half of the cost of pumps in the Nordic nation consists of road, carbon and sales taxes, according to the Norwegian Automobile Association. Norway is Europe's largest oil producer and the surge in oil and gas prices due to the war in Ukraine has boosted its coffers. But its consumers - like those across the continent - have been hit by soaring pump prices while pressured by higher energy and near-record food costs. While the Norwegian government has stepped in to subsidize household energy bills, it's not that keen on petrol. Still, higher fuel prices could help spur the switch to zero-emission vehicles in Norway, where four out of five new cars sold so far this year were electric. Much of this is thanks to a range of incentives, including reduced taxes on new purchases, which are part of a goal to ban sales of new petroleum-powered cars by 2025.


Labor MP argues why we should worry PM not hiring new ethics adviser

It follows reports Boris Johnson may not replace Lord Geidt following his unexpected resignation this week. (Author: Gardener)

PMLabor Party's Thangam Debbonaire proposed to Johnson over suggestion he might not hire a new ethics adviser (Photo: BBC/Getty) Labor Party's Thangam Debbonaire wasted no time in getting to know Boris Johnson over reports he might not will hire new BBC ethics chief to upset Question Time. His resignation letter revealed he believed the Prime Minister had "ridiculed" the Ministerial Code and suggested a "willful" breach of the rules that put Geidt in "an impossible and heinous position". Geidt's departure means Johnson has lost two ethics advisers in less than three years during his time at No.10. Then a spokesman suggested that the prime minister might not even hire a new ethics chief - a claim that set off alarm bells among his critics. She told Question Time: "Losing an ethics adviser is reckless, but losing two smacks of something far more serious. "It's really problematic when an ethics adviser, who is unequivocally in tune with the tone of his letter to the Prime Minister, has gritted his teeth for the past few months and persevered and is trying to stick with it." Tory MP Matt Vickers then interjected that Geidt "tried to renew his contract" after claims the ethics chief had asked just this week to extend his term by another six months, but Debbonaire ignored him. She suggested the "crickets" Geidt received from the parliamentary committee over the prime minister's potential breach of ministerial code throughout the partygate may have been the last straw. "His principles have led him to believe he has been placed in a hideous and impossible position, he has said so. "I think we have a government willing to put their own ethics adviser in such an impossible position, not just once, not twice, but multiple times. "Unfortunately, I have to say that I really don't understand how Boris Johnson is actually going to recruit another ethics adviser." However, she then realized that the Prime Minister would probably not hire a new one instead. "He seems to be redrawing the whole idea of ​​this role, which is quite an extraordinary thing," the Labor Shadow Secretary said. "A truly ethical and moral Prime Minister would have nothing to fear from a strong-willed, independent ethics adviser." Speaking to Sky News on Friday, Business Secretary Paul Scully said he "agreed with the idea" if there was a mechanism that would still ensure that ministers are held accountable. He suggested that the Ministerial Code cover that role, stating: "It [enshrines] the principles that we all stone on, not just as MPs when we first come into the House, but when we take office as ministers." He also said Johnson had still maintained high standards despite the excitement surrounding his role in recent months over Partygate and the Prime Minister's recent changes to the Code of Ministers. The Code sets out the principles to which all ministers, including the Prime Minister, are expected to adhere. They pointed out that the move came just before the Commons Privileges Committee began investigating the Prime Minister to see if he misled the Commons by claiming No 10 had not breached lockdown rules.


serving inspiration

Two high school graduates describe their unique experience of playing on the men's varsity tennis team (Author: Gardener)

TwoTOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - It's graduation season and families across the area are sending their children off to tackle life after high school. For this issue of Feel Good Friday, we're putting the spotlight on two young ladies who turned heads on the tennis court as they finished their senior years. Brie Sensenstein and Kat Lach are now proud graduates of Central Catholic High School. Both have played different sports during their school careers and this has led to both attracting attention for doing something that many families didn't realize was an option. Both ladies played a college girls' sport in the fall that made them eligible to play on the college men's tennis team in the spring. "I was mostly expecting a bunch of high school guys like, 'Oh, a girl on the team? She must be so bad!' I felt that way, but over time it changed. They tend to see me as equal and even better than some of them," Sensenstein said. Lake agreed. Both women left the experience feeling fulfilled and hoping to encourage younger athletes to have the confidence to play outside of the box. "I feel like if you put in the work and show up as often as the other person that shows up, you have just as much claim to playing them and winning," Sensenstein said, laughing. Kat agreed, saying she learned a valuable life lesson in the process. If you have an idea for Feel Good Friday with Sashem Brey, click here to submit it.


Severe storms and high heat on Friday, cooler and drier this weekend

IMPACT DAY: Heavy storms and high heat on Friday, cooler and drier this weekend (Author: Gardener)

this weekendYou are using an older browser version. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Pallo goes into the 6th without a bat as Hawks win the semifinals. Over 1,000 flights were canceled heading into the weekend. Here's why "the monarchy as a thing is a bit absurd": Noel Gallagher believes the "appeal" of the royal family is "waning". ' 'The monarchy as a whole is a bit absurd': Noel Gallagher thinks the 'appeal' of the royal family is 'waning' Kesha reveals she's 'not gay' and 'not straight' Heavy storms and heat Friday, cooler and drier this weekend IMPACT DAY: Heavy storms and heat Friday, cooler and drier this weekend IMPACT DAY: Heavy storms and heat Friday, cooler and drier this weekend IMPACT DAY: Heavy storms and heat Friday, cooler and drier this weekend Winston -Salem: Moped rider hospitalized after being hit by semi-truck, police say, Novant Health nutritionist offers tips on packing healthy school or camp lunches Operation HOPE CEO: 'Financial literacy is the new civil rights issue' "Jerry and Marge Go Large" in a Real Lottery Story Here's Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Refuses to Underwrite Biden for 2024 Matters support. See How Ron DeSantis Responded to Supporting Elon Musk 6. Mother of Alleged Patriot Front Member: His Ideology Makes Me Sick Hear Why a Constitutional Expert Says Trump is 'Undoubtedly' Guilty Hear Why a Constitutional Expert Says Trump " without a doubt” finds guilty Crypto collapses. Mortgage rates are rising. That Means Everything That Means Everything The January 6 Committee Outlines Trump's Pressure Campaign on Pence to Cancel the 2020 Election Results The January 6 Committee Outlines Trump's Pressure Campaign on Pence to Cancel the 2020 Election Results Pence when they breached the capitol See how close rioters got to Pence as they breached the capitol Best of the week Best of the week This little girl is raising money for Ukraine Aww! Awww! 12 adorable penguins released back into the wild on a beach in Argentina 12 adorable penguins released back into the wild on a beach in Argentina Ways to save money if you're invited to a destination wedding Sustainable products too find is a major obstacle for people who want it Practice self-care Moose stops traffic, eats snow off waiting cars Family members play different roles when planning a vacation Princess Charlotte follows Prince George and Prince Williams Passionate about football Your podiatrist knows more about you , than you think Sustainable staples to give away Dad This Father's Day, this bear cub was rescued and brought back to life by this heroic wildlife group. Images feature royal nannies and the children they hold dear! American parents want their kids to play outside. Puppy fetches a live animal instead of his ball. Knick Knack Tech gifts for dad that won't break the budget. Prince Louis' early childhood and upbringing this Father's Day will be different from Prince George and Princess Charlotte's simple tips for saving money on iced coffee during these hot summer months The car trim People are willing to pay more for these signs Could mean that your date goes well A new way to the nose you want Is the ever pan forever? How to save money on printer ink How to clean and care for non-stick pans The best way to cook chicken wings at home What NOT to cook in an air fryer How to clean and care for pillows How to find the best ergonomic mouse How to make holiday dinners in an air fryer How to deep clean an air fryer Camping tip: How to fold an air mattress How to properly de-tap a toilet


One day heat wave, then refreshing and dry

Friday will be summery, hot and humid, but Father's Day weekend will offer a touch of spring or even fall in the air for New Jersey. (Author: Gardener)

One dayThere's something for everyone in the weekend's forecast as we move from hot, humid conditions to cool, refreshing weather. Temperatures on Friday will be 10+ degrees above normal for mid-June. Temperatures over the weekend will tip to over 10 degrees below normal. There is also a possibility of a thunderstorm in the forecast for Friday, but this is conditional. When a storm hits our hot, humid, succulent atmosphere, it will almost certainly be on the strong side, with gusty winds, intense lightning, and heavy rain. The weekend will be completely dry and the humidity will drop. But with a strong north-west breeze on Saturday, there's a big question: will it be too chilly for the pool? A muggy summer day. While we'll miss the "dangerous" heat and humidity benchmarks, you'll definitely be sweating all Friday. Morning temperatures across the country average 70 degrees – quite muggy. High temperatures aim for 90 to 95 degrees. It will be windy, with a "blast furnace" southwest blowing up to 20 miles per hour. (Therefore no sea breeze, so even the beaches on the mainland are warm and toasty.). Early morning clouds give way to much hazy sunshine from late morning into the afternoon. A cold front will slide northwest-southeast through New Jersey on Friday afternoon. This is the leading edge of a new, cooler, drier mass of air. Forecast models practically show bupkis in terms of rain. Again, that would be in the afternoon and early evening hours. But again, the vast majority of NJ should remain dry on Friday. As the humidity drops, Friday evenings become more and more comfortable. It will be clear and dry overnight with a low temperature near 60 degrees. Definitely cool and less humid. In fact, with dew points dipping into the 40's, I would even call it ridiculously dry. Also on Saturday our weather stays dry, with bright, mostly sunny skies. High temperatures only reach around 70 degrees - that's more than 10 degrees below seasonal normals for mid-June. The only potential weather disruption for Saturday will be a strong north-west wind driving cooling and drying. (And so I suspect it will feel like an early fall day, which tends to be a windy time of year.) There are many factors here that affect how Saturday feels. Yes, the temperatures will be below normal, the humidity will be in the basement and this wind will blow and contribute to a cooling effect. But the sun is definitely getting nice and warm. Conclusion: Saturday will be beautiful. But not exactly perfect summer weather, pool day, beach day. Even better than Saturday. Still dry. Still not wet. Sunday will be windy, but the wind should be lighter than on Saturday. And that will allow temperatures to warm up to the mid-70s by the afternoon. Three days in a row with pleasant, bright weather? On Monday there will be some fair weather clouds, but we still call it partly sunny. (That's about 50% sky coverage.) Temperatures will warm to about 80 degrees. While I can't completely rule out a late evening shower, I'm keeping my official forecast dry and comfortable for now. A beautiful last day of spring. Forecast models have not yet agreed on a safe solution for the middle of next week. It's getting restless again, on Tuesday our next chance of rain comes into play. (The summer solstice, by the way.) Passing showers and mostly cloudy skies will at least have a cooling effect on temperatures. Yesterday my numbers were hovering at or below normal temperatures. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter for the latest forecasts and real-time weather updates.


The 3 zodiac signs with rough horoscopes for Friday June 17th, 2022

A flash of self-deception. (Author: Gardener)

Friday June 17th, 2022The three zodiac signs have rough horoscopes on Friday, June 17th, 2022 and this day might be difficult for some zodiac signs to get through. That's because we've been riding a wave of incredibly positive energy. When we feel this energy draining away, we panic and feel a little hopeless. It's like the kind of high that comes with performing: the performer soaks up the love and excitement of the audience, arouses themselves in the ego-worshipping aftermath, and then begins to feel empty because that over-the-top thrill isn't always available . RELATED: How the 2022 "Intuitive" Gemini Season Affects Your Zodiac Sign's Horoscope, May 21 - June 20, 2022 Here's how some of us might be feeling on June 17: The heady madness of this past full moon's positive influence is beginning to increase fade away, and the anticipation of depression comes with it. The lunar sextile Jupiter reminds us that anything we focus on can manifest if we focus hard enough. We have taken this sentiment to heart as the past few days have been extraordinarily positive for many people, but this is not a state we can sustain. RELATED: The 3 zodiac signs separating during Saturn retrograde phase June 4th - October 23rd 2022 little to see how lucky we are. We also work with Moon square Uranus, which is like a flash of self-deception; because our happiness has faltered, we begin to tell ourselves that everything is a total wreck. We humans really play a trick on our own minds, and the trick we're going to pull today is the one where we forget the good days of the recent past and indulge in the negativity we've been trying to keep at bay. As it is easy for you to turn to the "dark side," you will be exposed to the forces of the Moon square Uranus today, potentially sapping your sense of hope. Try to find something good about that day and just focus on that. RELATED: Your Worst Trait According to Your Zodiac Sign You, too, feel that depressed state where you seriously wonder if anything is worth anything anymore. You just had fun with friends, and while great experiences like this make us want more and more, life doesn't work that way. OK, so you're not going to get your way today, and you might not even be feeling that good mentally, but that doesn't mean, 'that's it! Life sentence for you!' No, actually it's just one of those days. On June 17 you are working under the influence of the Moon sextile Mars, which gives you that familiar feeling of wanting to defend yourself while putting someone down. Stay with the light, virgin. Keep believing that days like this come and go and that you don't have to plunge into the depths of the underworld because of it. RELATED: Zodiac Signs Who Are Terrible in Relationships (And Why) You'll always be too sensitive to handle days like today without finding a way to deal with it or ignoring it completely. Honestly, ignoring this whole day might be your best bet. You have this lunar sextile Mars energy all around you, and for a Pisces zodiac sign, that feels more like an onslaught than anything. Like everyone else, the last few days have been good for you, and now you feel like you ONLY deserve good days. If only it could work that way, right? And this is how the planets affect us; When giant celestial bodies move, how could we not feel the quantum influence? We are influenced by the weather on planet earth, so why not the weather of the stars? You will feel moody, brooding and defensive on this day. She gives private readings and has worked as an intuitive reader for over 20 years.


Red Pier Restaurant – culinary newcomer

One of the unique newcomers to the Hot Springs culinary scene is Red Pier, a Chinese-owned Cajun seafood chain based in Memphis. The local franchise is the first in Arkansas. (Author: Gardener)

Hot SpringsOne of the unique newcomers to the Hot Springs culinary scene is Red Pier, a Chinese-owned Cajun seafood chain based in Memphis. "There's 14, if I'm not mistaken - there's Red Hook and then we're the baby. Red Pier is the offshoot of Red Hook are just delighted to be here," said Brandy Gaston, General Manager of Red Pier. The first thing that catches the eye at Red Pier is the stunning decorations and dressings inside the restaurant All manner of faux sea life and nautical items hang from the ceiling and adorn the walls - life-size sharks, lobsters in nets, kayaks, giant glowing crustaceans, lifeguards, etc. At the back of the bar is a statue of Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean" looking through binoculars. In keeping with Chinese ownership, the Red Pier building used to house a Chinese restaurant. "We think they're pretty cool," said Gaston, "I know it's been a Chinese for a while Buffet was." Many of the restaurant staff are also of Chinese descent. It's a language barrier that we're dealing with and it's a learning experience, and it's great," Gaston said. Red Pier, on Central Ave. “The training was difficult and open, more than half of the people we trained got sick with COVID. So when we opened it was supposed to be a soft opening, we didn't really want to say anything, just when people came, serve them and just give everyone a little training experience," Gaston said. "And then , whoever did our publicity back then said we were going to do our grand opening. extravagant, but we made it happen," she said. If Red Pier hadn't come through, Hot Springs would be a half pound or a pound without its savory seafood offerings. You choose and mix and match your seafood to bring to your bag. It comes with corn and potatoes. It's like a crawfish boil, only you get it with bigger seafood," Gaston said. "We do ulcers, they come out in this really cool bag that looks like a hot air balloon coming on the table. You can do the Red Pier special, which mixes all of that together. And they cook your seafood in it... everyone raves about the flavors," she said. Gaston said: "It's one of our favorite things. It's all in the bag with your choice of condiments.” “The bar has actually only been open a full week. This weekend will actually be our first weekend with a fully open bar," Gaston said. Red Pier is also a family oriented restaurant. Coloring pages for children with all sorts of sea creatures cover the walls near the entrance. "We're very, very happy to be family oriented," Gaston said. “The coloring pages are something I came up with. So one night we had a lot of kids in here and I just went back and drew some sharks on a plain piece of paper... And all the kids were quiet and drawing... when my regional manager came I let her know that I did, and she said, 'Oh, they can hang her then.'” Red Pier plans to offer karaoke in July in addition to its other entertainment. It's just meant to bring people in and have more entertainment. The music is a bit loud, but that's how we like it. Soon we'll try to do live music at least one night at the weekend," Gaston said. "Here, we'd like you to get your hands dirty. We'll bring you gloves and a bib, wipes... Some people had that to begin with Trouble. We have cutlery, if you want cutlery," she said. "Our slogan is get your hands dirty. We want you to come in, we want you to relax, make yourself at home... When you're up If you're looking for good seafood then you come here.” The following are excerpts from Brandy Gaston's interview, presented in question and answer format: Q: What do you enjoy most about working in the area of hot springs