How OKC could blaze a trail to dispute

What Combination of 2022 Draft Picks Could Bring OKC Closer to NBA Relevance? Jonathan Giveny outlines a best-case scenario. (Author: Gardener)

OKCWith four picks to make June 23 at the Barclays Center (8 p.m. ET, ESPN and ESPN app) and three first-rounders — including the No. 2 overall pick — The Thunder have a chance to make their franchise more than any other team to change on draft night. General manager Sam Presti and coach Mark Daigneault are at the helm of an organization with a number of young talented figures to build around - most notably backcourt phenomena Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Josh Giddey - and the players who make OKC Supplement selects will provide a window into the direction of the franchise and show how quickly a passionate fanbase can expect the team to be in contention for a playoff spot or, later, a Western Conference or NBA title. In an exercise similar to the one we did with the Spurs, we looked at a plausible list of potential players who would represent a best-case scenario for Oklahoma City in the 2022 NBA draft. The Thunder rode through a rotating cast of big men throughout the season, using undersized players like Isaiah Roby, Jeremiah Robinson-Earl, Mamadi Diakite and Jaylen Hoard, as well as experienced stopgap players Derrick Favors and Mike Muscala. Neither of these players looks like a long-term starting caliber solution, making this a perfect opportunity to use the #2 to dramatically upgrade the OKC frontcourt in what stands as one of the best big man designs we've seen in some have time - four of the top five prospects in the class are either Power Forwards, Centers or Project to play both spots. If the Magic picks Jabari Smith at #1, as expected, it means the Thunder will see what we think have the best prospects of the draft falling right into their laps in Holmgren. He effectively guards pick and roll in a variety of different schemes with his ability to hedge, catch, drop or switch and contain smaller players by adopting a low, agile stance and rotating his hips to get away from turning to one side of the suit another, and used his 7-foot-6 wingspan and quick instinct to challenge jumpers and layups and usually be the first to get off the ground for defensive rebounds. The Thunder showed some defensive potential while healthy last season and have significant room to spare with a backcourt comprised of oversized point guards Josh Giddey and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and one of the league's toughest perimeter players in Lu Dort Growth. Adding those three with Holmgren along with a role player who brings a strong lead and knows how to influence victory, such as Kenrich Williams, could make for an exciting lineup at either end of the floor. Holmgren, who worked with Drew Timme and Andrew Nembhard, two of the best high school seniors in college sports, played supplemental roles for Gonzaga last season, primarily as a ground spacer, rim runner, cutter, offensive rebounder and pick-and- roll finisher. Still, Holmgren can clearly shift gears at this end of the stage, particularly as a ball carrier and passer where he hasn't been used very often on a team, than running through international player of the year candidate Timme. and a battle-hardened point guard at Nembhard. Holmgren's ability to turn defense into offense by repelling the glass is one of his most appealing traits, as he's a fluid ball handler with excellent body control and long strides that make him a terror to opposing big men he teams up with can measure the resignation situations. On the halfcourt, Holmgren will benefit from NBA distance and the opportunity to increase his assertiveness as a shot creator, even in pick-and-roll or isolation situations. As a cutter or pick-and-roll finisher, he provides his guards with an excellent lob target while effectively keeping the ground at a distance. The Thunder ranked last in the NBA in offensive efficiency last season, had the lowest percentage of 3-pointers in the league (32.3%), and rarely made the free-throw line. Sharpe runs competitive 3v3 workouts for most but not all teams that finish in the top 10, with his bottom likely being that spot for the Thunder who gets a visit and has studied it more closely than anyone team in the NBA. Not every team that plays in the 5-10 range has a good understanding of what Sharpe's game is, and not all would be willing to give him the freedom and repetition he needs to learn on the fly and that missed To catch up on experience by skipping his senior year of high school, deciding not to play in Kentucky and going straight to the NBA. Sharpe's camp doesn't seem overly concerned about where he's picked either, preferring to steer him into an advantageous long-term developmental situation where he can maximize his considerable potential and become an All-Star, with the Thunder in on it at the top of their list. For the Thunder, picking a talent like Sharpe would be a no-brainer as he is one of the most physically gifted wingers in the class while also possessing exceptional skill with his polished footwork, lithe ability to generate attacks for himself, dynamic shooting and long reach, giving it one of the biggest advantages of any player in the draft. Sharpe's ability to play both wing points with his 7-foot span allows him to see minutes alongside Giddey, Gilgeous-Alexander and Dort, the big three of Thunder, while absorbing some touches and shots on one or more bench units the above player is seated. Thunder head coach Mark Daigneault looks like an ideal mentor for young Sharpe at this stage in his career. Daigneault has a proven track record of handing the reins to highly acclaimed talent while giving them the structure and accountability they need to maximize their development while still remaining competitive game to game. Though Sharpe probably won't be the most efficient offensive player early in his career and will certainly need to make a transition onto defense, and with his level of intensity, the Thunder are the kind of forward-thinking team that sees the benefits of taking the early clumps and hoping to build those later To reap the rewards as Sharpe enters his 20s. This selection could provide a glimpse of how Thunder Brass sees their team and where they are likely to go next season and beyond. Gilgeous-Alexander and Dort patiently endured a two-year rebuilding process that saw the team lose more than 70% of their games. How will they feel about a third year of heavy losses and chasing lottery balls - with a potential generation player in Victor Wembanyama on the horizon should the team be lucky enough to finish No. 1 in 2023? There, a fan favorite and one of the NBA's best bargains at $1.9 million a year, is eligible for an extension this summer before becoming an unrestricted free agent next year. Are the Thunder rewarding him now, which would certainly ease any potential tensions, or do you wait and see how a backcourt of Giddey, Gilgeous-Alexander and Dort fares with a full NBA season under Giddey's belt? There can't be more than a $58 million 4-year extension signed there, according to ESPN's Bobby Marks, which might be a bit low for him on the open market, but could well provide the kind of security that has a 23-year contract An old player who hasn't made that much money up to this point in his career could very well covet. Giddey, despite being only 19 years old, is probably not the type of player who will enjoy being in a losing situation for an extended period of time. Giddey, SGA, Dort and Holmgren could be a centerpiece capable of getting in the Western Conference play-in game if surrounded by the right kind of role players and veterans. He's exactly the kind of experienced floorspacer the team is likely to want if winning is a priority next season, and the same can be said of Kenrich Williams, who also qualified for overtime this summer. An All-ACC player in his third season of college basketball, he was an efficient goal-scorer, displayed excellent passing skills, and was highly fickle on defense with his excellent instincts, intensity, and awareness that made him appear ready to put minutes in an NBA game in the not too distant future. On the other hand, LaRavia is only 20 years old, nearly as old as newcomers like Holmgren and TyTy Washington Jr., and still has some potential left to exploit if his physique improves, his speed and explosiveness are maximized, and his assertiveness is maximized as the outside shooter and overall scorer increases. Surrounding the Thunder core with more shooting is a key goal, whether in draft or freehand, and while LaRavia isn't a sniper in terms of quantity from brands like Ochai Agbaji, AJ Griffin, or Jabari Smith, its is All-around versatility and modern qualities make him an interesting candidate for the team's roster. One thing the Thunder will be aware of on draft night is the low number of roster spots available at this point, given that the team already has 15 contracts with four draft picks on the books. Assuming the team decides to sign the aforementioned Muscala, the young and prolific Isaiah Roby, and 20-year-old French point guard Theo Maledon, who has plenty of untapped potential and in whom the team has already invested over 2,600 NBA minutes . Those 15 contracts don't include draft rights, which OKC holds on 28-year-old Vasilije Micic, arguably the best point guard in Europe who intends to make his way into the NBA, a source told ESPN, but isn't an ideal fit with the Timeline of Thunder given the abundance of young talent the team already has in the backcourt. The Thunder could be a big player on draft night, using his four draft picks, Micic's rights, another 13 picks they've put together for future years, and a figure nearly $32 million below the salary cap, giving them the opportunity to absorb a large contract in one trade if they choose. With that in mind, it wouldn't be surprising if the Thunder chose to consolidate picks #30 and 34 to get into the 20s to select a player who surprisingly slipped out of the Green Room or simply as Players with a huge are considered good or a great fit for their makeup and schedule — LSU's Tari Eason, for example. Should the team decide not to strike a deal and remain pat, recruiting an international player like Diop could make a lot of sense. Diop could play in the NBA Summer League and then be brought straight to the NBA depending on how free agency and the rest of the Thunder roster fare, or hidden in Europe for another season to retain flexibility. Diop is in great development in Spain with Gran Canaria competing in the Spanish ACB and EuroCup and will only be more attractive with another year of experience in Europe's top competitions next summer. The Thunder played some undersized lineups and sometimes struggled with the size and physicality of opposing frontcourts, something a player like Diop, 7ft tall and with a chiseled 250-pound frame, was able to alleviate. Diop has improved significantly this season, culminating in a strong performance in the ACB playoff quarterfinals against an elite European side in Barcelona, ​​recording 32 points and 12 rebounds in three games in 55 minutes. He's mobile, plays with impressive intensity, and thanks to his timing and the strong coaching he's received, brings superb versatility with the dexterity he shows defending pick and rolls in a variety of ways - be it switching, hedging , trapping or dropping to that point and the considerable experience he has gained by earning game time in one of the most challenging leagues that any prospect in this draft has entered this season. While Diop isn't the most skilled or polished big man in this class, he knows his role and should be able to prove a strong target for Giddey and Gilgeous-Alexander, shielding them and rolling them to the edge on purpose. He's a solid finisher who's averaged a dunk every 16 minutes he's been on the court this season, which is a clear need for the Thunder, and could be an advantage when alongside a thin-framed big man like Holmgren who will likely need some time to adjust to the strength and physicality of the NBA frontcourts.


Stephen Curry had his best NBA Finals game; Draymond Green

Every game of the NBA Finals is live on Sky Sports: Watch Warriors @ Celtics - Game 4 live on Sky Sports Arena & Main Event on Friday night from 1:45pm followed by a replay on Sky Sports Action from 8 o'clock in the morning (Author: Gardener)

Stephen CurryDraymond Green and Klay Thompson have tangled with Stephen Curry many times, but it says everything about Steph's greatness that he can still blow her mind with his performances on the biggest stage of them all. Curry hit a 43-point masterpiece to level the NBA Finals by two wins apiece and led the Golden State Warriors to a 107-97 win over the Boston Celtics in Game 4. The Warriors needed the win and Curry made sure they grabbed it through attacks repeatedly until Boston just didn't have enough left to muster a response. Curry also added 10 rebounds and four assists in one night as he wrote another chapter in one of the most illustrious careers in NBA history. He scored 7 of 14 from three-point range Friday night, becoming the first player to hit five or more three-pointers in four straight NBA Finals games. He joined Jerry West and Magic Johnson as the only point guard to record a 40-point, 10-rebound NBA Finals game in game history. One of the few honors Curry doesn't have is an NBA Finals MVP award, but if he can help lead the Golden State Warriors to a fourth championship in eight years, then the honor is certainly his. He averaged 31.3 points per game coming into Game 4 and then showed greatness in front of the crowd at TD Garden on Friday night. Thompson and Green have been at every turn since Curry's crusade onto the NBA Finals stage began in 2015, and they both recognized it as he, one of the greatest NBA players of all time, was at his best. When asked how he thinks that plays into Curry's NBA Finals performances, Thompson responded effusively. "I think probably number one," Thompson said. "I mean that was almost a must play and to go out there and shoot as efficiently as he does and oh, grab 10 rebounds when they attack him on defense - I mean his stamina is second to none in this league. "The things that he does we take for granted from time to time. But to go out there and get on his back - and I mean we have to help him on Monday - it's shocking that he's not an All-NBA -First-team guy was, but whatever, next year his explosive performance is all the more impressive in that he picked up an injury after Celtic big man Al Horford fell on his leg late in Game 3. “I always said he's one of the most resilient and toughest guys I've ever played with," Green said. "The way defenses are guarding him that are constantly grabbing and he just keeps playing. You know, you hear all the noise for a day or so I could tell by his behavior for the past few days, even after Game 3, that he was going to come out with that kind of fire Curry's own torch was lit and he turned it into a flamethrower , who the g unleashed long-range punches for the Warriors all night and also lit the touchpaper so his colleagues could build confidence early in the game. "I felt like I just had to let everyone know we're here tonight," Curry said. And yeah, I think it kind of helped us settle into our game because obviously you can want it so badly [with] our experience that you're kind of in your own way and everyone's kind of pressured and it can also go the other way around. I wanted to try and take that in a positive direction so we can start the game.” The two-time league MVP was also quick to thank the Warriors coaching staff and his teammates. "Great rehab and medical staff who got me together for the last two days to get me set right," said Curry, "I guess for the most part I didn't think about it. It's more that when you're out there you don't compensate or it doesn't take up too much mental space in terms of feeling like I can do whatever I want on the pitch. Hopefully that continues with these next two days off and get ready for Game 5. Even though we were down, it was a day/night difference between Game 3 and Game 4 how we came out defensively. It just gives you enough life to get through some rough spots and then, you know, find some runs - we make a few stops, get in the switch, the guys get involved and you give yourself the chance to win it in the end. "So proud of everyone in terms of our physicality, focus and stamina throughout the game." Warriors head coach Steve Kerr acknowledged Curry's contribution but is also grateful for the extra experience his star man has around him. The coach also deserves credit for some somber calls, including starting Otto Porter Jr. in place of Kevon Looney and notably putting Green in the fourth quarter in a stretch where the Warriors finally took the lead. He knows that the triumvirate of Green, Thompson and Curry gives him something invaluable to work with that no other coach in the league can match—NBA Finals experience spanning eight years, accumulated. "They have a group of guys that will one day be inducted into the Hall of Fame: Steph, Klay, Draymond," Kerr said. “You have to have that kind of will, intensity and passion. Now it's back to San Francisco for Game 5 on Monday night, live on Sky Sports Arena & Main Event from 1.45am. Klay can't wait to get back on the bay and knows his team will need to pick up where they left off if they are to beat a Boston team that has gone 7-0 after every loss in this year's NBA playoffs ran out. "We restored the home game," Thompson said. "We can look ahead and we have to play with the same power in the fourth quarter as [tonight]. "I can't wait to see our fans, I know they're excited. So we can look ahead, just be present and enjoy the day off, but then do a good job on Sunday and then when Monday comes, just live in the living room moment because you're not doing yourself well when you're on game 6 or 7 or a championship look. "You just have to embrace those moments, especially being one of the last two teams to play and I know we're all going to bring it Monday. And a special night in Stephen Curry's career. If the Warriors within the next nine days lifting the Larry O'Brien trophy, that achievement will undoubtedly be remembered forever in the annals of basketball.The NBA Finals (TV programs here) continues this week on Sky Sports, subscribe for the live action .


The rules, plays and procedures of the NBA Finals are observed most closely by the judges

What is verifiable? When can referees take points off the board? We have answers that could play a key role in deciding a champion. (Author: Gardener)

the NBA FinalsMax Strus injects a 3-pointer with 11:04 left in the third quarter, which is later taken off the board with 8:28 to go. Max Strus injects a 3-pointer with 11:04 left in the third quarter, which is later taken off the board with 8:28 to go. The NBA playoffs are full of moments that can make a series swing: a grumpy 3-pointer, a late-and-1 bucket, or an alley-oop dunk in front of a home crowd. Or in some cases, it could be the referee's whistle, as a late-game block/attack call or a toppled bucket can help make the difference between going through and going home. With the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics heading for a best-of-three series in the NBA Finals, what will officials be watching most closely? Are any priorities expanded when the games matter most? ESPN-NBA insider Tim MacMahon spoke with Monty McCutchen, NBA senior vice president of umpire development and training, about the X's and O's of the challenges, whether to expand last-two-minute reports, how Finals officials are selected and the logs of removing points from the board after review. What can be checked during an NBA game? Will any of these parameters expand during the playoffs? For example, you can check at any time whether or not a shot clock violation has occurred. “In the coaches challenges, verifiable matters are out of bounds, goalkeepers and a foul against your team. Let's say you think the opponent's best player was the fouler, but they called it their seventh man. You can't help but think it's because of their best player. It has to be your team." Can Referees pick up another call they notice while checking something else? "There's a difference if it's a challenge or a check. If it's a challenge one coaches say the official thinks it's an offensive foul and we call it a defensive foul we can certainly call that play right if it's clear and conclusive but it has to be close to the play You can't walk over and see a game outside of pick and roll and see another game that you didn't bid -- a guy pushed into the corner -- and get that play properly bid. It's just what is related to the game you are challenging." How have the review rules evolved over the past few years? How is a call screened? “Anytime we have a high profile game, the competition committee takes it into account. If an instant replay was inserted, it was inserted for last second shots. "Playoffs drive a lot of that because it's the most important time of the year. We found in one season and in the postseason that we incorrectly called a lot of off-ball fouls while someone was shooting. So we added this one to help identify where the first illegal contact was because often when you edit the game you see that it's illegal and it takes time to blow the whistle. The shot is now in the air, but the first illegal contact was before that. Clear fouls became very difficult to judge in real time; that's why it was added because it's such an important penalty with two free throws and the ball. All of these things happen organically.” What is the official protocol for retroactively removing points from the board, such as Max Strus' shot in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals between Miami Heat and Boston Celtics? “We understand that there comes a point of no return. This rule has been around for over 15 or 20 years, but the way it used to work was that [a referee] would give the little whirling bird signal and at the next timeout they would check to see if that was a 2-pointer or a 3. So if one happens at, say, 11:52 of the third quarter, you might not get to it until 5:50, 6:50, somewhere under that seven-minute mark during that first mandatory timeout. “A few years ago, in an effort to speed up the game so that we took less time, we introduced the fact that we would review all 2s and 3s that were initiated by the replay center rather than the umpires. So you don't see the umpires giving the twirly bird signal now, because every single 2 or 3 will be triggered.” If one happens in Game 7, it drew more attention, but there were 15 other incidents, at which this year saw one team have points taken away from the board - including Miami, ironically - throughout the season. Well, there were probably hundreds of terse calls to be out of bounds where they would have checked that internally. Suppose Strus would have gone in two or three inches in this case. It would still have been checked. “One of the most important things I want to share with our fan base is that the process is much faster now. In my career, we've waited for that mandatory time-out to check on the ground ourselves as referees. Now instead of that mandatory time out which was much later we were able to report it back to the table and it was corrected at 8:28 I believe saving a few minutes from the old policy. If the ball dribbles up, that will nobody an announcement interrupting the flow with disappointment. If you hear that while you're laying up and you've just lost three points, it can really affect the game. Second, if we did it in live action and just deducted points without announcing it, it's easy to imagine the confusion it would take for the team to look up and think they got three points without understanding why there weren't any has three points and then argues about it during live action dead ball is the first good time.” Now, in Strus' example, there were two dead balls before it was announced. One was an out of bounds in the back where we give them the ball as soon as they are ready and the other had some element of little confusion because it was a defensive three [seconds] so not announced. That was about 30 seconds before it was announced, so in our opinion it wasn't a significant difference to the outcome of the game, those 30 seconds." Is there any special attention given to the judges during the playoffs and especially during the finals? Note: The teams get focus videos every month during the regular season and playoffs if we do consistent work oct-november thru december january february it's really my group's job to do the same things in april may and june because the teams have spent a lot of time coaching them that. We don't change things in the playoffs."One of the things I do in the playoffs is I remind our group, hey, we were real this year good with non-basketball moves, right? Because that's one of those criticisms you always hear, 'Oh, they won' don't call it in the playoffs.' I think over the last few years we've proved that criticism wrong. We miss calls. When we miss calls it's really easy for everyone to say, 'Oh see, they don't call it in the playoffs', if in fact we are. "It's really important that we don't get into the idea, 'Oh, that's a playoff foul.' ... How are referees rated? What criteria determine which referees call the final? "The process is the same for determining who will officiate the playoff games in the first round as it is to officiate the Finals. We go through the process every round.” The umpire consists of me, Joey Crawford, E. There are six of us umpires as the quote-unquoted "experts" invent. I use that term without any pretensions, but we've dedicated our lives to it and we care deeply about it, and we've really worked on knowing the nuances of our craft. “We make up a percentage, the teams make up a percentage, and [also] the analytics department. These are independent reviewers. These are not former arbitrators, but trained experts. Then we go to 28 for the second round, 20 for the third and 12 [for the finals] but [president of league operations] Byron Spruell, Joe Dumars in his role [as executive vice president, head of basketball operations] who used to be Kiki VanDeWeghe was when [referees] are meticulous. Through the matrix, we work closely together and identify what intangible assets each person brings to the table. “You can't just be out there missing a bunch of calls and expecting your strength or bravery as intangibles to override that. Then as experts we know where people should be, know if they're going to show up in the fourth quarter or overtime, which is a big factor in the playoffs because the decisions are so hard to make and the pressure is so high. "It's very similar to what coaches do with their younger players, developing them until they can be part of a rotation." Last Two Minute (L2M) reports become big news the morning after the NBA Finals. Has an extension of this timeframe been discussed and what is the overall assessment of the success of these reports? Every day we go in and minutely look at very slow reps and everything else. "Right now it takes 15 reviewers eight to nine hours to create a full game that we give to the teams. There's no way we can get that out by 9am the next morning when we stretch that out to a night of 13 games and 12 of them go to an L2M report that translates into a full game report or a full game report fourth quarter would transform. It's really a logistical problem to train real people to produce meaningful reports. “We think the two minutes are the most significant. It reflects our rulebook well, with all the rule changes happening in the space of two minutes. Extending the reports is being discussed, but at the moment it's not feasible to go any further and get them out in time."


US judge dismisses $25 million rape lawsuit

A US District Judge in Las Vegas said the victim's attorney acted in "bad faith" over the use of leaked and stolen confidential documents (Author: Gardener)

USA Nevada woman has lost her bid in a US court to force Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo to pay millions of dollars, more than $375,000 in hush money she received after claiming he was hush-hush raped her in Las Vegas in 2009. A US District Judge in Las Vegas, Jennifer Dorsey, entered the case out of court on Friday to punish the woman's attorney, Leslie Mark Stovall, for "bad faith conduct" and the use of leaked and stolen documents detailing conversations between Ronaldo and described in detail to his lawyers. In a 42-page order, Dorsey said Stovall tainted the case to the point of incurability. She also said that dismissing a case outright with no option to resubmit it is a severe sanction, but Ronaldo was harmed by Stovall's behavior. "I believe that the obtaining and continued use of these documents was in bad faith, and simply disqualifying Stovall will not remove the prejudice against Ronaldo as the misappropriated documents and their confidential content are woven into the fabric of [Plaintiff Kathryn ] Mayorga. ", says the verdict. Ronaldo's Las Vegas lawyer, Peter Christiansen, was not immediately available. The Associated Press does not generally credit individuals who say they have been victims of sexual assault, but Mayorga has agreed to release her name. Dorsey signaled earlier this year that she was ready to drop the case after Stovall failed to meet a deadline in its bid for more than $25 million in damages based on allegations that Ronaldo or his associates violated a 2010 confidentiality agreement by she reports about it in publications published in Europe in 2017. Mayorga's civil lawsuit - filed in state court in 2018 and in federal court in 2019 - alleged that Ronaldo or his associates breached the confidentiality agreement before the German news agency Der Spiegel published an article entitled Cristiano Ronaldo's Secret, based on documents obtained from whistleblower portal Football Leaks. Her lawsuit says she met Ronaldo at a nightclub and took him and other people to his hotel, where she claimed he assaulted her in a bedroom. Ronaldo's legal team does not deny that Ronaldo met Mayorga and they had sex in June 2009, but claim it was consensual. Mayorga went to the Las Vegas police, but the investigation was dropped because she did not identify her alleged attacker or say where the incident happened, police and prosecutors said. Las Vegas police resumed their rape investigation after Mayorga's lawsuit was filed, but Clark District Attorney Steve Wolfson decided not to press charges. The Las Vegas prosecutor-elect said too much time had passed and evidence had not shown a jury could prove Mayorga's allegation. Stovall claimed Mayorga did not break the hush money rule. In documents filed last year, Stovall estimated the damage at $25 million plus fees. The attorney argued that Mayorga had learning disabilities as a child and was so pressured by Ronaldo's attorneys and representatives that she was unable to drop her criminal complaint and accept $375,000 in August 2010. Dorsey followed recommendations from a US judge, Daniel Albregts, that the case be dismissed on the grounds of bad faith, "improper conduct" by Stovall and reliance on leaked and stolen documents. "There is no way this case can proceed unless the court can say what arguments and testimonies are based on these privileged documents," Albregts said in an October 2021 report. Stovall "acted in bad faith by using the Football Leaks." -Requested, received and used documents to pursue Mayorga's case," Albregts wrote. He blamed Stovall for "bold", "outrageous" and "abusive" attempts to make the confidentiality agreement public and recommended that Dorsey reject Stovall's claim that Mayorga lacked the mental capacity to sign the 2010 agreement. The Ninth Circuit ruled this year that it was up to Dorsey to decide that question. In Dorsey's ruling, it wasn't immediately clear whether the public would be able to see the Las Vegas police report, which was produced after Mayorga filed her lawsuit in 2018. Albregts said denying the New York Times access to police-collected data "would almost certainly raise the 'government specter of 'censorship.'" He recommended Dorsey refer the paper's disclosure request for documents to a state court A protection order Dorsey issued to prevent the release of the 2010 agreement does not apply to the Las Vegas City Police Department, Albregts noted, and "does not prevent LVMPD from distributing its criminal investigation file" Attorney Margaret McLetchie , who represents the Times, did not immediately respond to news about the case.


50 Cent, Jamie xx, Chase & Status and more

Manchester's biggest party is back and bigger than ever (Author: Gardener)

50 CentFrom the moment the gates opened on Saturday morning it was clear Manchester were ready to celebrate. With pandemic restrictions now firmly in place in the rearview mirror, this year's Parklife proceedings felt - dare we say it - very "normal" ... you know, the kind of normalcy we all craved when we almost locked inside for two years. Parklife 2022 was always special and even when the weather threw a few curveballs, spirits stayed sky high throughout the day. As more than 80,000 visitors streamed through the gates and donned their most colorful attire — think bucket hats, man bags and barely-there two-piece suits — the crowds were warmed up by the likes of Rich Reason and DJ Amelie Lens in a brief spell of rain giving way to bright sunshine. The weekend's massive lineup includes dance, hip-hop, house, drum and bass and pop music across 10 stages. While plenty of people – including four festival-goers who had traveled all the way from Scotland to see 50 Cent – ​​built up during the afternoon, some momentum certainly developed. Yung Filly — social media star, rapper, singer, comedian (you name it) — has secured a first for himself on the Parklife stage. In the afternoon, in glorious sunshine, the crowd warmed up with some Oasis (Wonderwall played by his DJ), bringing out contest winner Milo, who had won the chance to follow Filly for the day, and his girlfriend Indy. Well, she didn't remain his friend for long. Milo got on one knee and proposed, and — thank God — she said yes. It's hard to top an impromptu suggestion, but when Bradford Baseline collective Bad Boy Chiller Crew took the stage shortly after the whole "Let's f****** go" thing, fans were euphoric and literally rolled over to get it as close to the stage as possible. In the crowd, a group of friends say they are in their element. "This is my first park life," says Sarah. “I moved from Devon last year and have always wanted to experience Parklife. We had such a great time - I'm not even sure who all the people we saw are but they were all brilliant. "We absolutely love it," said friends Debbie and Marlene. "The sun is shining, we're having a great time." Marlene added, "This is the first time I've been at Parklife in three years. It feels It's great to be back and with people after such a long time. When asked who they're most looking forward to seeing, Debbie said: "50 Cent sure. We also wanted to see Children Of Zeus and Bad Boy Chiller Crew today and then tomorrow Meghan Thee Stallion and Lewis Capaldi." Performing on day one of Parklife Festival at Heaton Park Over at The Hangar in Manchester, Bad Boy Chiller Crew are DJ/producers The extraordinary Peggy Gou sent the crowds into a frenzy before DJ Mall Grab seduced the crowd with a bit of tech house . Later, Mall Grab's console is rolled off the stage while Kieran Hebden - aka Four Tet - takes the helm. Meanwhile, for those who know, the repercussion stage was one of the smallest but best-formed stages at the festival. Later, on the same stage, East London's Kojey Radical — sporting Dayglo-ripped jeans and days-long moves — whipped the crowd in a thrashing mosh pit, featuring Talkin', his track with R&B icon Kelis, before descending into the crowd and ending with the searing War Outside. When day turns into night, but long before the last headliners take the stage, we're at The Temple to electronic duo Gorgon City. As their set begins, we're welcomed into the famous Gorgon City itself - which seems a bit far-fetched given that the sludge of Heaton Park falls a little short of what you'd expect from a mythological Greek city, but we digress. With pyrotechnics, fire and smoke galore, it's certainly something to keep people awake after a few hours of partying. Elsewhere, on the main stage, DJ Tiffany Calver made her presence known: "My name is fucking Tiffany Calver. And of course we were. "Make some noise when you're ready for Loyle Carner," she urged the crowd while mixing between throwback anthems from Ashanti and Snoop Dogg. When Loyle Carner finally took the stage, there was a noticeable difference in his demeanor compared to his first Parklife appearance in 2017. While still humble, he thanked the crowd for continuing to support him — a pretty nice one Gesture. Loyle Carner performs at Heaton Park in Manchester on the first day of the Parklife Festival As night falls, stage headliner Jamie xx takes over, a mirror ball the size of a wrecking ball hanging above him. From there it's an eclectic soundclash of jump-up jungle to deep, emotional house music. 50 Cent may have sucked off most of the crowd in the main arena, but these guys know why they're here and they're going for nothing. And that brings us to the headliner of the day, for those who have been staking out their spot in front of the main stage all day - One Curtis James Jackson III - arriving earlier in the afternoon with the biggest security convoy the festival has ever seen (according to Parklife boss Sacha Lord). 50 Cent's UK debut for 2022 hasn't disappointed On stage, those lucky enough to be crammed into the pen guzzle, although Rap Game UK judge DJ Target, standing alongside the M.E.N., is impressively stoic is (although he does pull out his phone as soon as 50 comes on stage). It's his first festival appearance of 2022, and the classics will flow from the off - P. Chase & Status, who previously tweeted that they would be "returning back to where it all began," ended today's event at the The Valley stage in style with a dazzling light show along with a selection of their best drum and bass anthems. Chase and Status headline the Valley stage on day one of Parklife Festival at Heaton Park in Manchester. So...if there's only one take away from day one of Parklife 2022, it's that maybe things could get back to normal. Well, as normal as things can get at Parklife. Oh, that Manchester hasn't forgotten how to throw a party.


Boris Johnson will be ousted from office by autumn without 'positive new agenda', says Lord Frost - how it happened

Former Brexit minister says PM must embrace low-tax Brexit agenda to survive (Author: Gardener)

Boris JohnsonLondon and the EU both should have known that the NI protocol, if strictly applied, "would never work," Mandelson said today. Speaking before an Irish Fund luncheon at Mansion House, Mandelson, a former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, said relations between the Irish and British governments were at their worst since the 1980s as a result of Brexit. He said he fears Brexit has created problems that "cannot be solved". The main Brexit-related dispute between London and Dublin now revolves around the Northern Ireland Protocol, and Mandelson has suggested that both sides were at least partly to blame for the arrangements that were made (controls on goods moving from the UK to Northern Ireland be) to prevent this need for a hard border on the island of Ireland. He explained: We have a Prime Minister who won office because he was opposed to a Brexit relationship that could have worked. It is very likely that the same Prime Minister signed the current agreements in bad faith. But both the UK Government and the EU should have known, and probably did know, that if strictly enforced - and there is room for interpretation - this protocol would never work for Northern Ireland. It has always been unlikely to survive contact with reality and therefore requires skill in its application. Mandelson said a solution would require "serious intentions and mutual trust" from Brussels and London. I think both sides can find a landing zone that works for Northern Ireland. This would, as the EU has offered, remove much of the barriers to trade between Northern Ireland and the UK that unionists find so painful, as well as trade in those goods between the UK and the EU27. Lib Dems accuse Johnson of hiding from Voters in Tiverton and Honiton byelectionEd Davey, the leader of the Lib Dem, on Friday accused Boris Johnson of hiding from the people of Tiverton and Honiton. The first confirmation that he was indeed in Devon was a tweet from an NFU official saying Johnson had been there to discuss food security. Great to see Prime Minister @BorisJohnson and @VictoriaPrentis discussing the importance of food security with @NFUsouthwest members and @Minette_Batters at a farm in Devon today. @NFUPolitical— Andrew Butler (@ASButlerDevon1) 10 June 2022 North Devon MP Selaine Saxby tweeted that the farm had been near Axminster and posted a picture of the Prime Minister around a biscuit - heavy peasant table. The fact is that he does not talk to ordinary people. He hides from people and I think that says it all. We pick up people who are tired of being taken for granted. The Lib Dem leader spent the morning in Axminster testing water quality in the river before meeting with constituents on Honiton High Street ahead of the by-election later this week. We can win here," he said. There were hints in reader comments on a DevonLive article previewing the visit and hinting at the possible reason why the Prime Minister was not spending more time on the constituency streets. One said: "I certainly would. I went along to give him my opinion. The man is an absolute charlatan and a coward." Another wrote, "Take eggs and rotten tomatoes and practice your aim." A third was more considered, "Surely he's got better things to do than that, like dealing with the really important issues like Cost of living, Ukraine etc.” Earlier in the day, Johnson was booed while attending the Royal Cornwall Show – another unannounced appearance. A show staffer said Johnson received a "mixed reception," but added, "I think overall there were still more cheers than boos." I don't think he cared, he's got skin like a rhino.” John McDonnell is urging Starmer to show people “where we stand” and support RMT over the planned strike. The Conservatives are keen to attack the opposition as pro-strike and last night on the BBC's Question Time, Wes Streeting, the shadow Health Secretary, gave an example of how Labor front benchers are skirting what they see as a trap, instead emphasizing their support for one negotiated solution. "If I were a member of the RMT I would vote to strike and I would vote to defend the conditions of my job." Labour's @wesstreeting says the government should do more to prevent strikes in transport. #bbcqt - BBC Question Time (@bbcquestiontime) 9 June 2022 He highlighted evidence suggesting rail passengers are as opposed to job cuts as unions are and said Labor should review the RMT over the proposed support strikes. He said: Regarding Keir Starmer, all I really have is this simple message. People want to know where we stand. And if there is such a, I think in this case, a legitimate demand from the union, you stand behind the union. No redundancies, negotiations about working conditions [and] jobs, a fair salary increase to protect their members from the cost of living. So in this case you say: 'Of course I support the union, nobody wants a strike. I hope that the management will come back to the table, there is a negotiated solution. If management is unyielding and the government intervenes and there is a strike, I'll be on the picket line. Starmer is defending the decision to focus on the NHS rather than the outcome of the no-confidence vote at this week's PMQs. Speaking to the media in Stormont, Keir Starmer also answered questions about issues outside of Northern Ireland. Starmer defended his decision to focus on the NHS at PMQs on Wednesday. But Starmer said he made the right choice of subject. I think a lot of people in the UK are very, very concerned about the state of our healthcare system. If you are waiting for cancer treatment, if you want to see a GP or are worried about calling an ambulance, you would be delighted if the leader of the opposition challenged the government on these matters, which I know are of of great concern to many, many people. We have a weak prime minister, a divided prime minister and the implications are for things like cancer care, waiting for a GP, waiting for an ambulance - and I think what people want to see on the prime minister's questions is a guide die Opposition focuses on the issues that matter most to them. Starmer said he strongly condemned the treatment of the two Britons sentenced to death for fighting Russian forces in Ukraine. The government is right about that and I think it is very important that we say that there is no partisan politics here - we stand united in condemning what is happening here and demand in the strongest possible terms that they be treated as prisoners of war will. He described the government's plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda as a "chaotic red herring". I think it's very important that we all say loud and clear that we don't want anyone to do this dangerous crossing of the Channel. We don't want these people smugglers to profit from their business and we must crack down on them. The government's Rwanda program is a messy red herring, an ill-conceived program that will not solve the problem. Keir Starmer speaking to the media at Stormont. Photo: Charles McQuillan/Getty Images 'Give-and-take' approach could see EU and UK reach deal on Northern Ireland Protocol, says StarmerKeir Starmer has claimed that a 'give-and-take' Take' approach could allow the EU and UK to reach an agreement on the future of the Northern Ireland Protocol. On a visit to Stormont he said: “We have to give and take on both sides. I don't think the protocol's remaining problems can't be solved with a different approach, with this high level of trust, with an honest broker prime minister bringing people around the table and negotiating what needs to be negotiated. Starmer said Labor will vote against proposed legislation giving the UK government the power to unilaterally abandon parts of the protocol that sets the post-Brexit trade rules for Northern Ireland agreed with the EU. And if the law were passed, a future Labor government would repeal it, he said. He continued: I'm not saying that there aren't problems and challenges with the protocol, of course there are. I think these challenges can be overcome at the negotiating table with statecraft and a high level of trust. It is this high level of trust that this Prime Minister lacks and I think he is making a mistake in taking the legislative route which is against international law and which I believe is actually an obstacle to the negotiations that are going on in am end, will solve these difficult problems. Keir Starmer speaks to the media in Stormont today. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has traveled to Kyiv to meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the Defense Minister. A Defense Ministry statement said: The working visit was held this week to allow the Defense Minister to learn first-hand how the operational needs of Ukraine's armed forces are evolving as the nature of the conflict continues to change. This will ensure that the UK's ongoing support evolves to meet these needs and is tailored to the situation on the ground. The defense minister met Minister Reznikov on the first of the two-day visit, before speaking with President Zelenskyy about how British support will continue to meet Ukraine's needs as the conflict enters a different phase. The three agreed to work even more closely together in the future to support their common goal of enabling Ukraine to free itself from illegal Russian occupation. Defense Secretary @BWallaceMP met with @ZelenskyyUa and @oleksiireznikov in Kyiv to discuss the range of support the UK is providing and agreed to continue working closely together. - Ministry of Defense 🇬🇧 (@DefenceHQ) June 10, 2022 Covid infections in the UK rise for the first time in two monthsCovid-19 infections in the UK have risen for the first time in two months jump likely caused by increases in cases compatible with the original Omicron variant BA.1 and the newer variants BA.4 and BA.5, according to the Office for National Statistics. As reported by PA Media, a total of 989,800 people in homes were estimated to have had the virus last week, up from 953,900 the previous week. All four nations have had increases in infections, although the ONS describes the trend in Scotland and Wales as "uncertain". It said: There were early signs of a possible increase in the percentage of people testing positive for coronavirus (Covid-19) in England and Northern Ireland, likely due to an increase in infections associated with the Omicron variants BA .1, BA.4 and BA are compatible. 5; In Wales and Scotland trends were uncertain. Here are the country by country estimates of how many people were infected in the week ending last Thursday. UNHCR backs bid to stop Priti Patel from sending asylum seekers to Rwanda, telling Supreme Court it violates international law, allowing seekers to Rwanda to be illegal. Lawyers demanding an injunction to stop deportation of asylum seekers to Rwanda say @ukhomeoffice claims the policy is 'incorrect'. @UNHCR has warned that the deal goes against "the letter and spirit" of the Refugee Convention. - Mark Easton (@BBCMarkEaston) June 10, 2022 A lawyer for the UN refugee agency, Laura Dubinsky QC, told the court that "in the light of inaccuracies," she wanted to clarify that the UNHCR did not respect the agreement between the UK and Rwanda in any way endorse. She said UNHCR informed the Home Secretary that it was unlawful. - Mark Easton (@BBCMarkEaston) June 10, 2022 United Nations refugee officials twice warned Home Office after deal announced deportation of asylum seekers to Rwanda unlawful, High Court has heard. - Mark Easton (@BBCMarkEaston) June 10, 2022 This is from Detention Action, one of the groups seeking an injunction to stop deportations next week , with " Serious concerns that asylum seekers coming from the UK to Rwanda transferred will not have access to fair and efficient trials... In the Telegraph, Charles Hymas quoted this from the UNHCR submission to the court. UNHCR said: The UK-Rwanda This regime does not meet required standards in relation to the legality and adequacy of bilateral or multilateral transfers of asylum seekers to necessary safeguards, is inconsistent with the letter and spirit of the 1951 Convention. UNHCR believes that the UK-Rwanda agreement cannot be brought into line with international legal obligations through minor adjustments. The serious concerns outlined in this analysis require urgent and appropriate consideration by the UK and Rwandan governments, in accordance with their obligations under established and binding norms of international refugee law. Photo: Frank Augstein/AP Ministers have announced plans to open up to 75 new free schools in England. Robin Walker, the Schools Minister, told LBC this morning that there will be a particular focus on funding self-contained upper schools in disadvantaged areas. He said: "Those are extra places in new schools, so basically what we're talking about here is where there's a real need for new schools, whether it's mainstream or specialty, we want to make sure we meet that need. Demographically, we've had a bit of a rebound, and there may not be the huge surge in demand for mainstream schools that we've had in the past several years. But we see, particularly in some disadvantaged areas where there is no opportunity for people to progress after 16, we want to fill that gap, we want to make sure there is an opportunity for everyone to have the chance to study, go to university attend if they choose to, or pursue career paths such as T-Levels.


Amid a capacity crisis at animal shelters, Cy-Fair librarians are taking action to save homeless cats. Here's how you can help.

Adopt A Cat Month is coming to LSC-CyFair. (Author: Gardener)

Cy-FairLSC CyFair Librarian Regina Vitolo hosts Adopt A Cat Month at the library, teaching all ages how to help stray cats in need. LSC CyFair Librarian Regina Vitolo hosts Adopt A Cat Month at the library, teaching all ages how to help stray cats in need. LSC CyFair Librarian Regina Vitolo hosts Adopt A Cat Month at the library, teaching all ages how to help stray cats in need. LSC CyFair Librarian Regina Vitolo hosts Adopt A Cat Month at the library, teaching all ages how to help stray cats in need. Though pet adoptions in the Houston area skyrocketed early in the pandemic, rescue organizations and animal shelters are now seeing greater numbers of stray kittens and cats, as well as abandoned animals. This month, the Lone Star College-CyFair strives to bring cat lovers into the shelters, either as a volunteer, potential foster carer, or adopter looking for their own pet. On Houston is in the midst of a stray animal crisis, and local animal rescue services are feeling the brunt of it Adopt-A-Cat Month program at LSC-CyFair's library at 9191 Barker Cypress Rd. in Cypress brings a month of events , which will focus on saving the stray cat population, training volunteers and showcasing adoptable cats from Special Pals and Purr Paws Rescue, two animal rescues in the area. Regina Vitolo, LSC CyFair Librarian, launched the Adopt-A-Cat event in 2017 to raise awareness of stray cats and works with cat cafe El Gato in The Heights. "We started filming Crafting with Kitties videos there and the goal was to feature the adoptable kittens in El Gato in our virtual program since most people don't leave their homes," Vitolo said. I reached out to Special Pals and they loved the idea of ​​a partnership and filmed Crafting with the Kitties videos to show off their adoptable kittens. LSC-CyFair's Adopt-A-Cat Month event is taking place in-person for the first time since 2019. Vitolo said she wants the month's programs to inspire community members, students and faculty to adopt, promote and help rescues through volunteering or donation. The goal is to make LSC-CyFair's library a resource center for stray cat rescue and care. "We want to offer them some enrichment and help them figure out how to become foster parents and start volunteering and help them have that experience," Vitolo said. "All cat programming really serves to introduce the idea of ​​human parenting in general, compassion for animals and how that affects how we treat each other as humans." Katy Heerssen, director of development and marketing at Special Pals, said the Partnering with LSC-CyFair is a blessing, with the chance to recruit potential volunteers and adopt cats and kittens. Adopters and foster carers are needed because summer has a high birth rate for stray cats, she said. Special pal cats up for adoption will be featured at the Cat Cafe event and in upcoming Caturday videos, Heerssen said. Volunteers are needed as organizations like Special Pals and Purr Paws seek foster care for pets before they can be put up for adoption. Foster parents can help mother cats raise their kittens until they can survive on their own, or bottle-feed baby kittens without mothers. All that Special Pals foster parents need is a good home and a love for cats. We have the food and equipment they need if they decide to become a bottle nurse," Heerssen said. "Experience is great, but we also offer training and a really big network of people to join you in the adventure of caring for cats and kittens." Other activities for Adopt-A-Cat Month at the LSC-CyFair- Libraries include learning about TNR - Trap, Neuter, Return - which helps humanely reduce the cat population through spaying and spaying. Vitolo hopes people will leave the month-long celebration not only with an appreciation for cats, but also a will to do more for their health and well-being as the number of stray cats increases every day. "Volunteer-led rescue operations and shelters are overwhelmed," Vitolo said. “They are burned out from this surge in stray and abandoned animals. To donate to Special Pals or find other ways to volunteer, visit For more information on how you can help Purr Paws Rescue, visit To put pets up for adoption, visit


Britney Spears shares the first video from her wedding to Sam Asghari

Britney Spears posted a beautiful video montage from her lavish wedding to Sam Asghari on Thursday night. (Author: Gardener)

Sam AsghariBritney Spears finally tied the knot with her longtime partner Sam Asghari, 28, on the evening of June 9, 2022. The 40-year-old singer and her boyfriend have been going strong since they linked in 2016, but their love follows a string of short-lived romances for the pop superstar. Below is a history of Britney's relationships dating back to her earliest days as an aspiring artist. Britney got her first official boyfriend, Reg Jones, when she was only 14 and he was 17. In Lynne Spears' 2008 memoir Through The Storm, Britney's mother claimed that it was actually Jones that her daughter lost her virginity to, not her future boyfriend Justin Timberlake. Britney's first serious relationship was with her former Mickey Mouse Club co-star Justin Timberlake, who was then part of NSYNC. Following their split in 2002, the singer publicly blamed Spears for their split and used his "heartbreak" to promote his music. A double was also used to portray Spears in his video for "Cry Me A River," which fans took to be a breakup song about their relationship. Timberlake later wrote in a candid apology that he was "deeply sorry" and would "take responsibility" by admitting that he "let her down" after their relationship following the release of documentaries dealing with Spears' custody had come under renewed scrutiny. Following her split from Timberlake, the Toxic singer reportedly moved on with choreographer Wade Robson, who worked for both her and Justin's group NSYNC. Though it was never confirmed by either trio, it was rumored at the time that Wade was the real reason Justin and Britney split. However, their relationship was short-lived and Britney and Wade had broken up within a year. After Robson split, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst claimed he dated Britney, though she denied they ever had a relationship. The pair spent time together while working on songs for Britney's new album. Britney was also reported to have been dating Jared Leto around this time, but he never confirmed the alleged romance and she denied they ever dated. The dating rumors began after fans theorized that Spears was after Leto because he was Cameron Diaz's ex and Diaz was dating Spears' ex Timberlake at the time. Something was clearly going on between Britney and actor Colin Farrell in 2003 when they kissed at the premiere of his film The Recruit, where they also walked the red carpet. However, he shrugged and said he was "just a 26-year-old guy who's single and having a good time". While their affair may have only lasted a week, Farrell commemorated their relationship by sending Spears a t-shirt that read, "I slept with Colin Farrell and all I got was this lousy t-shirt." Britney was with her own organization when she teamed up with her backup dance Columbus Short in 2003. Short, who later starred in Scandal, later claimed he overheard Spears' parents Lynne and Jamie Spears addressing him with the N-word when it was she on the speakerphone with them, although he did not specify who said it, and both denied using the word. Britney's first (brief) marriage was to Jason Alexander, who had been her childhood friend. The couple married on a whim in the early hours of the morning on January 3, 2004 during a ceremony at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. They were both 22 years old at the time. Their marriage was annulled 55 hours later, which Alexander later claimed was coerced by Britney's mother Lynne and Britney's management. After the annulment, Spears said in an interview, "I was goofy, rebellious." But 18 years after their reunion, Alexander doesn't seem to have lost his feelings for Spears because just hours before she was due to wed her longtime partner Sam Asghari, 28, Alexander broke into the premises of their home to crash the wedding bring . Britney's first husband Jason Alexander has been jailed after dramatically live-streaming himself crashing their wedding at their Thousand Oaks mansion. Jason is now in the custody of the Ventura Sheriff's Department after being charged with trespassing, vandalism and two counts of battery following some altercations with Britney's security guards. Minutes before he was arrested, Alexander managed to Instagram himself as he ran through the hilltop paths as he approached the back of Spears' home. The 40-year-old was able to easily scale a fence, descend a rocky slope and slip into the wedding site, all the while telling security exactly who he was and why he was there - just hours before the fairytale ceremony took place on road. On Thursday night, Spears' attorney revealed he was "absolutely furious" after Alexander crashed the pop star's wedding venue and demanded that he be locked up. The singer's next relationship also resulted in a marriage. Spears quickly burst onto the dating scene after her divorce when she hooked up with music producer J. Following their affair, Rotem shocked with a graphic kiss and narrated an interview, rudely proclaiming, "I fucked Britney wheelbarrow style — it was tractor style. ' Reflecting on their union, Rotem later said, 'It was kind of a silly phase where I wouldn't say I'm a bad person, but I would say I'm not very honest about what I do am and what I should do.” In the same year as her affair with Rotem, Spears began dating male model Isaac Cohen. At the time, her fans noted that Cohen noted that she only looked like her ex-husband Kevin, but he even favored clothing similar to the dancer. Their split was described as "amicable" and Cohen later said of their relationship: "When I met Britney she was burnt out. Life & Style reported at the time that Britney's mother, Lynne, was worried about the relationship, which didn't last long. Spears' second husband K Fed also disagreed with the relationship, branding Day "garbage" and adding that Britney "had to go to the dump" to meet Day during rehab. The pop star shocked her fans and family when she started dating paparazzi Adnan Ghalib in 2007, despite him long chasing her for the perfect photo. Ghalib claimed in 2008 he had a sextape with Spears in an apparent attempt to poke around it, although he later claimed his statements were fabricated, according to The Daily Beast. Britney's father Jamie successfully won an injunction to keep Ghalib away from his daughter, claiming the photographer alerted paparazzi to Britney's whereabouts and then received a fee from them. One of Spears' longest relationships was with her former agent, Jason Trawick. In 2021, rumors spread claiming the pair secretly married and then divorced in 2012, after records showing their conservatorship put a lawyer on hold shortly before their split in 2013. However, Trawick denied they were ever married, and no marriage certificate — or divorce — was ever filed. Britney and David Lucado began dating shortly after her split from Trawick, although the relationship only lasted about a year. According to TMZ, Britney dumped Lucado after spotting a video of Lucado "making out and dancing with a woman." Lucado didn't take the breakup well, and a rep told TMZ, "David is very, very much in love with Britney. Spears continued to be involved in the entertainment industry even though her new boyfriend, Charlie Ebersol, was a film and television producer. Speaking of their romance at the time, Spears said, "I thought he was really adorable and she said he was good with people so I went for it... Sources claimed to Hollywood Life after their split that the two broke up after Britney's father Jamie hit it out pretends he wasn't a good match for her. Sam Asghari, an aspiring actor, has been at the pop star's side since 2016, making their relationship their longest to date. She met Sam in 2016 when he appeared in her music video "Slumber Party," and the two hit it off quickly thereafter. They officially became Instagram in January 2017 and Sam has been by their side in the fight to end their longtime conservatorship. Spears announced their engagement on September 12, 2021, and she followed the good news by finishing her conservatory in November of that year. In April 2022, the couple announced they were expecting their first child together, but Britney announced just a month later that she had suffered a miscarriage. "Maybe we should have waited until we're further along to announce, but we were overly excited to share the good news," she wrote on Instagram.


George Russell fears 'major incident' over 'dangerous' F1 cars

Azerbaijan Grand Prix: George Russell fears 'major incident' over 'dangerous' F1 cars (Author: Gardener)

George RussellBritish driver George Russell has described the new era of cars in Formula 1 as "dangerous" and a "recipe for disaster" and feared it was only "a matter of time" before a serious accident occurred. Ferrari's Charles Leclerc will be at the forefront of today's Azerbaijan Grand Prix after claiming his fourth straight pole position. Sergio Perez will start second ahead of championship leader Max Verstappen in the other Red Bull. Russell is fifth on the grid, two places ahead of seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. But in the moments after dequalifying his more famous Mercedes team-mate for the fifth time in eight outings, Russell expressed grave concern that Sunday's race on the streets of Baku could be overshadowed by a high-speed crash. The new generation of F1 machines introduced this season and developed by motorsport manager Ross Brawn in hopes of closer racing have been plagued by porpoises - the phenomenon that makes the car bounce on its suspension. "It's definitely dangerous and it's only a matter of time before we see a major incident," said Russell, 24. We're being shaken to pieces and I can barely see where to brake at the end of the straight because we're bouncing so much around. I don't think we're the only car. “A lot of us can barely keep the car in a straight line over the bumps and we're going at 200mph around the last two corners, with concrete walls on either side of us, which isn't a comfortable position. “That's it. With the technology we have, there's no need for us to drive a Formula 1 car millimeters off the ground. I don't know what the future holds, but we can't keep this up for three more years or however long these regulations last.” He hooked it up on the last leg, zooming through the finish line and becoming the first rider to do more in Baku as one takes pole 🙌 - Sky Sports F1 (@SkySportsF1) June 11, 2022 The issue was raised with F1's governing body, the FIA, at the drivers' briefing on Friday night. Hamilton, who finished a stunning 1.6 seconds off the pace on Saturday, announced he has received acupuncture treatment from his coach, New Zealander Angela Cullen, to combat the pain caused by high-speed jumping. "I couldn't finish my long run in training on Friday because my back was totally broken," said the 37-year-old. “Thank God for Angela for giving me physical therapy and acupuncture every night. Jumping isn't that bad on the straights, but in the corners we try to keep the car away from the wall. There's not much we can do to stop it, but we can't have this car for four years, so they have to work it out.” Hamilton, who goes into Sunday's race 75 points behind points leader Verstappen, was closed at 8:20 p.m called the stewards for driving "unnecessarily slowly" during an out-lap and delaying fellow countryman Lando Norris. But an hour later, the seven-time world champion received the all-clear and retained his seventh place on the grid. I was here until 1:30am last night. Leclerc, who is nine points behind Verstappen, was recovering from his misery in Monaco two weeks ago to stun his rivals. Leclerc has not managed to convert a pole into a win since the third race of the season in Australia, since then he has seen a 46-point lead in the championship turn into a nine-point deficit over Verstappen. Pole position qualifier Charles Leclerc of Monaco and Ferrari celebrates in parc ferme during qualifying session ahead of the F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix at Baku City Circuit on June 11, 2022 in Baku, Azerbaijan - Dan Istitene - Formula 1 Red Bull has four wins pulled in in a row back then – but two of them have come after an engine failure that cost Leclerc victory in Spain and a mistake in strategy that sent him back from first to fourth at Monaco, and the team on the famous streets of Monte Carlo, to to claim his third career win by a margin of 0.282 seconds. "All the bars feel good, but I wasn't expecting these because I thought the Red Bulls were stronger," said Leclerc. Perez felt the bar might have slipped through his fingers as an engine problem in the garage meant he left the pits late and didn't benefit from a slipstream on his final lap. The same applied to Verstappen, who was supposed to be towed by Perez, but had to go out on his own after the technical problem. Verstappen said: “The start of the lap was good and then it went a little bit off me, tiny mistakes. Not what I want, but as second and third we have a good chance tomorrow.” We seem to be missing the one lap a bit, but in the long run our car should be pretty good.” Q1 had been red flagged , with just two and a half minutes to go after Lance Stroll fell. 😬 - Sky Sports F1 (@SkySportsF1) June 11, 2022 Just moments after hitting the barrier, before the Canadian driver backed out of trouble, he crashed into the wall a second time. Stroll carried on lot of speed through the second corner and lost control of his Aston Martin and Stroll had to park his wounded machine when race director Niels Wittich put the red flag up. The struggling Mick Schumacher was also unable to improve and will be in 20th and final place for the compete in races.


Is Leclerc the fastest driver in F1?

Charles Leclerc's pole position in Baku strengthened the Ferrari driver's claim to currently be the best in Formula 1 over a lap. (Author: Gardener)

LeclercIf Charles Leclerc had converted all his pole positions into wins in 2022, we would be talking about him as the clear title favorite. In eight qualifying sessions this year, he was fastest six times (including Baku on Saturday), while finishing second in the other two (behind Sergio Perez in Saudi Arabia and Max Verstappen in Imola). Of course, the fact that Leclerc's Ferrari is that quick over a lap but is more evenly matched with the Red Bulls in the race is one of the reasons why this year's World Championship is so open and exciting. Ferrari's handling of its tires means it can easily get them up to temperature in a single lap, but managing over a race distance isn't always that easy and has been a perennial weakness for Leclerc compared to Championship leader Verstappen. But putting aside the idiosyncrasies of each car's tire management, Leclerc undoubtedly lays claim to the title of fastest F1 driver over a single lap. His pole-position lap at Baku was the latest example of his pinpoint precision and masterful pace, getting close to the barriers at the apex and exit of almost every corner without once slipping out of control. In a session closely matched between the four drivers from the top two teams in Q1, Q2 and the first heat in Q3, Leclerc found almost 0.3 seconds clear of his nearest rival when it counted, and did so without the advantage of a slipstream on Baku's long pit lane. The advantage he had was mostly in the tighter second sector of the circuit, with Leclerc's best effort to shove his Ferrari between the castle walls giving him a 0.327s lead over second-placed Perez in that sector alone. Red Bull regained lap time on the straights, where the RB18's lower-drag setup came into its own, but as his Ferrari pulled into the pit lane Leclerc had time in hand, having earlier flirted intensely with the walls on his lap. A remarkable lap in a top-of-the-line car is always easier to identify than an equally impressive lap in a mid-table or closing-marker car, and there are a number of drivers who often get the most out of their machines, in the way Leclerc only did on Saturday in align with the center of the grid. George Russell, for example, would also be a contender for F1's top qualifier, having surpassed the man with the most pole positions in F1 history, Lewis Hamilton, in the last three events, taking his Mercedes to fifth place on Saturday had brought. But Leclerc's total dominance of far from slow teammate Carlos Sainz this year, and his ability to consistently set the fastest laps while dealing with the pressure of a title shot, means he deservedly claimed the title of best Qualifiers of F1 can claim this year. All he has to do now is convert that one-lap pace into wins on Sunday. There was some confusion at Red Bull ahead of the final timed laps of qualifying. Verstappen inquired why, as he was supposed to get a "tug" from Perez on his lap - the influence of the slipstream on Baku's long straight is huge. Perez's car was delayed in the garage when the team struggled to light it up, which team boss Christian Horner later explained as a problem refueling the car. Perez was supposed to tow Verstappen, but when he was in sync with other drivers, Red Bull had also planned for him to benefit from towing another car. As it turned out, Perez had to do his lap asynchronously and in clean air, which likely cost him a small chunk of lap time. "I think we certainly could have been a lot closer," Perez said of the tow, though he admitted Leclerc might have been out of reach anyway. “If Ferrari sums it all up, it seems that they are making a good step forward in qualifying. Red Bull team principal Christian Horner downplayed the suggestion that the problem cost the team pole.” [Ferrari] simply had the upper hand in a single lap. "Pole position or not, Perez surpassed Verstappen again on Saturday. He cut the championship lead to 15 points by winning the Monaco Grand Prix last time out and if he finishes ahead of Verstappen again on Sunday, will he create something fascinating Teammate dynamics even more complicated for Red Bull. At the Spanish Grand Prix three weeks ago, it looked like Mercedes had closed the gap on Ferrari and Red Bull, and would take on Lewis Hamilton and George Russell in the upcoming races But just two bumpy street circuits later, the fastest of the two silver cars found themselves in a battle with Red Bull's junior squad AlphaTauri for fifth on Saturday while sitting a whopping 1.3 seconds from pole position - th Den Mercedes' biggest dry weather qualifying lead this season has been at the top, while progress has been made at the Spanish Grand Prix it on a purpose built track with a smooth track surface and a succession of mainly high and medium speed corners. On the bumpy street circuits of Monaco and Baku, Mercedes has uncovered driving problems not apparent in Spain, as well as a return of the dreaded hopping - or 'porpoise' - on the high-speed Baku straights. The skipping that affected the Mercedes' performance for the first five laps of the year is doubly frustrating for the team as it not only shows that the car is still on the razor's edge in terms of healing the problem but also, that the time spent resolving the impact was not as well invested as the engineers had hoped. For every hour the team's factory worked to solve the impact, they lost just as much time developing the intended performance upgrades they had planned to improve the car's base performance. Meanwhile, rivals Red Bull and Ferrari have pushed their own developments and widened the gap at the front, meaning the return of the impact in Baku has thrown Mercedes even further off the pace. "We made a really good step in Barcelona," emphasized team boss Toto Wolff on Saturday evening. “We had a good car and were able to get the best performance in the race, but we were a bit lacking in qualifying. It's easy to explain because we've now had two months trying to solve the porpoise and not being able to add the base performance and it's biting us a bit. We understand what we need to do and in a way it means... But if the team really understands what's going on, why can't they bring a solution? I still think there is a short-term fix that will make us a lot more competitive, but it might not explain everything. I want to put the car in the right position for the second half of the year and also for next year.