Carlo Ancelotti calm after Arsenal transfer target all comes into view amid Real Madrid fury

Marco Asensio was spotted kicking everything in sight but the ball in Real Madrid's 4-1 win over Real Mallorca on Sunday. (Author: Gardener)

Carlo AncelottiReal Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti says he is "okay" with Marco Asensio's anger after the midfielder was off the pitch this weekend. Asensio was seen tossing his bib then stepping on the ground before throwing his water bottle on the sidelines at the Bernabeu on Sunday. Asensio had been asked by Ancelotti to warm up but couldn't hide his frustration when told he wasn't coming. Eduardo Camavinga, Nacho, Luka Modric and Dani Carvajal were all brought on by the Italy manager but Asensio were denied a taste of the action against his former club. Goals from Fede Valverde, Rodrygo, Vinicius Junior and Antonio Rudiger gave Los Blancos victory to maintain their 100 percent start to their LaLiga season. Real won five out of five but Asensio only managed seven minutes as a substitute against Celta Vigo. Valverde and Rodrygo are ahead of him in the pecking order and both were impressive on Sunday. Ancelotti later revealed he had planned to bring Asensio and Mariano Diaz on until Madrid scored their second goal. An injury to right-back Lucas Vazquez also saw Ancelotti change focus. "If he's angry, I agree with him," Ancelotti said. "It's normal, it means he wants to play, wants to feel important. After just 18 minutes of service as a senior this season, Asensio is expected to leave the club next summer. His contract expires in June 2023 and there was interest in the player in the summer. Ancelotti admitted last month that Asensio is considering his options. "I don't know anything new about Asensio, only that he evaluates his situation," said the real boss in August. "Everything will be settled on September 2nd and if he stays he will be an important player and I will be happy because he added a lot last year." Asensio are free to talk to non-Spanish clubs in January. Arsenal and Manchester United have been linked with late moves for the player last month. However, Arsenal changed tact late on, going after a central midfielder following an injury to Mohamed Elneny. Asensio is keen to play for Spain at the World Cup this winter. And Ancelotti recently said the attacker would still play an "important" role at Madrid if he stayed. However, his time hasn't come this season and it's obvious he's frustrated. But that price will have come down now that he can go free agent in 10 months. The article Carlo Ancelotti calm after Arsenal transfer target all comes into view amid Real Madrid fury appeared first on


Katie Price's relationship timeline

Katie Price has had her fair share of romance and heartbreak over the years - here we take a full look at her past relationships. (Author: Gardener)

Katie Price'sKatie Price has had her fair share of romance and heartbreak over the years. And her latest romance with fiancé Carl Woods has been the subject of speculation following a post on the star's TikTok claiming the pair are no longer together, although Katie has attributed this to the account being hacked. Katie's love life hasn't been smooth sailing - over the years there have been broken engagements, doomed love affairs, clandestine hotel dates and five beautiful children. Ahead of the release of her latest show, Katie Price: Trauma And Me, the former glamor model described her ex-husbands as "triggers" to her mental health. We take a look back at the ups and downs of Katie's turbulent love life. The electrician first met the model known as Jordan when she was 17 and he was 27. The couple dated for two years and lived together in an apartment until a newspaper revealed she was having an affair with footballer Teddy Sheringham. Former Tottenham Hotspur and England footballer Teddy only dated Katie briefly and the relationship went cold after newspapers discovered the affair. The former '90s TV star and Katie were engaged to Warren from 1996 to 1998 and say the couple bonded because of their "working class background and determination to make money". But it wasn't to be and the couple called off their engagement. Katie Price claimed they got together, while the Formula 1 driver and brother of Michael said they only met once at a PR event in 1998. She refers to him as the "love of my life," and Katie Price and the Another Level singer have remained friends despite splitting in 2000 after two years of dating. The couple met at a movie after-party in August 1998 and started dating a week later. Katie revealed the couple had a threesome with a friend and also filmed a sex session. It wasn't long before the couple moved in together, but cracks began to show when Katie claimed his friendship with Victoria Beckham, who he collaborated with on the single Out of Your Mind, caused a rift. Amid infidelity rumors, Katie ended a pregnancy and the couple eventually split as she went ahead with a photoshoot after he told her not to. Katie and footballer Dwight Yorke had an on-off relationship from around 2001 to 2002, which resulted in Katie's eldest son, Harvey. Sadly, Katie claims the footballer couldn't accept Harvey, who was born blind and has Prader-Willi Syndrome. The couple split before Harvey was born and Dwight originally denied he was the father, forcing Katie to take a DNA test to prove it. He was the innocent 17-year-old runner-up on Pop Idol and she was the six-month-pregnant glamor model named Jordan. So was it a surprise that people believed Gareth when he denied claims he lost his virginity to Katie Price in February 2002? Gareth claimed the relationship cost him his pop career: "I definitely had to warm people up again," he continued. Matt married (and soon after divorced) Katie's rival, Jodie Marsh. Beginning around November 2002, Katie dated Scott Sullivan, the millionaire's son, for two years. That was until she went to I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and met a certain Mr. Andre... It was “Insania” when Katie and Mysterious Girl singer Peter Andre met in the jungle at I'm A Celebrity in early 2004 Sparks flew and by May the couple were engaged before marrying at Highclere Castle (where Downton Abbey is filmed) in September 2005. Unfortunately, after four years together, the couple officially divorced in October 2009. In August 2009, Katie announced that the couple was dating. However, it was a difficult relationship when Katie dropped Alex during her second appearance on I'm A Celebrity live on TV as he flew to Australia to propose to the businesswoman. In January 2010, Alex won Celebrity Big Brother and apparently Katie's heart again when the couple married in Vegas the following month. But it wasn't long before rumors began to swirl that the marriage was faltering, and in March 2010 Katie committed a massive faux pas by calling Alex "Pete" during an interview on This Morning. In August 2010, Alex threatened to leave Katie and in January the couple divorced. Katie dated rugby pro Danny, 29, in 2011 after he split from her nemesis Kelly Brook, the glamor model. She later referred to him as "Danny Chipolata" and claimed she walked in on the rugby star in bed with another woman. The couple were engaged in April 2012, but the couple agreed to end their relationship by October 2012. It was a whirlwind romance when the couple married in January 2013, just two months after meeting in the Bahamas. But everything fell apart when it was revealed that Kieran was having affairs with Katie's friends Jane Pountney and Chrissy Thomas. Kieran received therapy for sex addiction and the couple worked on their relationship. However, Katie filed for divorce after finding out that Kieran was allegedly having another affair with the children's nanny. The nanny, Nikki Brown, has denied the affair, saying she will "clear her name". The pair met through former 'Love Island' star Rykard Jenkins in early May and quickly began dating afterward. However, they split just five months later before rekindling their romance and finally splitting in 2019. Following her split from Kris, Katie began dating Chesterfield builder and amateur footballer Charles Drury. They split in 2019, with Charles joining The Only Way Is Essex star Lauren Goodger, with whom she shares daughters Larose, one, and Lorena, who died earlier this year at the age of two. Katie confirmed her romance with former Love Island star Carl Woods in 2020 and shared a couple selfie with her new beau. They got engaged just 10 months later and are currently still together despite shared rumors plaguing the couple. However, the former glamor model later claimed her account had been hacked and insisted she is still with Carl.


where he did something wrong, some things he did right

Further underscoring the lack of preparedness, hospitals have faced shortages of personal protective equipment (Author: Gardener)

A leadership change occurred in Britain this week as Liz Truss was chosen by Conservative Party members to replace Boris Johnson as Britain's Prime Minister. Johnson's tenure, of course, coincided with the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, a global crisis that required skilled national leadership. While his administration's response to the pandemic had some redeeming characteristics, I would argue that - overwhelmingly - it has not. A component of any pandemic response should be the knowledge gained from preparedness activities. And as the pandemic began to spread in early 2020, Johnson reportedly missed five meetings of the government's Cobra Emergency Committee. Before Johnson became Prime Minister, the UK had conducted simulation exercises and considered a range of likely policy responses. For example, Exercise Cygnus considered a scenario where the UK was facing respiratory pandemic. Cygnus concluded that "at this time, the UK's preparedness and response is inadequate in terms of its plans, policies and capabilities". There was also Exercise Alice, which looked specifically at the impact of a highly transmissible coronavirus. Recommendations included guidelines on quarantine and community surveillance. These recommendations, too, seemed to be largely ignored. Further underscoring the lack of preparation, hospitals faced shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) and many of the items received were of poor quality or simply unusable. These failures were due, at least in part, to government-level decisions to award contracts for the supply of PPE to companies that did not have a track record of doing so. The mechanism for accessing these government contracts has been ruled illegal by the Supreme Court. In one case, the work of supplying vials for COVID tests was contracted out to a company run by the former owner of then Health Secretary Matt Hancock's local pub. Separately, Finance Secretary Lord Agnew resigned in January 2022 over government action to write off £4.3billion of fraudulent COVID loans. Then there was the "Test and Trace" program that was put in place at great expense by the government. Notably, the project involved 35 companies, many of whom had little or no background in public health or diagnostics. The testing programme, led by former telecoms manager Dido Harding, was further criticized by Parliament for being too slow to increase capacity, although other countries performed well in this regard. When the first lockdown ended in the summer of 2020, the government launched a new scheme to encourage people to return to pubs and restaurants, Eat Out to Help Out, which ran in August 2020. At this point, community transmission in the UK was at a lower rate than it had been in several months, and new cases were emerging predominantly in institutional settings such as hospitals and care homes. There is evidence that the program was responsible for between 8% and 17% of all new COVID infections detected during its lifetime. This then led to Christmas 2020, perhaps one of the greatest governance failures of the pandemic. The government flouted the scientific consensus and instead invited scientists with fringe views on acquiring herd immunity through natural infection to meet with Johnson and other ministers. The effects of winter social mixing were catastrophic, with thousands of COVID deaths, along with the widespread emergence of the alpha variant. In spring 2021, the Royal College of Nursing criticized the government for its slow response to updating infection control guidelines after evidence showed the virus was airborne. There have been promises to distribute vaccines to lower-income countries that have not been kept. Cummings was fired by Johnson in November 2020. In late 2021 and early 2022, Johnson repeatedly denied any rules were broken in connection with the series of Christmas parties held by government employees. Police later confirmed that Johnson had indeed broken his own rules by attending a gathering to celebrate his birthday. The Prime Minister's ethics adviser, Lord Geidt, resigned in June 2022 after acknowledging that the Prime Minister may have breached the ministerial code of conduct in relation to "Partygate". The UK became the first country to approve and give a COVID vaccine. This followed significant government investment in research and development, not just for vaccines but also for evaluating therapeutics, such as through the Recovery trial. Meanwhile, investments in genomics have supported monitoring and monitoring for new variants. The availability of free COVID testing allowed testing to become both routine and widespread over an extended period of time. This data was reported using real-time tools such as the COVID-19 Dashboard. The government has arguably done well when it comes to investing in science to support the urgent generation and reporting of new knowledge. But even with the rapid rollout of the vaccine and the early introduction of booster doses, other countries quickly caught up and overtook Britain in terms of coverage. By December 2021, numerous other high-income countries had vaccinated a larger proportion of their eligible population than the UK. Childhood COVID vaccines have also been slow to gain approval in the UK compared to other countries. This allowed misinformation groups to spread false information about vaccine safety. This, along with other factors such as limited health promotion, appears to have contributed to slow uptake among children. As of August 2022, the UK had confirmed more than 200,000 COVID deaths and nearly a million hospital admissions. The cumulative number of confirmed deaths per million people is higher in the UK than in most other high-income countries. Other important stresses include long COVID times and indirect impacts on other health areas, such as B. Longer NHS waiting times. Overall, many failures in national governance have resulted in preventable disease and excess deaths. The new Prime Minister and her government must ensure the UK is better prepared to deal with future public health emergencies. The consequences of the COVID pandemic, beset by national policy failures, will be felt by the British public for many years to come. This article was republished by The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.


How many times has the conservative batting cost team won ODI (and Test)?

Important cases where teams underused their batting resources and paid the price | (Author: Gardener)

About a decade ago I wrote an article looking at some ODI games where teams underperformed, wasted resources, and lost. Over a thousand games have been played since then, so I'll revisit this topic now. I can make statements that a team should have scored about 20 more runs if they batted without batting an eyelid. This article isn't about winning teams, it's about losing teams. The first is where the team that hits first scores, say, 280 for 2 or 3 and then narrowly loses. Alternatively, for example, the chasing team scores 250 for 4 points when chasing 290 for 8 and falls behind. In this article, I'll look at those games where teams left runs on the field and the batsmen whose conservatism was responsible for this type of approach. In those cases where the batting team scored slowly first, I will also mention the number of runs they missed based on balls remaining when the goal was reached. I ignore matches that were abandoned, abandoned, involved a DLS result, or had fewer than 40 overs played. I look at the games in which teams batting first have lost after conceding three or fewer wickets themselves. This is the most relevant group and consists of 17 games. I also look at games where the chasing team failed to complete a successful chase and lost four wickets or fewer. There are only seven games in this category, and some of them look ridiculous when you look through them a few decades later. I have an interesting bonus at the end where I extend the concept to tryouts. 1. Australia v West Indies, Melbourne, 1984-85 West Indies 273 for 6 in 49.2 overs beat Australia 271 for 3 in 50 overs (Steve Smith 54 [101 balls], Graeme Wood 81 [119], Wayne Phillips 56 [37] ) by four wickets Australia could easily have added another 20 runs to the total in that game. It took Steve Smith (not this one) and Graeme Wood well over 35 overs to build an opening 135 partnership, and all efforts from Allan Border and Wayne Phillips later in the innings proved insufficient. As you can see, Australia only needed to score a few more runs to potentially win the game. 2. India v Australia, Jaipur, 1986-87 India 251 for 3 in 41 overs beat Australia 250 for 3 in 47 overs (Geoff Marsh 104 [139], David Boon 111 [118]) by seven wicket centuries from Marsh and Boon not hide the fact that Australia were far from a competitive result in that game. Marsh in particular was quite slow and there weren't enough overs for the other batters to get about one run per ball. Having said that, I have to admit that this was one of those games where India could have chased any goal thanks to a run-a-ball hundred from Kris Srikkanth. 3. India v Pakistan, Jamshedpur, 1986-87 Pakistan 266 for 5 in 43.2 overs def. India 265 for 3 in 44 overs (Sunil Gavaskar 69 [86], Manoj Prabhakar 106 [121], Dilip Vengsarkar 54* [42] ). five wickets India managed to break the run-a-ball mark and must have felt they had enough runs only for a consistent Pakistani batting reaction to take the game away from them. It's hard to blame any of the Indian thugs involved. 4. India v New Zealand, Baroda, 1988-89 India 282 for 8 in 47.1 overs beat New Zealand 278 for 3 in 50 overs (John Wright 70 [96], Andrew Jones 57 [85], Mark Greatbatch 84* [67] ) by two wickets Also in this match it is difficult to blame a batsman in the team batting first, New Zealand. It was an extremely fast century from Mohammad Azharuddin, played in 63 balls, that led India to an extra overs victory. 5. Australia v England, Hyderabad (India), 1989-90 England 243 for 3 in 47.3 overs beat Australia 242 for 3 in 50 overs (Geoff Marsh 54 [131], Dean Jones 50 [90], Peter Taylor 36* [41 ], Allan Border 84* [44]) with seven wickets, Australia ended miserably behind a good result and this time some of the batters were definitely to blame. Marsh arguably played the worst ODI innings ever by an Australian batsman. The impact of his 54 on a 41 batting average was compounded by an odd inning from Dean Jones and it was a terrible performance overall. Border's hit rate of almost 200 could not save her later. This was quite possibly one of the worst ODI matches Australia has ever played. 6. India v England, Jaipur, 1992-93 England 224 for 6 in 48 overs def. India 223 for 3 in 48 overs (Vinod Kambli 100* [149], Mohammad Azharuddin 6 [28], Sachin Tendulkar 82* [81]) India lingered by four wickets in the first half of their innings and although Tendulkar hit a run-a-ball 82, he couldn't make up for Kambli's very slow hundred. It was amazing that England needed all 48 overs to win the match. One point less than the last delivery, India could have won the match as the 'fewer wickets lost' criterion may very well have been in force at the time. 7. Pakistan v West Indies, World Cup, Melbourne, 1992 West Indies 221 to 0 in 46.5 overs beat Pakistan 220 to 2 in 50 overs (Ramiz Raja 102* [158], Javed Miandad 57* [61]) with ten wickets This was an important World Cup game and Pakistan collectively shot themselves in the foot. In a memorable inning, they scored 220 points and West Indies passed the score without losing a wicket. Ramiz scored his hundred with a pathetic batting average of 64. Only Miandad scored a ball on about one run. And it should be remembered that 20 of the West Indies overs came from journeyman spinners. 8. India v Sri Lanka, World Cup, Delhi, 1996 Sri Lanka 272 to 4 in 48.4 overs beat India 271 to 3 in 50 overs (Sachin Tendulkar 137 [137], Mohammad Azharuddin 72* [80], Manoj Prabhakar 7 [ 36 ]) with six wickets At the 1996 World Cup, India produced what appeared to be a competitive total, but it turned out that few runs fell short. It has to be said that India really could have gone on, but it's hard to blame one player. Still, Tendulkar had an excellent run-a-ball hundred and Azhar had a good fifty. Do we blame Prabhakar for its slow start? 9. England v Sri Lanka, Adelaide, 1998-99 Sri Lanka 303 for 9 in 49.4 overs beat England 302 for 3 in 50 overs (Graeme Hick 126* [118], Neil Fairbrother 78* [71], Nick Knight 45 [74 ], Alec Stewart 39 [33]) by one wicket England scored 302 points and a strange inning by Sri Lanka, with some batsmen missing, meant that score was broken with the last wicket on the block - one similar situation as in the previous game. India v South Africa, Kochi, 1999-00 India 302 for 7 in 49.4 overs beat South Africa 301 for 3 in 50 overs (Gary Kirsten 115 [123], Herschelle Gibbs 111 [127], Kallis 37* [30]) with three Score wickets Almost a mirror image of the previous game. Two hundreds, both at a good pace, and a few cameos led to a 300-plus score that was surpassed by a steady team innings in which no batsman failed. Could the South African century makers have put some gas at the end of their innings? South Africa v Australia, Port Elizabeth, 2001-02 Australia 330 for 7 in 49.1 overs beat South Africa 326 for 3 in 50 overs (Graeme Smith 84 [103], Nicky Boje 47 [48], Jacques Kallis 80* [59], Jonty Rhodes 71* [50]) with three wickets South Africa scored 326 points here, with a decent opening and two excellent finishing innings from Kallis and Rhodes. This is one instance where I don't even want to mention a South African batsman in unflattering terms. South Africa v West Indies, Johannesburg, 2003-04 South Africa 310 for 6 in 49.4 overs beat West Indies 304 for 2 in 50 overs (Chris Gayle 152* [153], Shivnarine Chanderpaul 85 [114], Ricardo Powell 49* [24 ]) by four wickets Another game like the previous one - the fourth of five. West Indies' total of 304 should have been enough, but they probably should have gotten 320 for 5. You can't blame Gayle; his innings were fantastic. But Chanderpaul had a 30 ball difference between runs and balls in his innings. South Africa, knowing the target, could plan appropriately and accept losing wickets. India v Australia, Visakhapatnam, 2010–11 India 292 for 5 in 48.5 overs beat Australia 289 for 3 in 50 overs (Michael Clarke 111* [139], Michael Hussey 69 [77], Cameron White 89* [49]) five-point wickets Shaun Marsh and Tim Paine totaled nine runs in 35 balls. Michael Clarke was minus 28 balls in terms of his batting average. This time the Australian thugs certainly had to speed up and can share the blame. Pakistan 329 for 7 in 49.5 overs beat Bangladesh 326 for 3 in 50 overs (Anamul Haque 100 [132], Imrul Kayes 59 [75], Mushfiqur Rahim 51* [33], Shakib Al Hasan 44* [16]) with three wickets It was heartbreaking for Bangladesh to score and lose 326 goals. Shakib's fantastic guest appearance couldn't make up for the 32-ball deficit in Anamul Haque's innings. On another day, this might have been a match winner. Australia v India, Perth, 2015-16 Australia 310-5 in 49.2 overs def. India 309-3 in 50 overs (Rohit Sharma 171 [163], Virat Kohli 91 [97]) with five wickets Rohit Sharma played a great innings at better than running a ball. A look at Australia's innings would show that they didn't play any better than India, but they played smart and just did it that little bit better. South Africa vs Pakistan, Port Elizabeth, 2018-19 Pakistan 267 for 5 in 49.1 overs beat South Africa 266 for 2 in 50 overs (Hashim Amla 108* [120], Reeza Hendricks 45 [67], Rassie van der Dussen 93 [101 ] by five wickets This was a game of the type that could have been played a few decades ago South Africa managed to score just 266 goals and eight for van der Dussen It's no wonder South Africa were 34 runs behind 300 It was very poor batting, especially by today's standards as most batsmen have T20 experience Zimbabwe 307 for 5 in 48.2 overs Bangladesh 303 for 2 in 50 overs (Tamim Iqbal 62 [88], Litton Das 81 [ 89], Anamul Haque 73 [62], Mushfiqur Rahim 52* [49]) of five wickets This match was played just a month ago Four of the batsmen had decent hitting rates but unfortunately the captain, Tamim Iqbal, used up 26 extra balls when he r scored us, and that wasn't the order of the day.Readers w will complain that in some of the games mentioned below the pursuers just gave up and went to bed. The only change is that I raised the bar for the losing team to four wickets or less. England v India, World Cup, Lord's, 1975 England 334 for 4 in 60 overs defeated India 132 for 3 in 60 overs (Sunil Gavaskar 36* [174], Eknath Solkar 8 [34], Gundappa Viswanath 37 [59]) with 202 runs The game meets all criteria. England scored a strong goal and India seemed to mentally give up the game like a deer caught in the headlights at lunchtime. Except they had to play their innings. Gavaskar set up a tent on the ground and scored a run every five balls for the next 200 minutes. An eminently unforgettable day for India. However, it has to be said that India has recovered from this low point eight years later. Australia v Sri Lanka, World Cup, The Oval, 1975 Australia 328 for 5 in 60 overs beat Sri Lanka 276 for 4 in 60 overs (Sunil Wettimuny 53 [102], Anura Tennekoon 48 [71], Michael Tissera 52 [72]) by 52 runs This match was nowhere near the previous one in terms of chase grimness. Australia produced a match-winning total, but Sri Lanka were missing by just over 50 runs. It is quite possible that they could not score in the required quota. Pakistan v Australia, Lahore, 1982-83 Pakistan 234 for 3 in 40 overs def. Australia 206 for 4 in 40 overs (Bruce Laird 91* [120], Kim Hughes 64 [67] with 28 runs Pakistan nearly scored a run a ball in this 40-over match Australia seemed surprisingly resigned before their innings started Australia v India, Sydney, 1985-86 Australia 292 for 6 in 50 overs def. India 192 for 4 in 50 overs (Sunil Gavaskar 92* [ 144]) on 100 runs After Australia had a very good but unimpressive total in their 50 overs, India played a strange inning and fell exactly 100 runs short. Mohinder Amarnath scored 16 in 54 balls and Azhar 17 from 40. India hit just four overall Fours and two sixes Sri Lanka v West Indies, World Cup, Karachi, 1987 West Indies 360 for 4 in 50 overs beat Sri Lanka 169 for 4 in 50 overs (Asanka Gurusinha 36 [108], Arjuna Ranatunga 52* [93], Duleep Mendis 37* [45]) of 191 runs Was India on Monday does, Sri Lanka does on Tuesday, that's an (awkward) way of explaining g what happened in that World Cup game in Karachi. Granted that Viv Richards almost destroyed Sri Lanka; provided there was a one in a million chance that they would win; admitted that no one knew what to do - none of which explains Gurusinha's terrible innings, Ranatunga's ridiculous finish and Aravinda de Silva's unforgettable cameo (9 of 27). It took Sri Lanka nine years to eliminate this appalling effort in the same country. South Africa vs Zimbabwe, Potchefstroom, 2006-07 South Africa 418 for 5 in 50 overs beat Zimbabwe 247 for 4 in 50 overs (Terry Duffin 88 [134], Hamilton Masakadza 54 [53], Chamu Chibhabha 46 [75]) with 171 runs was do you do when you've just had the lesson of your life when Mark Boucher takes your bowlers for 147 runs in 68 balls after the openers made their way into the 80's? Duffin decided to get some batting practice while the other batters played within their limits and the team settled for the fact that they lost just four wickets - and qualified for selection in this analysis. Pakistan 364 for 4 in 50 overs defeated Zimbabwe 233 for 4 in 50 overs (Prince Masvaure 39 [53], Ryan Murray 47 [70], Peter Moor 44* [54]) by 131 runs This match is a virtual replay of the previous one . This time it was Pakistan that achieved an unassailable sum. And Zimbabwe's batsmen were flawless - all six points scored between 25 and 47. However, using a complex set of selection criteria, I've identified a few tests where the last-batter team made no effort to push for a win at the asking price was appropriate. It's entirely possible that the batting side still had a few overs to play, as some of those matches were likely abandoned during the mandatory overs. A Summary of Criteria: Four wickets or fewer lost in the fourth innings, target within 100 runs of final score, target under 300 and a required starting odds of under four per over. 1. England v Australia, Old Trafford, 1893 It could be argued that in 1893 a goal tally of just under four was almost impossible to achieve. It should be noted, however, that England openers Andrew Stoddart with 42 balls from 112 and WG Grace with 45 balls from 120 closed the doors from the first ball. Bowling was tough, it has to be admitted, with Hugh Trumble, Charlie Turner and George Giffen in the Australian line-up. 2. West Indies vs. India, Kingston, 1952-53 India 312 and 444 ties vs. West Indies 576 and 92 for 4 in 47 overs (Target 181) A minimum of 47 overs and a tempting target of 181 were not enough for a very strong game West Indian batting team to try. India 194 and 339 draws vs Australia 331 and 121 for 2 in 52 overs (target 203) A minimum of 52 overs and a target of 203 was too much for the visiting team against a very accurate and powerful Indian spin attack. Les Favell and Neil Harvey hit well under three runs per over. 4. Australia v England, Sydney, 1962-63 England 321 and 268 for 8 draws with Australia 349 and 152 for 4 in 72 overs (goal 241) England 321 and 268 for 8 draws with Australia 349 and 152 for 4 in 72 overs ( Objective 241) This Ashes playoff was an odd match. Australia had 72+ overs to score 241, odds of around 3.5. Bill Lawry typical 45 from 170 balls, Harvey 28 from 106 and Peter Burge 197 slow 52. 5. New Zealand v England, Auckland, 1965-66 New Zealand 296 and 129 draw v England 222 and 159 for 4 inches 75 overs (goal 204) This is probably the strangest match in this collection. England had 75 overs to hit 204 runs, a required odds of less than three, against a fairly prosaic bowling attack. 6. India v Australia, Kolkata, 1979-80 6. India v Australia, Kolkata, 1979-80 Australia 442 and 151 on 6 Dec drew v India 347 and 200 for 4 in 63.2 overs (goal 247) India needed just under 250 in 63 overs which was a tough task and probably explains why they decided to play it safe. 7. Sri Lanka vs. South Africa, Colombo (SSC), 2000 South Africa 279 and 241 on Dec 9 tie against Sri Lanka 258 and 195 for 4 in 67.1 overs (goal 263) At home Sri Lanka needed 263 in 67 overs , a required rate just under four. 8. New Zealand v West Indies, Dunedin, 2013-14 New Zealand 609 for 9 Dec and 79 for 4 in 30 overs (goal 112) Tie v West Indies 213 and 507 As this is a recent game I have more data available - the only one below this crowd. So I can say with certainty that New Zealand were 79 for four at the tea when it rained and they can't be blamed. A different set of criteria leads to a different set of test matches. Looking at these tests today, it seems strange that the teams didn't believe at all that there was a chance of an unexpected victory. Any reader who would like to join the all-purpose cricket idea-sharing group of that name, which I started last year, can email me a request for membership, giving their name, location and occupation.


Tories reject Labor's £1m plan to deal with Stoke-on-Trent cost-of-living crisis

Conservative council leaders have instead announced plans for a "Stronger Together through Winter" scheme, including a network of "warm rooms". (Author: Gardener)

LaborCouncil leaders have rejected opposition calls to invest £1million to deal with Stoke-on-Trent's cost-of-living crisis, saying "we can't spend money we don't have". Stoke-on-Trent City Council Workers' Group members had proposed a range of measures to help families in need this winter, including an immediate £500,000 investment in hardship funds and food banks. But Conservative council leaders amended Labor's motion for a full assembly, removing all references to additional council spending. Council leader Abi Brown instead announced plans for a “Stronger Together through the Winter” program where the council and partner agencies will work together to find ways to help families, as they have been doing during the pandemic. Suggestions include establishing a network of "warm rooms" across the city - buildings that people can go to if they can't afford to heat their own homes - and raising awareness of available support programs. Tory councilors have accused Labor of responding to the current crisis with a 'knee reflex'. But Labor hit back by saying residents of Stoke-on-Trent needed "warm houses, not warm words". The plenary debate came just hours after Prime Minister Liz Truss announced that she would limit energy bills for a typical home to £2,500 a year for the next two years. The plans will cost tens of billions of pounds, but Ms Truss has dismissed calls for a windfall tax on energy companies to fund spending. Labor Group leader Jane Ashworth accused the government of siding with multinationals and said more must now be done locally to help financially struggling families. She said: "I welcome Councilor Brown's proposal to treat this issue as if it were like a pandemic and we are mobilizing all the resources we can to find some sort of improvement. “We know we have a responsibility to help people through the future of Winter. We suggest a number of things in addition to Cllr Brown's points. We suggest Cllr Brown's words are money driven. We've suggested putting money into the coffers to get this done because there's no point in getting people around the table if you don't have the money to do the job properly , the Labor motion asked for £200,000 to support the Warm Spaces network and £300,000 to expand social rights and debt advice services. Ms Brown cited existing support for people, such as the £150 energy rebate, and the council's work to help its tenants have access to £2.5million in unclaimed benefits over the past two years. She said she recognized the need to do more but opposed Labour's spending proposals. She said: "The irresponsible thing would be to spend money that we don't actually have. The responsibility is to use the resources at our disposal and match that with a commitment to bring residents and organizations across the city together through the Stronger Together programme. Work of the Stronger Together programme. Labor councilors have criticized the removal of spending £1million and said the money would be needed to help families in difficulty.Councillor Paul Shotton said: "All the administration has done here is the £1million that has been taken out of it Labor had proposed to support those most affected and less well off in the city and replaced it with some words Warm words will not keep the people of the city of Stoke-on-Trent warm." But Tory councilors hit back and insisted , that the government's approach is more sustainable and would bring more success to the economy, said: "Our colleagues have opposite n reacting, as usual, reflexively to a critical situation in which we find ourselves today. The Conservative amendment passed despite opposition from Labor and independent city councillors. And while opposition members still argued that the amended motion did not go far enough, it was eventually passed unanimously. Urges Stokies to get £40-a-week performance bonus amid cost-of-living crisis. All Nursery Schools in Stoke-on-Trent and what Ofsted says about them


Arsenal have been pushing to give 'miracle worker' Wenger a new role following Arteta's blessing

Arsenal have been encouraged to offer Arsene Wenger a role at the club by their former vice-chairman David Dein, who has worked extensively with the Frenchman (Author: Gardener)

ArtetaArsenal have been encouraged to offer Arsene Wenger a role at the club by their former vice-chairman David Dein, who has worked extensively with France's Arsene Wenger and has urged the club to find a role for Arsene Wenger after Mikel Arteta made it clear that he would welcome the opportunity to bring the Frenchman back into the herd. Wenger is widely regarded as one of the club's greatest managers of all time after an iconic 22-year tenure. Wenger was also the mastermind behind the 'Invincibles' team, who went on to enjoy a historic 49-game unbeaten streak in the 2003-2004 2017/18 season in January. And Dein, who was axed in a similarly brutal manner, believes bringing Wenger, whom he describes as a "miracle worker", back into the club is a no-brainer. Dein worked alongside Wenger during his tenure at the club and still counts the FIFA boss among his closest friends. He told The Mail of Wenger: "He was a miracle worker and they just let him go." I thought the club owed Arsene a duty of care, a discussion at least. We need a change, but how is that going to happen? Would you like to be there? Would you like a different role, would you rather step out elegantly? "Look, you don't find a brain like his every day of the week. He's an Arsenal man, 22 years at the club. Wasn't it worth cultivating his knowledge? Look at where he is now? So he's not good enough for Arsenal, but he's good enough to be head of global development for FIFA, responsible for 211 countries.” He certainly should have been used by us, his knowledge, his skills, his encyclopedic awareness of players .He needs to be used."Would you like to see Wenger back at Arsenal? David Dein has urged Arsenal to bring Arsene Wenger back to the club in a new role. Although Wenger has never returned to the Emirates Stadium since his 2018 exit, Arteta the club's current manager has already expressed his desire to capitalize on the veteran's knowledge. The Spaniard played under Wenger for five years before retiring and handed his former boss an olive branch last year. Back in November, Arteta said: "I can't tell you now, but what I can say is that personally I would like to have him much closer to me because I think he will be a big help. "I think he will be of great help to the club.


Cristiano Ronaldo's missed chances compare as Man Utd fans address issues

Cristiano Ronaldo was criticized for his performance in Manchester United's defeat by Real Sociedad as the Red Devils' Europa League campaign got off to the worst possible start (Author: Gardener)

Cristiano Ronaldo'sCristiano Ronaldo was criticized for his performance in Manchester United's defeat by Real Sociedad as the Red Devils' Europa League season got off to the worst possible start. Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo in action against Real Sociedad on Thursday proved to be one Another frustrating night for Cristiano Ronaldo who failed to help Manchester United avoid a surprise 1-0 defeat by Real Sociedad in the Europa League. The 37-year-old had a rare start from Erik ten Hag after being benched for the Red Devils' last four Premier League games. Ronaldo was called up in the starting XI alongside club captain Harry Maguire, who was also eliminated after the 4-0 defeat at Brentford. However, United's much-changed side were unable to perform as they suffered a narrow defeat at Old Trafford thanks to Brais Mendez's controversial second-half penalty. Ronaldo received the most criticism after the game, however, as the five-time Ballon d'Or winner was criticized for his performance on his Europa League debut after 19 consecutive Champions League seasons. A compilation of Ronaldo's performance against Sociedad circulating on social media sees the striker miss a number of excellent chances. He was slammed by fans for his lack of sharpness in front of goal, with some calling for his resignation. Cristiano Ronaldo missed a chance in the opening minutes The Portuguese superstar missed a golden chance in the opening minutes to put United ahead. Diogo Dalot's pass somehow got to Ronaldo but the striker didn't have the pace to break past the Sociedad defense and was tackled just in time before he could put a shot away. Moments later, Christian Eriksen played a skillfully weighted ball into Ronaldo's lane, but he couldn't bring the ball down and fired a shot on goal as Sociedad again defended well. There's no doubt that a top-flight Ronaldo would have controlled that perfectly and scored from that position, especially during his time at Real Madrid. It seems like Ronaldo got lost this season and doesn't look as good as he did last season. Maybe the lack of pre-season or his failed transfer attempt would have influenced him, but he wasn't the same player who scored 24 goals last season. However, Ronaldo thought he had given United the lead in the 35th minute. Cristiano Ronaldo ruled out a shot for offside. Dalot's cross was caught by the veteran and he headed the ball past Remiro Gargallo and over the crossbar into the back net. However, the goal was ruled out for offside, which caused some frustration among United fans as Ronaldo was denied his first goal of the season. Ronaldo then missed what was probably his best chance just after half-time. He got in a great cross from Bruno Fernandes' right but couldn't find the shot on target from eight yards out. Admittedly he was under pressure from defenders but Ronaldo should do better in that position - and at least score. With United following the game, Ten Hag decided to put five attacking players on the field at once and Ronaldo made it difficult to find space with Sociedad defending so deeply. Ronaldo only had one clear chance and it came in the 86th minute. Cristiano Ronaldo missed an excellent header chance to put United ahead in the 46th minute. It wasn't Ronaldo's best performance and one United supporter compared her to Romelu Lukaku after the Belgian struggled for form during his time at United. One continued, "He won't be starting any Prem games any time soon. The comment with the most reactions was: "He takes good positions but is too slow to react when the ball comes to him. But Ronaldo will no doubt be improving and will want to force his way back into the United side ahead of the World Cup. The Red Devils are expected to be back in action on Thursday night when they take on Sheriff in the Europa League to recover.


Mikhail Antonio inspires West Ham to fight back against brave FCSB

Mikhail Antonio inspires West Ham to fight back against brave FCSB (Author: Gardener)

Mikhail AntonioA first goal from new signing Emerson and a late winner from substitute Michail Antonio gave West Ham a comeback win in the first group game of the Europa Conference League. The former Chelsea defender added to substitute Jarrod Bowen's penalty equalizer after Andrei Cordea put FCSB ahead in the 34th minute. Substitute Bowen equalized in the 69th minute after Maxwell Cornet was injured in a collision with Stefan Tarnovanu which referee Benoit Bastien ruled a foul. Had it been operational at this stage of the competition Var might have thrown it overboard, but Bowen made no mistake from the spot. That brought the Hammers to life and Emerson scored in the 74th minute after Antonio struggled with a defender in the box. Antonio provided safety in the last minute, spinning his marker and sprinting to a shot which the keeper managed to grab but couldn't stop. Antonio has been outstanding since he came on and now he's scored his goal. Superb strength allows him to shrug off Tamm before driving into the box and finishing cool with his left foot. FSCB take a free-kick in a dangerous area but Ogbonna is doing well to deal with the threat. West Ham are trying to get the job done here but it could be a dangerous strategy. Although they were at the top in that half, FSCB were not without chances. With just a one-goal lead and a lot of stoppage time due to the Cornet injury, that's far from done. Flynn Downes did really well in midfield during an up and down West Ham performance. Good ball control and excellent work off the ball – West Ham could have a player there. Târnovanu is forced into a nice save on the right after Antonio creates space for Fornals to put in a good shot after another good job. Fornals is ruled offside after an Antonio shot. West Ham have significantly increased their quality here. Bowen, Antonio, Pacqueta and Fornals all made a big difference. Shortly after Bowen almost made the three after being inches from a Pacqueta shot, Cordea stays clear on target after an error from Emerson. West Ham would do well to eliminate the danger. West Ham have really stepped on the gas here and are now in the lead. A Fornals cross is well controlled by Bowen, who smacks the ball at Antonio. His control drops the ball perfectly to Emerson, who fires a powerful shot past Târnovanu. Antonio is the man who has really made the difference since coming on and he's back at the near post to almost turn a Bowen cross. Cornet may need to detach as a result of this challenge. FSCB keeper Târnovanu rattles a cornet in the penalty area as he tries to capture a cross. However, the Ivorian was there first and the referee points to the spot. At least Antonio gives the FSCB more to think about. Dawa is cautioned by West Ham striker after good work. Angelo Ogbonna is pulled up for another foul. At the other end, West Ham quickly interrupts and feeds Antonio, who earns a foul after a challenge from Dawa. This foul is followed by a truly terrible delivery from Cornet. West Ham were absent tonight. Neat work from Cordea down the right as he slices in with his left foot and unleashes a wild shot that almost hits the corner flag. Every time West Ham gets the ball out of the half, they give the ball away immediately. Emerson is the next to get his name in the book. West Ham are clearly frustrated here. They didn't create anything at the start of this second half. Another foul from Ogbonna coming into a tackle very late. He got the ball in the morning after good work from Rice. Ogbonna is cautioned for a foul on Edjouma. West Ham don't handle danger and that leads to two speculative FSCB shots. Not the start the home side were aiming for this half. The changes clearly show that David Moyes was less than impressed with his side's performance in that first half. Antonio, Paqueta and Bowen are there. West Ham need more. The Romanian squad creates a good atmosphere in the London stadium. The West Ham fans are not happy here. There's an opening just as I type, but the superb Tamm is back to block Lanzini's shot. Nice work from Downes putting a clever ball in Scamacca between the lines. The Italian runs into the penalty area but shoots his shot cruelly wide of the target. Better build-up play from West Ham. Scamacca connects well with Benrahma feeding Lazini on the right. His cross is blocked from a corner. However, FSCB doesn't care about the corner and the ball is chipped back where Scamacca lurks. Just before the goal I wanted to write that the West Ham fans were clearly frustrated. West Ham got laid here and were punished by conceding a goal. It's a decent game from FSCB and it starts with Coman shoving a pass to Compagno. He gets his left foot around the ball, whips it across the six-yard box to find Cordea waiting at the back post. Big chance for FSCB. The ball is slammed against the back post and Cordea is there, unmarked. However, his header is weak and aimed squarely at Areola - a deduction for West Ham. Good build-up play from West Ham down the left and Rice slides a sweet ball into the cornet. He manages to turn and deflect his shot, but he's blocked by Dawa. West Ham appeal for a handball from the following corner before Lanzini wastes with a try at the back post. West Ham had 78% of possession in that game. Moyes will be keen that they translate that dominance into goals. Tamm puts his body on the line to block Scamacca's shot from the edge of the box. Rice follows with a shot of his own, but the ball sails wide. Ooooo that's nervous from West Ham at the back. The ball is crossed deep into West Ham's box but neither Ogbonna nor Areola care, presumably each expecting the other to do something. From the following corner, FSCB heads to the ball while Areola scoots away on the left, but the header flies over the top. At the moment there is not a huge amount of attacks from FSCB. All the play taking place in their half and West Ham's patient build-up make it difficult for them to assert themselves. It was friendly fire, however, as the Ivorian hit a Scamacca boot in the face as a corner came in. More pressure from West Ham as FSCB are forced into an awkward clearance from a Coufal cross. Scamacca demands a penalty, but the referee waves it away. His shot is blocked for a corner. West Ham are early in their patterns, moving the ball well and checking crosses early. However, that's better from FSCB and Compagno has a chance to get a shot at Areola. "The group stage is never the moment where you say, 'Great, I'm looking forward to the games'", "But everyone hopes to qualify for the knockout games, which were more exciting last season. I have the [Europa League] final between Roma and Feyenoord and it was a superb game. Moyes makes seven substitutions from the side who lost to Chelsea on Saturday. The 23-year-old joined this summer for a fee of around £12million from Swansea City to West Ham The lights come on at the London stadium tonight as West Ham start their Europa Conference League campaign against Romanian club FSCB David Moyes and his side have had a difficult start to the season domestically, coming down in six games just four points West Ham have been better than their record so far this season, should have picked up three points from their home game against Spurs this time last week and were on Sunday Bad luck for Chelsea where a dubious Var decision denied them that would have been a deserved point. "West Ham don't have very good memories of playing against Romanian teams? But time flies too, so you don't think back, you try to look ahead." The Conference League may be Europe's third-tier competition, but Moyes takes it just as seriously as West Ham's run to the Europa League semi-finals last season. Moyes cited the celebrations of Jose Mourinho and his Roma team after winning last season's inaugural competition as proof of its importance. "The group stage is never the moment to say, 'Great, I'm looking forward to the games,'" he added. "But everyone hopes to qualify for the knockout games, which were more exciting last season." "Last year around this time we won in Zagreb and we did a really good job winning the group. "Last year we got off to a good start and we celebrated this year (qualifying) too, even though we're only in the Conference League. "I saw the final between Roma and Feyenoord last year and it was an excellent game. "If you look at Jose Mourinho - who won all the competitions - how he thought about it, how great he felt." Team news on the go.


Rangers confirm they are in talks with UEFA over the Napoli game

Rangers have confirmed they are in talks with UEFA and Police Scotland over their Champions League game against Napoli at Ibrox on Tuesday night following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. (Author: Gardener)

NapoliThe Premier League has announced that all of this weekend's games have been postponed to honor Queen Elizabeth II after her death aged 96 on Thursday. The FA confirmed all football across the country would also be cancelled, including the EFL and the opening games of the new WSL season, as well as Barclay's Women's Championship, Women's FA Cup and FA Trophy games. The National League has also canceled its schedule of matches for Saturday and Sunday in stages one through six and grassroots games in England have also been postponed to mark the Queen's death. The Government had previously indicated that no sporting events should be held this weekend - or the day of the Queen's funeral - but left the final decision to individual organisations. The Scottish FA, Scottish Professional Football League, Scottish Women's Premier League and Highland & Lowland League have agreed that all professional football matches this weekend will be postponed as a show of respect. Manchester United v Real Sociedad in the Europa League at Old Trafford and West Ham v FCSB in the Europa Conference League at the London Stadium continued on Thursday night with pre-match honors. The Northern Ireland Football League announced that Friday night's games between Cliftonville and Glentoran and Larne and Dungannon have been postponed. The English Football League also confirmed that Friday night's Championship game between Burnley and Norwich and the League 2 game between Tranmere and Stockport have been postponed, with a decision on Saturday's games still to be made. The Irish FA have announced that all football matches scheduled for this weekend in Northern Ireland will not go ahead. All Premier League 2 games have been cancelled, as has the Championship game between Burnley and Norwich. Tonight's League 2 game between Tranmere Rovers and Stockport County has also been postponed. Friday's game between England and South Africa at The Oval and all scheduled Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy games are canceled. The England and Wales Cricket Board announced on Friday that all Saturday cricket matches would resume - including England's Test against South Africa and England's women's T20 match against India. Northampton announced the postponement of their Premiership Rugby Cup clash against Saracens which is scheduled for Thursday night. Scottish Rugby Union has postponed all competitive domestic matches this weekend out of respect, and the women's international summer test between Scotland and Spain on Sunday is also cancelled. Bristol Bears v Bath Rugby has been moved from Friday night to a Saturday kick-off at 5.30pm following the Premiership board's decision. The remainder of Saturday's Premiership rugby matches take place. The RFL has postponed Friday's Betfred Championship game between the Sheffield Eagles and the Dewsbury Rams, but the first elimination game of the Super League between the Catalans Dragons and Leeds will go ahead as it takes place in Perpignan, France. Further announcements on the weekend's fixtures at all levels should be made "as soon as possible," the board said. Sunday's Italian Grand Prix is ​​going ahead as planned, with a minute's silence scheduled before practice on Friday and another expected before the race. The British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) said all Friday's fights would not go ahead as planned. The US Open held a brief tribute to the Queen in the women's semifinals in New York on Thursday night. Events have been canceled for Friday and Saturday, while evening tickets in Southwell and Chelmsford have been abandoned on Thursday after news of her death was confirmed around 6.30pm. The Sunday card at Chepstow in Wales also continues as usual, but Musselburgh in Scotland has been canceled as the Queen's body will rest in Edinburgh. Organizers canceled its sister 5K event on Friday. Friday's stage of the Tour of Britain was promptly canceled and later on Thursday night the remainder of the Tour, which was due to finish on Sunday in the Isle of Wight, was canceled entirely. Premier Sports Elite League Ice Hockey begins tonight as scheduled after a board meeting. The games begin with a two-minute silence for the Queen, followed by the playing of the national anthem.


Nick Kyrgios smashes two racquets in amazing meltdown after US Open loss

The Australian was beaten in five sets by Karen Khachanov. (Author: Gardener)

Nick KyrgiosNick Kyrgios smashes two racquets at the end of his US Open quarterfinals loss (Image: Amazon) Nick Kyrgios reacted to his US Open quarterfinals loss to Karen Khachanov with an amazing and violent outburst by smashing two racquets in front of a full crowd in Arthur Ashe Stadium. The Australian's pursuit of a first Grand Slam ended in a five-set loss to his Russian rival. After reaching the Wimbledon final, Kyrgios arrived in New York motivated to go one better, but he couldn't find the same level he showed when he defeated defending champion Daniil Medvedev in the fourth round. Instead Khachanov, who moves into a First Slam semi-final just before 1am after a 7-5, 4-6, 7-5, 6-7(3), 6-4 win. After congratulating Khachanov, Kyrgios showed his frustration with the result by destroying two racquets and then quickly walking off the pitch. Kyrgios and Khachanov were tied 1-1 in their previous encounters while off the pitch they were caught up in a Twitter spat over player behavior during the coronavirus pandemic two years ago, with Kyrgios calling his rival an "absolute pelican" designated. . He took a medical break after losing the opening set for treatment on his left knee after complaining to his box that he couldn't walk. Kyrgios had two break chances at 4-4, but couldn't capitalize on either one and angrily threw his racquet after the second. Nick Kyrgios was previously fined $18,500 for various disciplinary offenses during the tournament (Image; Getty). Khachanov missed a great break chance in the next game when Kyrgios lost focus but missed a forehand from the top of the net. More chances arose in Kyrgios' next service, however, and this time the Russian converted, leaving his irate opponent to rant in his box and receive an unsportsmanlike conduct warning after slamming a soda bottle on the floor. "Do you even know what a breakpoint is? "Do you know what a breakpoint is?" he asked again. Do you even know what a breakpoint is? The 27-year-old has previously been fined a total of $18,500 for four separate offenses at the tournament, including spitting, swearing and smashing his racquet. Kyrgios stared into the run late in the fourth set but then pulled out a brilliant tie break to force a decider. The crowd was firmly on Kyrgios' side but Khachanov was determined not to let his chance slip and broke serve in the opening game. Kyrgios pushed hard to be level again but Khachanov, 31st, fought back to the finish line to face Casper Ruud in the semifinals, who had earlier defeated Matteo Berrettini.