Julian Clary opens up on chilly encounter with Joan Collins 'We had a difficult time'

JULIAN CLARY has opened up about the chilly moment when he first met Dame Joan Collins, where he admitted it was "a difficult time". (Author: Gardener)

JulianSign up for the big storylines, star interviews and exclusive access. We use your registration to deliver content in a way you have consented to and to improve our understanding of you. During Sunday's Love Your Weekend anniversary special with Alan Titchmarsh, the ITV presenter spoke to The Crown's historical adviser on the accuracy of the series, as well as actor Stephen Mangan on life after The Split. The former Ground Force star has also interviewed Julian Clary about his new children's book. However, the segment quickly took a turn when Alan asked Julian about the awkward time he met Joan. "I remember calling myself the Joan Collins fan club all those years ago," Alan recalled before the presenter continued, "I remember you wore a red velvet suit." So why was it the Joan Collins fan club? Fan club, was it an air whistle or what?” GB News: Anne Diamond had to close guest over comment from Diana “Well when I started in the mid 80's it was… Dynasty was the biggest show,” explained Julian actually and I heard the theme music on TV and I was like, 'Oh, Joan Collins, that kind of explains me'." And it gave me a lot of material to talk about Joan and the art of glamour, so it started like this "The ITV The host went on to ask his guest how Joan reacted to his skit when they first met. "She [remembers]," the 63-year-old told Alan. "It was on a daytime show on TV ... This morning or so, and we were both guests." She walked in during the commercial break, sat next to me and went to shake my hand, and I said what was my catchphrase at the time was 'Please don't touch me'. "She thought I was minty, and she also thought the Joan Collins fan club was some kind of rejection, and I managed to convince her it was a tribute act." We had one, at first it was difficult time, but of course we are friends now. "WON'T MISS... Rod Stewart defends Sweet Caroline's Jubilee performance until Julian saved Joan from a swimming accident. I'm so tired of hearing it. "I basically got her out of her swimming pool in St Tropez. I fleshed out the story to make it sound like I saved her life, but she's tired of hearing it."


'Happily Married,' Joan Collins hits back at Piers Morgan's toy-boy pride

Dame Joan Collins appeared on TalkTV's Piers Morgan Uncensored when she was quick to shut down his question about her love life (Author: Gardener)

Joan CollinsDame Joan Collins appeared on TalkTV's Piers Morgan Uncensored as she quickly ended his question about her love life. The 89-year-old actress appeared on the host's TalkTV show when they began discussing dating rules. Piers, 57, quizzed Joan on her thoughts on Madonna reportedly auditioning for a new toy boy. The often outspoken host asked, "What about Madonna auditioning for a new boy toy?" Finding his comment amusing, Joan giggled, "You're kidding! Piers replied: "No, she appears to be auditioning. After asking what he meant, the actress quickly said, "Oh, that's right," before recalling a story. "We were with her son Rocco last summer and he was like, 'You know, my mom says she won't sleep with anyone over 25!' Piers then asked if that was indeed her rule, but Joan hit back: "I don't have any rules! Rules? The former Good Morning Britain man then apologized for his no-show and explained that he was actually in Australia at the time, before admitting Joan's husband Percy was waiting for them at the studio. "He lurks in the wings like a protective knight," he said. Joan then went on to talk about the role she will be playing at the Queen's upcoming jubilee celebrations. "I love The Queen so much. She's a remarkable woman, isn't she? She's the most inspirational woman I've ever met in my life." Joan added, "She's so down to earth and gentle and humorous. She's been through all these horrible things that have happened and it's really been some horrible things to deal with and she's doing it with such grace and the fact that she's never commented on anything that's going on .” Joan will be part of a pageant that will celebrate the Queen's seven decades on the throne. The interview came after Piers was one of several celebs to have their say Piers wrote on Twitter: "After Sandy Hook nothing was done to prevent another school massacre like this. "Now it's happened again. Do you have a story to sell?


Joan Collins is the image of elegance at the Platinum Jubilee

Just behind Dame Joan, 89, was GBBO's model Twiggy, 72, and Prue Leith, both of whom were honored by Her Majesty in 2019 and 2021 respectively. (Author: Gardener)

Joan CollinsDame Joan Collins was the picture of elegance as she led the procession of dames during Sunday's Platinum Jubilee Pageant. The Hollywood icon, 89, was joined by her husband Percy Gibson, 57, in a cream vintage Jaguar as celebrations of Her Majesty's 70th anniversary on the throne drew to a close. Close behind Dame Joan for the Ladies in their Zags section was model Twiggy, real name Lesley Lawson, 72, and GBBO's Prue Leith, both of whom were honored by Her Majesty in 2019 and 2021 respectively. Queen of style: Joan Collins, 89, was the picture of elegance as she led a motorcade of ladies in vintage Jaguars as part of the star-studded Platinum Anniversary competition (pictured with husband Percy Gibson, 57) on Sunday. The stylish motorcade was part of the afternoon's second act, The Time of Our Lives, traversing seven decades of culture, music and fashion within the four-part pageant. The former Dynasty Joan actress looked gorgeous in a pale pink ensemble complete with a matching chapel length and long chic scarf. To add glamor to the look, lady opted for lavender opera gloves and a pink fascinator with mesh details. Following: Just behind Dame Joan was GBBO's model Twiggy, 72 (pictured) and Prue Leith, who were both honored by Her Majesty in 2019 and 2021 respectively Silver printed tie. Glamour: To add glamor to the look, Dame Joan opted for lavender opera gloves and a pink fascinator with mesh details. Close behind was 1960s model Twiggy, who opted for a stylish cream suit and purple fascinator. Royal wave: Beloved husband Percy looked dapper in a lime green suit which he wore over a lavender shirt and silver tie. The third lady in the procession was chef and Great British Bakeoff host Prue Leith. The third lady in the procession was chef and Great British Bakeoff host Prue Leith. The television personality looked stylish in a colorful suit as she was joined by husband John Playfair. With floral appliques adorning the blazer, the star wore statement jewelry and a pink scarf to match her statement glasses. Bake Off host Prue Leith's vintage Jaguar collapsed and had to be pushed by four stewards before it was quietly removed from the pageant. However, Prue's performance was cut short when her vintage Jaguar broke down and had to be pushed by four stewards before it could be quietly removed from the pageant. The "Dame" section of the anniversary competition was dubbed "Witches in Zags" by Joan Collins, who appeared in the section alongside Arlene Phillips and Twiggy, real name Dame Lesley Lawson, as they cruised down the road in open-topped vintage cars. Also seen at the parade were Dame Floella Benjamin, Dame Darcey Bussell and Dame Zandra Rhodes. Star-studded: Also in the parade were Dame Floella Benjamin, Dame Darcey Bussell and Dame Zandra Rhodes


Inside hotel loved by Joan Collins with Britain's 'best view'

Celebrities staying at Malvern's Cottage in the Wood include Charlie Watts and Felicity Kendall (Author: Gardener)

Joan CollinsHidden among the Malvern hills, high above the clouds, lies the historic Cottage in the Wood Hotel. It's like a cottage from an Agatha Christie novel, glowing white amidst the green fauna of the Worcestershire countryside. It's the stunning scenery that grabs you first - uninterrupted across wild Worcestershire towards the Severn Valley and the Cotswolds. It has earned the hotel praise for having "the best view in England" and I would agree if you're feeling heaven sent. It's no wonder that celebrities from Joan Collins to Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, Maggie Thatcher, Felicity Kendall and more have flocked to this big lady of Malvern's hotel scene over the decades. READ MORE: First look inside luxury Malvern hotel with 'best view in England' after £2million vintage refurbishment Here you can dine above the clouds in a dreamy setting at the 1919 Art Deco-esque restaurant, home to the Dynasty Diva Joan Collins sat enjoying afternoon tea I ate overlooking this view and no doubt looking fabulously coiffed. Once part of the Blackmore Park Estate, it opened as a hotel in 1919. Owners Nick and Julia Davies opted for a vintage look with modern touches, like a giant portrait of local composer Elgar in the hall. There are personal touches too, like top-notch 'Best' rooms from around £220 a night, each with an old-fashioned record player with LPs you can play whenever you like while lounging in the roll-top bath. On the day I visit, a parade of open Morgan vintage cars walk in, and I feel like I've been transported back to an age of jazz, flapper girls, and country charm. It's actually a group of French motor enthusiasts who have been to the nearby famous car factory. Chef Rob Mason tells me he creates an afternoon tea with "anything he likes to eat" at the hotel's 1919 restaurant. It's a hearty, three-level treat that emerges - from a warm sausage roll to delicate and distinctive sandwiches, cakes and scones. Sandwiches start me off with fine ingredients like smoked salmon and cream cheese. I particularly loved the savory mix of aged cheddar, spring onions and chives, and there's also egg and watercress on this afternoon tea, which costs £22 per person (or £33 with a glass of champagne). Rob says the secret ingredient to his scones and creamy panna cotta is the use of buttermilk, both of which have a creamy, superb flavor. Get the latest Worcestershire news straight to your inbox with our daily newsletter. "There's no point in making a crazy sandwich at afternoon tea as a lot of people don't want that," Rob added. It feels too naughty to sit back and contemplate 'England's best view' above the clouds for such heavenly indulgence. Afternoon tea isn't the only thing served at this award-winning restaurant. After winning the Taste of Worcestershire Award at the region's Tourism Awards 2021, Rob has also launched a seven-course tasting menu. It contains the best seasonal ingredients from a country famous for its asparagus, pears and plums. Sian Alexander has worked at The Cottage in the Wood for 20 years and says she "never gets bored of the view". As the front desk manager, Sian has worked in most departments from housekeeping to restaurant. "The view is different every day and we're so high up that when it's raining you can see the weather - it's spectacular," explained Sian. "Sometimes we can be above the clouds and I'm driving through the fog, but by the time I get to the hotel I've climbed over it." This view can never be clouded as nothing will be big enough to mar it. Each season brings its own beauty, I especially like the fresh, cold mornings in winter.” Sian has hosted guests from all over the world, including many celebrities. She doesn't remember all of them, but is quick to list famous names, including Edward Fox, Nigel Havers, Joan Collins and Felicity Kendall. Even the most famous local - composer Sir Edward Elgar - stayed here in the Roaring Twenties. Joan Collins dined at the restaurant and Charlie Watts had a quieter moment away from the Rolling Stones' rock 'n' roll lifestyle. Maggie Thatcher stayed regularly at The Cottage in the Wood, Holywell Rd, Malvern Wells, Malvern, WR14 4LG 01684 588860 after her retirement as Prime Minister and in her later years as Baroness.


Vintage Jaguar and Prue Leith crowded off the pageant after BREAK DOWN

Bake Off presenter Prue Leith's vintage Jaguar collapsed and had to be pushed by four stewards before being quietly removed from the pageant after starring in "Dames in their Zags." (Author: Gardener)

JaguarBake-Off host Prue Leith's vintage Jaguar collapsed and had to be pushed by four stewards before it was quietly removed from the pageant. The sleek car was part of the "Dames in their Zacken" section, but sadly it was the end of the road for Dame Prue, 82, who cut short her vacation to join the procession. It was part of the second act, The Time of Our Lives, which continued through seven decades of culture, music and fashion within the four-part pageant. The "Dame" section of the anniversary competition was dubbed "Witches in Zags" by Joan Collins, who appeared in the section alongside Arlene Phillips and Twiggy, real name Dame Lesley Lawson, as they cruised down the road in open-topped vintage cars. Dame Collins gave the section her nickname after she was invited to attend along with six other ladies, co-chair Nicholas Coleridge told the Evening Standard. Gary Lineker joked it was a "career highlight" to be on the same bus as Pudsey Bear during the Platinum Jubilee Pageant. Being on a bus ride with Pudsey," the presenter tweeted. Holly Willoughby has described the Queen as "the most incredible, amazing iconic lady" as she represented the 2010s in the Jubilee competition. Speaking to moderator AJ Odudu on the bus, she added that the atmosphere at the event was "overwhelming". A cast of thousands of colorful characters and hundreds of iconic vehicles parade through central London for the anniversary competition, including 1950s motorcycles, decorated double-decker buses spanning seven decades and a squad of warrior Daleks. The four alien mutants from the sci-fi television show Doctor Who will roll alongside cultural icons of the 1960s in the decade-long Time of Our Lives section of the spectacle. True to their fierce on-screen nature, the Daleks threatened "annihilation" to fellow cast members and journalists gathered at Horse Guards Parade. In his mechanical Dalek voice, the Birmingham train driver added: “I'm delighted to be attending the Platinum Jubilee. Gaynor Cowley, 58, said she accompanies the Daleks as a minder. The gravelled parade ground in St James's Park was packed with vintage cars and motorbikes, floats and performers preparing to set off on a gray and chilly Sunday morning for the 3km carnival procession. The 1960s portion of the parade will also feature a fleet of iconic Minis, with the driver of one Mini saying she was "emotional" to take part. The 74-year-old silversmith from the London Borough of Islington said she made a bouquet of silver national flowers including daffodil, rose, shamrock and thistle for the Queen's Silver Jubilee. Open-top buses were lined up at Horse Guards, ready to transport celebrities from every era of the Queen's reign. Bus conservation enthusiasts Richard Dixon, 63, and Ivan Fisher, 42, who will be ticket inspectors on the 1950s bus and driver on the 2000s bus, respectively, said they were more excited about attending the event than they were looking forward to meeting celebrities. The first segment, "For Queen and Country with a military parade," featured a hologram of the young Queen smiling and waving to royal fans in The Mall, beamed onto the Gold State Coach. Guardsmen, Gurkhas, Royal Marines and the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment in their breastplates and feathered feathers were among the hundreds of soldiers and women who marched through the streets surrounding Buckingham Palace. Charles took the salute from various military units as they passed the royal box and stood to greet the soldiers and women as they passed. Nearly 200 national treasures including Sir David Jason, Harry Redknapp, Sandie Shaw, Felicity Kendal, Joe Wicks and Holly Willoughby will join pop sensation Ed Sheeran in a mass performance of God Save The Queen outside Buckingham Palace at the end of the pageant appear. Some 10,000 people, including a cast of 6,000 performers, are involved in staging the carnival route from Horse Guards along Whitehall to Admiralty Arch and down The Mall to Buckingham Palace, recreating Her Majesty's 1953 coronation process. British eccentricity was soon to the fore as cyclists rode past Buckingham Palace on a menagerie of bicycles, including a biker dressed as the character Elliot from the sci-fi film ET, complete with the alien in the bike's basket. As the decades of revelers flashed in the 1940s era, dresses danced on Lambeth Walk and further down The Mall, jive artists represented the 1950s. Submerged were iconic Morris Minors, rockers on classic bikes and mods on scooters, while the national treasures - celebrities from years past including Katherine Jenkins, Bonnie Langford, Alan Titchmarsh, Basil Brush, Kate Garraway and RuPaul's Drag Race stars Baga Chipz and Blu Hydrangea and fashion queens Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell – traveled in buses. A peloton of 300 cyclists rode down The Mall led by Sir Chris Hoy and cycling gold couple Dame Laura and Sir Jason Kenny. Royalty and politicians gathered outside Buckingham Palace to watch today's star-studded, £15m platinum anniversary competition. Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, their children George, Charlotte and Louis, Princess Anne, and Zara and Mike Tindall are all seated in the Royal Box alongside Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie, Keir Starmer and Sadiq Khan to see the two-mile procession through central London. The Queen was absent from the royal box, but revelers are still hoping she will make a balcony appearance for the carnival finale. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who put family tensions aside to visit the UK together for the first time since their acrimonious end to royal duties, were also absent from the celebrations for a second straight day. It is not known if the 96-year-old monarch will appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after withdrawing from two anniversary events over concerns for her health. However, Charles, Camilla, William and Kate, along with other members of the royal family, are expected to enter the world-famous balcony at the end of the 2½-hour procession.


Fame, royal crush, tragic loss and the closure of Piers Morgan

Dame Joan Collins is the latest Hollywood actress to join the Daily Star's Golden Icon series, in which we take a closer look at her life, career and love for the royals (Author: Gardener)

Piers MorganDame Joan Collins is the latest Hollywood actress to join the Daily Star's Golden Icon series, in which we take a closer look at her life, career and love for the royals. Thank you for signing up! appeared at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebration and paid tribute to the monarch in a televised event on ITV Joan Collins has been candid about her love for the royal family over the years, as well as her incredible Hollywood career, charity work and personal life in the documentary This Is Joan Collins” from 2022. Since Joan rose to fame in the '50s, she has become one of the biggest stars in the world - most notably thanks to her role on the hit '80s series Dynasty. However, her life has also seen her fair share of losses, including the tragic death of her famous sister in 2015. As Joan celebrates her 89th birthday on May 23, 2022, the Daily Star takes a look inside her as part of our Golden Icons life series. Joan Collins is one of Hollywood's biggest stars who rose to fame in films such as The Land of the Pharaohs, The Wayward Bus and Esther and the King in the 1950's became. She also appeared in television series and films throughout the Sixties and Seventies including Tales From The Crypt, Empire Of The Ants and The Stud, based on Sister Jackie Collins' bestselling novel. Joan Collins starred in The Stud, an adaptation of her sister Jackie Collins' book. However, it was her role as Alexis Dolby on the hit '80s series Dynasty that earned her worldwide recognition, with the star playing the role between 1984 and 1989 - and landed a Primetime Emmy Award nomination in progress. It remains one of the actresses' favorite roles, and Joan Collins told Forbes, "What I liked about Alexis was her wit. One of Joan's most famous roles is Alexis Dolby on the '80s series Dynasty. Appearances in These Old Broads alongside Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds, Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat alongside Donny Osmond and even a memorable cameo in the ITV series Footballers Wives, along with appearances in American Horror Story: Apocalypse, the ITV Comedy Benidorm and musical Tomorrow Morning, it's no surprise the Hollywood icon has a staggering estimated net worth of £16million. Joan Collins has starred in These Old Broads with the likes of Elizabeth Taylor. Her life and career has also been featured on the show This Is Joan documents Collins in 2022, with the star telling Forbes, "Well I've been asked to do them a number of times over the years and the format has always been the same. And I said I didn't want to do that, and so I just waited until [producer] Karen [Steyn] came to me and said, 'Well, we have this idea that you would narrate the [documentary] yourself and we him would take most of the text from your autobiographies that you have written. "We did." Joan Collins wasn't the only star in her family as her sister Jackie Jill Collins OBE was also a famous author. Jackie was a romance novelist whose 32 books have all been New York Times Best Sellers and sold over 500 million copies worldwide - including The World Is Full Of Married Men, The Stud and Hollywood Wives was made into a TV series. However, in 2009, Jackie was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and is reported to have kept the diagnosis to herself, with sister Joan not discovering the news until two weeks before Jackie's death. Jackie Collins died of breast cancer in 2015 at the age of 77 Jackie Collins died at the age of 77 on September 19, 2015 - two weeks before her birthday. Fans and friends across the entertainment world paid tribute to the author following her death, and sister Joan recently paid an emotional tribute to her sister on Instagram, posting a photo of her sitting with baby Jackie on her knee. In the photo, she has her hands wrapped around Jackie as she gazes at her lovingly, with the captioned post, "Sad to think of my #babysister who left this world six years ago today," Joan wrote. "#ripjackiecollins." Fans and celebrities paid tribute to Jackie in the comments, with Good Morning Britain star Richard Arnold saying, "I absolutely loved being with her." One fan also commented, "Beautiful photo. Thinking of you today darling and sending a big hug x," while a third added, "Sending you love on a difficult day." Joan Collins married actor Maxwell Reed in 1952 at the age of 18. During her life, Joan Collins was married five times, including to first husband and actor Maxwell Reed from 1952 to 1956 and to songwriter Anthony Newley in 1963. with whom she had two children named Tara and Alexander. Following their separation in 1970, Joan married American businessman Ron Kass in 1972, and although the couple divorced in 1983, they are said to have remained good friends. Joan Collins was married to songwriter Anthony Newley from 1962 to 1970. During their marriage, they welcomed a daughter named Katy, but in the new 2022 documentary This Is Joan Collins, the actress revealed that Katy suffered a horrific accident after being hit by a car in 1980. Their daughter recovered, but Joan said in the documentary: "I was told she was dying and she was in a coma for a long time. Joan Collins has three children named Katy, Tara and Alexander. Following her divorce from Ron Kass, Joan married Swedish pop singer Peter Holm, who was also her manager at the time, and the couple's marriage lasted two years, between 1985 and 1987. It would be nearly two decades before Joan would remarry, whereby the star's love of film found producer Percy Gibson, to whom she has been married since 2002. The couple had met while Joan was working on a theater production two years earlier, with the star telling the documentary This Is Joan Collins: "It was giddy, it was amazing and Percy and I fell madly in love. “There were miserable, horrible divorces, the horrible situation where my daughter almost died, almost went bankrupt and couldn't get an acting job. Joan Collins has been candid about her love for the royal family. Joan Collins has spoken openly about her love for the Royal Family and will soon commemorate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee by appearing at a parade in central London on Sunday 5 June 2022. She also appeared at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebration, 'A Gallop Through History', which was broadcast on ITV on Sunday May 15, 2022. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the star revealed that she is of royal fashion was obsessed, even keeping snippets of the outfits in a scrapbook that was sadly stolen when she was younger about how much the Queen meant to her, and shared with viewers a little secret about her crush on a member of the royal family on Royal Wedding. "He looked better than Marlon Brando or Montgomery Clift, the great swoons of the time." Throughout her career, Joan has had several connections to the royal family, having met Diana, Princess of Wales several times and been gifted with her motherhood by Prince Charles. However, last year Joan closed a question from Piers Morgan about the Sussexes when she appeared on ITV's Life Stories. Piers asked the 88-year-old actress, "What do you think of what's going on with the British royal family now, with Meghan, Harry, the feud, with William, Charles?" The star then closed the question, saying, "My lips are sealed on that subject. I just don't want to go on national TV and say what I think about Meghan and Harry, because look what happened to you." Joan Collins was made a DBE in 2015 for her services to charity and also opened the Joan Collins Wing of Children's Hospital Michigan Detroit in 1988. To find out more about the latest showbiz news from the Daily Star, sign up for one of our newsletters here.


Today's top headlines from The Telegraph

Your 5 o'clock headlines from The Telegraph news team (Author: Gardener)

TelegraphWelcome to your morning news briefing from The Telegraph - a roundup of the top stories we're covering today. Sign up for our free Front Page newsletter to receive twice daily email briefings. The Queen surprised the world on Saturday as she shared afternoon tea with Paddington Bear, starred on screen with her own jam sandwiches and lit up the platinum anniversary celebrations in a way only she can. The monarch wowed millions of viewers around the world by inviting the animated bear to tea at Windsor Castle in honor of the anniversary in a top-secret sequence. NHS trusts are using taxpayers' money to fund private medical tests and treatment for staff while patients languish on waiting lists, The Telegraph can reveal. Electricity produced by wind farms and nuclear plants could be exempt from a proposed windfall tax on energy companies after a backlash over the plans, The Telegraph can reveal. Rishi Sunak has been quietly polling business leaders on proposals to extend the windfall tax imposed on oil and gas producers in the North Sea to cover profits from fossil fuel electricity only. Read the full story. Read the full story. Read the full story. Animal rights activists wanting to 'rewild' royal land have had to be pulled off the track at Epsom after trying to disrupt the derby. Six women wearing sashes and the words 'animal justice' burst onto the square and lay down in front of the stands facing the Royal Box. Read the full story. To receive such briefings by email twice a day, sign up for the Front Page newsletter here.


Mara Vélez Meléndez's Notes on Killing... A subversive burst of creative energy

Count Christine Carmela Herrero and Samora La Perdida are early favorites for Stage Pair of The Season as they crackle with chemistry in Mara Vélez Meléndez's playfully packaged political outrage. (Author: Gardener)

Samora La PerdidaI know I'm not the only one hoping the Tony Awards see fit to have a moment on this year's show to celebrate Broadway's understudy, swings and standbys. The main story of what might be called the 2020-22 Broadway season is certainly how, with COVID still being a public health concern, these top-notch substitutes were far more in demand than usual and did everything they could to keep the lights of Times Square on and Keep to keep power outages to a minimum. One of my favorite things about New York theater... The giant disco ball I was under, the heavy pre-show music and the excited hum of the Soho Rep crowd was just the beginning of it all last Friday night, as I was smitten of the playfully packaged political outrage contained in Mara Vélez Meléndez's Notes on Killing Seven Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Board Members. Count Christine Carmela Herrero and Samora La Perdida are early favorites for stage couple of the season, as they crackle with chemistry in director/costume designer David Mendizábal's small but powerful production. In a role inspired by Puerto Rican nationalist Lolita Lebrón, imprisoned for her part in a 1954 armed attack on Congress, Herrero plays Lolita, described by the author as a “trans woman. Native American from Puerto Rico. Done with this shit". who opens the play with a gun while also telling a brief history of Puerto Rico's recent debt crisis. You may recall Lin-Manuel Miranda speaking before members of Congress, championing a relief plan and even jokingly offering Hamilton tickets as a bribe. The solution created was called PROMESA: The Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act, steered by seven board members, grants the power to control the island's economy. Critics of PROMESA, like Lolita, have viewed it as an extension of American colonialism beyond U. When Lolita arrives at PROMESA's Wall Street office with assassinations on her agenda, she meets an unnamed receptionist (La Perdida), who is described by the author as, "Cisgender gay man. Nuyorican. Is into this shit for other reasons too Done" who is also a drag performer. Most of the play could be viewed as a fashion show fever dream, with Lolita having encounters with the drag interpretations of each board member's receptionist. Mendizábal's drag designs and La Perdida's renderings come across as living caricature rather than over-the-top glitz, effectively keeping the board members at the same level of realism as Herrero's Lolita. And designers Gerardo Díaz Sanchez (set), Kate McGee (lights) and Espii Proctor (sound) do a great job of bringing a more appealing, welcoming touch to the plain corporate campus. I'll admit I'm a little uncomfortable with the shooting at first, but what's the point of a piece of political theater if it's not uncomfortable? And in the end, Notes on Killing Seven Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Board Members advocate freedom, not violence. ...but while trying to identify all the flags hanging over the German beer garden where audience members can enjoy beer and soft pretzels ahead of Irondale's performances of Mother Courage and Her Children, my guest got the impression they were meant to represent NATO members , along with a particularly prominent potential member, Ukraine. Although Bertolt Brecht's 1939 social commentary on a woman who becomes a petty war profiteer who peddles all sorts of junk from her cart is set during the 17th-century Thirty Years' War, it was of course a criticism of the warmongering fascists of his day, and it is not uncommon for productions to allude to contemporary conflicts. Director Jim Niesen's adaptation of John Willet's translation, which has its final performance today (tickets $30, students, seniors and working artists $15), doesn't seem to have a focused interpretative agenda, but the ensemble pulls off the satirical antics with gusto. And when Vicky Gilmore plays Mother Courage great as - and I mean that with the utmost admiration - a tough old chick takes center stage and sings a number about knowing when it's time to sell yourself, well, that one cannot ask for a more cynical Brechtian moment. Time to welcome a spirited new company to the New York theater scene... Dedicated to performing commedia dell'arte plays in a contemporary context, Soft Brain Theater Company was recently founded by a group of NYU students Tisch School of the Arts, who graduated in a profession that was still stagnant due to the pandemic. Their debut production, a musical-comedy adaptation by Albert Bermel and Ted Emery's translation of Carlo Gozzi's The Raven (tickets $25), does feature a young-looking crew, but their ebullient execution of comedic silliness is delightfully well done. Director CJ DiOrio's production gets off to an impressive start as set designers RJ Tabachnick & Isaiah Spetz create the suggestion of a blue cloth sailing ship manipulated by actors to simulate crashing waves while the company sings some lovely harmonies about it, how to get through an approaching storm. Nikki Amico provides the heroic centerpiece as Prince Jennaro, who travels the world searching for the secret to lifting an ogre's curse placed on his brother for shooting a precious raven; Classy play right for masked clowns and brave against a glow in the dark dragon. There are a few modern visuals and references in the script, but if Soft Brain's mission is to create a strong contemporary context in commedia plays, they might want some 21st-century themes to emerge organically from their stories. But this is a great first effort and I look forward to seeing what they come up with next. "It's almost like a Noel Coward version of rock 'n' roll." - Elaine Stritch re Company


This week on "Sunday morning" (June 5)

A look at the features of this week's #1 Sunday morning news show (Author: Gardener)

morningHEADLINES: Pomp and circumstance at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Correspondent Mark Phillips reports on the weekend's celebrations as Britain honors the beloved 96-year-old monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty the Queen ( "Queen of Our Times: The Life of Elizabeth II" by Robert Hardman (Peghasus Books), in hardcover, large print, eBook and audio, available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Indieboundrobertlacey. com"The Crown: The Official Companion, Volume 2: Political Scandal, Personal Struggle, and the Years that Defined Elizabeth II (1956-1977)" by Robert Lacey (Crown), available in hardcover, paperback, eBook and audio via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and IndieboundThe Queen's Platinum Jubilee Beacons EXHIBITION: Beatles Exhibit captures the magic behind the musicA Beatles exhibit at Cleveland's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame featuring unique artifacts and instruments explores the making of some of the most indelible pop songs in the Before the band broke up. Sunday Morning host Jane Pauley reports. The Beatles: Get Back to Let It Be at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, The Beatles: Get Back on Disney+; also available on Blu-raythebeatles.comThe Beatles' Let It Be Special Edition Album Companion Book The Beatles: Get Back© Apple Corps Limited HEADLINES: Russia's invasion at 100 days: Ukraine continues to fight backThe war over Ukraine has unfolded Dueling artillery exchanges with heavy casualties for both Russian and Ukrainian forces. CBS News national security correspondent David Martin speaks with retired General David Petraeus and American war veteran Mark Hayward about on-the-ground control and Ukraine's offensive to retake Russian-held territory. The Georgia-based Coastal Plain League team has attracted millions of fans with their TikTok videos featuring thugs on stilts or players in kilts. NEWS: Rep. Liz Cheney describes the Jan. 6 "conspiracy" as "extremely broad-based...well organized." Loss, speaks to CBS News' Robert Costa about what the upcoming hearings will reveal to the American people about the threat to democracy. She also says there is a GOP "cult of personality" surrounding Trump and that there are too many people in the Republican Party "who don't take their responsibilities seriously." PREVIEW: Liz Cheney: There's "an absolute cult of personality surrounding Donald Trump" in the GOP. The Republican from Wyoming speaks about the state of her party today. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) Select Committee to Investigate the Attack on the United States Capitol BROADWAY Jan. 6: Playwright Michael R. Jackson on "A Strange Loop" The 11 Tony Award-nominated musical features an unlikely protagonist: a young queer black man who works as an usher in a Broadway theater writes a musical about a young queer black man who works as an usher in a Broadway theater. Jackson, talks to correspondent Rita Braver about digging up his own life for a story of change and self-acceptance. 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Conte suggested dropping Djed Spence's interest and switching to Dortmund instead

Antonio Conte is close to landing his new left-back but is still chasing a new player for the right side of his Tottenham defence (Author: Gardener)

ConteTottenham have been advised to abandon the planned move of Middlesbrough right-back Djed Spence in favor of a swoop for Borussia Dortmund star Thomas Meunier. However, having secured promotion to the Premier League on loan at Nottingham Forest, the 21-year-old is now being advised to make a permanent move to the City Ground. He believes Conte should instead go after a more experienced player like Meunier, not Spence. Thomlinson told Football Daily's Sunday Vibes: "We've seen him everywhere he's gone, Conte - he's signing players over 26 who have proven themselves at European level and in the elite league. I would be incredibly surprised if a player like Djed Spence arrived at Tottenham. "I think someone like Thomas Meunier is a more likely option, to be honest, than Djed Spence. "I think he would rather open the doors for 29/30 year old full-backs and full-backs who have been at the highest level and have done it consistently." Conte has shown confidence in youngster Ryan Sessegnon in the closing stages of the season. However, with Perisic seemingly being tricked into covering left-back, Conte decides he wants a more youthful option on the right. That would open the door to Spence or any other connected player in Max Aarons. Sessegnon could even go that side if Emerson Royal or Matt Doherty are shown the door. Meunier remains a good player, scoring two goals and providing five assists for Dortmund last season. Perisic, despite being 33, still has that Meunier isn't fast in any way. With that in mind, a Spence or Aarons move still seems more likely than Meunier. The article Tottenham Transfer Latest: Conte Tipped to Drop Djed Spence Interest and Move for Dortmund Man first appeared on