Boris Johnson faces more rebellion than Theresa May as 41% of Tories vote against him

Tories who voted against Mr Johnson are privately urging Cabinet to take action against him in the coming weeks (Author: Gardener)

Boris JohnsonPrime Minister Boris Johnson faced further unrest in the leadership after a narrow victory in a no-confidence vote sparked by rebellious Conservative MPs. The prime minister won by 211 votes to 148, a majority of 63 - meaning more than 40 per cent of MPs and probably a large majority of backbenchers do not trust him. It's a worse result than Theresa May in her confidence vote in 2018. Mr Johnson said: "I think it's an extremely good result which allows us to move on... Don't forget I ran first as leader of the Conservative Party in 2019, I didn't get that support from fellow MPs at the time." He vowed to "seize the opportunity to unite and deliver," adding: "I'm delighted because now we have the opportunity to to only talk about those priorities and not all sorts of things that I know are of compulsive interest to our beloved friends in the media, but I don't think it matters." Tories, who voted against Mr Johnson are privately urging the cabinet to take action against him in the coming weeks. I hope the cabinet will do the right thing." A former minister added: "The whole cabinet is complicit in its mistakes. But a senior member of the Prime Minister's team insisted: "It's 60 per cent, it's a result. Mr Johnson will now promise tax cuts and a bonfire of bureaucracy to win back rebel support. Under the party's current rules, he is safe from a formal challenge for another year - although some MPs have raised the prospect of scrapping the rule book laid down by the 1922 Backbench Committee if the party's troubles persist. Every cabinet minister publicly expressed support for the leader, but MPs who opposed him straddled party divides, with critics citing both policy mistakes and the ongoing Partygate scandal as reasons for a change. A majority of Scottish Conservative MPs voted against Mr Johnson, including their leader Douglas Ross. Another MP predicted a "slow death" for the Prime Minister given the close vote and said he would face a reckoning later this month if the Conservatives are expected to lose two by-elections: "At this point the Chief Whip and Sir Graham Brady must do something.” The vote of confidence was sparked after at least 54 MPs wrote to Sir Graham, chairman of the 1922 Backbench Committee, saying they no longer trusted Mr Johnson to lead the party. He contacted the Prime Minister on Sunday afternoon and formally announced the vote on Monday morning, just 10 hours before it began. Sir Graham has privately suggested that the number of letters sent may have been significantly higher than 54, with several MPs telling him they intended to table a letter this week. The vote took over two hours in a wood-panelled committee room at the Palace of Westminster, with all voters being asked to hand over their phones so they could not photograph the supposedly secret ballot. A rebel said to me: “We didn't flog our side, they have four cashiers on their side. Theresa May appeared in a sequined ball gown for the vote but refused to reveal whether or not she supports her successor as Prime Minister. No living former Tory prime minister - Mrs May, David Cameron or Sir John Major - has spoken out in favor of Mr Johnson. Labor Party leader Sir Keir Starmer said: "Conservative MPs made their choice tonight. They have ignored the British public and firmly attached themselves and their party to Boris Johnson and all he represents.” Several flash polls released on Monday suggested the public wanted MPs to vote against the prime minister. A YouGov poll of Tory party members showed a narrow majority for him, but 42 per cent of campaigners said the leader should go now. Cabinet rallied around Mr Johnson after the vote to downplay the rebellion. Health Minister Sajid Javid suggested that the Prime Minister "has received a new mandate from the Parliamentary Party". Welcoming the "pretty" victory, Education Minister Nadhim Zahawi added: "All my colleagues, no matter how they voted, know that if we are united, we will win the election. People are not voting for split parties – that's my message.” Secretary of State Liz Truss added: “Glad that colleagues have supported the Prime Minister. Now is the time to get on with the work.” Chancellor Rishi Sunak said: “The prime minister has won the vote of confidence and now is the time to move forward.” Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries, a staunch Johnson ally, said it was "Time to get back to the task of governing." Environment Secretary George Eustice said: "The Prime Minister won that vote of confidence, but of course it's always disappointing when a significant minority of your own party votes like that. What we really need to do now is focus on repairing fences, reconciling the party and bringing the party back together so that we can all deliver on what we were elected to do." Mr Eustice said the result "underscores that we as a government must work very hard to reconnect with our own parliamentary party, to reunite them behind the agenda for which we were all elected". Mr Eustice has said he has a "slightly different perspective" from Ms Dorries, who has slammed Tory rebels as he treats "all wings of the party as friends and colleagues". He added: "The Prime Minister has already started this process, decisions such as appointing Steve Barclay as his chief of staff was a major change that was made just a few months ago and will take time to catch on. “But I know people today who said that although they would have voted against the Prime Minister, if he had made that change and had a different approach to the group a year ago, they might have felt differently. We just need to keep doubling down on that work, reconnecting with the party and making sure we move forward together to implement the common agenda.” On the back bench, the Tory rebels were undeterred by the defeat. Sir Roger Gale, an outspoken critic of the Prime Minister who voted "distrust", said: "I don't think he should lead the party to the next general election and I think there are other elephant traps - two by-elections coming up, Fall Privileges Committee report - many hurdles remain. "I think an Honor Secretary would look at the numbers, accept the fact that he has lost the support of a significant part of his party and reconsider his position, but I don't think he will." The former Tory leader William Hague told the Times: "I would have considered my position utterly untenable if more than a third of my MPs had ever voted against me. Words have been said that cannot be retracted, reports published that cannot be erased and votes cast showing a greater degree of dissent than any Tory leader has ever endured and survived.


Boris Johnson no-confidence vote live: PM suffers from greater rebellion than Theresa May

At least since Boris Johnson survived - but the number of Tory MPs who have voted against the Prime Minister means he is still fighting for his political life. (Author: Gardener)

Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson no-confidence vote live: Prime Minister suffers from greater rebellion than Theresa May - as 41% of his own MPs lack confidence at the latest since Boris Johnson survives - but the number of Tory MPs who voted against the Prime Minister means he has his political life is still fighting for it. PM: Confidence vote result is 'convincing' and 'crucial' - and he's 'not interested' in talks about snap elections go back in the bottleSam Coates: Will some in Cabinet take action against PM now?Rob Powell: Beware ahead of the turn as ministers claim the prime minister has boosted support among MPs. Johnson had more votes against him than any prime minister since Thatcher, unsurprisingly, most newspapers on Tuesday reported the outcome of the confidence vote in the leadership by Boris Johnson. The Sun reports that the PM, after narrowly surviving Monday night's vote of confidence, vowed "we will keep striking". The Times describes Mr Johnson as an "injured victor" and notes that the PM lost the support of more than four in 10 of his MPs when he fended off an attempt to remove him from office by just 63 votes. The Daily Mirror also tops the vote of confidence, citing Tory MP Sir Roger Gale, who described the result as "severely damaging" to Mr Johnson. The Metro writes that while Boris Johnson is technically safe from another poll for 12 months, the pressure will mount if the Conservatives lose two crucial June 23 by-elections. The Daily Telegraph reports that the number of Tory MPs who voted against Mr Johnson was higher than expected. Meanwhile, The Guardian says Mr Johnson is "hanging on to his prime ministership". Former Conservative Party leader William Hague spoke about today's result and what it means for Boris Johnson's PM. Lord Hague writes in The Times that "there is not a single policy that has turned much of his party against Boris Johnson". , as was the case with the poll tax and the Brexit deal of Margaret Thatcher or Theresa May Minister Jesse Norman's letter proves that "discontent within the party runs deep and tormented". He continues: "The nature of their revolt has an important bearing on what happens next and certainly cannot be repaired or undone." Lord Hague says: "A fairly narrow victory for Boris Johnson is not the defeat of a rival faction or crushing an alternative candidate, but rather the Fendin He concludes: “It will prove untenable for Johnson to continue leading the party after such a revolt.” The smoldering civil war over the leadership of PM has been blown – the ghost Can't go back The bottle The civil war in the Conservative Party over Boris Johnson's leadership has been simmering for months, says politics editor Beth Rigby The minister may think he's drawn the line on questions about his leadership, but now the opposite is the case. As a senior Tory told Beth after the confidence vote result: "It's time for the Cabinet to show some leadership and see the game up for the PM. "You can watch Beth's assessment of the state of affairs here: SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford said the position of Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross was now untenable. Boris Johnson won the confidence vote, Mr Ross confirmed that he today had earlier voted to oust Mr Johnson."The UK is now in limbo with a lame Prime Minister who has lost public confidence - and more than forty per cent of it his own MPs - and is hobbling around on borrowed time while the Tory party is falling into bitter divisions," Mr Blackford said. "As for Douglas Ross, his position is totally untenable. "He has made an absolute fool of himself by turning Boris Johnson's future upside down and is not becoming an authority or have credibility if he's trying to hang on." Simon Hart told Sky News the result of the confidence abs mood was “slightly better” than expected. The Welsh secretary said: "I think it was a little better than expected - by no means is that meant to sound complacent." Boris Johnson is up from 51% when he was elected leader to 60% tonight and that's an interesting move if you like the voting numbers.” Challenged by Sky News' Sophy Ridge for saying he “apples and Compared to pears," Mr Hart said: "I would like to say that I have been consistent - I try to be as consistent as possible "All I am saying is that in this building we are voting on multiple issues multiple times a day. Ministers are comparing apples and oranges when they say the Prime Minister has boosted support among Tory MPs. After the result comes the twist. A particularly dubious claim to emerge tonight means that result means Boris Johnson's support among MPs has actually increased since he took office in 2019. The line states that in the final election of the leadership of deputies he received 51% of the vote, while today he receives 59% of the party vote deputies supported him. The problem is that this is com. peeling apples and pears to such an extent renders the statement utterly meaningless. Yes, it is true that 51% of MPs voted for Mr Johnson, but that was in a three-way contest involving both Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove. So you would expect the percentage to be lower since the votes were split across three outcomes rather than a straight two-way vote. It is perhaps a sign of desperation that the prime minister and his allies are clinging to this comeback. But such a brazen approach could backfire if it lands badly and MPs seek a conciliatory tone from the prime minister in the face of such a large-scale rebellion. The government must now "unite and focus on the country's challenges," says Health Secretary Sajid Javid, saying tonight Boris Johnson has "been given a new mandate" and that it is now time to "unite and unite." focus". While supporters of the prime minister have been accused of cynicism in parliament for claiming that Volodymyr Zelenskyy will celebrate Boris Johnson's victory tonight, a senior adviser to the Ukrainian president released this message of support within minutes of the vote. Jon Tonge of the University of Liverpool got the percentages and number of votes for Prime Minister right - and was just one of those who voted against. PM 'bleeds all over Westminster', shadow Foreign Secretary says The Conservative Party has lost confidence in this Prime Minister and he should resign, shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy has said. Speaking to Sky's Sophy Ridge after Boris Johnson won today's no-confidence vote by a majority of just 63 votes, Mr Lammy said: "It's like a B-52 bomber that's lost its engine. He's still flying but he's steering in one direction and that's on the ground.” That's where Boris Johnson is tonight.


The popularity of WCWS - and the notoriety of local teams - continues to grow

With Oklahoma and Oklahoma State both in the Women's College World Series, the stands in Oklahoma City are packed. But it's not just Oklahomans who fill the stadium at WCWS, an event that's rapidly growing in popularity. (Author: Gardener)

Oklahoma-- Two hours before Texas and Oklahoma met in Oklahoma City, Cheryl Judkins and Karen Hendricks walked past the National Softball Hall of Fame next to the stadium hosting the Women's College World Series, part of a complex that serves as the softball capital known to the world. Judkins, an Oklahoma State fan, wore a homemade shirt she made by cutting two shirts in half and then sewing the pieces together to feature an Oklahoma Sooners logo on the front and the Oklahoma State Cowboys on the back . She sees no problem in liking both teams in the heated rivalry. The Sooners, she said, are too good to hate for bringing attention to a sport she loves. Hendricks and Judkins are proud lifers at the WCWS. But they say it's never been more exciting than this year. "Oh my god, we had tickets behind home plate 30 years ago," Hendricks said. We had come a long way back then. "But now their cowgirls are here too, in addition to the Sooners who are in the middle of a historic run and breaking records in the process. It's just the best feeling in the whole world," she added. We're not just great softball players see, but so is my team. It's just amazing." The WCWS has been played in Oklahoma City since 1990, and between then and 2011, today's Pac-12 won 19 championships. But in the last decade it has won only once and power has shifted south. Oklahoma has won four of the last eight titles and is one of the favorites to do so again this year behind the brilliant dominance of Jocelyn Alo, the sport's all-time leader in home runs. The sport is now exploding in popularity. Thursday's ESPN coverage of day one of the tournament averaged 901,000 viewers for Oregon State-Florida and Northwestern-Oklahoma, following the Texas-Arkansas superregion, which drew 1.02 million fans, the largest audience ever for this round of the postseason . Saturday and Sunday's games were broadcast on ABC, the first time the WCWS has been broadcast on network TV, which Oklahoma coach Patty Gasso said was a "wow" moment for her. In Oklahoma City, the WCWS set a single-day attendance record for Saturday's fans with 12,533. Some, like Judkins and Hendricks, are locals and longtime supporters. But all over the stadium, young girls in town for softball tournaments are roaming the stadium in their jerseys to see their heroes up close for the first time, so their dad Eric drove them 5½ hours from Killeen, Texas just for the day , with her glove in tow. She scored a big goal in OU's 7-2 win over Texas when she jumped up and grabbed a foulball from Alo in front of her seat along the right field line. "I'll hopefully get it signed and keep it in my room," Lili said. "I was just hoping for a moment like this." Alexis Clark and her 9-year-old daughter Evie drove nearly four hours from Kansas to catch the action. They have no connection to either team, but Alexis loves the stoic demeanor of OSU pitcher Kelly Maxwell, while Evie loves the exciting Sooners, a state rivalry that even divides mother and daughter. "We've been watching all season," Alexis said. “We just love softball. My husband says it's his favorite sport, just watching every opportunity we get when we're not playing softball or running around to some other sporting event." They bought tickets for Saturday on a whim and then got very excited to find out that they would see their two adopted teams. But just being there was the most exciting thing. "They're just as superstars to them as any athlete," Alexis said. "She's quite in awe of all of them." It's a safe bet that this will be her last one-day trip for WCWS. Alexis, who has four children between the ages of 2 and 11, can't wait to bring the entire crew back. "Oh my god, I think it's incredible," she said. "I definitely want to bring my other kids and my husband next year because they would all love it. We've seen it on TV in the past, but this is so much bigger than I imagined.” Melissa Reeves and Missy McGee were from Arkansas. They originally hoped the Razorbacks would be there, too, but a commotion in Texas at the Super Regionals put paid to that. For representation, they wore t-shirts a friend had made with a Razorback logo on the front below the words "ANYONE BUT TEXAS." McGee made her first trip to the WCWS, which received high praise from a native SEC country. "I didn't even really get into softball until this year," McGee said. “But this is like a big football game. It's great.” Texas coach Mike White echoed the excitement at the stadium on Saturday night following the Longhorns' loss to Oklahoma. They want to come back," White said. "Now when you walk past a restaurant, you see the game. They love it." Arizona coach Caitlin Lowe, who was a four-time All-American and won the WCWS as a player with Arizona in 2006 and 2007, marveled the day before the event started at how it's continued to grow."It's crazy because you're looking at it with the triple deck now and it's just a whole different vibe," Lowe said better. I think the reviews are getting better and better every year. Oklahoma City and the state of Oklahoma really embraced this tournament and made it an A-class event." The rise of OSU adds even more fuel to the sport of playing neighbor against neighbor, the kind of rivalry all fans can respect The burgeoning Oklahoma dynasty hit a speed bump at last month's Big 12 tournament when the Cowgirls pulled off a colossal upset and handed the Sooners one of their two losses all season - the other went to Texas, for which the Sooners retaliated on Saturday — to capture the conference title. Due to the Cowgirls' success, even more Oklahoma residents can enter the tournament. An OSU fan manned his two food trucks selling fried bologna sandwiches, sausage dogs and spiral potatoes behind right field He is so devoted that he has a 6 year old son named Boone who is either relocated to Boone Pickens Stad ium or the billionaire OSU alum whose name adorns it. He also had dogs named Gundy (after Mike, the football coach), Pistol (after Pistol Pete, the mascot), and Bullet (after the horse the Spirit Rider rode after the Oklahoma touchdowns). His name: Brent Venable, as in the singular version of the Sooners' new football coach, Brent Venables. His 9-year-old daughter, Josalyn, has been playing softball for years. Venable said he didn't realize what a spectacle WCWS was until he was invited to bring his trucks there this year. "It was an eye-opening deal for them," Venable said. "She was kind of on the fence because we keep cattle, and she's showing cattle [playing alongside softball], so she's on the fence about which way she wants to go." I wish I'd brought them sooner.” Being able to roam the stadium, seeing it before the crowd gets it and seeing the players warm up was an added bonus. "Perks of being a showman's kid," he said. "You come here when no one else is, and it's so cool to look around and really enjoy the moment." The Sooners and Cowboys appear to be on a collision course in the Finals as they both win their first two games. A Bedlam series for a national championship would be, well, chaos. It caused problems for the local teams. But they are good problems. "I'm really happy for our fans," Oklahoma State coach Kenny Gajewski said Saturday night. We have an absolute mess with tickets and are trying to take care of everyone. It's great, but it's absurd. We want to bring everyone here, want everyone to be a part of it and was encouraged by the crowds that filled the stadium. "It warms my heart because we're part of a family trying to promote a female sport and show the rest of the world what it's really like," he said. It's overwhelming." Gayla Carnagey, the mother of fiery OU outfielder Rylie Boone, added, "It's exciting and it gives hope to every little girl here in Oklahoma." And not even just in Oklahoma. Kayla Baptist and Dakota Edlao were all of them in Oklahoma City for a softball tournament all the way from their home in Maui, one of two teams from Maui in the outfield stands during Saturday's Texas OU game.The example of Alo, a Hawaiian who is considered one of the all-time greats in history rooted in softball resonates with them, "It's cool to see someone come out of a small state and play big here." He experiences the rivalry mostly on a daily basis as he goes about his daily routine and shows up for appointments or reservations only to see disappointed faces when they realize he's the wrong Brent.But with business booming and loud crowds every day, he's thrilled to be a part of a historic WCWS in Oklahoma City. "My in-laws are die-hard Sooner fans and I'm a die-hard Cowboy fan," Venable said. “So it's an internal deal all the time, rivalry back and forth. [The WCWS] was super fun. I'd love to see both Oklahoma teams in the finals." But I'll definitely be cheering for OSU, not OU."


Rafael Nadal can now win Grand Slams on one leg

Djokovic watched his longtime rival win at Roland Garros. (Author: Gardener)

Rafael NadalNadal celebrates his French Open triumph after defeating Ruud (Picture: Getty Images) While Rafa Nadal is constantly being questioned about his foot injury and the new French Open champion is openly speculating about how much time he has left and if he can play for Wimbledon will be fit, you wonder what his opponents must be thinking. Without proper medical intervention, how could he have won a 14th title in Paris or even the Australian Open final by straight sets in January? His doctor clearly did a great job in Paris, injections into the nerve in his left foot meant Rafa had no feeling in that area so as the Spaniard revealed "the foot had gone to sleep". If last year was all about the Serb not being able to hold a game in all four majors at the same time, this year's men's tennis is about Nadal's attempt to win a calendar Grand Slam. He's won the first two legs and Wimbledon is three weeks away. I think he will play, although his first game on grass is at SW19 this summer. On Sunday he got his 22nd major, putting him two ahead of Djokovic and Roger Federer. Nadal on course for 22nd Grand Slam triumph (Image: Getty) As for the French Open with Rafa, it may be just one question - how can he have lost only three matches on the red clay court of Roland Garros? If he only played three times then fine, but he has played 17 times in the tournament. He won it on his debut in 2005 and went on to win the next three editions, including 2008 when he didn't lose a set in his seven games. In 2017, he managed the feat of beating four players in the top 21 in the world and never losing more than four games in a set. Rafa gave him a match and that might have been a handout. Only Djokovic has beaten him twice at the French Open, the other loss was in 2009. That was against Robin Söderling from Sweden who would lose to Federer in the final. Rafa at the French Open is a near-safety in a global sport, richly rewarded and filled with hungry young things eating tuna and nuts and dedicating her life to excellence from the moment one of her parents shoved her onto a tennis court first Times. Rafa passed from generation to generation and the last one to crack was Norwegian Casper Ruud. He only won six games and two of those were breaks of serve. On the way to the title, Nadal naturally helped his shortened semi-final against Sascha Zverev, who had to give up in the second set. And maybe there was also a cry of fear from the ATP office. A victory at the French Open for Zverev was the only way to deny Daniil Medvedev world number 1 after Wimbledon. It is now a mathematical certainty that the Russian will top the rankings after a tournament he will not have competed in and even if Rafa Nadal wins his third Grand Slam championship of 2022. This is because ranking points are not available at Wimbledon after the ATP's decision It had to respond to the All England Club's decision to ban Russian and Belarusian players. Iga Swiatek has forgotten how to lose. Her last loss came on February 16 and since then she has won tournaments in Doha, Indian Wells, Miami, Stuttgart, Rome and now Paris and claimed her second French Open title with a 6-3, 6-1 win over Coco Gauff . Swiatek (right) with Gauff after the final of the French Open (Image: Getty Images) Swiatek demonstrates a high level of emotional intelligence with such statements and their governing body WTA, which has withdrawn ranking points from Wimbledon because of the exclusion Russian and Belarusian players should be happy Thank stars for having such a bright star at the top of the game. And congratulations to Gauff, who started the French Open by celebrating her high school graduation at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and finished it as a Grand Slam finalist in both singles and doubles. If she can master her forehand as well as her backhand then her first big win is close, and having an American superstar at the top of the table is never bad at the negotiating table when it comes to broadcasting rights. Tournament director Amelie Mauresmo was criticized for only scheduling a women's game during the prime of the night. Iga Swiatek was among those who were "disappointed" after Andy Murray's former coach said: "They have attraction and attraction to men's games in general." Mauresmo pointed out that men's games last longer what the debate about equal pay and the corresponding attraction rekindled men's and women's games. Want to see best of five women matches? Are some men's matches boring because they're too long? And what is the best way to measure trading strength? Here are two options. Check out the TV rights deals for each tour and compare the prices of Wimbledon IOUs that can be legally traded. Follow Metro Sport for the latest news on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Rod Stewart on The Queen, Elton, Touring and why he might retire his hits after this tour

In two chats, Rod Stewart, who is touring the States from June 14 at the Hollywood Bowl, has plenty to say about fatherhood, the Queen's sense of humor, the desire to reconcile with Elton John and why he might be ready could be for his next big gig Musical Change, (Author: Gardener)

Rod StewartRod Stewart is feeling a bit sentimental these days. At 78, Stewart, who kicked off his upcoming North American tour with Cheap Trick at the Hollywood Bowl on June 14, opened his Vegas residency with a cover of Robert Palmer's "Addicted To Love" in homage to Palmer, "Who was a good buddy From me." Stewart, who played at the UK's Queen's Jubilee this weekend, was also open to meeting his longtime friend Elton John, with whom he has had a public feud for years. But whether I see him or not, it's such a one big festival," says Stewart. One thing Stewart isn't sentimental about right now is his incredible catalog of songs the last time he performs his hits. "I don't want to sing 'Hot Legs' when I'm 80." , he explains. Stewart might change his mind about retiring some of the biggest hits of the last 50 years, of course, but watching him excitedly drums on a version of "Lullaby Of Broadway" that he and Jools Holland recorded for a new project seems like it that Stewart is ready for the next challenge, just as he was when he took on his Great American Songbook series to great acclaim. So, Elton, goodbye to his hits, the importance of camaraderie in the band, his children, why he's a Queen Loyalist - Rod Stewart has a lot to share in our two chats. Steve Baltin: How did the Vegas shows feel to you?” Rod Stewart: “They were great.” We changed a lot, let's say songs in and changed the running order, do it a little differently. We're getting ready for the Hollywood Bowl, which is very important to me. So I'm coming back over the weekend to celebrate the anniversary for Our Majesty The Queen, 70 years on the throne. So it's a big party, I think Elton is doing it and Duran Duran, Ed Sheeran, a lot of people are doing it. Baltin: I'm sure you have a long history with the Queen. Stewart: I don't call her and ask for a cup of tea or anything. But I've met her several times, wonderful lady, and she has a sense of humor. I know a lot of people won't believe this, but she did. Baltin: Do you still get that sense of awe playing for the Queen? Stewart: Oh yeah, say that again mate, let alone being a knight. Almighty God, I come from a church building in North London, my God. I'm a loyalist, I love the crown. I love what they bring to the party, shop for the U. One thing Her Majesty and I have in common is that we've had the same haircut we've had for 60 years (laughs). Baltin: Does a show like this feel like a reunion? Stewart: I haven't spoken to Elton in ages. We're out of touch, but there might be a reunion, a big hug, and let's bury this hatchet. We're out of touch, but there might be a reunion, a big hug, and let's bury this hatchet. But whether I see it or not, it's such a big celebration. Baltin: Iggy Pop actually explained that to me best. Stewart: Yeah, he's spot on. Remove all the shit and what's left - two people sharing music, fun and laughter. But I have a wonderful band that's literally like my kids. They are such great artists and we love each other socially. When you're in a band that doesn't get along well, touring is terrible. Baltin: How long did it take to put this band together? Stewart: Most of them have been together for about 25 years. But most of them quite long. Baltin: It's funny that you say it's awful when you're in a band that doesn't get along. Also, your priorities change so much as you age, and I'm sure that's more important now. Stewart: Yes, of course they do. Their priorities change a lot. Baltin: So, at what point did you realize that having a band that gets along is just as important as one that sounds good? Stewart: Well, I've always believed that the band should get along, but I've had a few assholes in bands. Baltin: Where did you party last night? Stewart: We just went to see Mr. Chow. Took the room upstairs and just had a big singlied and a drink. Baltin: When you get together to hang out and sing, what songs do you do then? Stewart: I can't remember what we sang. As if we would invent them over time. Dirty songs, no doubt [laughter]. Baltin: A lot of musicians have had a big adjustment to being at home during COVID. Stewart: Well, first of all, my family at home, I have eight children. The children come and go. Getting through COVID was pretty easy for me because I have a big house and sometimes I don't see my wife all day [laughs]. So it was much easier than for someone who lived in an apartment with six children and two rooms. So much easier. But i love my family. I love my children. When they're on vacation I go on tour and then they can come out and be with me. I miss the school run with my kids. Embarrassing them all, dropping them off in a Lamborghini [laughter]. Baltin: Are you or are you embarrassed? Stewart: It's funny, the younger kids love it. But when they got a little bit older, my 15-year-old son said, “Okay, dad. They all love it when they're really young. Baltin: But that's every rock star parent. I've talked to so many people about this and no matter how successful or famous you are, you're never going to be cool with your own kids. Stewart: No, you're absolutely right. Alright, dad, rejoice. Okay, Dad.” And then he gave my wife the phone and he said it's Rod Stewart on the phone [laughter]. Baltin: At what point did you start realizing what you are doing? And children are the best litmus test for the songs. Are there any new songs that you really appreciate? Stewart: You are very much in love with today's music, hip hop and rap. So I hear a lot about it with them. A lot of it is over my head, but some of it is really good. They like to come to the concerts, they enjoy it. Baltin: So you got cool points working with A$AP Rocky? Baltin: Were there any songs that you missed due to COVID or that you were able to revisit and would like to be back on set? Stewart: No, none of them. I can't think of anything that's old enough to bring back. Me and Ronnie [Wood] worked on the Faces album. And when it does come to fruition, hopefully it will. I'm doing songs from before anyway. Baltin: So what do you care about when you're at home? Stewart: My train, my model train. It's been running for 26 [years]. Baltin: But I'm surprised because I thought you would also say football. Stewart: Well, I used to play football. I played football until I was 60. Baltin: Are you following it anyway? Stewart: Oh god, yes. Yes, it's an obsession, but it's for my family. All my kids watch football. We are a football family. Baltin: So you said that children really introduce you to many things? I like him very much. He's completely unlike any other rock star that's come along. He has a different voice, different songs. songs are different. The girls love him and he's not your typical rock star. Baltin: Are there any new songs that you're particularly excited about doing for the first time and seeing how the audience reacts to them? Stewart: Yeah, we start the show with Addicted To Love. And all the girls, we're gonna do the Robert Palmer video because he was a good buddy of mine, and we're gonna dress all the girls. I loved Robert. Baltin: Was it special for you to make the song and pay tribute to it? I think it's my number one rock song. I know it's for a lot of people and especially the video was just like that, so a big take. Actually, Robert and I confessed one night he said that "Hot Legs" inspired "Addicted To Love". And my song Young Turks, I said, was inspired by his Johnny And Mary. Baltin: So you start with “Addicted to Love”. What about songs from the new album? Stewart: Yeah I'm going to do one of them, it can't be that too many people just want to hear the same songs. There was a track on the last album that meant a lot to me because it was about my dad and his relationship with his three boys. Of course my two brothers and the fact that we all played football and he was always on the sidelines watching us and then all kinds of weather inspired us and I wrote a song about it. little heard song. Baltin: As you say, it's a little heard song, but it's funny because the song often takes time. Take a song like "The Killing of Georgie Part I and II" for example, I feel like that's a song today that has more meaning now than it probably did then. Do you think people understood how significant it was? Stewart: Only on reflection, when people would come up to me and say, "Oh, thank you for this song. He got me through a bad time.” And that really means a lot to me. It was 1976 when it came out, and it helped them through a dark time. Baltin: Do you have any music that you can listen to? Stewart: Oh I love listening to my Great American Songbook. I love that. Yes. Baltin: Is it because they weren't your songs or because they were just songs that have memories of your childhood? Stewart: Yes. And also because they stretch you as a singer, the melodies stretch you and it's just lovely. You know, Jools Holland? We're halfway there and it's really great, but it's not the Frank Sinatra swing kind of thing, it's more like, I don't know, like "Rock Around The Clock". We play it rock 'n' roll style. We did The Lullaby of Broadway. So many songs we made. It's so cool. It's so cool. And he's recording in a small studio that's probably three times the size of this one, and he puts 18 musicians in there and they're all playing live and all the solos are alive. So I think we have a follow-on and they're all fast numbers too. I played it to the band last night before we went out to dinner and everyone just rocked. Baltin: And I imagine for you, it's the kind of thing that just keeps things fresh and messes them up. Stewards: Yes. Stewards: Yes. Stewards: Yes. Stewards: Yes. I don't really work with many other people. [But] Jools Holland is also a big model railroader. We talk about railroads, then we say, “No. OK. We better talk music now to finish this album", but it's a real pleasure. Such a wonderful band. Baltin: Is there a timetable for when that will come out? Stewart: I'm guessing September. We'll do the rest next week. Baltin: Is there a song on the album that you're looking forward to the most? Stewart: My favorite is "Ain't Misbehavin'". Jools really doubles it in the middle. Baltin: Will you incorporate any of that into the tour? Stewart: No, it will probably be done for me by the end of next year. I want to go on and just do the classics and the swing stuff, but I don't want to be singing "Hot Legs" when I'm 80. I'm not retiring, but this will be the last time we do songs in America. I want to tour with a big band and just play the stuff I love, it's a different entity than rock and roll, although that's where it all comes from. We make these songs with a backbeat.


Crooner's stunning booty was revealed after the anniversary performance

ROD STEWART was back in the headlines after his performance at this weekend's Queen's Platinum Jubilee, but while much is known about the legendary crooner, the amazing amount he is worth is often not. (Author: Gardener)

CroonerViewers watching the show live on BBC One were left baffled as to why the star covered someone else's song, especially considering Stewart has a huge back catalog of his own songs. Stewart, who was ranked the 17th most successful artist on the Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists, defended the performance, claiming the network asked him to sing it. But according to Celebrity Net Worth this year, Stewart has amassed around £238million ($300million) over the course of his career. His portfolio and wealth includes the impressive properties he's bought throughout his career, which earned him a first number one in 1971, Maggie Mai. The report notes that Stewart bought a £700,000 (US$1 million) estate in 1896, which later sold in March 2019 for six times the price. He also bought a 50-acre 18th-century castle six years earlier.Other properties the crooner owns include a seafront house in Palm Beach, Florida, bought in 1995 and valued at £16million ($20 million). He may also own a 20,000 square foot mansion in a gated community on Beverly Hills, called Beverly Park. JUST IN: Zoe Ball is being blamed for the 'painful' anniversary version of Sweet Caroline. That property is now said to be worth around £48m ($60m). Stewart has eight children with five different women, ranging in age from 59 to 11. His son Alastair was born in 2005 when the hitmaker was 60 to then-fiancé Penny Lancaster, the couple married in 2007 and had a second child named Aiden four years later. Ahead of Saturday's performance, Stewart di spoke to the BBC over his love for the Queen and the Royal Family. DON'T MISS: Rod Stewart poses with family after 'disappointing' anniversary show [INSIGHT] Rod Stewart is 'disappointed' with Harry and Meghan's treatment of the Queen [ANALYSIS] Dan Walker pokes fun at Rod Stewart's 'amazing' anniversary performance [NEW]


Rod Stewart Says BBC Made Him Sing Sweet Caroline

Rod Stewart candidly revealed the BBC had made him sing the football anthem Sweet Caroline seconds before he performed the tune at the Platinum Jubilee concert. (Author: Gardener)

Rod StewartRod Stewart candidly revealed the BBC had made him sing the football anthem Sweet Caroline seconds before he performed the tune at the Platinum Jubilee concert. The legendary singer, 77, left fans unimpressed with his raspy rendition of the Neil Diamond track on Saturday - BBC viewers claimed he "butchered" the famous karaoke song. After an upbeat performance by Baby Jane, a relaxed Rod then addressed the crowd: "I enjoy singing this, the BBC made me sing it. The star then launched into his powerful rendition of the classic song - which got the crowd dancing but left fans unimpressed. After the show, Rod revealed that he and his backing singers have all recently recovered from Covid-19, having flown back to the UK in the middle of his US tour. "I just got home for this and I got Covid and got over it! Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the performance. One wrote: "The palace party is good but how do you butcher Sweet Caroline?" Another wrote: "I was enjoying the palace party until Rod Stewart sang Sweet Caroline." A third said: "Catching up the party at the palace now neil diamond is my absolute favorite and i like rod stewart but i'm sorry NO NO NO" "I'm going to pretend I didn't just hear Rod Stewart live and erased it from my memory because it made me sad when great artists like him lose their touch. Another wrote: Catch up party at the Palace tonight.. How dare Rod Stewart ruin 'Sweet Caroline' like that? Don't tell Neil Diamond the royal box, just like Kate. Sir Rod's wife Penny, who watched her husband from the audience, took to Instagram to share a sweet snap of them with loved ones as they celebrated the anniversary. In the picture, Rod looked chic in a suit and striped tie, while Penny stunned in a chic blue ensemble as they enjoyed drinks with family and friends. The Queen's Platinum Jubilee enters its third day today with the Epsom Derby and the Party At The Palace concert featuring Diana Ross, Sir Rod Stewart, Sam Ryder and more. During Saturday's concert, Charles and William are preparing to deliver public tributes at the concert to the Queen, who will be watching on TV from Windsor. The evening also features performances by athletes and stars of stage and screen. Sir David Attenborough, Emma Raducanu, David Beckham, Stephen Fry, Dame Julie Andrews, the Royal Ballet and Paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmonds will all perform.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Kids now have an unrecognizable light-up

ROALD Dahl fans rejoiced in 2005 when a blockbuster remake of his 1964 book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory hit theaters. Directed by Tim Burton, the film received critical acclaim and received a box-off... (Author: Gardener)

CharlieROALD Dahl fans rejoiced in 2005 when a blockbuster remake of his 1964 book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory hit theaters. In recent weeks, the film has entered Netflix's top 10 most popular films in the US in the wake of leading actor Johnny Depp's defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard. So what happened to the child stars who brought the classic story to life? Freddie Highmore played lucky Golden Ticket winner Charlie Bucket in the 2005 adaptation when he was just 12 years old. The London-born actor, now 30, had a successful career before landing the sweet role, previously starring in Finding Neverland and Five Children and It. Freddie's mother, Sue Latimer, is a talent agent whose clients include Daniel Radcliffe and Imelda Staunton. His father is former actor Edward Highmore, who appeared in Doctor Who and the 1980s BBC drama Howard's Way. Child star Freddie has appeared in a number of blockbuster films including Ridley Scott's A Good Year, The Golden Compass, Spiderwick Chronicles and Astro Boy. He has also had a successful TV career, starring as serial killer Norman Bates on the psychological horror TV series Bates Motel and as Shaun Murphy on the ABC medical drama The Good Doctor. Freddie has previously dated actresses Dakota Fanning, Abigail Breslin and Sarah Bolger but announced he was married in 2021 during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! secretly married. Julia Winter, 29, who played rich, naughty girl Veruca Salt, attended a London theater school part-time before being brought out of the dark for the role. In 2014, fans were thrilled to see her name in the cast of Dolphin Tale 2 on IMDB, but it turned out to be a mistake. Julia, who speaks both Swedish and English, is reportedly still close friends with AnnaSophia Robb, who played Violet Beauregard. American actor Jordan, now 28, got his breakthrough role in the 2005 film as TV fanatic Mike Teavee. He went on to act in a number of films, voice the main character Lewis in Disney's Meet the Robinsons, and appeared opposite Amanda Seyfried in Gone. It was recently announced that Jordan, who lives in California, will star in the upcoming movie Byrd And The Bees alongside Jonathan Rhy Meyers. Jordan keeps his fans updated with regular snaps on his Instagram account. Augustus Gloop actor Philip Wiegratz has had a major glow-up since his role as the gluttonous lad. The German star - who wore a heavy suit in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' - has appeared in several films and TV series in her home country but has since turned her back on acting. The 29-year-old is now a software development engineer and, according to his social media, seems to enjoy the great outdoors and takes part in survival challenges like Tough Mudder. Bubble-blowing Violet Beauregarde was played by American actress AnnaSophia Robb, 28, who has since had a highly successful career, navigating a string of high-profile roles. She began on television as Samantha in Samantha: An American Girl Holiday and made her feature film debut in Because of Winn-Dixie, just before Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. AnnaSophia won two Young Artist Awards for her role as Leslie Burke in Bridge to Terabithia. She previously said she likes to keep her dating life out of the spotlight.


Anand Mahindra Receives 'Monday Motivation' From Astronauts Working Outside International Space Station, Video Goes Viral

Anand Mahindra posted a time-lapse video showing astronaut Chris Cassidy in front of the International Space Station. (Author: Gardener)

Anand Mahindra Receives 'Mahindra Group Chairman – Anand Mahindra is known for sharing engaging but thought-provoking posts on his Twitter account. Mr. Mahindra's last tweet about an astronaut is a Monday motivational video. The short time-lapse video shows an astronaut named Chris Cassidy. While sharing the video, Mr. Mahindra mentions how fascinated he is with the astronaut. He tweeted: "Just fascinating to watch. I want to start my week believing that my work will be as crucial - and fascinating - as the work of this astronaut #MondayMotivation." Watch the viral video here: Simply fascinating to watch. I want to start my week believing that my work will be as critical - and fascinating - as this astronaut's work... #MondayMotivation – anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) June 6, 2022 The Now -viral video was first shared by another Twitter name - @wonderofscience, where it has already garnered more than 588,000 views. The caption read: "Time-lapse of astronaut Chris Cassidy working outside the International Space Station as it orbits the Earth." Are you also amazed to see this astronaut video the same as Mahindra-san?


Samantha gives Monday motivation in an intense workout video

Actress Samantha has shared a few videos from her workouts in Kashmir while filming for her upcoming movie Kushi starring Vijay Deverakonda. (Author: Gardener)

SamanthaSamantha Ruth Prabhu is one of those actresses who hardly ever misses her fitness routine. Have you ever wondered how Samantha manages to look so flawless? She eats healthy and exercises daily, which makes her the owner of a toned body and glowing skin. When it comes to workouts, the actress performs deadlifts, squats, aerobics to aerial yoga, etc. She often shares glimpses of her grueling workouts, even amid her hectic work schedules. Her latest workout videos have once again given fitness motivation to her fans and followers. She is currently shooting her film with Vijay Deverakonda in Kashmir. Sam takes a break from her shooting schedule and makes sure to get some exercise. She shared two videos on Instagram stories. The first featured actress Kaathu Vaakula Rendu Kaadhal lifting 90kg and the second was seen training in the rain. With these videos, the diva served up Monday motivation. Sam captioned the first clip: "100kg I see you!!! Second, she wrote: "Only time I haven't complained about the worst part of my routine. Training in the rain (sic)”. On the work front, Samantha will star in Kushi with Vijay Deverakonda. The first look was recently unveiled. Also Read: Samantha Ruth Prabhu's Intense Workout Video in Kashmir Will Motivate You to Hit the Gym