Chelsea and Huddersfield Town should be on the same page in a new transfer deal

Huddersfield Town emerged from the 2021/22 season with acclaim across the board, despite Wembley heartbreak at the hands of Nottingham Forest and VAR in Sunday's play-off final. The club have achieved so much throughout the season, be it in ticket sales, supporting Carlos Corberan or wider recruitment. (Author: Gardener)

Huddersfield TownHuddersfield Town emerged from the 2021/22 season with acclaim across the board, despite Wembley heartbreak at the hands of Nottingham Forest and VAR in Sunday's play-off final. One thing outsiders will notice, however, is the way Levi Colwill is handled on loan from Chelsea. Colwill had not played a minute of senior football before his move to Huddersfield but the 19-year-old is leaving an England Under-21 international and preparing for the top flight. Anjorin was signed by Huddersfield in January to help prepare Corberan's squad for the final push for play-off football. A place in the top six was achieved, but Anjorin struggled to assert himself after Chelsea gave the green light to his move to West Yorkshire. Despite this, there are arguments that Anjorin should be a player Huddersfield would like to re-sign and that Chelsea should see Huddersfield as the perfect place for the 20-year-old's development. Regarding Huddersfield, they could lose Lewis O'Brien's momentum in the last third, which is undoubtedly an area of ​​the pitch where they need to improve. They were dangerous in open play but there is room for improvement, underscored by the fact they failed to score in the play-off final. Anjorin's only goal for Huddersfield came from a penalty in the 2-0 win over Coventry City, but on the day he showed what he can do in the final third with a created chance, six attempted dribbles and a win in five of his nine tackles (Wyscout) and a few ball contacts in the penalty area. Ultimately, in the playoffs, Corberan preferred other tried-and-true methods. Chelsea will weigh their options with Anjorin but you still need to believe they trust Huddersfield and especially Corberan to get the striker right. Colwill's loan has given them a reputation Chelsea just can't ignore. Corberan may not have used Anjorin throughout the playoffs, but he has proven to be a head coach who brings out the best in players after they adapt to what he asks of them. Thomas, for example, had a slow six months when he first arrived from Boreham Wood before bursting onto the scene and becoming Huddersfield's assist king in 2021/22. Ollie Turton had a tough six months after arriving from Blackpool before becoming reliable at right-back. Even veteran players like Danny Ward and Jordan Rhodes took time to get over injuries and finally adjust to what Corberan was demanding. Duane Holmes is another case Huddersfield has to bring. Anjorin was a young player who was suffering from an injury and traveled a long way across the country to a demanding environment upon arrival.


Bradford is UK City of Culture 2025, reveals Nadine Dorries

Bradford secured the prestigious title after beating out bids from Wrexham, Southampton and County Durham. Pictured: Bradford celebrates his victory. (Author: Gardener)

BradfordBradford has been announced as the UK City of Culture 2025. Culture Minister Nadine Dorries made the announcement live on the BBC's One Show tonight. Bradford secured the prestigious title after beating the applications of three other finalists - Wrexham, Southampton and County Durham. BBC presenter Richie Anderson was speaking to volunteers and application teams in Coventry, Britain's current City of Culture, when the announcement went on the air. The winner was approved by Ms Dorries based on independent advice from a panel of experts led by TV writer and producer Sir Phil Redmond. The panel of experts said they were impressed by the ambition of Bradford's bid, which focused on celebrating its residents, the power of diversity and the goal of "creating new opportunities for all". Ms Dorries said: "Congratulations to Bradford, a worthy winner of the UK City of Culture 2025 title. “There has been stiff competition and I thank County Durham, Southampton and Wrexham County Borough for their excellent bids. "Coventry has shown us the power of being a UK City of Culture in stimulating investment, attracting visitors and leaving a lasting legacy for local people." Bradford East Labor MP Imran Hussain said he was "extremely pleased" with the announcement. "This title builds on the city's rich history and dynamism, bringing investment and opportunity to all who live and work there." Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer has congratulated Bradford on being named Britain's City of Culture for 2025. He tweeted: "Congratulations Bradford on becoming Britain's City of Culture for 2025! A great achievement for a city built on a rich history, arts and culture.” The leader of Bradford Council said the win will bring “so many opportunities” to the region. Councilor Susan Hinchcliffe said: “We are delighted that our district has been recognized in this way. “Being the UK City of Culture brings with it so many opportunities for people, not just in terms of creativity and culture, but also for employment, attracting investment from abroad, boosting the local economy and opening up opportunities for young people to improve their skills. "The way people from across the borough are behind the bid and the confidence people are showing now has brought Bradford borough to life like never before." Shanaz Gulzar, chair of Bradford's bid, said the area had been "overlooked and underestimated for so long" but the win was its "time to shine". The artist said: "This fantastic result is due to the ambition, faith and hard work of the thousands of people across the district who stood behind our bid. “We are delighted that the Borough of Bradford has been chosen as Britain's next City of Culture. This is a great opportunity to celebrate our exceptional cultural heritage and for our young, diverse population - who have been so involved in shaping our bid - to become leaders and change-makers and begin a new chapter in our history. "Bradford has been overlooked and underappreciated for so long - now it's our turn to shine." The official Bradford 2025 bid account added: "This is our time to celebrate our extraordinary district - and for our young population, to become leaders and change-makers , to begin an exciting new chapter in our history." West Yorkshire Mayor Tracy Brabin said no city deserved victory more and 2025 will be "a fitting showcase" for Bradford's "cultural and artistic talent". She said: "No city deserves this anymore. As one of the youngest and most diverse places in the UK, Bradford will benefit so much from this platform to highlight everything it has to offer. “The year will be a fitting showcase for the incredible cultural and artistic talent in this amazing city. “And City of Culture's judging process has also helped us highlight the breadth of talent and vibrant cultural offerings across West Yorkshire. We undoubtedly have some of the best creative and cultural talent, events, festivals and destinations in the whole of the UK.” Describing 2025 as “the crowning glory” for the region, she added: “I congratulate all the teams involved in this bid process and I know that the Bradford people are ready to take this opportunity and shine at the national level. The final four cities were selected from a record 20 initial bids. Experts then reduced the process to eight outstanding long-list applications, including offers from Cornwall, Derby, Stirling and Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon. A panel of experts visited each of the four final sites to learn more about the bids before making their final recommendation. Each city was asked to explain how they would use culture to "enlarge and strengthen their local area" and recover from the impact of Covid. Bradford will now receive £275,000 in seed funding to ensure the city can start developing its plans for 2025 and get the wheels going early. Sir Phil Redmond, Chair of the Independent Advisory Board, said: "The selection is never about whether one offer is better than another, it is more about an offer having the potential to make a larger and actionable impact. As part of its UK City of Culture 2025 status, Bradford is eligible for a £3 million grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and now has three years to prepare for a year of groundbreaking cultural activities. Elsewhere, losing finalists have congratulated Bradford on their win. Michael Ockwell, member of the Southampton2025 City of Culture steering group, said: "Although Southampton were unsuccessful in bidding for the City of Culture title in 2025, the work of the organizing team over the past two years has been fantastic. “Arts and culture are so important to our city that we will help build on the great foundations laid by our two venues. Congratulations to Bradford on their successful bid." Helen Cutler, a 54-year-old retired account manager, said: "Too bad another town up north is winning. “There's also a wide range of art galleries and we're a city full of young people with two universities that have so much to offer younger generations. "Then there's also the story with the Titanic story and all the historical buildings like the Tudor house and the old walls around the town." Durham residents also spoke tonight about how "heartbroken" they are at losing the City of Culture bid. She said: "It's very disappointing to lose as I think Durham has a lot to offer. I think Bradford was a worthy contender. I also believe that when a place gets the recognition it deserves, it helps people feel even more proud.”


"I followed Michelle Keegan's workout routine for two weeks, here's what happened"

Michelle Keegan's workout routine isn't as hard as you might think - WH Fitness Editor Bridie Wilkins tried it herself, here's what happened. (Author: Gardener)

Michelle Keegan'sUnfortunately, you're probably deeply disappointed to see that the Corrie star is quite a private girl - aside from the time she's been on WH's Going for Goal podcast, there's as much information out there as water in the Sahara . But with all the research I've done over the years (Mission Find Out How Mich Gets That Muscle wasn't one I wanted to give up), I've finally managed to come up with a reasonably solid interpretation of her training plan, which I now have tried it myself. My incentive was twofold: to find out how Me maintains her strong body (although, as we all know, her approach is highly unlikely to work for me the way it did for her), and to determine exactly what is giving her so much energy . As I mentioned earlier, our girl (see what I did there?) hasn't told me too much about her workout routine in the past, but these are the principles she mentioned before that have helped me mine plan a two-week routine. Speaking to WH Editor-in-Chief Claire Sanderson, Michelle said it was her husband Mark Wright who got her into HIIT training during lockdown. "The fact that he [Mark] rolled out of bed, went into the garden and I heard him set up live outside and I was like, 'I literally have no excuse, I'm in the bedroom,'" she admitted. "I literally did it on the spot — put my exercise mat on the floor and did HIIT in the bedroom for half an hour, and it just set me up for the day and made me feel a lot more positive about what was going on at that time." .' In an interview with Cosmopolitan UK, she revealed that the HIIT classes she follows are the ones she finds on YouTube. "I put different HIIT workouts on YouTube for about 20 minutes and really enjoy them," she said. In the same interview with Cosmopolitan, she added, "I started doing HIIT before doing weights now and I really enjoy it because I feel like I've done something. When structuring her strength training sessions, Michelle sticks to a training split: Devote each day to a different muscle group. She told Cosmopolitan that one day she'll focus on her arms, the next on her legs. As for the exact exercises she does, she previously shared this video on IG where she demonstrates front-rack dumbbell squats, seated cable rows, and bike crunches. When the unpredictable British weather permits, Mich enjoys getting on her bike - a hobby she has pursued during lockdown. "I started cycling and I've never ridden a bike in my life," she told us. I really got into it and I really, really enjoyed it. "So I'm hoping when it gets a little warmer I'll start cycling again...sometimes I've done it alone [without Mark] and rode 14 miles." Caveat: This may confuse you, considering I've just finished likes to ride a bike, d. H. Kind of cardio, but judging by what she said in 2018, it's more that she doesn't like doing too hard cardio. "I just hate this feeling of not being able to breathe," she told Cosmopolitan. Disclaimer: One thing I didn't disclose is how many times per week she works out. For the purpose of this article, I did three workouts and one cycle per week, knowing that Mich's busy lifestyle probably doesn't allow her much more. Like me, loves morning training. While I'm not a huge HIIT fan (more on that later), I found it easier when I did it on Mich's morning schedule than when I was in the evening after work. My muscles felt less tired from lugging around a laptop during the day, and my brain was generally more energetic from just recharging overnight. It also made it easier for me to get going, while my motivation often wanes after a day's work. All of this helped get me up and onto my mat without a single groan. Gede Foster, Head of Fitness at FIIT, says there are pros and cons to doing HIIT in the morning rather than at night. “Getting done in the morning can improve cognitive function, contribute to better decision-making throughout the day, and increase focus and productivity. On the other hand, your body hasn't had much time to warm up and move, so warming up is key. “Trying to prepare for an intense HIIT session at the end of the day can feel like a drudgery. HIIT also increases your cortisol (the stress hormone) and adrenaline levels, which could affect your ability to relax and get a decent night's sleep. If you prefer a night time workout, make sure you do a 10-15 minute cool down to get your heart rate back to a stable level.' Once upon a time, I lived for HIIT. I got a rush from the high after pushing myself to the max, but these days I lean towards slower workouts with a focus on the mind-muscle connection, like Reformer Pilates. I've had quite a few injuries in my time - notably a pelvic stress fracture from too much impact - so even the idea of ​​reintroducing this type of movement was scary. Like I need to take deep breaths and calm down in several places for the rest of the day. Multiple studies have shown that during HIIT, the brain senses stress and releases a surge of cortisol — the hormone that makes you feel stressed. This release of cortisol activates the sympathetic nervous system, which in turn kicks in the fight-or-flight response, increasing your heart rate and blood pressure and making you feel tense. So after the first week I decided to slow things down a bit and aimed for 15 minute HIIT sessions instead of 20. It definitely works for Michelle, so HIIT might work for you too. Foster adds that while HIIT isn't always for me, it's not for everyone. It becomes a bigger problem when you're stressed in other areas of your life as well, as it causes cortisol to be released all the time, not just when you're exercising. “We consciously create stress on the body to improve our fitness. If you struggle with high levels of stress in your work or personal life, high-intensity exercise could be contributing to and interfering with your ability to return to homeostasis (the calm state of rest and digestion). Until now, I'd never done HIIT and strength training back-to-back (although I've done workouts that include both, like Barry's boot camp classes). I had assumed it would be a little harder since HIIT obviously uses up some of your energy, but I was stumped, and studies show there's a lot of scientific reasoning behind it. When researchers in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research compared three training protocols -- strength training alone, running followed by strength, and cycling followed by strength -- they found that running or cycling before strength training limited the number of weightlifting reps participants could perform compared to strength training without first hitting a treadmill or stationary bike. Granted, running and cycling aren't exactly the same as HIIT, but HIIT raises your heart rate in a similar way. Similarly, another study found that muscle strength when lifting weights after running on a treadmill decreased while heart rate and the rate of perceived exertion, or how hard the workout felt, increased. It's about how tired your muscles are. "Trying to do a weights workout after a HIIT session can be challenging because you've just pushed your nervous system through a lot, which means you're tired," says Foster. "Then you ask your body to work in a controlled and precise (i.e. in the right form) manner under load." So if you want to lift as heavy as possible or get a PB without injury, I would recommend doing HIIT after the weights (or on another day). What might be the biggest revelation of the whole challenge for me, I learned that training splits are so worth their weight. I've tried it before but never committed, and after just two weeks I can confidently say that sticking to a split structure meant my muscles felt significantly less tired every time I came to the workout were. For example, I had three days between my leg strength training session and my cycle, so my legs had three full days to recover once each was over and were barely walking. Foster is a big fan: "Following training splits allows you to train more frequently without overloading the body, while giving muscle groups adequate time to repair and recover." I'm also not particularly fond of indoor bike riding at the gym for my own bike. But Mich was right when she said that going outside on a bike is a different ball game. Additionally, a previous study showed that just five minutes of outdoor exercise can improve your mental health. The study found that exercising in natural settings was associated with greater feelings of revitalization, more energy, and positive engagement compared to exercising indoors. For starters, using training splits is something I'll definitely be pushing to give my muscles time to recover so they're less tired - I can honestly say my workouts felt significantly easier after just two weeks. Second, I will definitely be doing more outdoor exercise if the UK weather cooperates. Not only did my outdoor cycles not feel like exercise at all, they give me a yoga-like feeling – lighter and clearer in my head.


Harry Styles' "Harry's House" moved over 500,000 units in its first week

Styles' third solo album will be the fourth consecutive #1 album, setting a new mark for the best numbers for the first week of 2022. (Author: Gardener)

Harry Styles'Even at the end of one of the most impressive strings of blockbuster album releases we've seen so far in this fledgling decade, this week's Harry Styles' Harry's House album releases the kind of week-one numbers that will really make you step back and take note take. The set bows to the top of the Billboard 200 albums chart this week with 521,000 album units moved - easily beating the previous 2022 one-week high of 295,000, setting the previous frame of Kendrick Lamar's Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers and marking it also the highest one-week total of Styles' solo career. Additionally, Styles charts all 13 tracks from the LP in the top 30 on the Billboard Hot 100, while lead single "As It Was" returns to the charts at #1 for a fourth week. Now what does it say about the 2022 pop star of the year that Styles is putting up numbers no one can match? 1. Harry's House is the fourth album in as many weeks to set a new mark for the greatest total first weeks of the year - but while the first three all had their first weeks in the 200,000s, this LP tops them with 521,000 albums moved. What do you think is the main reason the album was able to reach numbers that even new sets from massive artists like Future, Bad Bunny and Kendrick Lamar couldn't match? Rania Aniftos: I think Love on Tour really changed a lot of people's perceptions of Harry and gave him a lot of new fans who wouldn't believe they were interested in his music. The impressive tour, his charismatic stage presence and his headline-grabbing normalization of gender fluidity have banished the concept that he's just a heartthrob making pop music for teenage girls. Throughout the Fine Line era, Styles proved to be a star that shines well beyond his art, and which likely led to people listening to the album immediately just to hear what he had to say. Katie Atkinson: It looks like the record-breaking vinyl count - 182,000 copies - is the main reason, as the fans who bought the record were still streaming it last week while they were in their cars or out and about, so he feels the love in both formats. While many artists have had to get their albums out on vinyl weeks or months later due to production delays, Harry's blockbuster number really speaks to giving fans everything at once. Starr Bowenbank: While "As It Was" can't be the only reason Harry's House has sold so many albums, it certainly didn't hurt the record's sales. The track was the only single given to fans for nearly two months, so starving fans while waiting for the album might have made them incredibly hungry and ready to devour whatever came next from the pop star. And if the response to the single was any indicator — it broke the Guinness World Record for most song streams by a male artist in 24 hours after being played a total of 16 million times — it's not terribly surprising that those streams turned into sales of Harry's House, especially after it also resulted in infinite TikToks being voiced. Jason Lipshutz: Part of that equated album count can be attributed to the physical copies of the album Harry Styles had available upon its release, which helped him set the one-week vinyl sales record; If, say, Kendrick Lamar's Mr. Morale & The Big-Steppers had hit stores on CD and vinyl copies, its debut week would have been longer, perhaps significantly. But Harry's House's big debut has more to do with Styles himself, who not only descended from a groundbreaking solo album in 2019's Fine Line, but also leads into his third biggest hit album with As It Was . Harry's House came at a perfect time in Styles' ad campaign and he's reaping the benefits this week. Andrew Unterberger: The big gap of difference is largely due to the fact that Harry Styles both has his physical release ready to go far with the release of Harry's House and is one of a handful of star artists who have physically (especially vinyl of course ) really important is a must. But even without that, Styles might still have the edge simply because he's in that sacred imperial phase of his career where it seems like every move he's making right now is the right one — from artists to albums I think only Bad Bunny has been on a similarly uninterrupted winning streak in the last six months, and even he's never spearheaded a pop hit as massive as "As It Was." 2. While these other three recent #1 albums arrived with relatively little advance notice and no advance tracks, Harry's House followed a more old-fashioned rollout model with an announcement a few months before release, a pre-single seven weeks before release and much more of interviews and public appearances leading up to the final decline. Does the album's success validate this strategy (and its continued relevance) for you, or would this album have achieved such numbers almost independently of its promo schedule? Rania Aniftos: While I think the success of As It Was would have made the album great regardless of the promo schedule, the mystery surrounding the rest of the album and Styles' intimation that Harry's House is his most personal and most interesting record yet everything was factored into the collective "I need to hear this" feeling when the album was finally released. Katie Atkinson: I think the build worked so well because "As It Was" was such a solid lead single. If you look at Fine Line, it was a slower burn because he came out the gate with "Lights Up," which belied the pop power of the singles coming off the album. "As It Was" is arguably Harry's house "Watermelon Sugar," and anticipation for what was to come - complete with two scintillating Coachella sets and a series of charming interviews - was in high gear when the album came out. Starr Bowenbank: While I think that without such a detailed rollout plan, Harry's House would have come close to the numbers it could achieve, I think conquering all facets of the market really pushed the album over the edge. The oversaturation technique can work very well for some pop stars (I think the marketing of Doja Cat through their Hot Pink and Planet Her eras is another great example of this). In addition to a traditional rollout schedule, Styles also had the benefit of a mystery Twitter page, the arrival of As It Was, the stadium tour residencies, the pop-up shops... I could go on. No stone was left unturned in this era, and honestly it's been quite a while since a pop artist has gone all the way with a release like this. Jason Lipshutz: What we're seeing with these #1 albums is that both traditional rollouts and slight surprise releases - ie. H. Albums that arrive entirely with a heads-up upfront and not much more - can be successful depending on the circumstances. For Styles, a surefire hit like "As It Was," leading into Harry's House, helped jumpstart the project, while Kendrick Lamar is such a revered album artist that all he needed was the album itself to awaken listeners to attract Either strategy would have worked for Styles since he's such a popular artist, but if Harry's House had arrived without a lead single or promo, I'd bet his debut number would have been lower. Andrew Unterberger: I think Harry's House is proof that introducing the old school can still be a very successful model when you're talking about an artist who reliably and consistently attracts the public's attention for up to two months can pull - something that is maybe half -dozens of pop or rock artists in the world can actually pull it off right now. (However, imagine the frenzy it would have caused if a new Harry Styles album had unexpectedly dropped from the sky a few weeks ago.) 3. Lead single "As It Was" bounces back to #1 on the Hot 100 for a fourth week this week - and considering Fine Line didn't even pick up its first No.1 until its fourth official single, it might not be the last time a song from this album will top the charts . Rania Aniftos: "Late Night Talking", depending on Styles' music video concept. The sassy "Watermelon Sugar" video was a big factor in its success, and I think a flirtatious, goofy "Late Night Talking" video starring a beloved Styles would be something we would all really enjoy and share Song would hold our heads. I also know that "Daylight" is a huge fan favorite off the album, so I wouldn't be surprised if that song made the Hot 100 as well. Katie Atkinson: I'm so thrilled that my favorite song on the album - the Peter Gabriel worshiping "Music for a Sushi Restaurant" - is a Top 10 Hot 100 hit, but I think the best chance for another No 1 is “Late-Night Talking.” This song was made for radio (not to mention TV, film, or commercial dubbing), and a lively music video could take it to the top. Starr Bowenbank: Maybe that's a popular choice, maybe it doesn't make sense because it's a slow song - but I really think "Matilda" could be the next track to hit #1. The song struck an emotional chord with fans, and with a more public focus on mental health in the media and music, this could be another way to move that conversation forward. Jason Lipshutz: My personal pick is "Daydreaming," with its brilliant funk sample hook and an instant yet nuanced vocal take on Styles, but for now, "Late Night Talking" has the fan support and streaming numbers, so I'd go in order to. Andrew Unterberger: There are other jams on the album, but “Late Night Talking” is spot on right now – it has the same energy as most of Styles' biggest hits to date, it's prominently placed on the album, it is appropriately playful and upbeat for a summer smash, and it's already starting to hit the radio. It's a worthy second single and it really could be just a video or a notable live performance, aside from soaring in the pop stratosphere alongside "As It Was". 4. While he may or may not be the biggest pop star in music right now, it's pretty undeniable that Styles has been 2022's biggest hit so far. or an artist with that potential - what would you advise them to look for (and/or where would you tell them to look)? I think music fans these days really enjoy the mix of fun and deeper meaning, so it's no surprise that Spencer alone has amassed almost a million followers. Katie Atkinson: Aside from maybe Dua Lipa, our biggest pop stars of the last decade all seem to have been in some way through the Disney or Nickelodeon pipelines since childhood or adolescence (Ariana, Miley, Selena, Demi, JoBros , Olivia Rodrigo), tween fame ( Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes) or a boy band or girl group - that's the path Harry took with One Direction. It's hard to imagine creating The Next Harry Styles without acknowledging that a large segment of his audience has supported him as part of the group for over a decade. So the answer to this question might be to find out which member of BTS has the charisma and talent to stand on their own two feet because you know ARMY will be there to support them just like the Directioners did with Harry . It was clear that Styles had a way of captivating fans, even in One Direction's early days on The X Factor. While it's difficult to tell label execs where to look (social media is probably the easiest answer), I'd say that perhaps the least-expected place is where diamonds in the rough often turn up. Jason Lipshutz: If I was hired by a record company to help find The Next Harry Styles I would be pretty upset to get such an impossible job! Styles is a supernatural pop superstar, the kind of golden-voiced, smart, charismatic, sexy, lovely, and generally likeable artist who doesn't stop by very often and can sell out arenas in an instant when he does. Andrew Unterberger: There's a whole lot that goes into Harry Styles' formula for success, but if I had to boil it down to a simple X + Y equation, I'd say it's an artist who has an existing, built one -in fan base, plus a strong sense of star identity that's totally self-possessed. Styles is a star as a solo artist largely because he has the personal and artistic confidence of one and the support of the fans to give credence to that confidence from day one. Of course, finding these artists is easier said than done — and it's definitely not as easy as getting influencers from TikTok — but it's not impossible either; This recipe also describes the biggest breakout star of 2021. 5. Given that fewer and fewer artists are able to hit the half million in the first week in an age without ticket packages and erratic physical sales To break the mark, who do you think is the artist most likely to hit the 521,000 first-week Styles mark next? Rania Aniftos: I think BTS' proof would match those numbers, or a surprise visit from Taylor Swift in 1989 (Taylor's Version) with some "From the Vault" songs about her relationship at the time with, funnily enough, Harry styles. If you believe Wikipedia's list of best-selling artists of all time, she's the only artist to start making music after 2000 and has reportedly sold more than 250 million records worldwide, surpassed only by The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Madonna and Led Zeppelin. Considering fans are definitely fearing Rih will never officially return to music - after all, it's been 2,316 days since the release of Anti - it would be out of character for Rih Navy not to push R9 to unprecedented heights! Jason Lipshutz: Taylor Swift whenever she releases another re-recorded album or (fingers crossed!) new complete full-length original material. Red (Taylor's Version) debuted at 605,000 album units equivalent, and there's no reason why any of the four studio albums yet to be recorded couldn't surpass the half million mark by the time it hits the market now. Otherwise, let's get bold: I think Luke Combs, a modern-day country superstar with a ton of industry backing, could possibly get there later this month with Growin' Up, his first album in three years. Andrew Unterberger: Think it's as easy as 1989 (Taylor's version).


The USFL's best players, coaches and teams are about to make the playoffs

What we learned about every team in the USFL, plus the standouts who could turn success into another opportunity in the NFL. (Author: Gardener)

USFLThe newly launched USFL's inaugural campaign is in its stretch drive with three weeks remaining in the regular season. The top two teams in each division (there are eight clubs in total) advance to a playoff round on June 25th. Both the playoff round and the title game will take place in Canton, Ohio. The entire regular season will continue to be played in Birmingham, Alabama. Once the championship game is over, players are free to sign with NFL teams before training camps. As we noted in February, the USFL is full of names you may remember — and many you may not remember — who continue to live on the fringes of NFL rosters. So, like this winter, let's take a quick seven-week run through the league and highlight the best players, coaches and teams to date. Specifically, Calvin Ashley (6-6, 310; Florida Atlantic) and right guard Garrett McGhin (6-5, 320; East Carolina), the first two linemen selected by New Jersey, and center Jake Lacina (6-4, 300; Augustana ). Lacina was the first center chosen in the design. The Generals lead the league in seven games (165.9 yards per game, 13 TDs) and have done it the smart way: by building a good line and spreading the wealth behind it. Ashley was a midseason All-Star, but both McGhin and Lacina have held their own as enduring run blockers in a league where quarterback play has been a rollercoaster ride at best. Yes. With a plan so simple it could work, Mike Riley's team produced the best offense in the league with an efficient running game developed by offense coordinator/line coach Steven Smith. Smith is a 45-year-old ex-college fullback with coaching experience in NFL Europe, the Arena League, Division II and the XFL's most recent incarnation. The Generals' top two backs (Darius Victor and Trey Williams) are Nos. 4 and 6 in the league for rushing, and quarterback De'Andre Johnson has rushed 55 times for 273 yards and four TDs. The Generals have arguably the best offensive line in the league and are capable of hurting defense through a variety of low-risk rushing options that suit this league very well. On the defensive end, former state safety Shalom Luani leads four interceptions and 6-1, former Pittsburgh State cornerback De'Vante Bausby with 11 pass breakups. Not that there was much doubt about Stribling's impact after starting the year with four interceptions in four games, but when he missed Week 5 - a matchup with Birmingham - the Stars had no way to make up for that absence. Stallions quarterback J'Mar Smith completed 17 of 22 passes in this matchup. Stribling has since returned to the lineup, adding a league-best fifth interception. He's as close to a fence corner as the USFL. He also made the effort to get this opportunity. Stribling went undrafted in 2017 and spent time on five different NFL rosters before moving on to the AAF, XFL and CFL. However, he might be able to translate that USFL feat into another cup of coffee at an NFL camp. Slightly above average based on both the record (4-3) and the fact that those three losses came against the USFL's other likely playoff teams (Birmingham and New Jersey). The biggest problem here is that the stars can't stop the run. They're coughing up a league-worst 162.7 yards per game and—in that strickle-free loss to the Stallions—just couldn't get off the field. Birmingham ended that game with a 17-game drive in the fourth quarter that took almost 11 minutes to complete. The offense does have some weapons, however, including tight end Bug Howard and explosive wide receiver/return man Maurice Alexander. If quarterback Case Cookus heats up for a few playoff games, who knows. Honorable mention here for kicker Cole Murphy, who recently hit a 60-yard field goal and was a USFL Special Teams Player of the Week for two consecutive weeks. He's 7-8 overall on field goals and 5-5 on extra points. They would probably have at least one more win if Murphy had been their kicker all year - they lost in Week 4 on a missed 21-yard field goal attempt. However, Corbin has become the league's leading rusher in seven games (513 yards). And he did it in just 81 tries, 34 fewer than USFL No. 2 rusher Jordan Ellis (478 yards). If you count on Corbin's line, he slams a ridiculous 6.3 yards-per-carry clip. An 88-yard TD run helped. Considering how many running backs NFL teams have to get through training camp and the season, Corbin might take a look. Quarterback play was a problem across the league and they just couldn't fix that position. They used draft #1 on Shea Patterson, only to have him cut after six weeks. Former NFL quarterback Paxton Lynch also had a shot but suffered an ankle injury that put him on hold. The defense held up well through the first three weeks of the season, highlighted by a 24-0 shutout from . It's been more of a struggle lately, and the offense -- even with weapons like Corbin and wide receivers Lance Lenoir and Devin Ross -- just couldn't finish enough drives. As with Stribling and Jordan Ta'amu — and many players at the USFL — Tarpley deserves credit for trying to keep the dream alive. He injured his knee in 2017 with one game left in his Vanderbilt career and then went undrafted through the AAF and Spring League ahead of this season. With 43 tackles and one interception, he has a steady impact on the back end for a defense that has struggled with it for most of the season. 's head coach famously fired running back De'Veon Smith when Smith asked for pizza instead of chicken salad at a team dinner. Then last weekend, Wilson benched quarterback Vad Lee late in a close game after — while hanging up the mic — he commented on Lee's body language. While the defense held it in games, the offense failed to take full advantage of wide receivers and Bailey Gaither. (The Maulers used four different QBs, which doesn't help.) has failed to score 20 points in five of his seven games. We picked Bolden as our favorite draft pick for Birmingham back in February and we might have stumbled upon something. Bolden's 33 catches are the best in the league in seven games. He was also attacked more times than any receiver in the USFL. Height (5-8, 178) will always be an issue for Bolden in the eyes of NFL evaluators, but no one can really doubt his ability to open up. Depending on his health, don't be surprised to see Bolden - who was also one of the league's top kick/punt returns - back at a camp this summer. Runner-up here could be former Alabama runner Bo Scarbrough, a local favorite who signed with the team earlier this month and has been streaking for back-to-back 100-yard games. The hometown Stallions are the only undefeated team in the league. This is of course the only team in the league with a home field advantage. But Scarbrough's addition to a backfield that already included ex-Coastal Carolina running back CJ Marable gives Birmingham playmaking options outside of the QB spot (which featured both J'Mar Smith and Alex McGough). On the defensive end, former Ole Miss linebacker DeMarquis Gates has five sacks in seven weeks, along with two forced fumbles, an interception and two pass separations. Head coach Skip Holtz is his own offensive coordinator (with longtime SEC assistant John Chavis directing defense), and that decision has paid off. The former Arkansas State standout was one of the top downfield receivers in the USFL this season with 22 catches for 317 yards and three touchdowns in seven games. Adams and teammate Johnnie Dixon (former Ohio State star) were great for Kyle Sloter as Dixon contributed with 28 catches for 300 yards and four TDs. Adams might be the guy to watch out for down the road. The Lions gave him a chance over the summer before releasing him, and Adams eventually received an NFL-mandated six-game suspension in September. The Breakers have top pass offense in the USFL, which due to some inefficiencies is hard to inspire anywhere else - but don't blame the crew of Larry Fedora and Noel Mazzone for that. Sloter leads the league with 1,499 yards and had some of the best goals to throw at with Dixon, Adams and tight end Sal Cannella (Auburn). If the running game can find a way to be a little more explosive to take some pressure off the pass down the stretch, the Breakers have what they need to make some noise if they can secure a playoff bid. It's hard to say if Ta'amu -- who has had opportunities with five NFL teams, including two shots with both the Texans and Lions -- will keep his shot at the next level. Ta'amu was unlucky this year as the team suffered some heavy losses. Among the league's QBs with at least 100 attempts, Ta'amu has the best YPA number (6.7) and tied in touchdown passes (10) for seven games. He's right behind Sloter at 1,404 yards. Leagues like the USFL (and XFL) give opportunities to the likes of Ta'amu - quality players who don't stop working. has a one-point loss to Houston, a six-point loss to Birmingham, and a seven-point loss to both and New Jersey. By league standards, this is a decent side that couldn't get over the hump. Ta'amu could be the best QB in the league. When the Bandits get hot and can start finishing games and thereby finding a way into the postseason...that's the USFL to scream out loud. Arkansas State's 6-foot-4, 260-pound product has been a problem for opposing offenses this season. Odom leads the league with 7 1/2 sacks — he had 2 1/2 of those in Week 6 against the Generals — and he's also made five passes and blocked two field goals. Odom has bounced around with a handful of NFL teams (Atlanta, Green Bay, Washington). He then spent last season with Calgary from the CFL, so a return north of the border could be an option. But his performance throughout the season has likely earned him another chance somewhere, especially considering how desperate teams are always trying to find active hybrid Edge defenders. Is the team good? Is the team good? Despite Odom's best efforts, the Gamblers have the USFL's worst defense (368.1 yards and 25.3 points allowed per game) and an offense that struggles to move the ball (league-low 248.3 yards per game). Houston is also on a six-game losing streak, although half of those setbacks were just one point. Odom, linebacker Donald Payne and running back Mark Thompson were among the bright spots, but the results just weren't there.


Arsenal complete signing as Prem rivals threaten legal action; Man Utd, Tottenham plan up in smoke

Complications could arise with an upcoming Arsenal deal while United and Spurs have dashed their defensive transfer plans. (Author: Gardener)

PremArsenal are ready to finalize a signing in the forward, although complications could arise, while Man Utd and Tottenham have dashed their hopes of signing a Serie A ace - all in Thursday's Transfer Gossip. Arsenal are expected to strike a deal for Sao Paulo striker Marquinhos on the first day the Premier League transfer window opens, although a report suggests there is more to it. The 19-year-old Brazilian is quickly making a name for himself at Sao Paulo. Despite not yet scoring regularly, Marquinhos is cultivating a reputation as a direct and versatile attacker, according to the Daily Express. Arsenal's interest in the youngster first emerged in May. The Gunners acted quickly to reach an agreement ahead of the June 10 summer window opening and the Express claims everything should be in place by that date. Arsenal are expected to pay just £3million for his services - a figure believed to be well below his true worth. The reason for such a bargain lies in a loophole Arsenal are reportedly exploiting. Due to a contract mishap in Sao Paulo, his contract expires this summer, although he signed a five-year deal in 2019. Arsenal appear to be the beneficiaries of this misstep, although the Daily Mail previously reported that Wolves are not happy. Bruno Lage's side reportedly believed they had a pre-contractual agreement to join Molineux. The Express now says complications could arise down the line as Wolves are reportedly threatening legal action. Her beef comes from her belief a deal has already been struck and Marquinhos has been 'unfairly dissuaded' from joining Wolves. Of course, they could have been paid a far higher fee than £3million if they had put their house in order beyond the original contract. The Sun and Goal both previously claimed Marquinhos had already undergone a medical at Arsenal's Colney training ground. The chances of Tottenham or Man Utd signing Milan Skriniar out of Inter are slim after the defensive behemoth opened up about a possible move. However, the fact that his contract expires in 2023 gave the Englishman hope for a summer coup. In fact, Gazzetta Dello Sport added United, Spurs and Chelsea to the mix at the end of May. All three are known to be on the hunt for new centre-backs this summer. However, Skriniar has now moved to reaffirm his loyalty to Inter. The Express carries quotes from central defence, which read: “My future is with Inter. Every six months, every year, the transfer rumors come up. The Express Add Inter are keen to tie him to new terms and have a new £4.25million-a-year deal in the works. The staggering sums paid by Man Utd to Paul Pogba have been detailed in a report including the Frenchman leaving with a loyalty bonus. The Red Devils recently confirmed the Frenchman, 29, will leave Old Trafford this summer. Pogba is set to leave for nothing for the second time and a Juventus return seems the most likely at the moment. Pogba's time at United is divided, although few can claim it was a successful stint. Now the Daily Mail have detailed what Pogba has cost United financially, including a reported £3.78million loyalty bonus he will receive before walking away on June 30. His first transfer returned United £89.3m after receiving just £1.5m in compensation back then when he left for Turin in 2012. United agent Mino Raiola reportedly paid £39.27million to secure his services in 2016. His image rights fees totaled £2.87m a year, while he received four bonus payments of £1.875m each time United qualified for the Champions League. Article 'Transfer Gossip: Arsenal to complete forward signing as Prem' rival threatens legal action; Man Utd, Tottenham plans gone up in smoke appeared first on


Grouse Grind Trail reopens Saturday morning

Metro Vancouver is reopening the North Van's Grouse Grind Trail for the 2022 season on May 28th. The trail, known as "Mother Nature's Stairmaster," will be open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Author: Gardener)

SaturdaySports enthusiasts looking to tackle North Vancouver's most famous trail can get their workout routine in place from early Saturday morning. Metro Vancouver's Grouse Grind Trail officially opens Saturday, May 28 at 7:00 am. The Grind is open from 7am to 7pm. Daily. Regular hikers have eagerly awaited the trail's reopening, which was delayed this year due to an unusually cold spring, resulting in longer than usual wintry conditions at the top of the Grind. Last year, the Grind opened nearly three weeks early. The Grind is a 1.8 mile trail that climbs the face of Grouse Mountain with a vertical drop of 853 meters (2,800 feet). For those looking for a challenge, the fastest time on record last year was 29 minutes, 30 seconds. Those feeling competitive about their hike can sign up for an account and compare their times on an online Grouse Grind leaderboard. According to Metro Vancouver, the Grind is hiked approximately 300,000 times each year. Visitor numbers at Grouse Mountain Regional Park increased 15% in 2021 versus 2020. Hikers should be aware that the Grouse Grind is a one-way street, according to Metro Vancouver. Downhill hiking is not permitted on the Grind. The Metro is also reminding hikers that part of the BCMC trail - sometimes used as an alternative route down the mountain - is currently under maintenance and will be closed Monday-Friday until June 30. When conditions permit, the BCMC is open on weekends and public holidays. A detour via the Baden-Powell and Larsen trails is available to rejoin the upper portion of the BCMC route near marker 29 Baden-Powell trails, lookouts and rest stops. C., in partnership with Metro Vancouver. Hikers are reminded to wear weather-appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes (flip-flops, platform shoes, and jeans are not recommended) and to come prepared with water, a snack, and a cell phone. While the trail is snow-free, expect wintry conditions at the Grouse summit and bring extra layers of clothing. Dogs are not allowed on the Grouse Grind Trail, so leave your furry friends at home. Hikers should also make sure to allow enough time to complete their trek before dark. Beginners to the grouse grind will quickly discover the “unofficial” trail etiquette rules. The grind is a very narrow trail, so expect to be passed by experienced grinders aiming for personal bests. According to Grouse Mountain Resort, hikers were first recorded on Grouse Mountain in 1894 when a hunting party shot a black grouse bird and named the mountain in the bird's honor. However, it wasn't until the 1920s and early 1930s that Grouse Mountain saw the first big wave of adventurous hikers. Today's Grind was first developed in the early 1980's by mountaineers looking for a challenging and comfortable workout. The modern Grouse Grind Trail regained popularity among hikers beginning in the 1990s. Sign up for the Grouse Mountain Regional Park mailing list for updates with Metro Vancouver.


Biden is giving Ukraine its deadliest weapons yet. Will it make a difference?

Ukraine's leaders have advocated US-made advanced missile systems. But some say they won't be a game changer in his war with Russia. (Author: Gardener)

UkraineWASHINGTON - President Joe Biden's decision to supply Ukraine with longer-range precision missiles sparked fear in Moscow and applause in Kyiv. But it's not yet clear how much of a difference the advanced weaponry will make in a deadlocked, attritional conflict with no clear endgame. S. has increased the flow of American arms into Ukraine, the Kremlin is increasingly trying to portray its invasion of Ukraine as a proxy war between Washington and Moscow, despite Biden's repeated statements that he will not send American troops to fight the conflict. "The Biden administration argues that this latest military aid package will help Kyiv engage Russian artillery behind the lines and give Ukrainians more clout if or if negotiations resume," said Daniel Depetris, a Defense Priorities staffer. a Washington-based think tank advocates military restraint. Here's a look at four key questions about Biden's recent decision and its potential implications: The mobile rocket artillery launcher that the Pentagon is providing to Ukraine can hit targets from about 40 miles away. M777 howitzers provided by S., which have a range of less than 20 miles. Other western allies have also deployed similar howitzers in an artillery duel in the largely open terrain of Ukraine's eastern Donbass region. Known as High Mobility Rocket Systems, the new missiles will allow Ukrainian forces to strike deep behind the front lines of the war in eastern Ukraine, forcing Russian commanders to withdraw their forces to evade attacks. The system is truck-mounted with an armored cabin for the crew and has a six-missile pod. The HIMARS launchers can be used to attack Russian forces massed in relatively confined areas in Donbass, said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., a member of the Armed Services Committee who has worked to help Ukrainians with to arm themselves with increasingly deadly weapons. "They expand the threat zone for Russian forces," said Blumenthal. "That way they can force the Russians to hold back their forces, push them back and reorient their plans to avoid vulnerability." Visual Guide: What Weapons Are Used in Russia's Invasion of Ukraine? Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned last week that handing Ukraine weapons that can strike within Russia's borders would constitute a serious escalation. On Wednesday, Putin's press secretary accused the United States of "deliberately and diligently adding fuel to the fire." House has stressed that the new missiles being delivered won't have a range of more than 40 miles, and when announcing the advanced missile system's transfer, Biden made sure to say the U. and find his actions outrageous, the United States will not seek to bring about his downfall in Moscow," Biden wrote in an op-ed piece published in the New York Times Tuesday night. On Wednesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken dismissed questions about how Washington could ensure that Moscow does not take this as a provocation: "Put simply, the best way to avoid an escalation is for Russia to end the aggression and the war that it started," Blinken said at a press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday Blinken also noted that the Ukrainians have given assurances they will not use the systems against targets inside Russia, saying: "There is a strong relationship of trust between Ukraine and the United States.” See: Lemberger Künstl he turns Russian missiles into patriotic art to raise funds for the Ukrainian army. It's a war of attrition right now, and "neither side wins or loses," said Evelyn Farkas, a former deputy defense minister for Russia and Ukraine. S. is now sending attack helicopters, tanks, howitzers and other weapons to Ukraine, "Ukrainians should have the opportunity to take the offensive," said Farkas, who is now executive director of the McCain Institute, which focuses on promoting democracy and human rights focused and other global issues. Sergiy Kyslytsya, Ambassador of Ukraine to the United Nations, said the more advanced missile systems would have "very fundamental implications and importance". "Both sides have stalled," Kyslytsya said in a radio interview with the Washington Post on Wednesday. The Russians are killing 60 to 100 Ukrainian soldiers every day, he said, but have made very limited progress. Four of those systems have been prepositioned in Europe for rapid deployment, said Colin Kahl, the Pentagon's undersecretary for policy. However, Kahl noted that it will take three weeks to train Ukrainian troops to operate and maintain the HIMARS systems. Russia has made incremental gains in eastern Ukraine, a senior defense official said last week, focusing its efforts on smaller targets. Despite losing more than 1,000 tanks and thousands of troops, Russia retains significant advantages in soldiers, artillery and armor. Ukrainian leaders have been pleading for the HIMARS missile launchers to improve their chances for weeks. HIMARS will give Ukrainian forces advantages over the Russians in precision strikes, Blumenthal said. That might allow them to reclaim some of Russia's gains, but the war will likely be a "hard drudgery" for some time to come, he said. Although very accurate, the HIMARS missile system will not win the war in Ukraine's favor, Kahl said. "No system will win the war," said Kahl. 'A charged moment for the world': According to Blinken, the war in Ukraine will not distract the US from the threat China is targeting the Kremlin to escalate a war many fear could spill over to other parts of Europe. "We are not seeking a war between NATO and Russia," the president wrote in his op-ed. Colin Smith, a defense researcher and Russian military expert at think tank Rand Corp., found that the most advanced US HIMARS missiles have a range of 100 miles, which would expose several Russian cities to a potential threat. S. did not choose to send these missiles. S. would help the Ukrainian military as the war unfolded, Blinken declined to give a specific answer on Wednesday. "At every step along the way, we assessed what we think Ukraine needs... to defend itself effectively," he said. What they needed to deal with the threats to Kyiv is very different from what they need to deal with what's happening now in southern and eastern Ukraine.” Live updates from Ukraine: Oligarchs $300m yacht untouchable in UAE port; US, Germany deliver missile systems: This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Biden's Decision to Send Long-Range Missiles to Ukraine: What You Need to Know


Blood Feud continues at AEW Dynamite tonight

Just when you thought you had enough anarchy for a week... (Author: Gardener)

AEW DynamiteJust when you thought you'd had enough Anarchy for one week... The brutal, chaotic, gory Anarchy in the Arena match that made AEW Double Or Nothing 2022 stand out is brought into tonight's episode of Dynamite. In the wake of the building-wide war, AEW Founder and President Tony Khan has confirmed a match pitting two Anarchy contestants against each other. Jon Moxley and Daniel Garcia go head-to-head in Los Angeles. Garcia's Jericho Appreciation Society unit defeated Moxley, Eddie Kingston, Santana, Ortiz and Bryan Danielson at Double Or Nothing. This could end up being related to the Moxley match. Jon has previously joked that they must first bleed together before he and another can team up, and Garcia was an early target for Blackpool Combat Club recruitment. It would make little sense to team up with William Regal's crew of violent bears right now, although AEW could use that match to draw on Moxley's words. Moxley and Garcia have previously wrestled one-on-one, with Mox defeating his young opponent on August 20, 2021 at Rampage's First Dance Special.


Champions, reactions and analysis from June 1st

Wednesday's All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Dynamite featured a plethora of breathtaking encounters between the elite of the wrestling world. Here are all of Wednesday's AEW Dynamite highlights and results: In the opening match, CM Punk and the FTR saw The Gun Club and Max... (Author: Gardener)

June 1stWednesday's All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Dynamite featured a plethora of breathtaking encounters between the elite of the wrestling world. While CM Punk was crowned the new champion, the Undisputed Elite and Hikuleo defeated Christian Cage, Darby Allin, Jurassic Express and Matt Hardy in a 10-man tag team match. Here are all of the highlights and results from Wednesday's AEW Dynamite: In the opening match, CM Punk and the FTR faced The Gun Club and faced Max Caster, Anthony Bowens and Billy Gunn. In a trio match, Punk teamed up with tag team champions FTR and Ring of Honor to face off against the Gunn Club and Max Caster. Punk's chemistry with the FTR resulted in an easy win for him as he rocked Austin with a fatal "go to sleep" to earn an easy pin. In the singles match, Johnny Elite took on veteran Miro, making his first appearance in months, and the Los Angeles crowd went berserk at the return of their master. Miro looked in great form and beat Johnny Elite quite easily to claim his spot for the title defense. The next segment was one of the highlights of the night as the two mighty tag teams went head to head in the night's fiery 10-man tag team match. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus teamed up with Christian Cage, Darby Allin and Matt Hardy to take on the Bucks' Matt and Nick Jackson, RedDragon's Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling's Hikuleo. After some entertaining battles, The Undisputed Elite & Hikuleo managed to defeat Jurassic Express, Matt Hardy, Darby Allin and Christian Cage. Although it was Wardlow's first appearance as an official wrestler for the AEW roster, his fight represented years of experience and finesse as he easily defeated Workhorsemen's JD Drake with powerbombs. At the Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament, Dr. Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter continued their winning form as they faced the team of Ruby Soho and Toni Storm in a fun tag team match. The action was quite back and forth until Storm pulled out a stunner out of nowhere and pinned Baker for a clear win. In the final match and main event, Jon Moxley faced Daniel Garcia. This altercation saw the veteran Moxley take advantage of the situation and bulldog choke Garcia to claim the win.