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The biggest game in European football concludes the 2021/22 club season as Liverpool meet Real Madrid in the Champions League final. When the game started, Liverpool were high as Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah were both thwarted by brilliant saves from Thibaut Courtois. (Author: Gardener)

Champions LeagueThe biggest game in European football concludes the 2021/22 club season as Liverpool meet Real Madrid in the Champions League final. Kick-off was delayed by almost 40 minutes as fans struggled to get into the stadium. When the game started, Liverpool were high as Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah were both thwarted by brilliant saves from Thibaut Courtois. However, Karim Benzema almost gave Real Madrid the lead just before half-time when an offside flag and a long VAR check prevented him and kept him scoreless before half-time. No team has lifted that trophy more than Real, the 13-time winners, while a win tonight at the Stade de France would take Liverpool's tally to seven, a number surpassed only by the La Liga side. While the Reds don't get the chance to play for an unprecedented quadruple in Paris, European glory after losing the Premier League title by a single point would cap a stunning season for Jurgen Klopp's side, which has featured in every one have possible match. This is a repeat of the 2018 Champions League final when Gareth Bale scored twice in a 3-1 win for Real as they made it for the third straight season. Liverpool returned the following season and upped the ante by beating Tottenham. With kick-off at 20.15CET and James Robson in Paris, follow Liverpool vs Real Madrid with Standard Sport's LIVE blog below... Vinicius puts Real ahead against the flow of play * Kick-off delayed as fans fail 62 mins : First yellow card of the game and it goes to Fabinho. Valverde puts the ball forward, smashes it past Fabinho and it's clean. 61 min: Well, Liverpool have 30 minutes to find at least one goal. There is still enough time and they created enough chances to be well ahead in this final. Liverpool dominated much of the final but they didn't take their chances. Valverde is allowed to drive into the box, drills towards the back post with little effort and Vinicius has a tap-in. 58 minutes: Salah has one goal, two. For the second, who hits Alaba's arm from around two meters away, he wants a penalty. Real are far less passive in this half. They are actually bringing the game to Liverpool. Carvajal did a great job with Diaz, who seems determined to put his stamp on this final. 54 mins: Mane whips a pass through to Diaz and he's able to run at Modric - will be keen on this match. The Croatian is doing well though, forcing the pass back to Mane. Alexander-Arnold does the same and again a Real defender intervenes. Diaz didn't see much of the ball, but he was bright when he did. 52 mins: Konate was great tonight, so comfortable on the ball. Drives forward again for his side, attracts a couple of Real players and then plays an easy pass. Eventually it worked out for Salah who crosses it, easy catch for Courtois. 49 mins: The chance was there for Liverpool when Salah ran straight down the middle. Alexander-Arnold commits a foul on Casemiro, who stumbled about 20 yards. 47 mins: Sensational cross from Alexander-Arnold at the back post, Diaz looks ready to bring it home but Carvajal somehow comes back to scare him off. Open feeling halfway through since restart, space there for both sides. Kick-off for the second half at the Stade de France! The offense is when the ball is intentionally passed to him. He doesn't play Benzema on the side. It is only considered on the side if the Liverpool player played it intentionally. Lots of positives for Liverpool but the obvious negative is that they are still goalless. Real Madrid have shown they don't need to play well this season to get the job done - Liverpool need to be ruthless when their chances come up. Liverpool did it. Real will think Benzema's goal should have stood - and they are right. If Real match there are chances to open Liverpool. This is half time and it remains goalless between both sides. Liverpool were well up front for most of the half but Courtois was in good form to keep Real on the ball. Salah and Mane will both feel like they can be included in the goalscoring charts. Real almost scored another goal just before the break, but VAR denied them a goal against the course of the game. After a few minutes delay we're back on the road and it's still scoreless. Two minutes are added, but more is played. Benzema is flagged for offside but they are checking if it came from a Liverpool player last. Real Madrid have the ball in the net but then the offside flag goes up! Long ball over the top, Benzema brings it down, slices inside and then loses balance while taking ages to do anything. Valverde scrapes the target, comes back to Benzema and turns it home. 40 mins: Robertson slides the ball through to Mane, he tries to roll Militao and get the shot away but he's deflected back for a corner. Benzema heads the corner away at the near post, to Henderson, who hammers back at goal from 25 yards. 38 minutes: Vinicius is so far the only Real player who is dangerous. He does well to hold off Alexander-Arnold and Konate to keep possession but Real can't do anything about it. Again Diaz tries to charge down the left wing, Carvajal and Valverde double down on him and the door is slammed. 36 mins: Here we go, Real wins a corner after a first real attack, whatever the purpose. Taken quickly, Benzema slices it into the box... Alisson quickly sends it long and Diaz tries to lead the break. Konate misses a few challenges, he can't believe how much space he has as he played wide to Alexander-Arnold. Salah is whipped into the box with his left foot, is free but goes straight for Courtois. On a couple of occasions they looked like they could release Vinicius but couldn't find the delivery. Liverpool force them to make mistakes with their pressing and pick up a lot of second balls. 32 mins: On the rare occasions Real Madrid have tried to pass forwards, it's been Vinicius and Benzema against Liverpool's defense and midfield. 30 mins: Good job by Alexander-Arnold, Vinicius briefly looked like he was in as he made the run but the Liverpool man gets over just in time. Half an hour has passed in Paris. Liverpool good at the top but nothing to show. 28 mins: The game is played at little more than walking pace as Liverpool come forward. Real aren't interested in putting pressure on Thiago and Henderson. At some point Fabinho loses his patience and shoots at goal from miles away. Always going over the bar – Real is happy about that. 26 mins: Alexander-Arnold comes forward at will for Liverpool – as always. You gotta finish Real when you're on top! 24 mins: Real Madrid finally have some possession but they go all the way back to Courtois. Didn't do anything with the ball in those first 24 minutes. Salah tries to slide the ball down the middle to Mane but Alaba reads it and slides in to intercept. This is complete Liverpool dominance but it is still goalless. This time it's Mane, slicing in on his right foot in the box, drilling an attempt on goal... Courtois breaks away brilliantly, tipping it onto the post and then collecting the rebound. Liverpool are just yards away from taking the lead. Liverpool are way up now and it's up to Alexander-Arnold to get up on the right. Real does not get the ball and the joint pass game under control. 19 mins: Feels like goal is coming for Liverpool. Salah flicks it back to Alexander-Arnold, who has space and goes for goal but shoots it well over the bar. 18 mins: It's all Liverpool at the moment, they need to capitalize on that magic. Salah shoots an attempt from just outside the penalty area directly at Courtois. The reds look so dangerous coming forward. First chance of the night and it's a nice move by Liverpool. Henderson nods the ball down for Alexander-Arnold, who takes it forward towards the sideline and then slices it back. Salah crosses his man at the near post, Courtois comes down well to save. Thiago soon tries it from a distance, much more comfortably. 14 mins: Mane and Salah almost combine as they add some pace to the build-up. Liverpool started the better of the two teams and seem more secure with the ball, but have not yet been able to create a chance. Robertson whips in a cross, is deflected and that briefly confuses the real defense. We've already seen examples of Real trying to pause. They're dying to get Vinicius Junior in the space behind Alexander-Arnold. Liverpool managed to put up good numbers in the first 10 minutes but Real had a lot behind the ball. 10 mins: Liverpool's midfield three gets time on the ball, Real happy to be able to sit straight back without possession. Mane runs after and gets the pass. Cut back into the box, put away by Casemiro. Regardless, the linesman's flag goes up because Mane couldn't keep the ball in play. 7 mins: Casemiro challenges Mane, Liverpool want a free-kick but they won't get it. Mane has been moving with a real limp ever since. Neither side managed to gain much control in the opening minutes. 4 mins: Real come into the Liverpool half for pretty much the first time - have struggled to beat the press so far. It feels like Benzema isn't going to see much of that tonight, just whether he can capitalize on his chance or two. 2nd min: Thiago starts for Liverpool after this concern in the first warm-up. Lots of fouls in the early minutes, especially Liverpool pushing up and wanting to get the final off to a good start. We are in the final of the Champions League! Time for the Champions League anthem – loud boos. It's time to get the finale going. The rather bizarre spectacle is over - the opening ceremony continues despite the scenes outside the stadium. The players are in the tunnel, the kick-off is in a few minutes. Liverpool fans will be disappointed that Dua Lipa is not returning. A third update to the kick-off, which has again been pushed back a bit. That's now in 15 minutes - whether that's enough to address the situation outside the stadium remains to be seen. Sky Sport in Germany reports that Joel Matip's brother had to flee the stadium with his family, including his pregnant wife, when he tried to get into the stadium. Matip's brother Marvin said: "The organization around and in the stadium is unworthy of a CL final. Using tear gas in areas with children and bystander fans is dangerous.” Lots of footage on social media of Liverpool fans being pepper sprayed. Liverpool fans attempting to advance to the final were locked out of the stadium and "tear-gassed by French police" when problems with ticket sales caused the lead-up game to descend into chaos. BT Sport presenter Jake Humphrey said live on air shortly after the kick-off was delayed: "I am very sorry to report that a fan has come up to our podium, in the midst of the fans, and said that outside the stadium is terrible. "He said a large number of Liverpool fans were tear-gassed by French police, including families and children. "This is only patchy information but we can confirm that tear gas was used outside the stadium tonight, there was a delay in the kick-off." We now have another update on the kick-off - again postponed to 8:30pm BST. The Real Madrid players are back out now, with both teams warming up for the second time. Liverpool players are back on the pitch for a second warm up, no sign of Real Madrid. No update on kick-off yet. Tear gas was reportedly used outside the stadium, where there are still major problems getting fans inside. UEFA's latest kick-off update should be here any minute - could well be another delay. Many Liverpool fans are still waiting outside the Stade de France, waiting to get inside. UEFA has attributed this to the "delayed arrival of fans" but there have been reports of those struggling outside the stadium hours before kick-off. We've already mentioned that Liverpool fans have trouble getting into the stadium. For this reason, the kick-off was postponed by 15 minutes. Not confirmed but it looks like Thiago will start. Possibly just to prepare Keita for the possibility that the team will have to make an early move if Thiago is unable to continue. Kick-off less than 20 minutes now. Warm-up exercises are now all but completed by both sides - a serious reception for the Liverpoolers when they came out earlier. Might be a bit of a concern in the Liverpool warm-up. Thiago went through the tunnel and is back on the pitch now – he looks good but he's warming up on his own. One to keep an eye on for the next 10-15 minutes. Liverpool fans faced "chaos" outside the stadium gates as they attempted to advance to the Champions League final. It is estimated that more than 50,000 Reds fans descended on Paris to soak up the atmosphere ahead of their club's third Champions League final in four seasons. The Daily Mail's Rob Draper tweeted an hour before kick-off: "Sad to report there is chaos outside and police are shooting fans down dangerously narrow avenues - because their fans are blocking the pavement. Carlo Ancelotti insists he personally and Real Madrid as a team have plenty of motivation themselves tonight when asked if Liverpool will seek revenge tonight. "It could be a motivation, but Madrid lost a final in Paris to Liverpool," he told reporters. Then came revenge, says Salah, 2007. One of the best experiences of my career is seeing the Bernabeu or Anfield fans, in addition to the nice experience of playing against Everton. "I like their story, [Bob] Paisley's, they have six Champions Leagues, just one less than Milan... Liverpool need no warning where Madrid's greatest danger lies. Karim Benzema feels he is on a one-man mission to win a 14th European Cup for the Spanish giants. He shattered the dreams of PSG, Chelsea and City and is arguably the best striker in Europe this season. Click here for our full rundown of where to win and lose the finals! Mohamed Salah has confirmed he will stay at Liverpool for at least next season. In just six months, Salah will be able to talk to foreign clubs about a free transfer but ahead of the final, the 29-year-old gave an update. "I will answer the question [about my future] after the Champions League," Mané said. "I'm not saying yes or no, I'll answer after the Champions League." Big news for Liverpool comes from midfield - Thiago and Fabinho can start alongside Henderson for the Reds. Other key decisions included Konate partnering Van Dijk, with Matip on the bench, and Diaz receiving the nod to start alongside Mane and Salah. Footage showing Liverpool struggling to actually make it to the bottom - stuck in motorway traffic! They've now made it to the Stade de France, all good. About 20 minutes after Real arrived. Carlo Ancelotti looked at the pitch early on. True greatness awaits Liverpool in Paris, but what about the alternative? How will history judge Jurgen Klopp's once-four-time chasing team if they can't beat Real Madrid? A second Champions League trophy in four seasons - with every domestic title in between - would make this current generation one of the club's best sides. The bewildering statistics accumulated over that time should be enough to gauge this Liverpool side's place in the annals of the game - six major trophies, two more European finals ahead of tonight, three seasons of 90+ points in the Premier League , twice missed the title by one point. Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has raised concerns about the pitch at the Stade de France ahead of today's Champions League showdown. "Usually when I say the place looks new, it's good news," said Klopp. “This pitch is new since yesterday, which isn't the best news - but it will be the same for both teams. “I saw the referees with their session and the good news is that the ball falls normally. “That someone thought it was a good idea to bring the turf into the stadium the day before is an interesting idea. I'm really glad we're here, I would have played the game on petanque.” It was far from convincing for Real for much of their Champions League season but they made it to the final! A shock defeat at the hands of Sheriff Tiraspol was the only blip in the group stage as Carlo Ancelotti's side topped their group ahead of Inter Milan while Shakhtar Donetsk finished bottom. With 30 minutes left, Real were 2-0 down on aggregate against PSG in the round of 16. Step forward Karim Benzema for an incredible hat trick to turn the tie. where Real won 3-1 at Stamford Bridge to put themselves in complete control. Chelsea led 3-0 at the Bernabeu but the Spaniards then went into extra time where Benzema delivered again. Trailing 5-3 after aggregate against Manchester City, the second leg goes into overtime. Rodrygo then scores twice in little more than a minute to level the tie and Benzema completes the job in extra time. Of their 12 Champions League games this season, Liverpool have won 10, drawn one and lost one. The Reds drove through their group, winning all six games against AC Milan, Atletico Madrid and Porto, who seem unlucky enough to play Liverpool every year. A return to the San Siro in the Round of 16 saw Jurgen Klopp's side beat Inter Milan in the first leg before a 1-0 defeat at Anfield almost did the job. That remains the only game Liverpool have lost so far in 2022. Benfica were beaten 6-4 on aggregate in the quarter-finals and the Reds secured their place in Paris with a 3-2 second-leg win over Villarreal in what proved far more comfortable than it first appeared. Mohamed Salah has spoken of still having scores to settle with Real Madrid after losing the 2018 Champions League final. One who has been listening to these comments is Dani Carvajal, who starts for Real tonight. Speaking to ABC, Carvajal said: "I don't know if Salah or Liverpool are in a revenge mood. It's true that after losing in a Champions League final you always want a second chance against the same team to beat them. "Let's hope that losing a second Champions League final to Real Madrid isn't a big strain for Salah." Well, the Spanish side released their team news very early! Alaba is back as expected, starting alongside Militao in the middle of defence, while Valverde nods further up front via Rodrygo and Asensio. Real Madrid fans have a message for Kylian Mbappe as they land in Paris for the Champions League final. The Paris Saint-Germain striker was widely expected to join the Santiago Bernabeu on a free transfer this summer after being wooed by the Spanish giants last year. Instead, Mbappe has made a late about-face and signed a new three-year deal with PSG to continue his journey in his hometown. The reaction in Madrid, both at board level and on the street, has reportedly been furious after expecting Mbappe to be the crown jewel around which the club is building its next generation. Liverpool are expected by many to get the job done but Real Madrid have shown they have no problem defying the odds. Both teams are perfectly capable of making wondrous European Cup comebacks - all that's up for grabs tonight! Liverpool have come to Paris as fans took to the streets of the French capital ahead of tonight's Champions League final. Thousands of fans visited the city as the national stadium Stade de France before the Titanic duel against Real Madrid. Predicting Real Madrid's games en route to the final was an impossible task. Ancelotti's side had no right to beat PSG, had to dig deep against Chelsea and then managed an amazing comeback to get past City. Liverpool are rightly entering the game as favorites after a stellar season that has seen competition on all fronts and can cause real problems for Real's backline in Paris. Benzema and Vinicius Jr will find their chances against Liverpool's Highline but the Reds are the more complete team and are well positioned to clinch a third trophy of the season. For Real Madrid, David Alaba seems to be in the running after a month on the sidelines. The defender has not played since the first leg against City in the semi-finals due to muscle fatigue and missed Real's last game of the La Liga season against Real Betis but is expected to return. A lot will depend on Benzema for Real Madrid and he will look to add to the 15 goals he has already scored in this season's Champions League. Carlo Ancelotti welcomed the possibility of Gareth Bale being part of Real Madrid's squad for the final before leaving the club in the summer. "I'm very happy, relaxed, very confident, I know tomorrow when the afternoon comes I'll be a little worried," he said. "But then I look at the faces of the players and that gives me a lot of confidence." Liverpool will desperately want both Fabinho and Thiago Alcantara back for the final. However, both Fabinho and Thiago were deemed fit to fly into Friday afternoon's game. Virgil van Dijk and Mohamed Salah are both set to return to the side. "The mood is very good, very excited to be here," said Klopp on Friday. “Get a feel for the stadium and the place. “Things are looking good for Thiago and Fabinho. Fabinho trained normally, Thiago trained with the team yesterday and will train today and then it will continue." Divock Origi will not get the chance to end his Liverpool career with another Champions League goal as the Belgian absent due to a muscle injury. Coverage begins at 18:00 BST, two hours before kick-off. Live Blog: You can follow all the action right here, with James Robson in Paris to provide expert analysis. Hello and welcome to Standard Sport's LIVE coverage of Liverpool v Real Madrid! It's a Champions League final between two sides who have already had a strong season and are now eyeing European success to top it off. Real Madrid have won this competition 13 times, Liverpool six... We've got the latest updates and team news ahead of kick-off, which takes place at the Stade de France at 20.00CET.


Liverpool and Real Madrid meet in Paris

Can Liverpool return the favor after losing the 2018 final? Follow ESPN's LIVE coverage to find out! (Author: Gardener)

Real MadridHow will Liverpool and Real Madrid line up in the UCL final? How will Liverpool and Real Madrid line up in the UCL final? Welcome to ESPN's LIVE coverage of the 2021-22 Champions League Final! Premier League giants Liverpool meet La Liga champions Real Madrid in a replay of the 2018 final. The game in Paris will kick off at 3 p.m. ET / 8pm ET, and you can follow the full pre-game build, as well as key moments and talking points from the game right here with Chirs Wright and our writing team at the Stade de France. - Marcotti: The final between Liverpool and Real Madrid will take place at the box office - O'Hanlon: Can science explain Real Madrid's remarkable run? 1:55pm ET / 6:55pm BST: Liverpool team news is IN Big news at the Liverpool team - Thiago Alcantara and Fabinho both start despite worrying about injuries ahead of the game. Thiago had been the biggest doubt after limping out of the win against Wolves six days ago with a pinched Achilles tendon. The Spain midfielder trained on Friday but the big question mark will be how long he can last against Real. 👊🔴— Liverpool FC (@LFC) May 28, 2022 1:49pm ET / 6:49pm BST: Have you seen the traffic in Paris? Liverpool's team bus struggled to get through traffic to make it to the Stade de France. Jurgen Klopp and his players have just arrived after being temporarily stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway near the stadium. While Real players are now starting to stroll onto the pitch to get an early feel for their surroundings, the Liverpool side are still waiting to get off the bus. Beginning with the 1981 final, Liverpool have beaten Real in all three of their first knockout stages of the European Cup/Champions League, all without conceding a goal. Since then, Real have remained unbeaten in the last three knockout matches between the two, including the 2018 final (W2 W0 D1). Around 1 p.m. ET, two hours before kick-off, Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti had his squad list printed. Real Madrid left their side early by announcing their starting XI a full hour before submission to UEFA. Coach Carlo Ancelotti has included Fede Valverde in his top three ahead of Rodrygo. Casemiro, Luka Modric and Toni Kroos start as expected in midfield - six years after they started in the 2016 final against Atletico Madrid in Milan. 1:30pm ET / 6:30pm BST: The first 'three-peat' final Liverpool and Real Madrid are no strangers when it comes to the Champions League, having met in the final twice before, first in 1981 and then again in 2018. The Reds claimed first blood with a narrow 1-0 win in Paris in 1981, while Real retaliated with a 3-1 win in Kyiv almost four decades later. As such, the 2022 final represents the first-ever "three-peat meeting" (i.e. three finals between the same two teams) since the opening of the 1955/56 European Cup. Speaking of the magic number, Jurgen Klopp's hopefuls are also aiming to become the first English To become a club that wins a 'Cup Triple' by adding the Champions League to the League Cup and FA Cup they have already won this season. No other English team has ever reached the final of all three competitions in the same season. Overall, the 2022 final is only the ninth meeting between Liverpool and Real Madrid in Europe's elite tournament and the Spaniards have a slight advantage over their previous encounters (W4 L3 L1) by scoring 10 goals during this period of being reds eight in total. Furthermore, Liverpool have not beaten Real in the Champions League since 2008/09 when they beat them 5-0 on aggregate in the Round of 16. A lone goal from Yossi Benayoun was enough to secure a 1-0 win at the Bernabeu in the first leg before Rafa Benitez's side stormed to a 4-0 win at Anfield in the second leg. The Reds were then eliminated from the tournament in the next round after losing 7–5 on aggregate to Premier League rivals Chelsea. 1:30pm ET / 6:30pm BST: Who will win? The 125th and final Champions League game of the season takes place in Paris tonight, with a final between two of the most decorated clubs in the history of the competition - Liverpool and Real Madrid. Liverpool are the first English club to reach ten European Cup finals, aiming for their seventh title. However, they find themselves in Real with the undisputed kings of the continent, who have appeared in more finals (17) and lifted the trophy (13) than any other team. Another win for the Spanish giants tonight would see them lift the trophy for the fifth time in nine years. But who do you think will win?


Champions League final kick-off postponed – live!

Minute by Minute Report: Game is now set to start at 8.15pm BST but many fans are still out of the ground. Join Rob Smyth for updates (Author: Gardener)

Champions LeagueThe identities of Liverpool and Real Madrid are inseparable from the Champions League and both clubs have a moral bond with this huge trophy. Both clubs have an intimidating sense of destiny at the business end of the Champions League. It's even stronger this season: Real because of their form in this competition, Liverpool because of their form in every competition. Losing in a Champions League final is always unthinkable for these two. Real Madrid, in particular, simply don't lose a Champions League final: just three out of 16, the last in 1981 when they were beaten in Paris by…yes, Liverpool. Liverpool's last defeat in the final was also against tonight's opponents, an emotional night in Kyiv four years ago that took a toll on Mo Salah's subconscious. Since Jurgen Klopp came to Anfield, Liverpool have only been kicked out of the Champions League by teams whose names end in 'Madrid'. I'm going to stick my neck out and say it will be the same after this game. We usually have a vague idea - or at least think we do - of how a big game might turn out. There is hardly a scooby before this game. That's largely down to a Madrid side that has had happily defenestrated logic all season. It's only a slight exaggeration to say that Liverpool could well win 5-0 or Real 7-3. If Liverpool take control of this game, they'll have to remember Johnny Caspar's advice: always stick one in the brain (NB: Link is from an 18-rated movie). Madrid have come back from the dead in every round, culminating in Manchester City's unfathomable defeat in the semi-finals. Liverpool, on the other hand – and there are many contrasts tonight – had not been left behind in a knockout game. The moral of this story will become clear around 11pm when the victors begin to make 2021/22 Champions League history. If Madrid wins, they can call it the biggest European campaign since the GOATs began. Three weeks ago Liverpool were heavy favorites for this game but their legs and muscles have started to show the strain of a uniquely demanding season. You can argue it either way: that Liverpool are too tired or that Madrid are too battle-hardened. Even the one-on-one duel everyone is talking about, Vinicius Jr. vs. Trent Alexander-Arnold, is more complicated than the usual attacker vs. defender or midfielder vs. midfielder storyline. Vinicius could be the match winner like he was last year when Real beat Liverpool in the quarterfinals. But so could Alexander-Arnold, who plays like no right-back in football history. Whether Real can pay the same homage to Hulk Hogan at the Stade de France as they did in the heady atmosphere of the Bernabeu; whether Thiago Alcantara is ready and if not, whether Jurgen Klopp will risk Naby Keita after his little shocker against Madrid last season; how many times will Luis Diaz and Karim Benzema leave us open-mouthed; and the stylistic contrast between Carlo Ancelotti's free jazz and Jürgen Klopp's heavy metal. Madrid are chasing a record-breaking 14th Champions League. For Liverpool it would be the number 7, putting them in second place alongside AC Milan and – importantly, let's not pretend it's not – four ahead of Manchester United. Oh, and seven clearly from Manchester City. The modern Champions League is as good as football, maybe as good as it's ever been, but in recent years the biggest drama has been reserved for the quarter-finals and semi-finals. Kick-off is at 8pm in Liverpool, 9pm in Paris and Madrid.


Live updates on the Champions League final as Liverpool take on Real Madrid in Paris

Liverpool meet Real Madrid in the big guns battle in the Champions League final in Paris, while Jurgen Klopp's side battle Carlo Ancelotti's Spanish giants for a seventh European title (Author: Gardener)

ParisLiverpool meet Real Madrid in the big guns battle in the Champions League final in Paris, while Jurgen Klopp's side battle Carlo Ancelotti's Spanish giants for a seventh European title. All you need to know about the Stade de France Title heartbreak behind them as they lifted the European crown for a seventh time in Paris. Jurgen Klopp's side fell agonizingly short as Manchester City's turnaround against Aston Villa on the final day prevented the Premier League trophy from returning to Anfield. But the Reds will now be aiming for Champions League titles at the Stade de France - with the most successful team in European football history standing in their way. Carlo Ancelotti's Real Madrid side launched dramatic comebacks against Chelsea and Manchester City on their way to the final and are chasing their 14th European triumph - and we already have their line-up. Stay tuned for all goal updates and the latest news from the biggest game in European club football. There are worrying reports of disruption outside the Stade de France, with fans reportedly struggling to step onto the ground. Arsene Wenger has weighed up Jurgen Klopp's midfield picks. “Thiago, this is his first year where he is performing really well. He is now the team's technical leader when it comes to holding the ball," Wenger told BeIN Sport. "They've had that problem before, Liverpool, when they needed phases to take a breather, slow the pace and hold the ball, Thiago has given them that this season. Henderson is the mental leader of the team, I think his passing game has improved." "Carlo Ancelotti has caught up with Movistar at the Stade de France and confirmed that semi-final hero Rodrygo will be there. "It will be an intense game," he explained to the Real Madrid manager. Rodrygo will take part in the game, let's hope he makes the difference "An hour to go. Kick-off is only 60 minutes away and that's what the two giants are playing for. Here they are! Some familiar faces for Premier League fans in both camps. Here we are - a bit of a shock Jurgen Klopp has Ibrahima Konate selected against Joel Matip. Thiago Alcantara and Fabinho are fit to start. Real Madrid were forced to release their team news a full two hours before kick-off in the Champions League Fearing that a mole in the dressing room might leak the news, the final is usually released an hour before kick-off as players take to the pitch to warm up before a game Dropped out and therefore has - wi e ahead of his side's semi-final win over Manchester City - made the decision to break the news a full two hours before the final at the Stade de France at ng spoke on BT Sport ahead of the game. "You have to give credit to Michael Edwards and Julian Ward for their recruitment over the last four years, they've built a great team and they make small mistakes in the market," said Gerrard. "The two that stand out for me are Alisson after the 2018 final and van Dijk - they're the two I think took Liverpool to another level." Ferdinand agreed, saying: "I think the difference in their recruitment is the players are joining a well-oiled machine. He immediately added another dimension to Liverpool." Ex-Real Madrid striker Michael Owen, the Manchester icon United, Rio Ferdinand, Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard heaped praise on the Spanairds at the Stade de France." I'm adamant tonight that Liverpool will win and they'll win well, but you can't see this Real Madrid team rule out," Owen began at BT Sport. “You look at their games in this tournament and how they came through – it was incredible. Liverpool can blow teams but Real will try to stay there and give themselves a chance." Gerrard added: "Real are very dangerous opponents - it's very rare for them to be underdogs and they've had weeks to develop prepare for it. He knows all about how to best a Carlo Ancelotti side in the biggest game club football has to offer. Oh, and he's had a good time with Liverpool. The Champions League final is just around the corner and Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is hours Aside from naming his starting XI, Klopp has a lot to think about for the game against Real Madrid, with both fitness concerns and tactical dilemmas no doubt preoccupying him in the run-up. Liverpool have already won two trophies this season and a third is a game away provided Klopp makes the right decisions. Liverpool have a great squad full of quality and it took them all to increase their weight to get them to this level. The final will be Liverpool's 63rd game of a grueling season, but all the players on the bench will still be unhappy not being able to attend the club's biggest game of the season at the Stade de France. While David Alaba and Valverde return to the starting XI for Real, Gareth Bale is back on the bench after almost two months out through injury. The winger scored a sensational bike kick as Los Blancos beat Liverpool in the 2018 final and is hoping to be back in action while staying in Wales for the World Cup qualifying play-off final against Scotland or Ukraine next month . It's not just Liverpool supporters enjoying themselves in Paris, Real Madrid fans are also flocking to the French capital. I wonder what they will think of Ancelotti's starting XI. .Real Madrid have announced their squad in typically early fashion. It's a defensive line-up by Carlo Ancelotti, with box-to-box midfielder Federico Valverde expected to play on the wing. Liverpool players are upset they won't be allowed to bring their families to the pitch if they win the Champions League final, according to reports from Spain. Back then, the Spaniards won 3-1 thanks to two errors by Loris Karius and a stunning goal by Gareth Bale. When Liverpool won the competition in Madrid 12 months later, their players were able to celebrate on the pitch with their partners and children. However, UEFA seems to have ruled out similar scenes at the Stade de France. Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti's team chat with his players ahead of the Champions League final has made its way to the public. Nobody knows how to coach a side in the showpiece of Europe's premier club competition better than the veteran Italian. This is Ancelotti's fifth Champions League win as manager - more than anyone else - and he has guided his side to three wins in his previous four attempts at Los Blancos in his first spell at the Spanish giants. The only time his side came up short was of course against Liverpool - when his Milan side gambled away a remarkable three-goal lead at the break, only to lose on penalties. Liverpool fans made every effort to get to Paris. With the help of his friend Gary Brennan, the group of 12 drove straight to Saint-Malo in a Redbay Stormforce 950 to arrive in Paris in time for the game ticket for tonight's game.Liverpool midfielder Thiago Alcantara trained with the side at the Stade on Friday night de France. The Spain international was substituted off with an Achilles tendon problem in Sunday's win against Wolves but returned to work with the team on Thursday, attending the lightweight open session at the stadium. Will he be in the starting XI? Gareth Bale is firmly on the bench for Madrid, as is Eden Hazard. The Liverpool squad in training on Friday Paris is a sea of ​​red with over 50,000 Liverpool supporters having traveled to the French capital tonight for the Champions League final. Jurgen Klopp's men are taking part in European football's flagship event for the third time in five years and are aiming to win their seventh European Cup. But standing in their way is the most successful club in the history of the competition, Real Madrid. Carlo Ancelotti's side followed a treacherous path to get here, dashed the hopes of Chelsea and Manchester City en route to the final at the Stade de France.


Here's how to watch a free live stream of the Champions League final when Liverpool take on Real Madrid

Liverpool and Real Madrid meet for the third time in a European Cup final, with Jurgen Klopp's side looking to avenge their 2018 defeat (Author: Gardener)

Real MadridIf European football did indeed have a top table then surely Liverpool and Real Madrid would be among those dining on it, the latter possibly craving a throne at its helm. Real Madrid are the self-proclaimed 'King of Europe' and that claim is hard to dispute as they have won the European Cup 13 times. This rich history spans the entire competition as they won the first five editions from 1956 to 1960 and more recently lifted the Champions League trophy four times in five years between 2014 and 2018. Their latest triumph came at the expense of Liverpool, with Saturday's showdown a repeat of the 2018 Champions League final, which Real won 3-1. Liverpool and Mohamed Salah in particular are out for revenge because, despite conquering Europe a year later and winning their sixth European Cup, the bitter aftertaste of that defeat still lingers on the Merseyside red side. There are still a lot of players for them and for us, which is also a good sign.” As Klopp points out, he believes his Liverpool side are better positioned than they were four years ago, but that experience will be tested against a Real team who defeated Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Manchester City in the knockout stages - with late equalizers and winners delineating that never-say-die attitude and a European know-how that cannot be bought. When is the Champions League Final 2022? The 2022 Champions League final begins on Saturday 28 May at 8pm (BST). British viewers can watch BT Sport 1 from 6pm as Liverpool take on Real Madrid in the 2022 Champions League final. Can I watch Champions League Final 2022 live stream for free? You can watch a live stream of the 2022 Champions League final on the BT Sport YouTube channel here. The final will also be available for free at and via the BT Sport app on devices including PlayStation, Xbox and smart TVs. PSG, Chelsea and City could all have argued they were the better team for large stretches of their two-legged relationships with Real, but with Ballon d'Or favorite Karim Benzema, the Spanish champions have spearheaded their route to Paris. "Those emotions will last a lifetime because our journey to the Champions League hasn't been easy," said Benzema, who has scored 15 goals in this competition this season and has one game left to equal Cristiano Ronaldo's record 17 individual campaigns reach or break. “We played against Paris Saint-Germain: They were favourites. We played against the defending champions Chelsea. So that proves that we are a very good team. That happened against Liverpool in Paris, the city where Saturday's game will be played, meaning it's not just the 2018 final that we can expect to see replays during pre-season.


The best betting offers and free bets on the Champions League final

The Champions League final is tonight and we have the very best betting offers and free bets to help you beat the bookies. (Author: Gardener)

the Champions LeagueWe have the best Champions League free bet offers below. We have the best Champions League betting offers, free bets and new customer sign up offers in our definitive list. Champions League bet offers and free bets for new customers Below you will find the best Champions League free bets and new customer offers. Liverpool win the Champions League 50/1T&Cs apply. Sign up and bet max £1 on Liverpool – Champions League Winner 2021/2022; No payment. Increased odds paid in Free Bets + 100 Free Spins on Fishin' Frenzy Slot. Liverpool lift the cup 30/1 OR Real Madrid lift the cup 40/1 T&Cs apply. New customers with EPL30 or EPRM40. Applies to bets placed between 19th May 2022 at 09:00 and 28th May 2022 at 20:00. £1 must be wagered on Liverpool to win the cup at 30/1 or Real Madrid to win the cup at 40/1. Refunds in the form of 3 x £10 or 4 x £10 in free bets (30 day expiry). Player and currency restrictions and terms apply. Get Liverpool on 10/1. or Real Madrid on 20.1. The terms and conditions apply. Deposit a minimum of £/$/€10 using promo code 888ODDS • Wager up to £/$/€5 on your selection at regular odds in the regular market • If your selection wins, we'll pay you at regular price and at any price additional winnings from the advertised increased price will be paid to you in the form of free bets • Free bets are awarded within 72 hours and expire after 7 days • Free bet stakes are not included in winnings • Deposit balance can be withdrawn at any time • Restrictions apply on withdrawals, payment methods and countries & full T&C applyT&C apply. €/£40 in FREE Bets (FB) as €/£30 in Sportsbook & a €/£10 Casino Bonus (CB). Minimum odds Evs. FB is applied on first settlement of a qualifying bet. 1 FB offer per customer, household and IP address only. Paid out/free bets do not count. 30 days to qualify. The terms and conditions apply. Get a £60 bonus when you wager £10. The terms and conditions apply. 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You can see our handpicked Champions League predictions, betting tips and best bets for all matches by going to our football betting page.


KC Pet Project is holding a "Caturday" fundraiser on Sunday

The KC Pet Project is hoping community members will boogi down to the Crossroads for the "Caturday" disco on Sunday. (Author: Gardener)

SundayKANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The KC Pet Project is hoping community members will boogi down to the Crossroads for the "Caturday" disco on Sunday. The shelter has partnered with several local breweries and restaurants where people can buy a ticket and then walk over to some of them where they can also have cat-themed drinks and food. It's disco theme. For $35 you can visit places like KC Wineworks, Lifted Spirits Distillery, City Barrel Brewing Company and more. Money raised from the event will help the shelter care for kittens and cats that come to the shelter.


Do you have Caturday Night Fever? Watch a baseball game with your cat to help the Forsyth Humane Society

Do you have Caturday Night Fever? Watch a baseball game with your cat to help the Forsyth Humane Society (Author: Gardener)

the Forsyth Humane SocietyWatch a baseball game with your feline friend to help the Forsyth Humane Society While sports fans are probably no stranger to dog nights, Truist Stadium will host a cat night to a minor league baseball this Memorial Day weekend! That's right, bring your feline friend to see the Carolina Disco Turkeys take on the Kingsmen on Saturday, May 28th. Wooden bat baseball game with a $5 "Paw Pass" donation. The donation and a portion of ticket sales will benefit the Forsyth County Human Society. The press release states, "The Disco Turkeys encourage all fans to use the best of their ability to determine if their cat can handle the noise and environment of a baseball game." The cats will perform songs about at various points throughout the night cheered the stadium speakers, including a performance of "Take Meowt to the Ballgame" in the 7th inning stretch. A portion of regular ticket sales will also go to the Forsyth Humane Society. The Humane Society will also be offering cat ear headbands with a donation for fans to wear if they don't want to bring their cat. "We've wanted to host a cat night since the team was formed," said Greg Sullivan, co-owner and team president of Disco Turkeys. “We can't wait to welcome some cats to the stadium and bring something new to the fans here. We also look forward to working with the Humane Society.” The Disco Turkeys will be collaborating with the Forsyth Humane Society on two dog nights on July 14th and 28th at Truist Stadium later this summer. Disco Turkeys open their home season on Friday, May 27th with a Non-Disco Demolition game to encourage recycling. The Disco Turkeys are a member of AAABA and play home games at Truist Stadium in downtown Winston-Salem. Concessions and beer will be sold at all home games at Disco Turkeys' Truist Stadium.


Agreement must be is a process, not an end

I'm probably in a group of ones at this point as I haven't seen the last series of Derry Girls yet, although I feel like I have as there have been so many comments on social media. (Author: Gardener)

Derry GirlsI'm probably in a group of ones at this point as I haven't seen the last series of Derry Girls yet, although I feel like I have as there have been so many comments on social media. I'm probably in a group of ones at this point as I haven't seen the last series of Derry Girls yet, although I feel like I have as there have been so many comments on social media. I'm saving everything for a binge-watching session on duvet day. I'm saving everything for a binge-watching session on duvet day. The writing is so sharp that some people think it's more of a re-enactment documentary than a comedy series. But while black humor certainly helped many of us navigate and navigate the years before and immediately after the Good Friday Agreement, the reality was far from funny. The Good Friday Agreement or the Belfast Agreement, use your terminology, has been mentioned a lot in recent years, particularly in relation to Brexit and the impact of the referendum result on the border, the spirit of this historic agreement and the finely balanced peace . This also applies to the Protocol and the implications of the agreement between the EU and the UK government for the consent mechanisms of the agreement. And more recently in the government's unilateral decision on how to deal with the legacy of the riots. Unlike the Derry Girls, I had been out of school uniform for a long time when the agreement was debated and then voted on. To tell the story of that time properly, I have to go back to the years before that - horrible years that remain ingrained in the memories of many of us for all the wrong reasons. Those early to mid 90's years were bloody, they were sectarian, there were times when we felt like we were on the verge of something that would engulf us all. I wanted something better for her and there was a time when I seriously considered packing my bags and starting in another country because it didn't seem possible to ensure her safety in such a volatile environment. As a journalist I am fortunate to meet people from all walks of life, I realized that there was a large section of our society protected by its privilege that barely noticed what was happening in places like West Belfast where I had come of age . And I also meet people who have suffered terribly, people from both sides of our community who have suffered losses, sometimes multiple losses, that are scarred by that time, some physically, all emotionally. A cavalcade of cars drove past us, horns blared, people celebrated. On this five-kilometer walk, I passed scores of weeping people, grown men and women sobbing at bus stops. When the Loyalist truce followed in October, things seemed more hopeful. Many of the old Victorian houses on the little street I lived on had 'cages' built around the stairs - a complete fire hazard installed in this interface area after numerous sectarian killings during the night. My third child was born in 1995, so when the referendum came it wasn't a difficult decision. There was no real debate among my friends and family, we all wanted peace. I realize that the release of the prisoners was a bitter pill for many people. A few euphoric years followed. The Real IRA bombed Omagh, the loyalist Drumcree dispute resulted in the deaths of the three Quinn children. The book Lost Lives, which I and all journalists rely on as the only comprehensive account of the Troubles deaths, notes that 57 people were murdered in 1998, 52 of them civilians. As of 1999, Lost Lives recorded seven deaths, five of them civilians. Each of these people loved, but the trajectory of these statistics is obvious. I'm a really optimistic person, it takes a lot to anger me, but I've increasingly bitten my lip when the Good Friday Agreement is abused by those who want to bend and twist it to fit their tight agenda. I'm really glad we didn't leave the country, I'm glad we stayed, I'm proud of where I'm from and how far we've come, but the process was just that – a process, not an agreement. It needs to be nurtured, it needs to be worked on, it needs to remain a priority because what happened before was just too horrific to even contemplate.


"I have no plans to come out for the anthem in the future until I feel better about the direction of our country"

San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler told reporters ahead of his team's Friday game against the Cincinnati Reds that he intends to forego the pre-game US national anthem. (Author: Gardener)

San Francisco GiantsSan Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler told reporters ahead of his team's Friday game against the Cincinnati Reds that he intends to forego the pre-game US national anthem. In the dugout at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kapler said, "I have no plans to come out for the anthem in the future until I feel better about the direction of our country." The 2021 National League Manager of the Year comments were read by accompanied by a written statement on his website sharing his thoughts after 19 children and two adults were killed by a lone 18-year-old gunman at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. In a blog post, Kapler questioned whether the country's leaders are committed to representing the best interests of their people and whether the United States really is "the land of the free and home of the brave." “We have not been given courage and we are not free. They blocked parents trying to organize an attack to stop the shooter, including a father who learned his daughter had been murdered while arguing with police. We are not free when politicians decide that the lobbying and gun industries are more important than our children's freedom to go to school without needing bulletproof backpacks and active target practice," Kapler wrote. Kapler later wrote of his disappointment at what he called "the failure to fulfill the promise of our national anthem." "I don't agree with the state of this country. I wish I hadn't let my discomfort compromise my integrity. I wish I could have demonstrated what I learned from my father, that if you are unhappy with your country, you can protest it. The home of the brave should encourage that.” Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr made a passionate plea for stronger crackdowns on gun violence in the United States. Kerr declined to discuss basketball ahead of Game 4 of the Warriors series against the Dallas Mavericks, instead raising his voice when he railed against gun violence after Tuesday's shooting. "In the last 10 days we've killed elderly black people in a supermarket in Buffalo, we've killed Asian churchgoers in Southern California, now we have children who were murdered at school," Kerr told reporters at the start of the press conference.